South America

Level by Ray Croft

Walkthrough by manarch2

The Maze Key

In the starting room, head N to shatter a vase for Uzi Ammo, then exit this room W, ignore the closed door and the keyhole for now and get to the other side of the small pool. Climb out, head through the left passage ignoring another vase, and shatter the vase to the right of the closed door. Spot a jumpswitch high up and use it to open the door, then jump over the ledges above the deep pit and pick up 2x Uzi Ammo from the right platform. Follow the passage to six pedestals where you can grab a Small Medipack and 3x Uzi Ammo. Head through the SE tunnel arriving in a spike room. Save, then time your run over the spike floor (start running when the spikes go up) and sprint to the safe tiles in the middle of the room. The second trap is shorter and can be done with a single run-jump. Shoot a baddy and use the jumpswitch to open the nearby door, enter, head left and climb the blocks to the top. Pick up Uzi Ammo from an elevated block, then climb the S block, jump up to the right one and climb up to the top ledge. Push and pull the statue NE and the block SE on the respectively marked tiles to open both doors and pick up the Maze Key and the Silver Cross which is Secret #1. Return all the way back to near the start where you noticed a keyhole and a closed door, performing the same technique to survive the spike room, and place the Maze Key to open the door.

Trap Passages

Enter the room, exit through the only possible way and reach a crossing. Go left, climb the “letter ladder” and drop down to the right as there is nothing in the left hand pit. Follow the corridor and find the Uzis NW of the pedestal, Uzi Ammo in the pool and a well hidden jumpswitch in the NE corner behind a pillar. This opens the large gate. Run-jump on the right part of the slope and at the end jump with a right curve to avoid the spike pit. Light a flare to spot some half-invisible blocks above the pit and use them to get to the other side. Grab 2x Uzi Ammo from the pedestals, then progress on either left or right walkway and at the end run-jump into the opening in the middle of the E wall. Drop down some blocks and stop on the one containing 3x Uzi Ammo (the boulder won’t hurt you here, but if it does, simply crouch down). Follow the passage into a new room, climb the greenish blocks and on top stand-jump with a curve to the jumpswitch which opens a door higher up. You’ll lose a lot of health when you drop down. Climb back up, this time ignore the jumpswitch and jump up to a high platform, from here jump to the ledge with the open door and pick up a Small Medipack, a Large Medipack and 3x Uzi Ammo. Enter the next room and kill five baddies who leave 2x Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack.

A Mystery, Three Doors

The following actions might be a bit of a mystery. Dive into the pool and swim in the passage between the two pillars in the middle. There is a floor lever to your left, but I couldn’t find any other way than to use DOZY to get inside (there might be a problem with overlapping and/or water rooms). Use it and get out of this pool. Head E and see the left of the three doors has opened now. Run downstairs and jump onto the first block, then climb as far as possible and jump up to the high ledge with a run-jump aiming at either left or right side of the end of the bridge. Go to the left part of the S walkway and run-jump E to the ledge between the two pillars, climb the ladder. From here it’s just an easy jump-climb-session until you reach the floor lever. Use it to open the middle of the three doors and return all the way back there. Inside kill two scorpions and use the jumpswitch to your left to open the right of the three doors; if you want run-jump over the pool in the right time to avoid some spikes, then jump up to the higher ledge to gather Flares. Return outside and enter the last (right) door. Use the floor lever to open a door way back. Return there: Head back through the SW opening, climb down, follow the passage and climb back up the blocks. Jump into the water and climb out left to enter the open door.

The Rusty Key

Avoid an easy fire trap, then follow into the next room, get through the opposite opening in the pool room and kill another scorpion. Pick up the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo to your right. Climb the block, pick up a Large Medipack and pull the block away to reveal a passage. When the fire goes out quickly head through the trap square. Push the statue in the SW corner to the NW corner and the door opens, kill four scorpions that waited for you and in the next room climb the E blocks and platforms to the top, turn and shoot another baddy and enter the E passage at the top. Time the jump over the spike block and quickly jump to the far right passage, avoid a boulder and kill two baddies in the next room; the one in the pool leaves a Rusty Key for you. Return all the way to the previous area before the ledge climbing and use the Rusty Key to open the door. Follow the passage into a larger room.

The Blue Crystal, Finale

Get into the NE corner, kill a baddy and climb the blocks up to an alcove with a Small Medipack, then drop in the pit in the very NE corner and find another Silver Cross for Secret #2. Head into the SW corner and follow the passage. Jump over the spike pit (not directly from the edge as Lara would be killed otherwise), then get through the fire passage and pick up the Blue Crystal at the end, return all the way, avoiding fires and spikes, and return to the larger hall. Place the Blue Crystal in the receptacle and slide down the slope. Kill the baddy at the end, then head left and climb the blocks to the top. Use the floor lever in the NW corner, jump over S and head through the open door. Running on the third square from the door will trigger a boulder, so run onto the second one, roll and quickly run-jump up the block (might take a few tries though) to avoid it. Afterwards jump over the boulder, head upstairs and pass some pools, jump over the large pool and head into the SW corner. Push and pull the block onto the marked tile to open the nearby door, use the floor lever and a NE door opens behind the pool. Head there and drop into the pit to finish this level.