Silence of the Library


Levels by Ankhrae


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 – Silent Library (4 secrets)


Some Climbing for a Secret


Watch the starting cutscene with Lara sliding down some slopes. Hop over the hole in the ground and go around the left block. Pick up Flares – that means it's time to light one – and jump up the slope to your left. Now run-jump to a ledge NE where you can stand on, jump over the slope where you slid down and find Secret #1, a Large Medipack. Jump back over the slope and run-jump up to the NE ledge behind the slopes to find the Uzis. You now can either head back where you came from or jump up to the ledge where Lara dropped down onto and slide down just like you did at the very start. Jump back over the hole and now head to the SW part of the cave. After another flyby go to the small pits, but be warned, they all contain knife traps. Pick up the Crossbow near the skeleton lying on the floor, then run over the edge of the one with Uzi Ammo to activate the trap and when it stopped you can safely pick up the ammo. Now return and spot two larger pits left and right. They both contain a trapdoor each you can open from their E sides.


Southern Trapdoor


Open the trapdoor and climb down the ladder. Jump over to the other side, kill two bats and take the first Eye Piece with you. Don't leave yet. There are two levers on the upper floor you can activate, one each in the NE and SE corner, so jump to both platforms and use them. The waterwheels are activated and open two doors down in the water. Dive in, search the SE corner for Shotgun Ammo and in a narrow passage in the SW corner you can find a Small Medipack. Notice that there are several vases underwater you cannot shoot yet. Now swim through either of the two doors (lead to the same room), climb out of the water and shatter all vases in this room to find Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipack. Exit through the N opening, follow the passage and jump to the central pillar in the next room to find the second Eye Piece. Drop to the floor in this room, shatter the vase in front of the pillar for another Small Medipack, then climb the ladder behind the pillar, jump back to the entrance and leave this room. Drop into the water, swim back to the previous room and climb out of the water in its centre. Pick up Crossbow Ammo, climb up to the upper floor and jump back to the ladder, then climb up again.


Northern Trapdoor


Open the trapdoor and dive into the water. In the large room pick up Uzi Ammo from the floor, thereon take the left opening, then swim ahead,  through the circular knife trap and pick up a Large Medipack. Swim back and then left, through another knife trap and climb out of the water at the end. Use the lever, dive back in the water and make your way back to the central underwater room. Swim through the opposite opening, climb out of the water at the end and use another lever to open the middle door in the central room. Get back there, swim in, pick up Shotgun Ammo from the far right corner and climb out of the water to take the Blue Key with you. Swim back all the way out and climb out of the water back in the room where you once came from.


Shooting the Ball


Head W and pass the knife pits, climb the block at the end. Combine the two Eye Pieces and place the newly formed Eye of Horus on the wall to open it. Head through the passage, passing a wooden floor you can burn later and ladder, then drop down into the wheel pit and open the trapdoor from the N side. Drop down, kill a bat and take out a weapon, then stand-jump to the upper part of the slope nearby. Jump up immediately and shoot the ball up near the ceiling, to open a trapdoor in the water. Drop into the water and spot Uzi Ammo, then swim into the triangular opening and climb out at the end where the trapdoor opened. Head through the dark passage avoiding a chain, then use a rope at the end to open a door on a balcony. Head all the way back, dive into the water, climb out in the room with the ball and up several steps, not forgetting the Large Medipack here. Climb up the two ladders.


The Lasersight and How to Use it


Head into the right (N) passage behind the ladder. In the next room grab a Lasersight from the left pedestal and find a Small Medipack (in a vase) and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo in the side passages. Look for an E crawlspace high up and climb in to find Secret #2, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Magnum Ammo. Climb back out and note the pedestal with the torches for later. Now that you have both the Lasersight and the Crossbow, you can backtrack all the way to the half-flooded chamber where you saw some underwater vases – head back all the way E, pass the knife pits and drop into the S trapdoor you once opened. Drop down onto the lower ledge, combine the Crossbow and the Lasersight and shatter the vase to reveal the Green Key, which you can pick up in the water now. Wait – there is yet another vase in the water, but to shatter it, climb up the ledge and jump to the SE walkway. Turn around, let Lara stand near the wall and look down NW to the left of the ledge with the pedestal, where you just came from. Down in the water you can shoot the second vase, the sound for Secret #3 chimes and you can dive into the water to pick up Magnum Ammo (and don't forget the Green Key). Climb back out of the water, then return all the long way to the area with the single waterwheel, which you explored previously.


Important and not so important Pickups


Time to get some more reserves: Head into the S passage, shatter the vase at the end and get a package of Flares. Head W through the chamber with the harp, use the jumpswitch on the N wall and head out W. Behind the pillars is a Large Medipack. Head out N and climb one of the blocks to the W of the wheel pit with the wheel to find Uzi Ammo. Now you can climb the ladder from its E side. On top head left and find the Red Key on a pedestal, head back. Ahead is the door you opened a while ago with the chain, but first go left into another room. Pick up the Librarian's Papyrus from the pedestal.


“Since the armour was brought here, people were taken. Many left the library. We bordered the lower pass but they won't stop. The drums won't stop.”


To your left you can find Flash Grenades. Head further over the balcony, jump over the gap. Shooting the vase only releases three bats so better leave it untouched. Push the button to raise a block somewhere else, then jump back over the pit and return to the open door you previously ignored.


Globe Puzzle


Go around the balcony and enter the doorway (the door opened with the jumpswitch). Watch a cutscene; notice four keyholes on the opposite wall – you still need the last one. Go left afterwards, head down the stairs and reach the lower room you could see from the balcony. Search it for Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack (in a corner), then start solving the globe puzzle. Since some globes can block others you should have a certain system.


Push the yellow globe onto the yellow tile; this is easy but if you didn't lower the raising block yet you have to return and use the button on the upper balcony in the previous area. Push/pull the red globe onto the tile to the right of the marked green tile. Push/pull the white globe onto the white tile, then the blue globe onto the blue tile, the green globe onto the green tile and finally the red globe onto the red tile.


The door in the SW corner opens; head in and pick up the Yellow Key from the pedestal. Head back upstairs.


A Whole Bunch of Pickups, the Torch and the Harp


Go N around the balcony and place the four coloured keys to open the door. Inside you can pick up the parts of Seth's armour: Left Gauntlet, Right Gauntlet, Left Greave, Right Greave, Breast Plate. When you pick up the Music Scroll, a flyby kicks in showing you a wall torch being ignited and giving you a hint on what to do next. Also, a text message states “Bring those back to me.”. Since Lara is always obedient against unknown powers, this of  course is your next job. Head around the balcony, drop down into the S room and grab a Torch from the pedestal. Afterwards head out to the wheel area and thereon S into the room with the harp. Place the Music Scroll and Lara will play a silent track on the harp, which will open a nearby book shelve door. Take the Torch and light it on the wall inside. Now head back out, back to the wheel and then E. Throw the Torch onto the wooden floor, wait a few moments so that the wood breaks. Before dropping down (but don't worry if you did because there is a way up again), return to the wheel, head into the N room and pick up another Torch, backtrack into the harp room, ignite it and with the lighted torch head back to the wheel (a last time), then E and finally drop into the room.


The Mummy Room


In case you missed something you still can return with a jump up from the elevated part of the floor, but try to ignore the two mummies best as you can and search the room for Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Throw the Torch through the narrow hole in the E wall, best done while Lara is still running so that it will drop down on the other side. Now climb into the crawlspace right of the hole, get down, pick up Uzi Ammo and then your Torch, light the wall torch to open the door and head in for Secret #4. Shatter the vase to find a Large Medipack. Now climb and crawl back into the previous room with the mummies. If you're going for all the secrets, you have to throw the Torch back through the hole and take it with you – slide down the S ramp into the dark to finish this level.



Level 2 – The Sound of Drums (4 secrets)


Skeleton Chamber, First Trident


Lara slides and drops down into an underground chamber; after control over her is restored (“Oh, bloody hell...”). In case you took the Torch with you leave it here and don't throw it down. Pick up Flares, then drop down on ground floor but I'd suggest that before you pick up the item on the pedestal search the room for Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo, because of obvious reasons. Also take mental note for the single Torch in the SE corner, because the next tasks have to be done quickly. Grab the first Trident (of three) now which wakes up three skeletons in this room (you can of course use the Crossbow+Lasersight to shoot their heads and thus make them completely harmless but this takes a bit of time and effort). Jump to the SE side and grab the Torch, light it on the W wall and with the lighted Torch you can get E and light the wall torch which raises a nearby block. Climb on it and run-jump to the dark NE corner where you can activate a jumpswitch, this one opens the SW door. Sprint up the stairway there, follow the corridor around several corners and climb the block at the end.


A Devious Secret


Just when you think you are safe, another skeleton appears in front of you, so either ignore or shoot it. If you still have a Torch on the upper floor, take it with you now and go around the balcony, enter the N corridor and move on a bit. You can leave this area now by sliding down through the rear passage, but there's a secret to get. Be warned there's no way to get it using the Torch from the lower part of the room, so you really have to use the Torch from the previous level. Light the unlit wall torch on your right to open the nearby door and enter the small chamber for Secret #1 (5). Pick up Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo from the floor, then look at the three pedestals of which only the middle one has a weapon. But the red tile underneath indicates this is a deadly tile, so if you grab it, you'll burn to death. Instead, run behind the pedestals and spot two buttons; each of them will trigger the same weapon on the corresponding pedestals. Since the right pedestal is deadly too push the left button and take the well deserved Magnum with you. Leave this room and retrieve the Torch.


The Maze


With or without Torch (and thus missed secret), you can now slide down the N corridor, eventually landing in a maze. Pick up the Shotgun from the skeleton in front of you after the cutscene, leave the Torch (you don't need this one anymore) and run into the passage ahead. At its end a cutscene kicks in showing you a hellhound appearing behind the fence; several doors in the maze open, the dog will be able to catch Lara now It won't help you to shoot the dog since it's immortal and will immediately recover after “dying”. So the only helpful thing is to avoid it and when you can control Lara again, turn. The quickest path through the maze without meeting the dog too early is to run right, left, right, straight, left and right at the junctions; ignore all items in this room for now. You'll eventually reach the chamber behind the fence where the dog first appeared; the fence opens providing a shortcut back to the start.


To the Elements Puzzle


Drop into the hole in the floor landing in a pool, pick up Shotgun Ammo, climb out and pick up a Small Medipack. Crawl and drop into another pool at the end, pick up Uzi Ammo and climb out of the water. In the next cutscene you both can see an element puzzle which has to be solved now and can hear the hellhound being killed (“It comes to my armour”). Pick up the Jerrycan to your right and also Uzi Ammo right around the corner. Now leave this room through the W passage, pick up a Small Medipack in the next room and exit it via the passage opposite from the entrance. Ignore the stairway to your left for now and enter the right hall where a flyby kicks in showing you what to do.


Climbing Up


Afterwards shatter the two vases; the left one contains a scorpion and the right a Small Medipack. In the crawlspace in the SW corner you can find Uzi Ammo and Flares. Get out and now go to the right of the small roof in the SE corner, here you can climb up to the roof. Jump to the N one and climb up to a puzzle room. First pick up the almost usual Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo combination, then spot a button in the NE corner to raise the block in the middle of the room. Now push/pull the statue onto the green tile to release a rope. Jump to it, then swing and jump to the high S alcove and pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Crossbow Ammo. Ignore the passage for now and either jump to the NW or to the NE platform sticking out of the wall, climb up and jump to the central walkway. Exploring the rooms W will lead you to a shell that requires water, so note that for later.


Horseman Fight, Second Trident


Enter the E room, pick up Uzi Ammo and shatter all the vases for a Large Medipack, more Uzi Ammo and 2x Shotgun Ammo. Now head into the N room and two horsemen appear and eventually climb on their horses. It's possible to prevent one of them to climb on the horse – you have to run towards him and shoot him first but “ignore” the other one for now. Afterwards deal with the second horseman, shoot him from the left side (from your view) then kill him on foot. Pick up the two Golden Vraei and place them in the SW corner to open the nearby door. Run onto the balcony above a previous puzzle room, pick up Shotgun Ammo and jump over the gap to get the second Trident. Jump back over the gap to the walkway and return to the room where you killed the two horsemen.


Another Torch


Spot a pedestal in the SE corner and pick up a Torch from the stack. Backtrack through the S room where you got all the pickups, then carefully light the Torch on the S vase and run out in the high hall W, onto the bridge. From here take a precise run-jump into the S opening with the Torch and now follow the W passage. In the next room spot a Small Medipack near the opposite wall, then pour the gas from the Jerrycan into the shell and light the gasoline with the Torch. The coffin moves away, leave the Torch here for later and drop into the water.


Dropping the Statue


Swim into the next room, pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo W and climb out of the water onto the E walkway. From here jump to the W ladder, shimmy around either corner and climb to the top. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and start to push the statue in the NE corner, then push it over the edge; unfortunately Lara falls down too. The statue is now in the water and has to be raised before you're able to push it onto the marked tile. Climb up again via the described way, then turn W after climbing the ladder. Jump on either slope and then to and fro, with curve jumps towards the W wall (it's best to let Lara look S). You'll eventually jump on a higher slope and from here you can jump up to grab a S ledge. Climb up into a room full of fire blowers and reach-in switches and first pick up Magnum Ammo to the left.


Burner Puzzle, Raising the Statue, Last Trident


Only one fire in the whole room is inactive for a short time – the right one in the SE corner, use it to permanently deactivate the fire on the right one in the NE corner, the left fire is now interrupting. After using the switch the left SE one is  too interrupting; Grab into the reach-in switch twice – once for Magnum Ammo, once for interrupting the S one. Grabbing into this one interrupts the N burner. Now you can freely decide which of the N or S paths you take while pushing/pulling the statue to the other side and onto the marked tile. The block in the water with the statue raises. From the red tile drop down one floor. Now turn NW when you climbed up the ladder and run-jump to the lowest part of the slope, then jump and grab the crawlspace. Inside you can get Secret #2 (6) Uzi Ammo and a Large Medipack. Drop down again into the water, climb out on the walkway and push/pull the blue statue onto the marked tile on the other side of the walkway, which will open a door one floor higher. Climb back up using the ladder, enter the doorway and pick up the third and last Trident. Instead of just dropping down into the water take a long run-jump to the low W ledge to find Flares and Shotgun Ammo, then drop down and swim back through the E passage.


Filling the Waterskin


Climb out, retrieve the Torch and head back to the high hall. Throw the Torch down to floor level, run-jump to the lower roof and from there to the floor, pick up your Torch again and exit this room S. Go left and return to the room with the “full” element puzzle, where you can again leave your Torch for (quite) a while.Enter the opposite (E) passage and drop down to the floor in the next room. Pick up the Small Waterskin in the middle and also search for Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo in the corners. Now place the three Tridents on the Poseidon statues and the lower part of the room gets flooded. Fill the Small Waterskin in the pool and leave this room, back to the elements room.


Top of the High Room


Don't fill the shell with water yet since there is another one somewhere else. Return to the high hall and climb all the way up to the bridge with one opening leading to the room with the horsemen. This time enter the W chamber, find Uzi Ammo in the SW corner and spot a crevice in the wall on one of the pillars, climb up from the E side, shimmy around several corners and climb into the crawlspace. In the next room fill the shell with the water from the Waterskin. Follow the next passage behind the just opened door, climb the right (!) side of the block since a fire gets triggered when you climb on it, the right side is safe though, and follow to the next stage of the high room. Push the button on the  walkway to release a rope. I found a run-jump to the E alcove to be easier than the rope, but both ways work. After landing push the button to open the door up the stairs you should ignore, which leads back to the maze where another important item for the element puzzle is waiting for you. Run-jump back onto the walkway but jump (back) to the rope. Your goal is the top stage of the area and getting there won't be easy, best done with Lara aiming for either corner of the room and performing “super swing” (press the Sprint button and release it directly, let Lara swing forwards and back and when she's about to swing forwards press/release Sprint again and Lara will swing high up, jump on the highest point and with luck you might be able to grab the ledge. Climb up and find the Grenadegun for Secret #3 (7) in the middle of the room.


Back to the Maze


Drop down to the walkway one stage lower and make your way back down to the floor level of this hall, you can do this more quickly with dropping through the central shaft onto the bridge first. Exit this room S and finally you can run up the stairs to the top, picking up Flares and Shotgun Ammo on the way, and re-enter the maze through the open door. Go two times right at the junctions and follow the passage back to the room where you once dropped in the dungeons, pick up a Small Medipack in front of the room and head through the opposite passage, follow it going right and two times straight at the junctions to eventually find the Bag of Sand in a passage behind a yellow tile. Turn, go two times left at the junctions and drop into the hole again, make your way through the pool, the crawlspace and the second pool, climb out and you're back at the element puzzle.


Solving the Element Puzzle, The Hammergod


The only thing you still need is another portion of water which you can get in the narrow pool in the E room, return to the element room. Place the water from the Waterskin in the left shell, the gasoline from the Jerrycan in the middle shell, then light it with the Torch, and finally place the sand from the Bag of Sand in the right shell. The S door opens; follow the long passage and the hammergod eventually follows you, so you have to be quick again. Pick up Shotgun Ammo in the middle of the room, then crawl through the three crawlspaces in this room and push a button each after them; the right room contains an additional scorpion. When all three buttons are pushed a trapdoor in the middle of the room opens; drop down onto the slope. When the slope changes direction jump to the ladder in front of you, shimmy right and drop onto the safe ledge to find Secret #4 (8), a Large Medipack and Magnum Ammo. Now drop onto the slope again and slide down to let the level change. You again can take the Torch with you into the next level, but this time it's not required for anything and there is also a bug when you throw the Torch onto the floor.



Level 3 – Tunnels of the Usurper (2 secrets)


Multiple Usage of a Block


At the end of the slope you'll arrive in another large hall. Shatter two skeletons (if you got the Grenadegun in the previous level; you can shoot them off the ledge with the Shotgun though). Head around the central gap and enter the N coffin room. Don't shoot any of the vases W (the SW contains a fire wraith and the NW nothing) but only the NE one which has Uzi Ammo in it. Spot a pushable block in the SE corner and pull it W so that you can climb on it and jump to the high W balcony and pick up Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack for Secret #1 (9). Drop down again and now push/pull the block out into the S room and over the edge of the pit so that it drops onto a lower walkway. Drop down onto the block (you wouldn't survive the fall without it).


The Scarab


Push/pull the block to the middle of the W part of the walkway, climb on it and run-jump to the W opening. In the next room you can see an item being protected by flames in the middle of the room. Go W and shatter the tongue of the lion's head either with jumping up and down with Pistols, or with the Lasersight. This deactivates the fire, take the Mechanical Scarab and a block raises S. Use it to get into the crawlspace, at the end you can find the Winding Key. Back to the previous room drop down E. Since you can't do anything in the E room yet (a Crowbar is required) drop down one stage and before dropping into the water find Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo SW. Now dive into the water, swim into the passage and you're taken to the end with the steam.


The Dragon, First Beetle


Climb out of the water and before exiting the pool room search the alcoves for a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Now exit through the NW opening and Lara looks down to the skeleton lying on the floor. On further examination you'll find the Crowbar near it, pick it up and then climb up the  large S stairs. Head far S through the room, eventually Lara takes special note for one of the columns but that is for later. Head further S, run up the stairs leading right and exit this room NW. At the junction go left and follow the passage to its end avoiding a moving wall along the way. At the end shoot the lion's tongue to open the door, enter the room and the door closes behind you. A large dragon appears in the rear part of the hall, you are able to kill it before it even starts to spit fire (20 shells from the Shotgun are enough). Afterwards take the Small Medipack from the ledge where he came from, drop into the pit and pry the Black Beetle off the wall. Leave this room through the again opened door N and head back to the junction.


Using the Scarab, Second Beetle


Head left at the junction and when the path splits up again go right since you need another item to free the left path. You're on the balcony above the room with the fixed cameras and the pillars. Run-jump over to the broken pillar where Lara looked on few minutes ago, since you can stand on it. Form here jump to the other balcony and exit E. Follow the tunnel and you eventually arrive in front of a spike trap. Combine the Mechanical Beetle with the Winding Key and put the Beetle onto the marked tile in front of the spikes, it triggers them but unlike the usual habit the spikes won't be fully deactivated, so you have to time the run through them, which is possible if you stop on each square for a moment and wait for the next spikes to appear, then start running. Pry the Black Beetle off the wall when the fire goes out (afterwards it disappears completely). Either go back with using the same technique as before, or use the monkeyswing above to return (I had a bug with it at its very end though, so that Lara died when falling down onto the safe tile). Return to the previous room and head N all the way, back to the stairway but don't go down again.


Timed Run


Jump up to the E ledge and head N over the walkway between the two previous rooms. Look into the third and last W opening (looking from the left side) and you can spot a difference to the other two, a hole in the ceiling. There is a ladder you have to climb soon for a timed run. Enter the N chamber, pick up Flares and flip the timed lever which opens a door in a room on top of the just mentioned ladder. Turn, dash out of the room and run-jump into the said alcove (it's possible that you jump to it directly, without having to grab the ledge), turn and jump up to the ladder. Climb up and sprint into the new area. First follow the right passage and shatter the vase for Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, return and now exit through the other corridor.


Getting Up Again


Shoot the lion's tongue in the next room and climb on the thus raised block, then into the next room. Push/pull the block underneath the switch on the N wall, then climb on it and use it to raise a row of blocks S. Jump there from the block you're standing on, turn and jump to the higher N ledge sticking out of the wall. From here jump onto the SE slope so that Lara slides down forward, immediately jump and grab a crevice in the wall. Shimmy left around several corners, climb up into the alcove and jump to the N bridge. Pull out the block which reveals an opening, but don't get there yet. Climb onto the block and then into a high chamber. Pick up Shotgun Ammo; the SW vase contains a scorpion while the NW one has the Bag of Sand in it, which is the item you need to open up a passage near where you found the first beetles. Now you can drop down to the block and climb off the other side to reach the exit, being back in the room with the coffin. Head out S and drop down onto the block you pushed over the edge a while ago.


Broken Beetles, Third (True) Beetle


Push/pull the block to the middle of the E part of the walkway, climb on it and run-jump to the E opening. Climb up, pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo to your left and climb the block row. Pick up a Small Medipack and run-jump to the top of either of the two pillars. Now jump through the hole in the ceiling above the middle of them and pick up a Large Medipack in the chamber. Go around the pushblock, pull it S and then push it into the hole so that it falls down into the room below. There are four beetles in this room but all except on the rear side of the S pillar are fakes, so pry off the Black Beetle SE.


The Last Beetle


Dive back down into the water, swim through the W passage, climb out, head out NW and climb back up the stairs. Head far S again, up the right stairway and go right and left at the junctions. Pour the Bag of Sand into the shell and the moving wall in the alcove gets triggered, opening up the way into the next room. Climb into the alcove and time the next sequence carefully. When the block moves away and the spikes behind it are just appearing out of the floor, stand-jump forwards, run over the spike tile and quickly jump into the next room avoiding another moving wall. You can already shoot the lion's tongue now to deactivate the fire, which allows you to pull the lever, but don't use it yet. Instead, drop down into the gap in the floor in front of the pushable block (here a block would have raised if you had pulled the lever) and spot a crawlspace in it. Get to its end and find Secret #2 (10) in the next room, pick up Super Grenades and 2x Magnum Ammo. Return to the previous room and now you can pull the lever without any doubts. The block raises and you can now move the block. Push it in twice, go right around the passage and climb the block to use the lever, which deactivates the spike trap in the previous room. Drop down on the other side and push the block out all the way, climb on it and into the crawlspace. At the end get the fourth and last Black Beetle, climb back out and make your way back through the moving walls (stand-jumping up to the alcove behind the second one).


Placing the Beetles


Head out and to the lower stage of the room with the two balconies. Return all the way over the path where you did the timed run (no need to do it again if you don't run over the tile in front of the lever), following the passages and climb up the tower to the top. Enter the room with the coffin again, exit through the E passage and arrive at a pyramid. Pick up Uzi Ammo NE, then place a Black Beetle on each of the four sides of the pyramid to unlock what it has hidden until now. Grab a Large Waterskin and a Trial by Water. A cutscene shows the coffin in the previous room moving away and revealing a passage, a text message states “Come to my chamber with the armour” Examine the Trial by Water which will give you valuable hints concerning the next puzzle:


“To proceed through the trial, take a journey through life. Born as a baby to crawl on all fours, later growing into a strong man in his prime, only to weaken and slump over a cane. Tip the balance in this order or face the wrath of flames and quaking of the Earth.”


After reading this head out W and drop into the newly revealed hole.


The Libra Puzzles


Landing in a room with a libra, directly head into the N chamber where you can fill the Waterskins. The solution should be clear enough when you have read the message of the Trial, but you need to pour four litres of water into the libra. Be warned that if you pour a wrong amount of litres into the shell Lara will die a painful death. To get four litres you have to: fill the Small Waterskin, put the water in the Large Waterskin, refill the Small Waterskin, put the water into the Large Waterskin, empty the Large Waterskin, put the rest of the water from the Small Waterskin into the Large Waterskin, refill the Small Waterskin and put the water into the Large Waterskin. After the water is poured into the libra the next door opens. Run down the slope and in the next room you'll find another libra besides a Large Medipack. In this one you need to fill two litres of water, so return upstairs into the water chamber, fill the Large Waterskin with water and put it into the Small Waterskin. If the latter was empty before you now have two litres in the Large Waterskin and three in the Small Waterskin. Run downstairs, pour the water in the libra and the next door opens. Head down the ramp, pick up Magnum Ammo and a Large Medipack in the dark side alcoves and enter the next room with the third libra, in which you simply have to put the three litres from the Small Waterskin without having to return upstairs again. The door opens so enter the passage.


Boss Fight


Head down the ramp and into the right hand room. In this chamber, Seth himself is already waiting for you. Always keep moving so that his firebolts won't fully hit you, then use the hardest possible weapons to fight him, best with the Revolver and/or the Grenadegun/Shotgun. After several hits a cutscene kicks in, showing you Seth being “guarded” by firebolts and all of a sudden exploding. Control over Lara is restored, but few moments afterwards and before you can pick up the item Seth has lost when he exploded, the level abruptly changes.



Level 4 – Out of the Frying Pan (1 secret)


Initial Notes


The floor under Lara breaks away and she falls down into the pool she climbed out of in the previous level. Notice the timer on the lower part of the screen and this one means you've only got two minutes to exit this level or you won't get out of here alive. So everything you need to do has to be done extremely quickly. Also be warned that often some debris is falling down from the ceiling and you have to avoid it in order to survive. In case you find the sole secret in this level, you're rewarded with a short bonus level.


Be Quick


So get started: Climb out of the water and run over to the N side of the pool. Climb the fallen blocks here and then up to the left walkway. Run W and take a run-jump to the rightmost alcove on the W wall, just the one where you performed a timed run in the previous level. Turn and backflip onto the slope, then immediately jump up and grab the ladder, climb to the top and sprint through the once timed door. Take a left curve, run onto the N block and from here run-jump E to the ledge where you can climb up. Run S and spot the Amulet of Power which is Secret #1 (11). Run-jump to the far N side over the gap and hold Action to land on the walkway, sprint through the NE exit and run-jump with a midair turn onto the block in the next room, climb up, run forwards and climb the block row you once raised. On top turn, run-jump to the high platform, turn again and jump to the platform sticking out of the wall, the crevice luckily is broken away. From here  you can jump to the platform in front of the exit. Head out E to the coffin room, then N through the crumbled corridor. Avoid or shatter a skeleton, head further N. When it seems there is no way further, jump onto the sloped block in the SE of the higher structure on which you actually can stand. Run up and through the N passage to finish this level. If you didn't get the last secret the game ends here with a final cutscene, otherwise the short bonus level loads.



Level 5 – Bonus Round (0 secrets)


“Bonus Round! Defeat Minotaur!” – Lara slides down and does not only face the Minotaur but also two harpies, which are comparably easier to fight. There's not much to say except that if you stay on the higher stage the hammer won't be able to hurt you, but I think it's more fun when you slide down to the floor and kill him with all left reserves you have. After his death run up the N ramp, jump up the slope and climb the middle part of the ladder to the top, where the level comes to a definitive end.