Levels by Talos


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


No compass, so I'll give directions as best as I can.  The route described below is a bit more rambling than necessary, but the environs are so attractive and the backtracking so short in duration that you shouldn't feel unduly inconvenienced.


Note from Moderator:  The builder confirms that due to an inherent problem with the building tools, you should use only the first three slots for savegames as you progress through this first level.  Otherwise you're likely to experience crashing issues.



LEVEL ONE:  Louloudaki Island


After the opening FMV, hit the escape key to regain camera control.  Lara is in a closed room.  Push the shield in the corner to open a door outside, then open the door in the other corner.  Go outside and shoot a baddy and a doberman to your left.  Go down the ramp to draw another doberman, then head into the upper courtyard on your left to encounter yet another doberman.  Loop around left from the entrance, jump over the obstruction into the alley and deal with a couple of aggressive chickens


Jump back onto the obstruction and turn to face that shorter gray wall.  You can get over it with a swan dive (hold down the walk and jump keys while you hit the up arrow).  In the small enclosure is the SHOTGUN.  Stand on that raised area in the corner, facing the red pillar.  Hit the action key and the up arrow (no jump), and Lara will grab the top of the pillar.  Pull up, turn to face the fenced balcony and take an angled running swan dive over the fence.  Side flip left onto the sloped roof, slide down to grab the edge, and shimmy left until you can pull up.  Turn around, take a running jump across the alley and grab the slope.  Pull up, slide down and push the button in the wall.  This apparently opens a gate behind you.


Face the wall, side flip right and safety drop to the ground.  Repeat the actions described in the previous paragraph to get to where you jumped across the alley to the slope.  You can pull up directly onto the pillar from this side without having to make the swan dive into the enclosure. This time, turn to face the orange tree in the distance and take a running jump through the gap.  Turn right and drop down past the opened gate into another alley (note that the wall is climbable).  Pick up the large medipack at your feet and head to an intersection.  There's a closed gate ahead and nothing I could find to do on the left, so turn right and climb the ivy-covered wall into a disco area.


Wait for a mercenary to climb up on the balcony ahead and shoot her.  Turn left and jump to the other balcony.  Walk to the far end and take a running jump over the sloped roof to an area with a well-hidden floor lever.  Push it, although there's no clue as to what just happened.  I could find nothing further to do or pick up in this area (you'll be back later), so return to the intersection, turn left and climb the wall to return to the previous courtyard where you shot the chickens.  Hop across the obstruction to the courtyard with the umbrella and turn right to find the lower adjacent courtyard.  You can see the window you opened earlier, but you can't access it from down below.


Locate the pushblock in the corner, pull it back and aside, and use it to access the balcony in front of the open window.  Enter the alcove and pick up the MAIL.  Get down, return to the courtyard with the umbrella and run diagonally across to the passage leading to another courtyard.  Run across to the opposite right corner, and you hear someone saying something to you.  Stand jump over the red slope into the next area.  Shoot a waiting mercenary and pick up the OLD COMPASS she dropped.  If she did, that is; I replayed from a savegame later and could not find a dropped artifact the second time.  The builder confirms that a bug sometimes allows the player to pick up the device here prematurely.  Step up onto the sandy area to trigger a nice flyby.  A couple of hungry cats come strolling by.  Don't you dare shoot those cute little things.


Jump into the water.  A friendly porpoise swims by.  Locate the sunken derelict and pick up the FLAT 104 KEY hidden in the green seaweed about amidships.  Get out of the water as quickly as you can (using the handy pillar that you can climb onto and then jump from), as a school of man-eating fish has been attracted.  Locate the green block next to the palm tree near the water's edge.  Use it to access the balcony, hop over the potted plant and run to the end of the balcony.  Take a couple of side flips left, which will place you in position to open Flat 104 with your key.


Enter the living room.  The boxes against the wall can be shot, but they contain nothing.  Open the door to the bedroom and find a small medipack and shotgun ammo next to the bed.  On the way out, pick up the CROWBAR in the corner.  Exit Flat 104 and side flip right or left to drop down to the sideway.  Jump to the sandy area and run along the high right side to another part of the harbor.  Hop into the water and swim down.  You'll find a small medipack near one corner and shotgun ammo near the opposite corner. 


Surface, pull up onto the pier and run forward to climb the wall ahead.  I could find nothing in the courtyard with the water tower.  Run to the other end and you'll be attacked from your left by a baddy.   Kill him, then return to where you first encountered him (assuming you moved around during the battle) and locate the short sunken alley with the green plants growing in the opening.  Shoot the boxes in there to reveal a crowbar lever.  Use the crowbar to open a door near Flat 104, next to where you killed a mercenary earlier.  Go back there, up the steps and enter the building through the opened doorway.  Pick up the small medipack (the boxes in the corner are empty) and find another crowbar lever.  Using this one opens a door in the opposite wall.


Enter a dark but short passage and pick up the ORNATE KEY at the other end.  Shoot a baddy as you exit and pick up the flares he dropped.  Return to where you began the level and use the pillar climb and swan dive combination to get back to the disco stage room.  That floor lever you pushed earlier opened a gate high in the opposite corner of the room (near the greenery growing on the wall).  Now that you have the necessary pickups, you're ready to proceed. 


Pull up into the opening, run past the fog and to the slope at the end of the passage.  Reverse roll and immediately run back to safety while a barrel rolls down behind you.  When it comes to rest, push the barrel two times away from the slope.  This opens a gate in a window above the slope, allowing you access to the next area.  Slide down onto a private patio and find some shotgun ammo near one of the tables.  Locate the opening in the wall and pull up into it.  Jump and slide into a new area and kill the baddy firing at you from the other side of the railing.  


Locate the opening in the railing and climb down to a lower area.  Hop to the floor and place the Mail in the yellow mailbox to open a gate across the room.  Pull up into the alcove, step forward and pick up the VINYL DISC.  Hop down, pull up into the corner next to the alcove, then climb up left (next to the potted plant) into a higher alcove.  Turn around and jump up to activate the jumpswitch.  This opens a gate you saw earlier.


Make your way down to the floor, then go up the stairs and climb the ivy-covered wall back to the upper area.  Use the crate in the corner to jump back to the private patio, then cross the room to get back to the barrel passage.  Slide down, go past the fog and drop down to the room with the disco stage.  Insert the Vinyl Disc in the record player to open a gate in the central cage.  Enter and pick up the MERMAID'S PEARL.  Exit to the alley outside.  Run to the intersection and see that the gate to your right is now open. 


Climb up to trigger a flyby of this new area, populated by several enemies.  As soon as camera control is restored, draw weapons to kill an approaching mercenary.  Step forward and quickly pick up the large medipack, as a baddy is shooting at you from your left.  He's behind a railing, which affords him protection, so run forward and pull up onto the block with the orange tree.  Face the baddy with weapons drawn and jump up and down while firing.  He'll eventually succumb.  Drop down and shoot the doberman, which might have its nose stuck in a wall by this time.


There's a closed gate at one end of this area, and a mermaid statue in the middle.  I tried to move it, no luck there, and then thought that maybe its tail was a lever of some kind.  Then it dawned upon me to place the Mermaid's Pearl in her hands.  You hear the faint sound of a door opening.  Turn to your right and go to the corner opposite of where you entered.  Follow the alley to an alcove where you'll find the HOUSE KEY.  Return to the former area and shoot the barrel near the red car.  Nothing inside.  Go up the stairs and follow the balcony to the other side, where you did battle with the mercenary.  Pull up left onto the sloped roof and back flip onto a higher balcony.  There are three more barrels up here to shoot.  Get back down to the main floor level and find that the gate is now open.


Enter and jump into the pool.  Swim to the far left corner and, down in the seaweed near the anchor, is a practically invisible STATION KEY.  Pull out of the water and return through the mermaid room to the alley.  Run past the intersection and climb the far wall.  Make your way back to the courtyard with the single umbrella, continue forward and turn left through the passage leading to the windmills, run past the windmills and jump into the water with the gondolas and rowboats.  Pull out onto the pier, climb up to the street and follow it left to the short alley where you got the crowbar earlier.


Hop up onto the red structure to the left of the short alley and note the keyhole next to the nearby alcove.  Your House Key fits it, but save this for last.  For now, hop back down into the lower alley where you shot a baddy earlier.  Follow to an opening that leads to train tracks, but don't run recklessly forward.  Step onto the threshold and immediately hop back as a train rumbles by.  Now it's safe to follow the tracks in the direction the train went.  Run all the way to the far end and hop up to the right where you see the "Louloudaki" sign.  Hop down into the trench and locate the keyhole.  Your Station Key fits it and opens the gate.


Enter to encounter a chicken, a doberman and a baddy, in no particular order.  The baddy drops a large medipack.  The large laundry crate is moveable, so push it aside to reveal the UZIS and uzi ammo for SECRET #1.  Return to the final keyhole you bypassed earlier and use your House Key to open the door.  Run down the ramp to trigger a brief flyby.  Hop over the fish bones and use your Ornate Key to open the exit door.   Cross the threshold to end the level.



LEVEL TWO: M/N Revenge


After the FMV, hit the escape key to start a brief flyby, ending with Lara in a large stateroom with the sound of ocean waves all around her.  Loop around to the dark right corner and push a lever in the bookshelf.  Turn around, run to the other side of the room and veer right just before the stairs.  Follow outside to the deck, turn right and jump up right onto the window sill.  Activate the jump switch you see ahead of you and return to the stateroom.  Loop around the stairs and exit to a deck on the other side of the ship.  Enjoy a nice flyby, ending with a view of a gypsy-like woman.


Run along the deck, hop onto the window sill and turn around to find another jump switch.  Activate it and return to the stateroom.  A door at the top of the stairs is now open, so enter the sitting area, run down the ramp and loop around right.  Take the B-52 SUITE KEY from the small chest. Hop onto the balcony for a remote camera view.  Your crowbar will open the window there and drop you down onto a balcony near B Deck for SECRET #2.  You get a fixed camera angle here, but look for something near your feet.  Pick up an OLD COMPASS and pull back up into the previous room.  Exit to the stateroom, loop around to your right and go to the deck there.  Turn left and follow to a closed door that can be opened with your B-52 Suite Key.


Enter a dining room and enjoy the theme music from the movie Titanic.  Take the uzi ammo from the nearby chest and note for later a closed door and a nearby keyhole.  Enter the dark fireplace across the dining room and light a flare to locate a jump switch up to your right.  Activate it to open a door elsewhere.  Leave this room, return to the stateroom and go across to the other deck.  Run all the way to the other end, where the camera angle changes.  Continue forward and round the corner to a higher outside deck.  You get a fixed camera angle here, but I didn't find anything sneakily hidden.


Stand with your left shoulder against the wall under the "notice" sign, hop back and grab the ladder in the hole.  Climb all the way down and release to drop down onto a lower deck.  Note that you can face away from the water and climb back up this same shaft.  Hop down and open the door to your right, leading to C Deck.  Turn right and follow the passage to a closed door marked "Reception C Deck."  Directly opposite is a jump switch.  Activate it to open a door elsewhere. 


Continue around to another closed room opposite a C Deck sign.  Continue past a dark alcove (don't waste a flare, as there's nothing there) to an open room opposite an elevator sign.  A rather out-of-place frontier lass steps out from the honky tonk room to accost you.  Go to the far corner and take the TEA SETS from the small chest.  Exit this room, turn right and continue along the corridor.  I couldn't find anything in the dark area to the left.  At the corner, open the door to the boiler room and enter.  Note for later the closed trap door on the floor to your right, then exit this room.  Turn right and follow the corridor to the doorway where you entered C Deck.


Exit to the outside deck and hop up onto the ledge.  Run away from the lifeboat toward two female passengers.  Enter the dark passage to your right in front of the women and follow around to the right to a closed window where you'll find uzi ammo.  Return to the deck and run past the women and up some stairs to the right.  Open the door on your left and enter a sauna.  Run through the red curtain into a small room with a fountain.  The nearby red curtain is solid, but there's a jump switch to the right of it.  Activate it to open a door.  Then go to the far corner of this room and open the door there.  Enter a hallway where you'll see one of those frontier lasses running about.  She doesn't attack you, but she's annoying, so shoot her if you like.


Turn left and go to a closed window on your left.  Opposite is an alcove with a small medipack.  Continue along the corridor and pass a series of windows and a nearby keyhole.  Around the corner you come to a sitting area and an apparent dead end, so go back along the corridor in the other direction.  You'll come to a door you can open.  Inside is a grand piano and not much else.  However, what appears to be a window is actually a crowbar door.  Open it and enter the next room.  Take GRAVES' DIARY from the small chest.   Exit and go to your right.  Come to a closed glass door.  To your left is a short passage with a wall switch.  Pull it down to open a door leading to an indoor swimming pool. 


Return the way you came, through the red curtain into the sauna.  Turn left and vault up past another phantom red curtain.  There's another pool inside.  Jump in and pull the underwater lever to open a door elsewhere.  Return to the sauna and go through the red curtain in the corner to your right.  Go through the open doorway straight ahead and turn left in the corridor.  The door to the swimming pool on your left is now open.  There's a sea hag in the water, so kill her.  Other than that there appears to be nothing of interest in the pool.


Locate the wall ladder and climb up to a network of ducts.  Turn right and right again, run to the far end and climb up onto the block.  Hop down right and find the hole at the end of this duct.  Climb down the ladder into a small room with the BALLROOM KEY.  Climb back to the ducts and exit to the swimming pool.  Go out to the corridor and turn left.  Use the Ballroom Key to open one of the window doors to your left.  Step inside to trigger a flyby that foretells danger.


While you're busy dodging the routine baddy and the much more formidable and strange-looking fishman, look around this room for uzi ammo in a small corridor downstairs, then go upstairs for shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and a small medipack on one side, and shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and a large medipack on the other side.  When the fishman finally succumbs, he drops the C-DECK EXIT KEY.  Use it upstairs to open a door where you get the CABIN KEY.


Exit the ballroom, go along the corridor to the doorway leading to the sauna, go through the red curtain and straight across to the open doorway.  Turn left to find another open doorway up the stairs.  Enter and take the other part of the TEA SETS from the small chest.  Combine them to form the TEAPOT AND SAUCER.  The privacy areas on either side of the room are inaccessible to you, so leave this room and return to the outside deck.


Run along the deck to the other end, hop down and enter the open doorway to C Deck.  Follow the passage around to the right and you'll come to the door you opened earlier.  Enter and present the Teapot and Saucer to the wooden stick figure.  The trap door opens in the boiler room, so go there (following the passage outside this room) and drop down into a lower corridor.  Watch out for the steam as you follow to the DIARY KEY.


It's now time to get back up to the higher deck.  Exit C Deck, hop onto the ledge outside and climb up the shaft.  Back flip to the upper deck and exit through the open gate.  Return to the stateroom where you began the level and go across to the deck on the other side of the vessel.  Run to the other end and enter Suite B-52 once again.  Use the Cabin Key to open the closed door you saw much earlier.  Combine the Diary Key with Graves' Diary to form the CAPTAIN'S LOG.  Place it on the stand for a nice concluding flyby.