Out Monastery

Level by Tr1997

Walkthrough by manarch2

Search the room for the Grenade Launcher, 3x Grenades, the M16, M16 Ammo, the Automatic Pistols, the Uzis and 3x Uzi Ammo. Dive into the pool, swim through the only possible exit and get out of the water in the next hall. Climb out and let the four monks kill the six soldiers. From the corpses you can pick up Uzi Ammo, a Large Medipack, Grenades, Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack. Head to the rear wall and pull the block three times into the direction of where you came from. You should be able to jump onto both left and right ledges from here. Jump into the left alcove, climb the block and push the button, head down, onto the block and jump to the right ledge. From here jump into the open doorway, pull the lever at the end and return to the pool.

The gates to its left have opened so head through and either kill or let kill two soldiers, which leave a Small Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Climb the blocks to the left of the entrance, use the crevice to shimmy as far left as possible, climb up, use the next (long) crevice and, when finally on the longer walkway, you can pick up Shotgun Ammo, M16 Ammo,Automatic Pistol Ammo and a Large Medipack. You might have seen the monk fighting against two soldiers. Drop down; if necessary, kill any left soldier and take 2x M16 Ammo and two Small Medipacks with you. Exit this room and head along the right wall until you can climb some blocks into a new room, opened by the last lever. Meet the „rest“ of the fight of two monks against three soldiers and take Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo from the soldiers. Run up the stairs to use another lever which opens an underwater door.

Return all the way to the pool, dive in and find the open door to the right. After the long passage climb out, follow the corridor and arrive at a self-opening door. You are on top of a previous room; pick up a Prayer Wheel, follow the walkway and use the lever at the end to open another underwater door. Slide down the slope, climb the blocks back into the last room and return to the pool. The open door is to the left so swim in, follow the passage and climb out in the far right corner finally. Climb the stairs and don't forget the Guardhouse Key on one of the steps. Get up higher, use the lever and the door on top opens. Head through and arrive in a familar room. Get out to the main room and head along the left wall until you can use the Guardhouse Key to open the nearby door. In the following tunnel use the lever but ignore the door traps for now. Return to the previous room, dive into the pool and swim through the passage ahead which has just been opened.

Climb out at the end, pick up the Prayer Wheel and use the lever on the left wall to open the door. Get the Seraph and now make your way into the passage with the door traps. Get through the passage safely and use the Prayer Wheel at the end. Three monks are fighting against two soldiers in the next room, get M16 Ammo and Shotgun Ammo and head into the far left corner and a door opens on approach. The soldier in this room leaves a Large Medipack. Near the far wall you can find the Rusty Key. Afterwards, head out of this room and into the far left corner. Push a button and dive into the pool since the trapdoor is open now. You might want to swim right and find Grenades and a Large Medipack, but the swim is long and the ammo is not really needed.

Swim into the other direction and climb out at the end. Use the Rusty Key in the keyhole in the other side of this room to open the nearby door, and place the Prayer Wheel nearby to open a door in the next room, where you have to go now. Help the two monks in the fight against four soldiers, then pick up 2x Grenades, 2x Uzi Ammo, 2x Automatic Pistol Ammo and two Small Medipacks from the dead soldiers. Enter the next room (opened by the Prayer Wheel) and fight five soldiers who leave Uzi Ammo, M16 Ammo, Grenades, two Large Medipacks and a Small Medipack. Head up the stairs at the end of the large room, follow the walkway and get the K4 Key at the end. Get back down and use it on the opposite wall to open the door to its right. At the end of the following pasage place the Seraph in the right hand receptacle and head through the door to finish this level.