Reach the Top

Level by Pascal Scherer

Walkthrough by manarch2

Slide down, jump to the E platform. On the left and right ledges you can find the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Back on the middle walkway jump to the next E platform in front of the ladder. Run onto the higher part of the floor and jump up to grab a monkeyswing, get N and around the corner, drop onto the platform to pick up the Hand of Sirius.

Monkeyswing back to the previous ledge and now jump to the ladder. Since there is a platform above your head, you cannot climb further, so backflip onto the ledge above the previous one, jump to the W rope and this way you can reach the far W platform. Pick up the Flares, then jump to the N rope, face the W crawlspace and swing, then jump and grab the ledge, climb in and find yourself in a dark room. Climb the NW corner of the fire block, then face NW and stand-jump to the higher block.

Use the floor lever to release a rope above the fire pit, drop down, use the rope to get to the other side and search for a SW crawlspace to find 2x Uzi Ammo for Secret #1. Back out use the S passage to get out of this room, slide down the slope and jump to the fire block, don't climb up but shimmy either left or right around two corners, climb the ladder and backflip onto the higher walkway.

Jump to the E one, then to the far E ledge sticking out of the wall and climb up the ladder, on top backflip onto another walkway, jump over W and then to the ledge left of the larger structure. Run-jump and grab the monkeyswing underneath it, get to the end and drop, then immediately grab the ledge. Climb up and hurry while turning right and jumping to the platform with Uzi Ammo before the boulder catches you.

Pick up the ammo, then run up the ramp where the boulder came from, turn around and jump to the (in the logic of this level unmarked) ladder. Climb it up and on top you can find Secret #2, a Large Medipack. Drop or climb back down to the ramp, jump to the NE ledge and thereon down to the E walkway, finally to the platform between the two ladders that blocked your way up earlier. Climb the ladder, backflip on the higher ledge and before dealing with the spikes jump to the S walkway to get Uzi Ammo.

Back on the N ledge time the stand-jump on the first spike platform, immediately jump to the N platform, then to the W one (you don't have much time since a boulder is about to fall down), again W and finally on the S slope, always having a good timing with the spikes. At the rough end of the slope jump and grab a monkeyswing, get to its end, drop on the slope and jump to the next (spike!) tile in the right moment (best save on the last part of the monkeyswing) and finally to the safe platform at the ladder.

Climb up, backflip and head further on the walkway. First get up the “unmarked” ladder to get a Small Medipack, then drop down and jump to the S ledge. Kill four ninjas that appear out of thin air, then jump to the E platform with the fire, shimmy around to the opposite side and climb up on either corner, turn and jump to the safe ledge E; finally jump to the platform with the floor lever, use it and don't forget the Uzi Ammo.

The lever has released a rope S, so jump back to the previous platform and then to the rope. Jump to the crevice, grab it, shimmy right until you can climb up and then climb the ladder to your left. Jump to the single block N, then to the larger platform N and kill another quadruple of ninjas. Jump to the uneven walkway NW, quickly run over to the second ledge (a boulder comes falling down) and immediately run-jump to the W ledge since the second boulder will come even faster than the first.

Shimmy to the rightmost point, climb up, slide down and at the end jump with a right curve to land on the right of the two slopes, which will carry you to Secret #32x Uzi Ammo. Jump back onto the first of the slopes, then backflip on the left slope (much easier) and then to the vertical pole since Lara would catch fire if she landed on the ledge. Turn and backflip on the S walkway. Jump to the S platform close to the wall, climb the ladder and backflip.

The next sequence is not as easy as you might think: Position Lara on the exact right N ledge of the platform (otherwise she won't be able to reach the last platform). Jump to the first spike tile when the spikes are gone, triggering the next spikes on the next tile. Jump there, then immediately further and if you've done it correctly Lara can grab the ledge of this (safe) platform. Climb up, shoot a ninja and jump to the N walkway. Kill another ninja far W, then make your way across this spike walkway which is rather easy since there are several safe tiles in between.

At the end jump to the W platform, loop around the corner and jump to the S ledge, then to the SE platform. Climb up the block – congratulations, you've reached the top! The level isn't over though. Place the Hand of Sirius in the receptacle; the blocks will transform into a slope and if you don't do anything Lara will fall to death. The only way to solve this issue is to backflip from the very last part of the slope (safer version: grab the ledge of the slope, climb up again and then backflip) and Lara will fall safely through all the platforms and down into a just flooded area at the very bottom of this area. Spot the N passage and swim through to the end which proves to be the finish trigger of this level. So the actual goal of this level wasn't really to "reach the top" – but the exact opposite.