Level by Angea


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



The title flyby shows a slumbering Lara tossing and turning restlessly on her bed, fully clothed and still sporting her pistol.  A tray with meal leftovers lies on the corner of the bed, giving no clue as to what hazardous substance she may have ingested.  As the game starts Lara is standing in a rainbow spiral facing a closed gate.  There's a mirror on your left.  Stand next to the ornate fence and use the look key to locate a button to your left.  Push the button in the W alcove, facing S, to open the gate.   Run past the symbolic poppy flowers to the E crawl space.  Enter a room with a low ceiling.  There's a mirror overhead, but don't explore the room looking for hidden objects, or you'll burn up and die. 


Crawl forward until you're even with the big red dot on your left, then turn left to crawl onto and past that big red dot, all the way to the wall.  Turn right there, and now your path is clear to the E exit.   Step into the glittery spiral and you'll be transported to a room with black and white designs.  Actually, it's a mirror room as well.  I found no clues by looking into the mirrors.  Shoot the two jugs, which are empty.  Jump into the water and pull the underwater lever.  You don't need a mirror to find that.  Better save first, however, in case you get trapped in the passage and drown.  Swim into the opened gateway (the gates at both ends of the passage are timed, but generously so) and find yourself on the other side of the mirror room.


Step into the SW rainbow spiral to be transported to a room with flame blowers.  If you're quick, however, you can jump over to the E wall switch before the flames are activated.  Pull it down to open the gate to your right, and jump there when the flame blower subsides.  At the end of the E passage the gate to your right opens automatically.  Follow to a planetarium-like room.  Go across to activate a jump switch.  Two hostile fairies materialize, so dispose of them.  The jump switch opened the N gate, so go there and trigger a flyby through yet another mirror room. 


The mirror is on your right, and the pretty colored tiles are deadly.  Look in the mirror to see the button in the wall to the right (as you face it) of the W closed gate.  Press the button and side flip left after noting the nearby closed gate in the ceiling.  Run W into the next room and trigger another flyby.  Looks like you're going to need a key and a gem in order to progress.  The pathway around the central spike field is not trapped in any way, so go without anxiety to the NE passage.  When you step down onto the white block you trigger some spikes.  The water is deadly, so don't think of swimming anywhere. 


Time a running jump (just after the spikes have popped up) to the nearest spike-trapped block and keep jumping to the safe block against the N wall.  Do much the same thing to reach the block in the NE corner, made more difficult by the fact that you have to curve left when making your jumps.  Start with a standing jump as the spikes appear, then curve left with your running jump to the safe block.  Activate the jump switch in the E wall to lower a set of spikes in the next room.  To get back, use the translucent block S to start your spike-timing jumps. 


Back in the next room, carefully step up onto the spike-free ledge.  Crawl to the other side, stand up and jump into the water.  Swim to the bottom and pick up the GEM.  Pull the underwater lever to open the gate next to you.  Swim into the passage and mind the spike traps ahead.  You can pause at the air hole after the second trap.   Pick up the small medipack after the last trap, and the gate ahead will open.  Swim up into an underwater version of the spike room.  There's a closed gate in the SW corner, and you can see a key beyond it, but there's no place to get air here.  Retreat to the nearest air hole while you ponder the situation.


You have the Gem in your possession, so swim E past the spike gauntlet and up into the spike room.  Pull out into a corner, crawl to the other side of the ledge and use the Gem NW.  The gate opens, so go into the next room and pull down the W wall switch to open the underwater gate leading to the key you saw earlier.  The central pit has a mirrored floor.  Look down to see a crawl space.  Stand facing the N wall at the NE corner and jump up to grab the crawl space.  Pull inside and drop down the other side.  Hop into the shallow pool and locate a large medipack and desert eagle ammo in two of the corners, hidden by plants.  Exit this room, return to the spike room and make your way to the central pool the same way you did earlier.


Swim down through the open gateway and make your way past the spike gauntlet once again.  Fill your lungs with air at the last air hole, then proceed to the underwater spike room.  Once there, turn left and swim SW to the open gate.  Pick up the KEY.  The gate ahead opens, but there's no place in the next room to get air (the gate you saw earlier in the ceiling is still closed).  Return quickly to the spike passage to get air, then continue W to return to the spike room.  Use the Key in the SW receptacle to open the nearby gate. 


Enter a mirror room with three spiral tiles.  Remember that the one in the middle is fire-trapped, so avoid it.  If you enter the one on your right, you'll be transported to a small room where you're assaulted by a flock of lethal butterflies.  Pull down the N wall switch to get back to the mirror room.  Enter the spiral on your left to be taken to a room with multiple alcoves.  First locate the plinths for a small medipack, a large medipack with desert eagle ammo, and the DESERT EAGLE with more desert eagle ammo.  Next, shoot the four jugs to open the gate in the SE corner.  It's not necessary to enter each alcove after shooting the jug inside.  Enter the spiral to be transported to an underwater mirror room.  There's an invisible triangular opening in the W wall at the NW corner, right above the plant, so swim inside and follow the shaft leading upward.  Pull out into a pink-tinged room and do battle with four harpy fairies.   Move the S and N blocks onto the corresponding butterfly tiles in each of the four corners to open the W gate.  Actually, I moved the blocks first to the NW and SW corners, then the S block back to the SE corner, and the gate opened.  Just for the heck of it, I moved the N block back to the NE corner, but I couldn't tell if that helped or hurt my cause, or did nothing.


When you step inside the dark passage gates open to your right and left, each revealing a spiral.  There's no clue indicating a particular order, so I went first into the left alcove to be transported to a room where I was standing on an elevated block.  If you hop down you'll see a wall switch on each face of the block.  However, two of them are protected by translucent blocks.  If you face N and pull down that switch, you're transported a short distance to the SW corner.  If you come back, face W and pull down the other switch, the N gate opens.  Go there to find a ladder fastened to a mirror.  Climb up near the top and back flip into a pink-tinged room.  There's nothing up here, so slide down E into a pool of water.


There's a fire-protected underwater lever on the pillar NE, so wait for the flames to subside before pulling it.  Then pull the other underwater lever SE and pull up onto the central pillar.  Blocks have been raised N and S.  Jump to the N raised block and jump up to monkey swing E.  Time the flame blowers and drop down onto the pillar in the NE corner.  Face S and wait until the first flame blower subsides, then take a running jump to grab the monkey bars and monkey swing S past the two flame blowers.  Drop down in the SE corner and pull down the wall switch to open a nearby gate.


Jump into the water, climb onto the central pillar and jump to the S raised block.  From there, jump to the ladder and pull up to the opened gateway.  Run forward and pull down the wall switch to be transported back to the previous room where the block protecting the E wall switch has been lowered.  Pull it down to open the nearby S gate.  Enter the next room to find what appears to be a bay of buttons on the wall.  Actually, it's another mirror room, so run forward and push the button to open the gate on which you're standing.


Run forward and around the corner.  Push the button to open the next gate and get ready to kill a couple of fan-tailed dogs.  You're in another mirror room, what else is new, so search the plants until you find a LITTLE KEY.  There's an invisible keyhole at the NW corner of this room, and if you use your Little Key there you hear a gate opening.  Go to the N mirror, where three Laras converge, and you can see a ladder in the reflection.  Go to the indicated spot and climb the ladder into a pink passage where you see the opened gate.  Run forward and pull down the wall switch to be transported back to a familiar room.


The translucent block protecting the S wall switch has been lowered, so pull it to be transported back to a familiar passage.  Since you've just now explored the left alcove, step into the spiral on your right to be taken to a passage with open gates on either side.  You're facing W as you materialize, so run forward through the rotating purple ring (which appears to do nothing).  There's nothing else of interest in this room, so simply step up to the ring and hit the action key to acquire the MAGIC EISERNE (whatever that is).  Now run E into the rainbow spiral and suddenly you're back in that familiar passage.


However, the W gate is now open, so enter and take the SOULCALIA (whatever that is) from the raised platform.  The gate ahead opens, so go there and enter the rainbow spiral.  A brief flyby tells you that you're trapped in a room with numerous closed gates.  Nothing much you can do except pull down the E wall switch.  Enter the opened gate and run all the way E.  Turn left at the wall to find another switch.  Pull it down to open the E gate behind you.  Enter and go around left, and the NE gate opens upon your approach.  Enter to find two wall switches.  Pull down the one on your left and exit to find the opened N gate.  Pull up into the passage and hop down into a lower passage.  Follow N to a spike-trapped room.  Don't run forward, or you'll die on the burner tile.


Instead, jump into the alcove on your right and time a running jump NW into the next alcove.  Now time a running jump toward the N wall switch and pull it down.  You're prompted to use your Key, so do so for a cut scene showing a gate opening.  Enter the open E gateway and pick up the desert eagle ammo in the alcove ahead.  Follow the S passage back to the ladder and climb up to return to a familiar room.  Pull down the right switch in the E wall to open a gate in the S wall.  Pull up into the opening and climb down the ladder on the other side. 


Enter a maze-like area with a closed gate in the SE corner.  Go to the S wall and turn around to locate a crawl space obscured by vegetation.  Pull up into it and push the button to open the gate down below.  Get down and pull down the wall switch SE to open a gate in a previous room.  Climb the N ladder, hop down and loop around left to find another opened gate in the S wall.  Pull up into the opening and push the button to open the right-hand gate in the N wall.  Go there, pull up into the opening and push a button to open the grate in the center of the room.  Hop down, jump into the water and swim down for a GEM.


Pull out of the water and exit this room W.  Take either the right or the left path back to the room with all the closed gates.  Insert the Gem in one of the four receptacles of your choosing.  For purposes of this walkthrough I chose the right-hand receptacle in the N wall. 


This one looks simple.  Just enter the gold-tinted room, run up the spiral staircase and pick up the GEM at the top.  Only trouble is, six dogs and two fairies attack you all at once, so you've got quite a fight on your hands.  When all is quiet, pull down the wall switch in the spiral staircase for a screen shot showing a closed gate with another switch behind it.  There's another wall switch cleverly hidden behind a plant near the NE corner.  Pull it down to re-open the SW exit gate.  Return to the receptacle room.  I used my Gem in the other receptacle in the N wall.


Follow the passage into a pool room.  Jump into the water, swim to the other side and take the GEM from the plinth.  Is that all there is to this?  No, swim back to the other side, pull out and locate a wall switch.  Pull it down for a cut scene showing that closed gate with a switch behind it.  Return to the receptacle room.


I used my Gem in the left receptacle in the S wall.  Enter another pool room with colorful designs on the walls.  Jump into the water and pull the E underwater lever for another cut scene of that closed gate.  Look in the mirror;  the GEM you need is in the NW corner.   Pick it up and swim back up and out. 


There's one remaining receptacle, the one on the right in the S wall.  Use it to open the gate and enter a room with the GEM hidden in a plant.  The gate you entered through is now closed, so climb the NW ladder and activate the jump switch.  Now climb the SE ladder, pull up and run forward as the gate to your left opens.  Pull down the wall switch for a cut scene showing that gate opening, then go through the E gateway, turn left and climb down the ladder at the end of the passage.  Drop down into the receptacle room.  The SW gate is open, so enter and pull down the wall switch for a static cut scene.  Reverse roll, exit the passage, loop around left into the opened gateway and step into the spiral. 


Emerge in front of the closed gate you saw in the previous cut scene.  Reverse roll and run to the other side of the room to find a gem receptacle.  Insert the Gem you're carrying to open that gate.  Run forward and the next gate opens automatically.  Step forward to trigger a flyby through the next room.  Take the ARCHANSIA (whatever that is) from the raised tile.  The gate ahead opens.  Run forward into the rainbow spiral to end the level.