Levels by David Lanaria (kevindatsun)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with special thanks to manarch2 for pointing out the locations of the secrets)





After a flyby through a dark, forbidding area, begin as Kurtis Trent.  Run forward, draw your pistols and shoot two dogs across the gap ahead.  Jump across the gap and locate a higher alcove NE.  Climb up inside, drop down the other side for SECRET #1 and pick up the shotgun ammo.  Get back to the wooded area and climb up onto the W wall.  Drop down the other side and pick up the nearby flares.  Face S and jump to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right and around the corner, and drop down.  Turn around and climb up onto the block.  Turn left and pull up into the crawl space. 


When you can stand up, drop down into the trench, go left and look for two ropes S that span the canyon.  Before using them, use the ladder to get down into the canyon.  Shoot three dogs and a snake, then find a small medipack SE and a KEY NW.  Climb back up and use the ropes to cross to the other side.  Pick up the shotgun ammo at your feet. Go up the S ramp to trigger a pair of spike balls.  The one on the left is in front, so scoot behind it as it passes by. 


Slide down the other side and you'll hear the sound of spikes.  Pull up left and monkey swing over the spike field.  Continue until a flyby kicks in.  Hop down E and come to another canyon.  Go around left for two boxes of shotgun ammo (one of is lying on a block), then observe three hanging ropes.  They lead to a gateway that's closed at present.  There's a ledge going all the way around the canyon.  Go to the other side and use the ramps to get down to the canyon floor. 


Explore the area and locate a small medipack and shotgun ammo on the other side of the ramp as you come down.  Further exploration yields uzi ammo at the NE corner. Locate the NW jump switch near the burning corpse and activate it to open the gate to your left.  Go inside and jump over the trench.  Use your Key in the receptacle to open the gate above the ladder to your right.  Climb up and push the floor lever to open the outside gate.


Get back outside, shoot three dogs and use the ramps to get up to the surrounding ledge.  Run around to the SW and climb up onto the white block there so that you can take a running jump and grab the first rope.  Jump to the second rope, then the third, and finally swing and jump off to land in the opened gateway.  Run forward until you trigger a flyby.


The jump switch (timed) on your right is for later, so turn left and find an alley with a closed gate on the far end to your right.  There's a nearby jump switch that isn't timed.  Activate it to open a gate at the other (W) end of the alley.  Go there, passing a closed gate and a closed wooden panel.  Enter the opened gate and find another jump switch.  This one is timed, and it's on a brutally short timer.  It opens the gate you just passed by.  It appears you need to rush there, push the button inside and get back out before the gate slams shut.  However, I'm convinced it's impossible.  Fortunately, it's not necessary, as all you need to do is pull out to your right and hop forward.


Pushing the button opened the nearby wooden panel, so when you hop down into the alcove, push the button there and exit to the alley.  The gate opens at the E end of the alley, so go there and push the final button.  The E gates are now open in the main area, but your troubles aren't over.  You need to navigate some spike traps, and the gate at the far end is closed.  It's opened by the timed jump switch that you saw when first entering this area.  However, before activating it, go into the spike-trapped area and trigger a couple of spike balls so they won't prove distracting during your timed run.  Continue into the next area and look left for shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN for SECRET #2.  Now go back, stand in front of the jump switch and save your game.


Actvate the jump switch and sprint past the spike fields and spike balls into the timed gateway.  Once you're successful, save your game again so you won't have to repeat this ordeal.  Monkey swing across the spikes, release and slide-jump to the E ledge.  I was able to do this with precision by turning around just past the trench, releasing to drop onto the slope, sliding down backwards and pulling up to take a rolling back flip with grab.  Pull up, drop down into the pit and use the ladder to climb back out.  Run forward to trigger a flyby.


When you run forward you're attacked by four dogs and two vultures.  They're no match for Kurtis, however.  When all is quiet again, look for the uzi ammo, two small medipacks and the shotgun ammo.  Don't bother with the ledges, they won't allow you to progress and may even cause you to get stuck.  Search the dog carcasses;  one of them contains the KEY you need.  Use it to open the E door and go inside. 


Run through the long entranceway, and the door at the other end opens upon your approach.  Enter to end the level. 


Level 2: CASTLE


After an opening flyby, explore the downstairs area before going upstairs.  Starting with the area to your right (N), find the first of several shootable (and empty) boxes on the higher ledge.  In the side room lit by burning pots hanging from the walls, you'll find uzi ammo and shotgun ammo.  Go across to the S side past the empty plinths into the dining room.  There's uzi ammo and a large medipack on a ramp near the far wall.   Overhead is a closed trap door in the ceiling which appears to be for later (but, as it turns out, is irrelevant).


Now it's time to go upstairs (or, more accurately, up the W ramp).  At the top, it's recommended to explore the side areas before going W to open the doors there.  You'll thereby avoid much of what is affectionately known as the Stomper Syndrome.  Going to the S area first, where you'll find a number of columns, there's uzi ammo near the E wall.  In S alcoves you'll find more uzi ammo and an extra SHOTGUN.  Climb onto the block between them for shotgun ammo.


Nothing more here, so cross the bridge to the N side.  Shoot two dogs, then pick up the uzi ammo (2x), the shotgun ammo and the flares.  Now it's time to go down the W passage.  As you do so, a meaningless cut scene is triggered.  As you venture further the door ahead opens while two dogs attack from your flanks.  There's a closed floor trap door on your left and a closed door in the wall to your right.


Enter the W doorway.  The area ahead can only be described as a maze, and trying to provide compass directions would prove most unproductive.  As you move around you'll trigger a mummy at seemingly every turn, although you have no legitimate weaponry to deal with them.  I found a manufactured grenade gun to come in quite handy at this point, assuming you have no scruples against such things


I started by taking the first right and heading down the N passage.  You eventually come to a high crawl space.  Drop down the other side and work your way around to the right, where you'll encounter the first of many mummies.  At the far NW corner is uzi ammo.  Keep to your right and you'll come to some flares.  Continue to your right and you'll see a second high crawl space.  Inside is a large medipack.


Drop down the other side and work your way NE.  In the alcove is a box that, for a change, isn't empty.  Shoot it and pick up the revealed BA CARTOUCHE, then pause for the nearby shotgun ammo.  You've probably seen the sporadic spike traps by now.  While annoying, they don't pose much of a problem.  Work your way to the W wall past a slew of mummies for some shotgun ammo.  Continue W, then go N to find the UZIS and uzi ammo in an alcove for SECRET #3.


Going still further W you'll find more shotgun ammo near a spike trap, and uzi ammo around the corner.  Going back NE, look for more uzi ammo, which means you're near the exit.  Go to the N wall from there and turn right.  There are undoubtedly more pickups in the S area of the maze, but you've already gotten everything important.  Climb up onto the block, hop down the other side and follow the passage to a lava room where a perpetual (but mild) earthquake starts (caused by the aforementioned stompers).


The immediate task appears formidable but isn't really.  Stand at either corner and take a standing jump to the nearer spike field when the spikes are about to retract.  Swerve to take a running jump to the E ledge.  Piece of cake.  The door opens as you land, bringing you face to face with the dreaded stompers.  Run past each one as it lifts, and be sure to explore the alcoves on either side as you progress.  You'll be rewarded with uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and a large medipack, in that order.


Once past the stompers, which continue to stomp until you finish the level, negotiate the swinging blades.  To make things more difficult, a roving pole with spinning blades runs perpendicular to the swinging blades.  Once past these traps, time a running jump over the spike field.  Push the floor lever to open the exit door, then insert the Ba Cartouche in the receptacle to open the floor trap door you saw earlier.


Go there and drop down the opening onto a platform in another lava room.  Beef up with the small medipack, then time a running jump past the swinging blades to the other side.  Run forward to the door, which opens upon your approach.  Step forward into the darkness to be taken to the next level.




The titular or eponymous gal comes to you as you enter.  She's hard to kill, and I had some problems with game crashes if I stayed too near the doorway (the door closes as soon as you enter, by the way).  However, she will eventually succumb (don't save your game again until you leave this level, which won't be long from now), giving you the opportunity to pick up scads of pickups (be sure to shoot all the boxes and jars, and any rails that are in your way) if you were too preoccupied to get them earlier.  After grabbing everything in sight, leave via the now-open W gateway (which might not be open if you saved after killing the fire queen) toward the waiting helicopter.




After the brief opening flyby, get on the motorbike and ride forward.  There's a lot of area to cover in this area, and it's possible I've failed to document a number of pickups.  However, I didn't feel motivated to get off the motorbike every fifty yards or so and look around.  But the essential items are covered.  Go around the corner to your right, where the camera angle changes, and gun your engine to clear a deep gap.  Continue forward, staying to your right, until you reach a rocky area.


Turn left here, and when the camera angle changes get off the motorbike.  Safety drop into the pit for a small medipack.  Climb out using the ladder in the S wall.  Get back on the motorbike and be sure to drive over the left side of the S black ramp so you won't fall into the pit.  When camera control is restored, drive E over the black ramp to clear the pit, then follow the winding path, keeping generally left, until you come to a gap between two black ramps.


Get off your motorbike here, run forward and jump into the water.  Swim down for shotgun ammo and uzi ammo and SECRET #4.  Get back out, return to the motorbike and use either ramp to clear the lake.  Continue E and drive up the snowy ramps.  You'll reach a plateau of sorts, so turn left here and start driving in a generally downward direction.  When you come to a long bridge where the camera angle changes once again, continue to the end, turn right and drive down the long ramp. 


Pause at the bottom for a small medipack NE, then drive W between the ice blocks and turn left.  Follow the passage to a large rock structure.  Drive around it to the left and get off the motorbike.  There's a high spot right underneath a bush where you can pull up facing E.  Go straight forward for uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and SECRET #5.  Get back down and drive the motorbike into the N crystal-lined passage.  Emerge in an outdoor environment much the same as earlier and continue forward. 


Drive until you come to a rock wall and can go no further.  Get off your motorbike and scale the wall to trigger a flyby.  Hop down to draw the six yetis to you and waste them one by one.    

One of them drops a KEY.  Approach the ice castle to attract four tigers, two from each side.  Go around the right side for shotgun ammo in a corner alcove.  Go all the way around the left side and climb up on a block for a large medipack


Go to the front of the ice castle and enter.  Ascend by going up around to your right and pull up to find two more tigers.  Look to the right to see block stairs leading up.  Follow to another annoying camera angle change.  Take a running jump forward to the ice block.  You can see uzi ammo down below if you care to go down and get it.  Or you can take a running jump W to a lower ice block.  Slide down the right side of the slope and jump off with a right curve.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and walk W until the camera angle again changes.  Turn left and vault up onto the ice block.  There's a ladder there, so climb to the top of the pillar.


Turn left and take a running jump and grab to the ledge.  Pull up and turn right.  Between the ornate blocks is a receptacle for your Key.  The bars to your left lower, so enter for the final level.




The bars are raised back up, preventing your retreat.  Your task is to engage the blue counterpart of the fire queen, presumably the snow queen.  Complicating your task are sporadically placed spike traps, and the snow queen will do her best to push you onto them.  Your best strategy is to stay at the S end of the arena while you pump lead into our beauty.  There are many ammo and health pickups strewn about, and since you won't need them after defeating the snow queen, you may as well pick up as many as possible while doing battle. 


When the snow queen dies with an unladylike gurgle, the other bars lower, allowing your escape.  When you enter the opening a flyby shows the waiting helicopter.  Actually, getting to it isn't as easy as you might think, as a distracting earthquake follows you the whole time.  Jump to the pillar and climb down the ladder.  You slid down a slope to get here, so you can't go back that way.  From the bottom of the pillar, go left so you can jump to the ledge behind the pillar.  Run off the ledge angled to the right, onto the snow pillar below, and safety drop from there to the ground.  Run S toward the helicopter to end the level.