The Hills Of Martinique

Level by Martin Hill

Walkthrough by Yoav

Step forward and drop into the hole, then climb up and jump above the next hole with the fire. Move further on the short passage and runjump across the next hole and enter into the crawlspace. Start crawling about half way and turn into the left opening and from there into the room for amedipack and flares. Back into the crawlspace and keep crawling, get out in a room with deep pool. Jump into the pool and dive to the bottom, then swim into the north opening straight along and up the tunnels, get out of the water. Climb onto the block, take a simple jump to the east ledge and push the lever. Facing west, then runjump over there go through the door you just opened to get a flyby of the desert.

Head south and kill the three ninjas, then proceed south-west between the palm trees for hole with water, get from the bottom Eye Piece #1. Now take running north along the west rocky about 80-meter, then climb onto the block and take angle jump onto the west ledge. Go forward and enter into the passage, take care of two red scorpions and poisoned darts. Go the end of the passage for Eye Piece #2. Get out from the passage and drop down the ground, head north and climb up the stairs, pick up the crossbow gun. At the top of the stairs combine the pieces and place it in the receptacle to open the

Enter the dark grave and shoot on the east vase, pick up the explosive crossbow ammo, then load the crossbow gun and shoot the mummy around. Move to the west and shot the vase for another normal crossbow ammo, then light flare and head to north-west corner. Crawl into the crawlspace which leads you into a room with grenade at the middle of the stage, while you pick it up screenshot will show you some door opening. Head to north-west and climb through the opening into a short passage. Proceed and runjump forward across the gap to grab the edge of the sloped column, pull up, slide down and immediately jump forward to land onto the block. Jump above the next gap, pull into the opening, turn around and drop down in the other side and step toward the big room ahead.

In the big room there're many ledges around the walls and swimming pool, in case you fall down from the ledges you'll not be dead. Head west and climb onto the block, run jump grab the ledge and pull up. Jump above the fire toward the next ledge. Turn south and jump to the ledge, kill red scorpion and blow up the mummy. Run along the ledge and jump forward to the next ledge. Turn east, jump toward the ledge, kill the red scorpion. Jump to the next ledge, shimmy and climb beyond the three fires. Kill the ninja at the next ledge, then jump toward the north ledge and complete the circuit around the ledges. Then jump up, grab the ledge above Lara's head, jump forward to the next ledge, turn west and climb up onto the ledge. Blow up the mummy ahead and run to the end, turn south and jump toward the faraway ledge.

Turn west again and jump to the next two ledges. Turn south-east, take a jump forward onto the ledge and another one onto the long ledge and kill the ninjas ahead. Step forward along the ledge, then jump toward the north ledge, keep jumping east to the next two ledges. Turn south and jump forward, from there keep west and jump from one ledge to the next until you reach the last ledge. Turn south and jump forward onto the last ledge and go the through the door you opened when you picked up the grenade.

Drop onto the high column, then run/jump south, grab the opposite column. Turn east and run/jump toward the next column, turn north and take simple jump down onto the column below. Keep dropping down and reach bottom, go through the opening nearby and follow the passage until you come to the high stairs. Climb up to the top and drop down into the tunnel below, then save the game. Swim forward into a big place flooded with water when all around you are covered green leafs, it might give headache as it's not easy to find the hidden crawlspace. Well, here I am to give the right direction. Start swimming south about halfway, then swim a little east and south again under the block and through the crawlspace into the tunnel. Keep swimming along the tunnel and up the next green tunnel. Get out of the water and follow into the room, get the flyby of THE END words, which means that you finish the level wihtout an ending trigger.