Level by SaifAhmed777

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level in a floating islands area. The only thing you can do here is to make your way by jumping to the platforms until you can climb into an opening. Follow the passage until you reach a larger hall, Lara says "Oh dear!" You can already see some enemies one level below you, if you want you can shoot them from here. Head to the E ladders ahead of you and drop down to the floor level. Turn around and run straight ahead into the passage with the floor lever. Use it and sprint through the spikes to get out of the passage. Climb the left part of the ladder, backflip at its end and you'll land on a floating tile. Jump to the large bridge crossing; if not done yet, kill the four soldiers. The S door has opened with the floor lever, so enter the new area and jump to the floating tile ahead. A cobra magically appears on the next tile, kill it (takes a bit of time though), then jump over the various tiles to the end.

Take the Small Medipack from the right alcove, then jump on the trapeze-formed tile and from here into the dark alcove with the floor lever. Use it, then jump back all the way to the large hall and make your way back to the ladders. Climb to the higher stage, spot the open door to the S but first go N to the motorbike, mount it and drive through the open door and up the ramp. Stop here, shatter the vase for Flares, then jump over the gap. Only the green tiles are not leading to instant death, but they all trigger a boulder, so jump on a nearby green tile to avoid each of them. Taking this into account, you can easily reach the platform at the end of the room, but if you want to get the single secret in this level, jump on every single green tile in this area (don't forget the sloped tile near the lever) before using the lever; I know not every single tile is necessary but I haven't found out which are and which aren't.

The door in the entrance area of this hall opens and inside you can find the only Secret a Large Medipack, the Revolver and the Grenadegun. Use the floor lever here and make your way back to the motorbike. Drive down the ramp and use the ladders to get down to the lower stage. Here the W door opened; enter the room and kill another cobra behind the pillar. Climb the pole, backflip into the passage and follow it into a maze. Kill a soldier coming from the right. You can explore the maze to find Grenades, a Large Medipack and a Small Medipack, but the important thing is to find the floor lever in a passage starting in the SW part of the maze. Now head back out and all the way back to the main hall. Climb the ladder to the higher stage again. Mount the bike and drive through the N door. Follow the quite challenging course (you might find a shortcut at the start) and dismount at the large platform in front of the short passage with the floor lever.

Use it, position your bike in the NE corner and speed up to the SW corner, jump on the ledge and from here back to the start. Drive down into the main room, climb off the bike and enter the E passage where the doors just opened. Follow the long crawlspace and use the floor lever at the end, then get back all the way, make your way to the lower stage and enter the E doorway. Climb the left hand rocks in the lava room and at the end run-jump to the E crevice. Shimmy right until you can climb an unmarked ladder. Climb it to the top and into the next chamber. Climb the blocks in the middle of the room and onto the bridge. Turn around and jump to the ledges with the three floor levers. Use them all, then drop down to the floor level and run onto the small bridge, then jump to the alcove where a door has opened. Drop down the ladder, follow the tunnel and run down the ramp with the boulder on top.

Running on the last tile in front of the crawlspace triggers the boulder; if you did so, run to the middle of the second last tile, duck and the boulder will just miss you. Now get through the crawlspace and drop down on a pillar in the previous lava room. Turn and jump to the SW ledge, monkeyswing over to the other side and jump down to the starting ledge. Return to the main hall, climb up to the higher stage and head into the W area. Dive into the pool and swim through the door that opens when you drop into the water, just below the entrance. Use the floor lever, find the open doors, use the next floor lever (and so on) until you can swim into the W passage. Always swim left at the junctions and climb out of the water. A cutscene shows the exit doors in the previous room closing. Run to the end of the room and spot two ladders on the SW and SE pillar. You have to climb each of them, backflip and use a floor lever each.

Both times, jump back to the ladder, climb into the higher room, use the respective floor lever and pick up Super Grenades in one room, the Lasersight in the other room. Now you can head back all the way through the water tunnels and to the pool room. Before exiting through the again open doors, you can climb out in the SW corner and pick up Flash Grenades. Exit into the main hall, mount your bike again and drop it onto the lower stage by driving towards the centre of the crossing and then rolling off the left/right ledge. Drive through the N gate and absolve the next bike course. At its end you have to hurry to avoid the falling debris, which would otherwise block your way further. Drive up the ramp, get off the bike and climb the ladder at the backside of the building. Climb up into the higher room, push the floor lever and get down again. Climb the motorbike a last time, drive up the NW ramp (just to either side of where you came from) and then through the door you've opened with the last switch. When you approach the end of the passage the level ends.