The Chalice


Level by Marcos


Walkthrough by manarch2



NOTE: Compass directions are reversed in this level, the directions I'll mention are the ones the red needle points to.


Opening Some Doors


After watching the two-minute starting cutscene, you can see Kurtis being trapped on the „other“ side of the mirror. Head N and find two Healing Fungi to your right. Return and head S, pass the pillar with the gargoyle statue and pick up another Healing Fungus. Now climb said pillar, approach the N end, run S and swandive over the fence. Stand-jump over the next fence, grab the ladder and drop down. Follow the passage, taking a mental note of a crawlspace to your right (for later). At the end climb the right hand alcove with the fire pot, turn around and jump to the high opening. Push the button to open the door down in the passage, get down and enter the next outside area. Head far N and enter the devastated stable. Push the button on the right wall, which opens the nearby door in the last courtyard, but before going there head into the E passage. Kurtis will look at the hay to the left; jump over it and grab the Key. Jump back (the key doesn't fit into the near keyhole) and head back to the last area.


The Witch and her Likings


Pass the just opened doorway and you'll arrive at an area where the witch plays out her childish imaginations. Don't go too near her – or better: save and do it once. Afterwards head to the corpse on the floor and pick up the Explorer's Diary you should bear in mind for the rest of the level.


“WARNING! If you kill sheep, the guardian's spirit kills you. Do not release the beautiful girl! Do not come closer to the witches. Left statue is mortal! Left switch is mortal! The red devilish look is mortal!”


Keeping those warnings in mind, return all the way to the starting area, but be warned that sometimes, when you run over the tile in front of the entrance, you will be killed by … let's call it “flight scrap”, so jump over this tile. Run to the E door behind the destroyed mirror and open it with the Key you found. Head up the stairs, get witness in another crime and afterwards grab the Priest's Diary and another Key from the poor victim.


“Be careful with carnivorous bugs! Place the meat to lure the bugs and close the door to keep them trapped. Look in the nest and dig up the stick.”


Spike Walls, Bug Food


Head back out and return into the S passage. Now – finally, you might think – you can climb into the crawlspace. Get out on the other side, sideflip over the fence (there's nothing in the mud this time) and climb the ladder. In the upper room use the Key to open the next door, which will close behind you. Follow the passage and jump over the hole in the floor, the room below isn't very healthy so to say but you'll return here later.. When you can see another corpse ahead stop and save, because the next task is quite tricky. As soon as you step in front of the left passage a spike wall will come out. Place Kurtis at the right wall, at about ¾ of a square away from said passage, turn around, hop back and immediately roll forwards to avoid the spike wall. The next spike wall is easier to avoid, just don't speed through the passage and wait before it moves away. Pick up the Map which gives you a hint about the bug food, probably Kurtis will look towards the second spike wall so head there, duck and get the Food for Bugs. No need to open the door yet, so return through the passage, it's recommended to save first.


The Red Eye Passage and the Bugs


Now drop down into the hole you jumped over before. Remember that Kurtis must not face the red eye, he will die if you try to. Now get through the passage with the eye behind your back, picking up Flares along the way at the corpse. Behind the eye you can behave normally again, follow the passage and from the balcony in the large room jump SE to the lower ledge. Ignore the E passage for now and jump to the next S balcony, then to the far S platform sticking out of the wall. Drop onto the N pillar, but not to floor level yet (you can get up here again though). Take a curved run-jump into the NE passage and drop down some stairs. Use the lever here which opens the door down in the courtyard. Return outside and down to the floor level. N of the pillar and in the NW corner you can find altogether three Healing Fungi; there's no need approach the SW nest yet. Enter the opened doorway and place the Food for Bugs ahead, then use the lever to your right to reopen the door, which will close again behind you. The bug swarm appears now; run up the NW stairs, turn around and from the second lowest stair jump to the pillar with the pole, from here to the E pillar with the fire bowl and again into the NE passage. Use the lever again and a cutscene shows the bugs entering the small chamber – you've finally got rid of the bugs.


Stick and Star


Get back outside and head into the SW corner. Grab the Normal Crossbow Ammo and the Key from the corpse, then examine the nest for the Golden Stick, which hasn't been possible before. You're done here, so climb back up to the pillar with the pole, climb back up the pole until you can jump (forwards!) to the left gargoyle statue. Jump to the ledge with the right one, then to the SE platform and from here to the E block sticking out of the wall. Jump over the N balconies and at the second one head into the building. Place the Key to open the door leading back in the room with the red eye. Head into the left passage and use the lever to raise the E lattice in the eye room, but also reveal another passage behind; this lever is timed but not so tightly. Don't get into said passage yet (this next task is also timed and you shouldn't make it yet). Instead, pull down the first timed switch, back flip, side flip and step forward. Jump up to grab the raised lattice, pull up, turn around and jump to your right into the passage. The timed door is to your right but we first have to go for another item. From the higher stair take a swandive over the fence and get the Golden Star


The Sheep Courtyard


Run onto the left stair and swandive back. Now get back down into the eye room, use the lever in the S passage again to raise the lattice again, then quickly head into the E passage and use the second timed lever, hop back and climb up to the higher passage, then dash through the door. You're back in the passage where you once dropped down into the eye room. Jump over the gap and follow the long passage, passing the inactive spike walls and the corpse, then open the door at the end, follow the corridor and at the end combine the Golden Star and the Golden Stick and place the Golden Star Key on the receptacle to open the door behind. Head through and enter a larger courtyard, ahead of you is the skeleton pool and a pushable but first we're going for some items. After the cutscene jump over the W fence to the sheep. Ignore the W door for now and jump over the N fence, follow into another area. There are two things to collect here – a Key the Death statue in the W is holding, and the Crossbow from the N corpse; don't mind the fireflies as they are harmless. Return to the sheep again, but don't kill them as otherwise a fire wraith will be chasing you, and you have no chance to get rid of him.


Two Puzzles, one Boss Fight and the Chalice


Jump over the E fence back to the skeleton pool. Push the bowl onto the left of the two holes near the E door (the right one is deadly) and it opens. Head through and in this next area push the right statue into the fire, it won't hurt you (here, the left one leads to death by fire). The next door opens so head through and open the trapdoor at the end of the tunnel. Drop down and head N all the way. You'll approach a cell with a lady in it, but, remembering the warning, you won't open it with the nearby lever yet. First take the Crossbow and shoot through the grating to reveal the truth (a boss fight seldom is that easy), then open the door and head through. Head right, don't run straight but go through the right passage to avoid being hit by a boulder overhead, then get to the end of the passage. At the junction go ahead, open the door and get the Soldier's Sword from the table. Go W and grab the Chalice; three broomsticks which harmlessly stood in one corner at first “wake up” so you have to run away from them.


Back to the Stable


Exit this room, head right and follow the passage into a hall with a monkeyswing and some fire emitters. Run up either the left or the right stairs, turn around (you're safe here) and take a run-jump to the lattice on the ceiling. Grab it and manoeuvre Kurtis around the two fire emitters. You'll drop down on the other side, In the next room use the right hand button (according to the diary), then head to the statue and crawl out either left or right of it. Back at the area where the witch once played with the horse, you don't have anything to do here so just exit NE. Head into the N stable again and since you found the fitting Key now you can place it in the receptacle, which does not only trigger a cutscene, but also opens the nearby door. Enter the next courtyard with some strange creatures in it. Head to the opposite alcove and place the Soldier's Sword on the statue so that the statue opens the next door for you. The next room is the one from the cutscene you've seen moments ago but the item is blocked by the two hands yet. Climb up to the N slanted ledge (the only one you can stand on), turn and stand-jump to the high bridge. Enter the E passage and pull the rope to raise the hands again. Get down and get the Magic Words from the pedestal.


Home Again


Exit this room and in the courtyard with the strange creatures, the doors close and you have to fight eight snakes which have woken up by now. Kill them with the Crossbow, wait a few moments and the exit door will be thankfully opened by your helper. You now have to return all the way to the area with the sheep – head out of the stable, then into the W courtyard, through the W passage and into the monkeyswing room – jump to the left hand alcove to be able to get back on the monkeyswing here –, drop down at the end, then follow the long passage back to the trapdoor you've opened ages ago, avoiding the broomsticks along the way, climb up and run back in the sheep courtyard. Open the W door and follow the passage until you can place the Magic Words on the pedestal. You now can jump through the mirror and enjoy a great final cutscene.