Level by Thibaut (911)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Slide down into a dark snowy area.  Step forward and kill a snow leopard.  I climbed around SE but didn't find anything of interest.  Get in the water and go to the NE alcove.  Wade forward and vault out left.  Pull up onto a snowy ledge and follow it to the end, jumping a gap or two in the process.  Pull up higher, turn around and jump N to the ledge.  Hop to the E ledge and follow to the STONE DRAGON for SECRET #1.  Turn around and go back the way you came.  Climb the blocks until you can see an opening in the W wall.  Jump over to the S ledge and pull up into the W opening.


The windows in the empty room are barred, so drop through the NE hole into the water below.  Swim to a place where you can wade out and get on the block against the S wall.  Take a running jump E and grab the opening.  Pull up and throw the wall switch to open the W door.  Go there and get on the Great Wall.  The door closes behind you.  Go to the rubble and slide down into the water.  Swim into the NE opening and grab the OLD KEY at the end. 


Pull out W and shoot the snow leopard.  Climb the blocks against the S wall and get back up onto the Great Wall.  Turn right and use the Old Key to open the W door.  Kill the waiting spiders and climb the ladder to encounter more spiders in the upper loft.  Locate the GATE KEY in the NW corner and climb back down the ladder.  Use the Gate Key to open the NW gate.  Go inside and find more spiders.  Pick up the large medipack and shotgun ammo in the near corner, then pull back the block, go around it and find a slope. 


Slide down and step into the shallow water.  Jump up to grab the crack in the W wall and shimmy all the way to the right.  Pull up into a crawl space and follow the winding passage to the JADE DRAGON and SECRET #2.  Go back and drop into the water.  Pull out into the N opening and save your game before running over the obvious breaktiles (with spears lurking underneath) in the next area.  I found that by staying left and crouching at the far wall, the boulders bounced right over me.   


Squeeze between the boulders and vault up E.  Follow the passage to a slope.  When you slide down and drop a short distance, the camera angle becomes fixed.  Quickly hit the look key and run forward with a jump into the opening to your right.  Wait for the spiked walls to meet and pass through each other.  Hop back down into the shallow trench and pick up the shotgun ammo.  Pull up or jump into the opening again and face a row of breaktiles.  Run across them and jump over the blade.  If you land on the next pair of breaktiles, run forward to the safe tile.  Find the ladder and climb down into the pit.  Turn around and pick up the crossbow arrows (sure looks like a rocket to me) and the SHOTGUN.  Climb back out and run over the last pair of breaktiles, jumping over the next blade.


A spike wall is approaching from your right, so don't dawdle.  Dogleg a bit to your left and pause in front of another breaktile while a spike wall does its thing in front of you.  Pick up the shotgun ammo from the grate and continue E over the breaktile.  In front of the next breaktile are two more spike walls, so dash forward past them and slide down the slope.  As soon as you hit bottom back flip and then side flip to crash through another breaktile and avoid the spike wall there.  Pick up the small medipack at your feet, then approach the buzz saw to trigger it.  Hug the right wall and run past it when it goes left.  Pick up another small medipack near the spinning blade.  Walk carefully into the passage occupied by the buzz saw and pull down the wall switch.


Run N into a snowy area infested with cold-resistant spiders.  Kill them and find the partial bridge jutting out over a deep pit.  Hang from the ledge on the S side of the bridge and drop down onto a ledge below.  Pull up into a dark area and locate the flares in the corner.  Follow the passage S and use the ladders (to get on, simply stand in front of the left portion and hit the action and up arrow keys) to climb down the deep shaft.  If you climb up you'll merely return to the ledge with the partial bridge.  When you reach the bottom of the ladder, release to drop down into a passage.


Follow around the corner to find yourself at the bottom of the deep pit.  As you walk around you'll draw the attention of a mighty winged griffin.  Admire it as long as you dare before killing it.  You can see fragments of the bridge strewn about, not to mention the skeleton of a large deceased creature.  Go through the E gateway you opened with the wall switch above and pick up what's called a CROSSBOW (although it's really a rocket launcher) together with ammo for it.  Finally, pick up the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #3.


Return to the SW opening and go around to vault up onto the block.  Turn around and jump up to grab the ladder.  Climb all the way to the top and follow the passage until you can drop down to the snowy area with the partial bridge.  Hang drop onto the ledge below as you did earlier, and pull up into the W opening.  Walk near the N end and take a long running jump NE down to a safe ledge below.  Vault up onto the NW block and take a running jump E across the gap.  Walk to the E end of this ledge and take a standing jump into the N opening below.  Use the flat ledges on the slope to reach the top and slide down the other side. 


Shoot the snow leopard that bounds forward to greet you and make your way down to the E opening.  Approach the door and the waiting guard to trigger a closing FMV with words exchanged in French.