Level by Alex Chap


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Lara begins in a large empty room.  Lara in a Box, anyone?  No, there's a difference here.  Climb the NE ladder as you begin to hear frantic footsteps.  Pull up onto the wall and shoot an SAS.  While your pistols are out, dispose of another SAS perched on the adjacent wall.  Jump over there and pick up the grenades dropped by the second SAS.  Climb down the ladder into this new box-like room and grab the SHOTGUN.  Climb back out and note that each box-like room also has an exterior ladder.  Use either one to get down to the floor and head N into the next area.


Exolore the NE enclosure for 3x uzi ammo.  There's an SAS perched on the NW wall, but he doesn't detect you until you get fairly close.  Take him out, then go up the SE ramp, jump across W to the long ledge and follow until you jump over to the wall where the SAS was.  Use the ladder to climb down into the NW enclosure and locate the shotgun ammo.  Climb back out, safety drop to the floor and continue N into the next area. 


Pick up the UZIS lying in plain sight, then deal with three advancing SAS.  There are two more perched on blocks in the far corners of the room, but leave them for later.  Loop around to the left and deal with a much nearer SAS on a block near the SW corner of the room.  Do the same with another SAS on a SE block.  Now you can take care of the two SAS NW and NE.  When all is quiet again, climb the W ladder and enter a large control room.  Climb onto the SW block for the GRENADE GUN and 3x grenades.  This attracts another SAS, so take care of him.


Hop down and return to the ladder.  Climb down into the previous room, reverse roll and go through the E doorway.  The wall in the far room is climbable, so get up to a higher room.  Now you've got a decision to make.  There are four ramps leading down to various goodies, but you can only have one of the four.  From right to left you get (1) another GRENADE GUN with 9x grenades, (2) another SHOTGUN with 9x shotgun ammo, (3) the CROSSBOW with 9x crossbow arrows, and (4) the REVOLVER with 9x revolver ammo.  Generous pickups indeed.  After making your selection, pull up E and safety drop on the other side.


Step forward and do battle with a veritable army of SAS.  I stopped counting after a while, but there were at least a couple of dozen of them.  You've got plenty of accumulated firepower to deal with them, however.  Afterwards, explore the area for dropped goodies:  8x uzi ammo if I counted correctly.  Continue E into the next area.  Climb the ledge to your left for 2x small medipack and a large medipack.  Drop down and find that the wall ahead is climbable.  Get up onto the top of the wall and pick up the REVOLVER, the LASERSIGHT and 3x revolver ammo.  Shoot the SAS in the room below like so many fish in a barrel, then use the W or E ladder to climb down and claim the large medipack.


Get back out and climb down the wall on the E side.  Go N into the next room, pass some blocks and climb the N wall.  Run all the way to the other side and drop down onto the ledge for a large medipack.   Pull back up and slide down into a trench as five more SAS await on the other side.  Pull up S and slide down in front of a ladder.  Climb up the wall and shift right as the SAS fire merrily away at you.  Release onto the flat surface and exact your revenge. 


Head N into the next room and climb up onto the crates for flares and 3x uzi ammo.  Hop down N and engage two more SAS.  Continue left around the corner and come to a large crate-filled room where a flyby kicks in.  Explore the tops of the crates for shotgun ammo, uzi ammo, flares and revolver ammo.  Then make your way to the SW corner along the tops of the crates and drop down into a dark room.  Kill an SAS and continue W into the next room.  Deal with three more SAS and climb the nearby block for 2x uzi ammo.  Head N outdoors to end the level.