Level by Tom Brood


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with special thanks to eTux for pointing out the locations of two of the three secrets)



Lara begins in a ship's passage.  Pull up left and make your way across to the far side of this large area.  At the far wall, turn left and pull down the wall switch in the corner to lower some trap doors at the wall behind you.  Reverse roll and run in that direction, noting the closed door and keyhole at the opposite corner. Locate the ladder where the trap doors have opened, or simply jump into the water below.  Pull out onto the platform for the HARPOON GUN and four bundles of harpoons, then jump into the water and listen for the menacing breathing of a nearby frogman, not to mention two hungry barracudas.  Clear the area, using the platform as a refuge.


Directly beneath the platform is a narrow gap in the wall.  Swim inside for a GOLDEN DRAGON and SECRET #1.  Swim back into the open area and look around for the uzi ammo near the far left wall, and there's an underwater lever not far away.  When you pull it a door opens in a dry area.   Swim to the other side of this room for a small medipack in an alcove.   There's a convenient air hole in the ceiling if you need it.  You'll find another underwater lever, much harder to see than the first one, in an alcove near the middle of the right wall (as you enter this area).  Pulling it opens to the way to the second secret you'll encounter later on. Swim back to the platform and pull out of the water.  Jump to the ladder and climb up to the beginning area.  Go to that closed door in the corner and climb up onto the nearby beam.  There's a moveable block that you can pull back to gain access to the upper levels. 


You'll find two more pushblocks on the upper beams.  Near one is some shotgun ammo for the shotgun that you're already carrying.  Move that block so you can jump to the upper passage on the right that you opened by pulling the hard-to-see underwater lever.  Go to the end and pull back the block once.  Climb over it and hop down the other side.  Pick up the JADE DRAGON for SECRET #2, together with four boxes of shotgun ammo.


Get back to the upper beam and move the block there so you can jump to the upper passage on the left that you opened by pulling the other underwater lever.  Run forward to a breaktile.  Don't run over it straight into the next room, or you'll be crushed by rolling barrels.  Instead, veer left to clear the wall.  The barrels will miss you, but you'll have to do battle with a wrench-wielding thug.  Pick up the small medipack he leaves behind.


Continue forward into an open area that was probably the dining room.  As you run down into the lower section you're attacked by no fewer than five thugs.  Some are harder to kill than others.  When they're all dead, check the corpses for a large medipack, a small medipack and two boxes of shotgun ammo.  There's nothing on the carpeted walkway, so go up the ramp on the other side of the room into a dark, glass-infested area.


The only way I could find to get down safely was to back flip onto the slope to slide down backwards, grab the edge, shimmy right and drop to a safe area.  Now you can walk (not run) through the glass, pick up a small medipack, and pull back the crate that you may have tried unsuccessfully to slide and jump to a number of times before you realized it was impossible.  Climb over the crate and pick up two bundles of harpoons.  In the next room Lara's attention is drawn upward to a presently inaccessible wall switch. 


There are a number of moveable blocks in this room.  Your goal is to arrange them so that you can reach that wall switch.  This requires three tiers of blocks.  The key pushblock for the second tier is to your left, the one for the third tier is straight ahead.  Therefore, begin by using the blocks at floor level to form a bridge to your left so you can pull out the second tier block.  Move the blocks around until the second tier key pushblock is in the corner beneath the wall switch.  Now locate the key third tier pushblock (third one from the corner) and move the floor level blocks so that you can pull it out.  Move the blocks further until you can bring the third tier block beneath the wall switch.  It's a tedious and frustrating process, but it can be done with a little thought and sweat.  You're rewarded with a sense of satisfaction and a cut scene of another door opening in what I'll call the hub room.


Turn around and jump to the crack in the wall opposite from the wall switch.  Shimmy right and pull up into the opening.  Loop around to the left for a small medipack and push the nearby button.  Go back around and jump over the slope into the dining room with all the dead thugs.  Continue through the dining room, connecting corridor and the rolling barrel room.  Jump over the hole in the floor and return to the hub room.  The newly opened door is straight ahead, so take a running jump and grab to the block, pull up and find that the door is too far away to reach with a running jump.  Therefore, you need to move the nearby block into position.  Even then the jump is difficult.  I found it helps to hang from the block with your back to the opening, pull up, reverse roll, and then take your running jump.


Once in the corridor, step forward to find a series of breaktiles.  Simply run over them, turn the corner and run over more breaktiles, then climb the ladder to face a slope.  Note the suspended barrels and jump left to a safe ledge for a small medipack and uzi ammo.  Save your game and jump onto the slope. I found I could trigger the barrels by jumping left and hitting the corner of the wall to stop my progress.  Or, you can slide down the slope and outrun the barrels by swerving left into the corridor.  Whatever works.  There's nothing of interest in the water, so get by the barrels and pull down the timed switch at the end of the corridor. 


Flames erupt beside you, but there's a handy ladder nearby.  Climb up, hop down to your right onto the timed platform and pull up left before the platform drops.  There are breaktiles on the other side.  It's okay to drop through them, but be sure to move away from the one directly below or you'll catch fire.  There's another flaming tile, flanked by two wall switches.  Pull down the nearer one to turn off the flames for a few seconds, run to the far wall and pull down the second wall switch, then get back quickly before the flames return.


Pull up to the ledge above, run forward and left at the corner before the timed trap door comes back up.  Hop down into the passage and turn the corner to find another wall switch.  Pulling it turns off the flames in the adjacent corridor for a few seconds.  Dash past the danger zone, turn around and pull up twice.  Pull down the timed wall switch to open the door behind you.  Reverse roll and hop down before (hopefully) the flames have returned. 


Go to the stairs ahead, stand on the first one and turn to your right.  Jump up to grab a crack in the wall.  Shimmy right until you can pull up into a dark opening.  Light a flare and find the UZIS for SECRET #3.  Drop back down and continue up the stairs.  Turn the corner and climb the ladder up a long shaft.  Pull up for shotgun ammo, then turn around and jump across to the next room where you're accosted by a thug.  Unfortunately, he doesn't drop anything for you.  Pull back the block to reveal two clips of uzi ammo. There are two ladders in this room, one of which leads to a closed door.  Climb the other one and climb down the longer ladder on the other side.  Go to your left and pick up the harpoons while noting the closed trap door in the floor.  Go around to the other side and push the button to open that trap door.


Go back around and jump into the water.  There's a barracuda prowling about, so kill him and go back for air (although if you have the patience, you can save your harpoons by luring it to the opening and killing it with your pistols).  Swim back down and find a closed ceiling trap door near the ship wall.  Pick up the flares near the far end of the deck and the uzi ammo in a floor alcove, then locate the very hard-to-see lever in the lower blue wall next to the deck, down to the left when you swim down into this area.  The trap door opens, so pull up into a short stairway.


The opening to your left is too high to reach, and there are glass shards on the floor beyond the other opening.  Jump through the opening onto the slope beyond and jump off with a sharp left curve to land on a safe square.  You're being fired upon by two thugs, so dispatch them and carefully climb up to where the second thug lies.  Pull down the wall switch to open that door you saw earlier.  Climb up into that opening you couldn't reach from the other side and hop down.  Jump into the water, swim back to the other water hole and climb out.   


Climb the long ladder, hop down the other side and climb the facing ladder.  Go past the opened door and loop around to the left for a small medipack.  Drop down into a lower area and pick up four bundles of harpoons.  You'll need them, for as you drop into the water you're beset by two frogmen and a barracuda.  If you don't have enough harpoons to deal with them, that's too bad, as you can use the opening only as an air hole.  I was able to lure one of the frogmen to the airhole (before dropping in) by hanging from the edge and pulling back out, whereupon I was able to kill him with my pistols and thereby improve the odds.  Assuming your ultimate success, your next task is getting out of here.


There are six underwater levers, three on each wall.  Nothing tricky here, just pull all six to open the exit trap door on the other side of the room from where you entered.  Pull out and head up the stairs and up a ramp to an obvious barrel trap.  The barrels are not triggered when you step down onto the ramp, but they are when you start going down.  Run ahead of them and jump off to your right near the bottom.  Kill the waiting thug and step over his body to find another ramp.  Slide down to find a timed wall switch on one side and a row of flame tiles on the other.  The switch doesn't turn off the flames, but it does lower a trap door that you can use to shimmy past the flames and pull up on the other side.


Turn around and jump to the other side.  You come to what looks like safe trap doors, but the second one will collapse under your weight and drop you onto glass shards.  Scoot around the corner and slide down into a pit.  Pull out left and drop down the other side.  Pull down the wall switch to raise the trap door.  This one isn't timed, so shimmy across the flames and drop down.  Turn around and face a long slope.  No trap here, but a thug awaits down below.


Go around and up the stairs.  Push the button to open the nearby door.  In the next room Lara is confronted with three wall switches, all of which are flame-protected.  This sequence must be done with precision, so save your game here.  Hop down and climb up the left-hand side.  When you get onto what looks like (but isn't) a moveable block, the flame ahead goes out.  Hop forward, pull down the switch, reverse roll and quickly get back down.  Jump across to the other side, turn to your right and take a running jump to the opening below the corner switch.  Don't pause for the ammo, but quickly pull up and pull down the corner switch.  Get down, jump back across to the third switch and pull it down before the flame returns.  The exit door opens below, so get that shotgun ammo and then slide down into an area inside the ship.


Kill two thugs, one of whom drops flares.  Continue down the next ramp to draw out two more thugs.  Slide down into a darker area and pull up higher.  You can see a key, but it's tantalizingly just beyond your reach.  Light a flare if necessary and find an opening right where you can pull up.  Pull down the wall switch to open another door in the hub room.  The window to your left also opens, so slide down into some familiar waters.


Pull out onto the platform over the first secret, jump to the ladder and climb up into the hub room.  Use the moveable block to get up to the high beam.  The new opening is right behind you as you pull up, so move the block this way so you can jump to the opening.  Go down the stairs and shoot a thug.  Take the small medipack he drops.  Continue down and shoot another thug down below.


Move the block into the opposite corner to open the exit door.  Slide down into a lower passage and shoot the thug.  Continue down to a cabin area and shoot two more thugs, one of whom drops shotgun ammo.  Follow the carpeted hallway to a dark area where you'll find a wooden slope.  Slide down and light a flare.  Pull up into an opening and hop down the other side.  Look through the crawl space and see that elusive key.  Too bad this isn't a TR4 level, or you could go down and get it.


Return to the former area, hop back to grab the edge and shimmy left over the pit until you can pull up.  Turn around and jump across to the other side.  Jump forward and grab the crack in the facing wall.  Shimmy left until you can pull up into an alcove.  Pull down the wall switch to flood the area below.  Drop down into the water to find it occupied by a frogman and a barracuda.  You probably don't have any harpoons to spare, so pull out and kill them with your pistols.  Jump back into the water and find another hard-to-see underwater lever in an alcove at floor level.  When you pull it, those trap doors you saw earlier fall open. 


Pull out of the water and pull up into the same opening you used earlier.  Hop down the other side and pull back the block.  Now you can hop over it and get the RUSTY KEY


You slid down a long slope to get here, so how are you going to get back out?  Easy, just jump up to grab the sloped edge just beyond the key, pull up and slide down a series of slopes into the familiar waters.  Climb out as you did before and return to the hub room.  Remember that keyhole you saw at the end of the passage?  Sure enough, the Rusty Key fits it, so open the door and enter a new area.


Hop down and get the shotgun ammo, then slide down onto a translucent ledge.  Safety drop to an interior area, where thugs attack from all around.  Kill four of them and search the bodies to find absolutely nothing.  As it turns out, you need no additional pickups.  On one side of the interior area you'll find two buttons to push.  Now go to the outer area and slide down into a still lower area.  Hop down and slide down into an area near the outer deck.  Locate the nearby ladder.  When you jump to it the level ends.