The Golden Artifact


Levels by Tr1997


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 – The Summit


Lara starts without her Pistols, which you will get in the second level, so be careful with your ammo in this level you will find. In the starting room, collect 2x Shotgun Ammo, then exit through the only possible passage into the main hall. There are lots of boulders, two snow leopards and Shotgun Ammo in the next room, but at first ignore all of them since you don't have any weapons yet. Head into the right passage, avoid a boulder where the passage gets smaller, then go left at the junction, then head towards the boulder on top of a ramp (it gets triggered if you run in front of the ramp), then left and into a pool room. Dive into the water and pick up the Automatic Pistols. Get back out, pass the opening where you came from and head on along the right wall. Avoid another boulder and climb into a right opening to get the Shotgun. Now return back to the room with the leopards (taking a mental note on the closed door near where you found the Shotgun).


Kill them, take the ammo with you and while always caring for the rolling boulders, head through the passage in the wall opposite of the one leading to the weapon area. You'll arrive at a crossing. To the right, you'll find a snow leopard and another boulder (optional to go there), head to the left, kill a snow leopard and head through the passage. Run forward to avoid the next boulder, drop into the gap below and search for a nearly invisible lever on the only (!) flat tile of the gap. The door in the room above opens so climb up there and enter. Immediately hop back in the passage you came from after running on the junction (you'll know why), then follow the right passage, head into the right alcove and flip another hard to see switch. It opens the door in the weapon area you should remember, so head all the way back there over the main hall. Climb the steps inside and get the Silver Key from the top.


Return to the main hall and climb the pillar opposite of the entrance (from the starting room), insert the Silver Key to open the nearby door and enter. Head to either left or right side so that you won't be hit by the boulder, pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo left and right of the entrance, then head up the ramp. Be careful at the end or you'll drop into the gap on top. Run-jump over it, then climb down the ladder into the gap. To get the two weapons in here (the Uzis and the M16) you have to be really quick. Choose a weapon, then run-jump so that you land exactly on the respective weapon, holding Action so that Lara immediately grabs it, then sideflip out of the boulder's track. Do the same with the other weapon. Now climb up the ladder again. Kill two snow leopards and face the following block puzzle. Push/pull the two low blocks in row with the upper one, take the Small Medipack and the Uzi Ammo from their original places, then climb the blocks and pull out the upper block.


Now push/pull the free lower block in row with the second upper block (around the corner) and push/pull it away. Get the Automatic Pistol Ammo, then jump up to the upper ledge and make your way to the ladder. Climb up into an outside area, kill two birds and head to the edge of the platform where you can see a large area with many sloped pillars. Drop down several blocks and search for a gap to the left when you look down from the ledge where you came from. Here you can find a lever on an ice pillar. Climb out, progress further through the valley and when you can climb another block, don't climb up further, but drop into the right passage to use another lever. Now climb the block again, then up the right ledges. Follow the path and eventually you can find a ramp with a soldier roaming around. Kill him (he leaves a Small Medipack) and afterwards climb the ramp. To the left, in another gap, is a third lever you have to pull.


Now head up the ramp and just before entering the open door jump to the right pillar for M16 Ammo. Head inside the building, pick up Uzi Ammo in front of the window and follow the passage. Kill another soldier, take his Grenades with you and head into the next room. Take 2x Shotgun Ammo from the window alcoves with you, enter the third open door around the corner and use the lever inside to open the last door leading outside. Follow the icy path, head left around the corner and get into the fenced area. Follow the walkway, jump over the boulder when it approaches and use the lever in the far right corner to open the door to the right fenced area. Return there, enter the area and follow the walkway. First use the lever on the other side of the block to open the exit door, then mount the snowmobile and drive out of this area. The first slope jump is easy (no additional speed needed) but for the second you have to drive back as far as possible, speed up the snowmobile with Action and jump over the gap.


In the next area climb off the bike and quickly climb the blocks in the middle, from which you can easily shoot the snowmobile driver. Take the Grenade Launcher with Grenades from the pillar with you, then head to the glass wall and shatter the glass. Use the lever to the right of the entrance and head to the open door in the other corner. Kill a soldier who leaves Uzi Ammo, then use the lever to open the trapdoor and drop in. You'll land in a pool; swim into the next room and search for a ceiling hole where you can climb out. Approach the next pool and jump on the semi-invisible pillar. Jump over the next similar pillars, get Uzi Ammo and then jump to the ice floor on the other side of the pool. Kill a soldier you saw earlier through the ice walls, take the Small Medipack with you, run into the passage where he came from and at the end run onto a breakable tile. Drop down and get the Silver Key in the gap.


Climb out and return all the way to where you jumped into this area from the ice pillars. Climb the ladder ahead of you, run over the breakable tiles to the other side, jump over several ice pillars, then slide down the slope. Jump to the single pillar at the end, then make your way over the right pillars to the lever which opens a door back near the pillar after the slope. Jump in the open passage there, use the lever in the next room and shatter the glass wall above. Drop into the water through the hole in the floor and find yourself back in the area after the large glass wall. Climb out of the pool, kill a bird and head outside again. Kill two soldiers who leave a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo, then take either of the two snowmobiles with you and drive through the open door. Dismount (you might be able to kill the soldier behind the closed door already) and get the Large Medipack and the Shotgun Ammo from both left and right sides of the door.


Thereon climb the slopes and use the Silver Key at the end to open the door. Get on the snowmobile again and drive through the just opened doorway, over the soldier if he's not already dead, then jump over the ramp and get off the bike in the next room. Use the lever to open the door above, then get into this next room, take a Small Medipack and Automatic Pistol Ammo with you and before exiting be sure to use the lever near the right window, which will open the second door in the previous room. Return there and climb into the open doorway. Kill a soldier and two birds and take the Automatic Pistol Ammo from the soldier with you. On the boxes to the right you can find Uzi Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and Automatic Pistol Ammo. Follow the valley, climb the blocks and drop into the deep shaft to land in the water. In the large hall swim through the only possible passage, climb out of the water at the end and head forwards to finish this level.



Level 2 – Stalingrad


Drop into the water ahead of you and after a short swim climb out in a larger room. You've got your Pistols back in your inventory, so you can kill the attacking baddy with them. Take the Automatic Pistol Ammo and open the nearby door with the switch to its right. Enter and immediately head out again to kill a dog and a gunman; the latter leaves you Uzi Ammo. Return into the chamber and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo, Automatic Pistol Ammo, Uzi Ammo, M16 Ammo and a Small Medipack. Head out and then through the open door in the left wall (opposite the pool). It closes behind you and a dog attacks; kill him, climb the stairs to the left and jump to the ledge with the canisters to find 2x Grenades and a Large Medipack. Return to the stairs, climb to the top, turn around and jump to the ledge ahead. Follow the walkway, ignore the first window for now and use the switch near the second to open a door in the upper part of the first room.


Return to the first window, shatter it and run-jump to the ledge ahead, where you can find the open door. Kill two dogs, a baddy and a gunman and take a Large Medipack and Uzi Ammo from the human enemies. Follow the long passage and at the end use the lever to open a door down in the first room. Return all the way there, drop down and kill two flamethrower guys (or kill them from above). Take the Grenades and the Small Medipack with you and enter the open door. Mount the snowmobile and drive through the passage, jump over the gap with full speed and approach the door (it opens itself). You'll reach a large outside area; you can kill a baddy (leaves Shotgun Ammo) and two birds with the bike. From the entrance, you can see a ramp ahead but don't drive up there yet but follow the right passage (not the one right of the ramp) to a closed door. Dismount and run into the right passage to use a switch to open a door somewhere else.


Climb onto the bike again and now drive up the ramp, jump over the gap and on the roofs you can drive over a bird and three gunmen (use the ramps to progress). They leave a Small Medipack, Automatic Pistol Ammo, Grenades, a Large Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Search for a passage right of a closed door on one of the roofs, drive over a dog, dismount and climb on the block. Here is the door you opened with the last switch. Get the Circuit Board and use the lever to the right to open the door on the roofs. Get out, enter the doorway and place the Circuit Board to open the door. Quickly kill the flamethrower guy before he burns you, take his Small Medipack and enter the next room. Head far left, get the Yellow Pass Card and quickly head to the boxes in the middle of the room, climb on them and kill the snowmobile driver from here. Get on his bike, drive through the just opened door and follow the passage.


Jump over the gap, drive down the ramp and you're back at the bottom of the last outside area. Kill two snowmobile drivers, drive right around the corner and into the building. Get off the bike and use the switch on the rear side of the far right pillar, a door opens and a baddy comes into your building. Kill him, take his Automatic Pistol Ammo with you and get into the passage where he came from after climbing the blocks in front of them. In the next room pull the switch and place the Yellow Pass Card to open two doors. In the next room kill a gunman who leaves M16 Ammo, pull the block away and use the revealed switch to open the next door. Arm yourself and follow the passage until you can kill a gunman and two baddies who leave two Small Medipacks and Automatic Pistol Ammo. Pass the large closed door and at the end of the passage climb the left block to use a switch.


Head back, at the door climb the right blocks and follow the passage until you can use another switch. This open a trapdoor on your way back, drop down there and follow the tunnel which leads you to a Circuit Board. Pick it up and return all the way back to the large closed door. Kill a dog and two gunmen and take the gunmen's Uzi Ammo and M16 Ammo with you. Enter the yet unexplored passage, place the Circuit Board and kill a gunman and a baddy. Pick up the Grenades and the Large Medipack and enter the passage where they came from. Use the switch to open the next door, kill a bird and enter the outside area. Quickly climb the blocks and kill a bird and a snowmobile driver. At the rear side of the blocks use the switch to open the trapdoor on the other side of the structure. In there you can find the Red Pass Card. Return all the way to the large doors you passed minutes ago.


Place the Red Pass Card to open it, approach the next door and it opens yourself and kill a flamethrower guy who leaves a Small Medipack. Use the switch in the passage, quickly head out and climb on the blocks, then kill another snowmobile driver. Mount his bike and drive into the newly opened room. Place the bike in front of the elevated block with the long passage behind it, dismount and run onto said block. Climb the left crevice, shimmy right until you can climb up, turn around, jump to the other crevice and again shimmy right and climb up at the end. Follow the passage and use the switch at the end, then quickly drop down and mount the snowmobile. A baddy and a dog will die if they come too close, but the important thing is to shoot the two flamethrower guys before they are able to shoot the fire at you.


Get off the bike (you can't get further here) and take the Small Medipack from the baddy and 2x Uzi Ammo from the guys with you, then enter the new room. Dive into the pool and find a Large Medipack, 2x Uzi Ammo, 2x Grenades and 2x Shotgun Ammo. Swim into the far right passage looking from the entrance, turn around and spot an underwater lever. Use it, climb out near the entrance again and head through the just opened door. In the next room kill a gunman and step into the room, then hop back directly to avoid some rolling barrels. Head up the ramp where they came from, use the switch and drop in the just revealed hole into the water. Follow the passage, get the Circuit Board and the door in front of you opens. You're back in the last pool room so climb out and quickly head back in the passage with the snowmobile. Kill the three flamethrower guys (best with the snowmobile).


Now place the Circuit Board at the end of the room to open the second door; in the next room kill a flamethrower guy and a gunman, take the M16 Ammo and the Automatic Pistol Ammo they left after their respective death, then head on through the left passage. Jump to the opposite walkway, drop down and kill a baddy. Follow the walkway and climb the steps (DON'T get to the lower floor yet or you'll be stuck for good), kill a dog and a gunman and use the switch in the last alcove to the right. Kill another baddy and take his M16 Ammo with you. Drop down the blocks, jump to the ledge in front of the slope and slide down. Head into the room with the sloped pillars and make your way to the far right corner where you can find the open door. Slide down the slopes and drop into the room below. Run ahead and when you get close to the floor hole the level ends.



Level 3 – Temple of the Golden Mask


Slide down and drop onto a walkway at the end. Carefully make your way through the spikes and the door in front opens as you approach. Get through. As soon as you step into the room several spike walls get triggered. You have two choices: Either hop back in the passage where you came from or quickly dash to the far left side of the room, pull out a block and push it in the direction of the spike walls (the nearest one is blocked this way). Now enter the alcove where you can find a second block. Push it once, climb on it and onto the ledge above. Drop in the larger room below, head forwards and spot a lever on a near pillar. Use it to open a door in this room, then head left, up the ramp and three monks appear out of the statues. Pick up the Gold Nugget and exit this room through the door you've just opened. Head into the next room and avoid a boulder coming from the top of the ramp, then pull out the left pushblock twice.


Enter the passage it has hidden previously and drop into the hole. Walk into the spikes at the end, pick up the Gold Nugget and either climb up to the left and push the (other) pushable twice, or return through the way you came, both to return to the previous chamber. Head up the ramp, run onto the breakable tile and quickly climb the ladder before it drops. Backflip at the top, follow the corridor and place one Gold Nugget at the end to open the door leading to a higher stage of the larger room. Slide down a bit, then jump to the left hand ledge and use the switch on the other side of the pillar to open the large doors in the room below. Drop down, enter the newly opened passage and kill two soldiers (the monks aren't much of a help here). Pick up a Large Medipack and Automatic Pistol Ammo, flip the lever and head through the open door. Shoot three soldiers and take the Small Medipack, the M16 Ammo and Grenades from their dead bodies with you.


Climb the blocks to the left in the middle passage and follow the path all the way over several slopes, gaps and blocks to a lever. Use it, slide down to the entrance again and make your way up the blocks again, this time head to the open door you passed on your way to the lever. Slide down and land on a ledge above a lava lake. The builder has designed a course leading to the left but it's not necessary to absolve it because you can simply jump to the platform to the right. Make your way to the right and climb some blocks, place the other Gold Nugget and jump to the ladder. Climb up and slide down another slope. Again the path to the left is optional since you can jump with a curve to the right ledge at the very end of the first slope (don't drop on the second). Ignore the alcoves ahead (it is intended that you come from here, you might want to try it if you're inclined) and head around the structure counter-clockwise, jumping on the various alcoves.


On the last three you have to be careful in order not to get hit by the boulders overhead. At the end, ignore the breaktiles for now and jump up to the top of the structure. In case you haven't triggered them (if you used the described shortcut) jump over any boulder, then spot and use a lever in the far left corner to open a door in a corner of this room Jump on said breaktiles, quickly head to the safe pillar, then jump over various pillars to finally reach the opened door. Slide down, kill two soldiers (the Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo they leave are impossible to get), round the walkway and use the button at the end to open the door in the other side of the room. Return there, climb in the new chamber, slide down the slope and follow the passage over the breakable tiles; don't fall in there or you'll die in some spikes. In the next room jump over the various pillars to reach the exit. Head along the walkway in the next lava room, kill a soldier along the way (he leaves Grenades) and climb into the alcove at the end.


Slide down the slope, be quicker than the boulder (i.e. take a jump with curve to the left near the end), slide down further and do the same with the second boulder. Follow the passage into a larger room and kill four soldiers, you'll be rewarded with a single Small Medipack. Looking from the entrance, head to the far right corner, climb the blocks here and on the higher stage kill a total of three birds and jump around the walkways. Finally climb on the bridge with the lava (it's safe, really) and head into the open passage to the left. Run-jump as far as you can on the breakable tile to the right and take multiple stand-jumps forwards, when you think Lara won't manage the next jump you can also grab the ledge of the tile. Use the lever at the end and return over the other set of breaktiles. Exit this room and head straight into the opposite, just opened, passage. Take run-jumps through the boulder alley.


If you position Lara straightly and in the middle of the passage she won't get hit by the boulders. Pull out the block twice, head in the revealed passage, pass the boulder and dash through the corridor, slide down a slope and dash again until you are safe of the boulder which has always been on your teeth. Climb the long, long ladder and you're on the other side of the lava river. Kill a single soldier on the opposite shore and head on left. Jump over the pillars to the other side, shoot the soldier and take his Small Medipack with you. Head into the right of the two passages, down the stairs and along the walkway. Kill a soldier on it (leaves Shotgun Ammo) and another soldier on the floor (we'll get there later). Enter the building and use the button inside, this alarms another soldier, shoot him and get a Small Medipack. Spot the ceiling hole and climb up to the upper floor, use the two levers to open two underwater doors.


Return to the small stairway and go left there, kill a soldier and get Grenades from him. Inside you have to use the button which does not only open some doors but also alarms another soldier whose death is rewarded with more Grenades. Now you can drop into the pool below. In one of the underwater rooms are 2x Grenades, in the other (better in a side room) a Gold Nugget. Swim back out and climb out of the wet at the stairs, head up and take the Automatic Pistol Ammo from the deceased enemy. Enter the lower of the two rooms, take out a soldier and get his Grenades. Push a button to open another door for later, then get out and climb into the room above the last one. Kill another soldier here, get a Large Medipack and then another Gold Nugget in a corner. Return to the large pool, spot the open door far left and swim there.


Climb out and kill two soldiers in this next room; one leaves M16 Ammo, the other the last Gold Nugget. Don't forget 2x Uzi Ammo in the corners, then exit and climb back out at the stairs. Get around the building and spot a ledge where you can place a Gold Nugget to open the door to the right. Enter, run upstairs and place the second Gold Nugget to open the next door. In this hall the traps don't pose much of a danger; search for a button in the far left corner to open a door in the far right corner (jump over the lava to get there). Enter the open doorway, head upstairs and shoot two soldiers who leave you Grenades and a Large Medipack. Climb the ladder at the end of the stairs, run onto the breaktile and drop deep into the water. Swim through it and climb out at the end. In the next room use three buttons to open up the way. Slide down the slope and two monks will greet you. Place the last Gold Nugget in its receptacle, follow the passage and climb onto the ledge with the Golden Mask as the level changes.



Level 4 – Las Vegas


In your bedroom in Las Vegas you don't have any weapons with you, but at least you can find the Pistols in front of the door to the left. Push the button, kill an attacking gunman, he leaves Uzi Ammo. Enter the bathroom and take the Golden Key and the Shotgun from the pool with you. Re-enter the bedroom, open the door to your left with the Golden Key and kill two gunmen who leave the Automatic Pistols, a Small Medipack and Automatic Pistol Ammo. Right around the corner is a button which opens a door further in the passage, head outside and kill a gunman attacking from the right (leaves Shotgun Ammo). Jump onto the lower building and get the Uzis, then jump back on the walkway and head on. Jump to the ledge to the right, take the Circuit Board and return into the bathroom. In the bedroom two gunmen have arrived, kill them and take Uzi Ammo and the Large Medipack with you.


Exit the bedroom again and place the Circuit Board to the left, kill a gunman after the door has opened. After taking the Automatic Pistol Ammo from the corpse head on and arrive at a balcony of a large room; kill two gunmen and get a Large Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Dive into the pool, climb out quickly and take out two gunmen who leave a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Head into the zebra-like textured passage, to its end and search the boxes for 2x Uzi Ammo, Automatic Pistol Ammo and a Small Medipack. In a corner alcove is another Small Medipack. Search for the pushable on floor level and push it beneath the gap with the other pushable at the left half of the front side (looking from where you came from), then pull out the higher pushable, climb on it and use the switch and also the switch on the box to the right. Drop into the nearby gap (a trapdoor has opened here) and get the Circuit Board.


The highest stack of boxes is climbable so climb up and backflip, then search for an open door in a corner, follow the passage and push the button at the end to open some doors in another area. Return to the stack of boxes and head to the exit of this area, shortly in front are the opened doors to the right. Climb the ledges, turn around and jump to the higher walkway, head up the stairs in the middle and place the Circuit Board to open a door in the pool room. Head back there and spot it to the left, enter the passage and go around the door. Turn around, climb the ladder, backflip and climb the block ahead to use a switch. Now enter the passage to the right a few metres back, kill a gunman who leaves Uzi Ammo, then head to the end and through the open door. Kill another gunman, take Automatic Pistol Ammo and a Small Medipack with you, then use the switch to open a door below. Drop down and enter a small maze.


Head left, right, left, right, left at the junctions, round the walkway with the T-Rex in the middle (he might be able to kill you even behind the fence, so watch out for him) until you can finally fight him in the centre. Search for the Relais in a corner, then head all the way back, through the small maze until you pass the entrance. Head straight here and place the Relais at the end of the passage to open a door in the pool. Return there, dive in and follow the newly opened passage. Climb out at the end, head straight ahead and follow the hallway until you can fight the final enemy, the hammergod. When he's dead, the level ends shortly after and the end credits appear.