Level by Tr1997

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start the level when you are deep underwater in a very big pool. While a shark and a barracuda are attacking you, swim over toward the far left corner, there you find the exit hole, keep swimming and then climb into a large warehouse . Collect Automatic Pistols, Uzis and M16. A goon with a wrench and a few gunmen will attack you, so take care of them and take a small medipack, uzi clips and pistol clips. When you find a high rusty lever, simply pull out the metal block underneath and climb onto it. Pull the lever to open an iron door, then jump over to the rusty ledge. Follow the ledge left to find this opened door, enter a sloped room and deal with another goon with a wrench and a few gunmen, then collect Harpoons and a small medipack.

Press the switch to open a door, then follow up the sloped ledge. Drop into a huge boxy room and once again deal with those gunmen and the goon with a wrench, collect shotgun ammo, grenades, flares and pistol clips. Reach the column row and climb the short one, jump the next two ahead and take the harpoons, then climb onto the ledge. Follow it and pick up a large medipack, Circuit Breaker #1 and the Guardhouse Key, and at the end pick up grenades. Safety drop safety onto a green block, then pull this block about nine times back. Reach the opened door and get back to the warehouse.

Once you are there, follow the rusty ledge left and climb the higher ledge. Open the iron door with the key you have and follow the passage. Press the switch to open a door nearby, enter a sloped room. Kill a gunmen, then slide to the bottom for harpoons, climb back and pull the metal block. Throw the switch to turn off the fire, then reach the rusty lever and pull it. Exit the room and follow the passage, enter the newly opened door. First pull four rusty levers to turn off the fire on each square, then start collecting flares, grenades, harpoons, uzi clips, pistol clips and shotgun ammo. Now pull the metal block all over the room so you can reach and pull the last high rusty lever. Now that you've turned off the last fire, pick up the Rusty Key and large medipack.

Exit back to the passage and use the key you have to open the next door. Enter an empty room and kill the goon with a wrench and gunmen, then collect the ammo. Press the switch to open the door just for entering another empty room. Kill the gunman and take his medipack. Reach the left corner and throw the switch to open a door somewhere, then pick up Circuit Breaker #2. Exit the room and go back to the warehouse.

Drop into a boxy room and head toward the switch. Press it to open a trapdoor nearby and dive into the water. Swim along a long tunnel into a big pool and you will be in good company with a shark and a barracuda. Without wasting time take from each window uzi clips and a large medipack, Guardhouse Key and Circuit Breaker #3. Swim back to the room and use the key you have to open a door. Kill the goon with a wrench and gunmen, get pistol clips and shotgun ammo, then enter a new room with a central pool. Dive into the water and look for an underwater lever you can pull to open a door. Climb out of the water and find the door you just opened. As soon as you enter the next room head to the right corner and look carefully for a KEY (K3). As you can see, part of the bottom is covered with broken glass, so look for a block you can drop onto safely. Then walk through the broken glass and follow down the sloped passage, collect grenades, M16 clips and a small medipack, then kill three gunmen and at the end pick up Circuit Breaker #4. Make your way back to the warehouse.

Stay on the rusty ledge and take a right, climb the higher rusty ledge and use the key you have. Proceed along the ledge and at the end collect pistol clips. Now take a running jump over the next ledge and enter the opened door. Follow a long tunnel which is closed by four iron doors at the end. First enter the right cave and deal with two gunmen, then use two circuit breakers in their receptacles. Exit this cave and follow into the next cave, do the same with the other two circuit breakers and all four doors are open now. Reach the final room and by approaching the glass door it opens and this will be the end.