Level by Niklas Rauch (Nicklander)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth




Begin in a closet.  Crawl past the T-shirts to your left and pick up the BATTERY.  Continue toward the W wall and Lara's attention will be attracted by a piece of furniture in the corner.  Make a note of that for later.  Exit the closet and trigger a flyby that's apparently designed to give you some direction for the tasks ahead.  When camera control is restored, run forward into the kitchen.  You get a message about the toaster being broken and warning you not to use it.  You can't anyway.  I tried. 


Grab some flares E between the sink and the refrigerator.  If you look out the back door you can see someone waiting behind the closed gate.  Enter the dining area and go to the bookcases in the corner.  Stand in front of the small gray shelf stand and search it for a KEY CARD. There's a book sticking out on the left side.  Pulling it down apparently starts a timed run.  It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but that flyby was indeed a clue.  The timed door into the bathroom is on the left at the top of the stairs you passed when you entered the kitchen, and you have 15 seconds to get there.


When you get there, pick up the small medipack and see a message telling you the switch (the nearby button) doesn't work because there's no electricity.  It doesn't. I tried.  However, there's a jump switch in front of the commode, so activate it to open a door across the hall.  Go there and enter what appears to be a guest bedroom.  Take the WASHROOM KEY from the small table. 


Return to the hall and open the W door.   It seems to be a computer room, but I could find nothing to do there right now.  Go downstairs and continue down another flight of stairs.  Use your Washroom Key to open the door to your left.  Enter and insert the Key Card in the receptacle you'll find in the back left corner.  The door to the generator room opens, so run all the way around the generator and find a receptacle where you can insert the Battery. 


Machinery starts up, and a message after a flyby tells you rather needlessly that power has been restored.  Go upstairs to the kitchen and pull down the toaster handle.  Go around to the nearby living room SW and find a button in the wall.  It seems to do nothing except play music.  The SE door is now open, so enter for the DRAIN KEY.  Go upstairs to the bathroom and push the now-operable button to open the shower stall beside you.  Enter the stall and push the block twice to reveal a crawl space.


Crawl inside to find a wheel.  Turning it causes a door to open in the basement area, so go all the way down the stairs to find the open door N.  In the next room you'll find the CROWBAR.  Note the closed trapdoor in the floor and exit this room.  Use the crowbar to open the W grate.  Enter a storage area and go to your right to find a misplaced BOOK on the floor.  Go to the S end of this area to find a crate emblazoned with a white cross.  Pull it back and aside to reveal a passage.


Inside you'll find two similar crates.  Push the one on your left twice to reveal an extension of the passage, where you'll find a BAKING DISH.  Now move that same crate away in the other direction to reveal a NE passage (I needed to move the second crate as well to make room) where you'll find some flares for SECRET #1.  Move the crates as necessary to get back out.  Leave the basement area and go up both flights of stairs to the living area.  In the W room is a bookcase to your right with a missing volume.  Insert the Book you found, and a door opens in the closet where you began the level.


Go there and enter the guest bathroom S.  Near the sink on your left is a GLASS.  Take the glass with you to the kitchen.  Next to the back door, where you saw the intruder beyond the gate earlier, is a rack where you place the Glass.  A door opens upstairs, so go there and find that the first door on the right is now open.  Enter a room with a huge teddy bear.  Move the teddy bear to reveal a small medipack for SECRET #2.  There's a closed door and a keyhole NW, which are for later.  Return to the kitchen and find that the back door N is now open.  Step outside for a level change.




Lara's visitor is still waiting patiently beyond the closed gate.  As you explore the outdoor area you'll notice several closed gates with nearby keyholes, as many as four closed trapdoors in the ground and a stump with a receptacle.  Near the SW corner there are bushes with dark blue flowers growing against the brick wall.  Lara's attention is directed there, so locate the crawl space and get inside.  You'll find a keyhole that accepts that Drain Key you've been carrying around with you, so use it.  You hear the sound of a nearby trapdoor lowering, so get back out and find it.  Drop down into the hole and pick up the PARKING AREA KEY.


Climb out W and locate the receptacle for your new key in the W wall a little bit N of your present position.  The gate to your right opens, and as you enter a flyby takes you to the SE outbuilding.  Save your game and then push the nearby button for another 15-second timed run.  You know which way to go, so reverse roll and make your way quickly to the timed gate. (I was able to get there with a succession of running jumps.  Some of the reviews mention an invisible barrier at the gate, but I had no problem getting inside.)  Pick up the BUTTERFLY and push the button to get back out.  Note the fuse box in the nearby W wall of the house. 


Continue around the house and find a pond against the E brick wall.  Pick up a small medipack underneath one of the purple flowers for SECRET #3.  You now need to head back to the first level for some unfinished business.


Head through the kitchen and go upstairs.  In the teddy bear room (first door on the right), place the Butterfly in the sunflower ornament.  There's no cut scene, but this opens the last door in the living area (second door on the left). Go there and find a closed door and a keyhole.  However, if you stand in front of the keyhole and reverse roll, you can pull up into a crawl space and get the WATER RESERVOIR KEY.  Remember that fuse box you saw in the wall outside?  Time to get back to the garden area.


Turn left and go around the house until you reach the fuse box.  Again, no cut scene when you insert the key, but a trap door is opened nearby in the N wall.  Go there and drop down to a crawl space in front of a closed grill and a water hole.  Jump in the water and swim into an underwater maze.  If you stay left until you run out of room and then reverse roll and swim back to the right, you'll stumble across the SECRET CHAMBER KEY.  Return for air and climb out S (although you'll return here later).


Return to the house, go upstairs to the teddy bear room and insert the Secret Chamber Key in the unused blue-rimmed keyhole.  When the door opens, go inside and pick up the GARDEN SHED KEY.  Yep, you have to return to the garden area outside.  (Is this getting tiring or what?)  Go find the yellow-rimmed keyhole in the W brick wall, use it and enter the small room.  Pull up the trap door and drop down into a stairway.  Descend the stairs and come to two push blocks.  Use flares as necessary to progress.  The block on your right won't budge, so push the one on your left twice, revealing a third push block on your right.  This one won't budge, either, so return to the first block and push it once W.  Now you can pull the second block once N, revealing an opening.  Go to the alcove and pick up the DOUGH


Move blocks  2 and 3 out of the way to reveal a SE alcove containing a large medipack for SECRET #4.  Exit this area and return to the garden.   You now have some cooking ingredients, so return to the kitchen and combine the Baking Dish and Dough to form the CAKE.  Insert it in the small oven against the S wall.  A trapdoor opens, so go downstairs to the basement area and enter the room on your right.  Drop down through the open trapdoor and pry the BEETLE off the wall with your crowbar.   Remember that stump outside?  Time for another trip to the garden.


Turn left once outside and go around to the wooden stump near the W brick wall.  Insert the Beetle and you can catch a glimpse of the trapdoor opening ahead and to your left.  Go there and hop down into the hole for the MOSAIC PIECE.  Pull up and go to the SE outbuilding.  On the E wall is the spot to place the Mosaic Piece.  When you do so, the trap door to your right opens.  Drop down and pick up the BAY LEAF.  Pull out and find the baked goods on a stand between the house and the W brick wall.  Place the Bay Leaf, facing the brick wall.


A block has lowered near the NW corner of the house.  Go there and pull up between two balconies in the E wall.  Pull up right for the LASER SIGHT.  A screen shot shows a trapdoor in a walkway down below.  It's near the SE corner between the main house and the outbuilding.  Push the button on the wall to open the back gate where Lara's guest is still waiting.  Go to the SE corner and find the same open trapdoor that leads to the undewater maze you navigated earlier.  There's a difference this time, however.  Jump into the water and swim all the way E.  Turn left and swim all the way N.  Turn left and swim down into the opened trapdoor and pick up the BATHROOM KEY.


One more trip inside the house is required.  If you approached Lara's guest instead, you would end the level.  Go upstairs, into the second room on the left, and locate the only remaining unopened door SE.  Insert the Bathroom Key to open the door to your left.  Enter and crawl up onto the crate for the PISTOLS.  Exit to the hall and go back downstairs.  Turn left at the main floor into the room where you began the level.  Shoot that corner piece of furniture that attracted your attention at the beginning and pick up the superfluous large medipack for SECRET #5.


Exit through the back door in the kitchen and approach Lara's guest to end the level.