Level by: Raidermatty

Walkthrough by: Nina Croft



IMPORTANT NOTE: When the game starts, there are four levels open for you to explore: Beth's House, Crypt of Treasures, Gardens of the Church and Cemetery. The builder did his best to make this gameplay everything but linear. Therefore, there are many possible routes through this levelset. This walkthrough describes only one possible route, that involves as little backtracking as possible (although backtracking is inevitable at some points). It means that the Gardens of the Church level will be visited only after Lara has obtained the Church Key. The Cemetery level will be visited only after Lara returns from the Spectral Realm level, although both these levels can be visited at any time you want. This being said, the sequence of the levels in this walkthrough is made according to the route described in this walkthrough (Beth's House -> Crypt of Treasures -> Gardens of the Church -> Spectral Realm -> Cemetery -> Beth's House) although other sequences are also possible.


NOTE ABOUT KNOWN BUGS: When Lara catches fire when trying to enter a CS or a corridor, it means that a bug appeared. The best solution for this bug is to run to the nearest entrance to any other level available and to return back immediately. The only exception is the roof of the church at Cemetery level. Lara is not supposed to go there at all, so don't waste your time trying to jump onto that roof without getting burned to death. If Lara won't grab an edge she is supposed to grab, try to reload a save, or try to grab that edge from another angle etc. If you follow this walkthrough, such bugs will appear almost never.


CREDITS: This level is very obscure and puzzles are quite hard and complicated at moments. I must express my endless gratitude to all the people participating in Stuck threads at Without their precious help and hints, I would have never been able to finish this walkthrough.


PLOT: December 2013: Lara is invited at home of her friend Beth to celebrate Christmas Holidays with her boyfriend Johna and his sister Cindy. But during the night of Christmas Eve, some strange sounds start to come from the basement...


ABBREVIATIONS USED: CS (crawlspace), JS (jump switch), UW (underwater), LM (large medipack), SM (small medipack)


COLORS USED: green (medipacks, ammo, flares), purple (hazards, traps), blue (key items), orange (interactive items, pushables, breakable objects, switches, keyholes...), violet (optional routes to obtain secrets)



Level one: BETH'S HOUSE


BETH'S LIVING ROOM: You start the first level in the living room of Beth's. She is also standing near Lara, next to the big Christmas tree and holding a glass in her hand. First climb onto the low drawer cabinet next to Beth and pick up LETTER from the bunch of Christmas cards, and some FLASHLIGHTS (flares) a bit farther. Approach Beth from her left and pick up the GLASS from her hand. If you approach the table with the vase to the right of Beth, you'll read Lara's thoughts on the screen: "This vase is very durable. I must find a way to break it." So, make a mental notice of this hint, as you'll need to return here once you obtain some explosive weapon. Make sure to notice the other details in this room: the fireplace and the metal grate in the corner behind the Christmas tree. You don't need to visit the dining room S (along with the kitchen) as yet, therefore, climb the stairs.


CROWBAR: Up on the gallery, make a note of the locked door to the left, one locked and one closed door on the right and closed trapdoor above the ladder in the corner. For now, climb into the left-hand window and pick up more FLASHLIGHTS. Go to the other side of the gallery, so that the right-hand window is on Lara's left now. Run jump diagonally across the fence to land inside this window and press the button there to open the entrance door below. Run jump back onto the gallery. Now, stand near the fence facing N, so that the right-hand window is on Lara's right. Use the binoculars to locate a CS in the shadows below the fence and run jump in that direction over the fence to grab the edge of the gallery on the other side. Drop to grab the CS below and crawl in. Inside a small opening you will find the CROWBAR. Drop from the crawlspace near the entrance door you have just opened and go through. Watch the flyby showing you a part of Beth's courtyard.


DOUGH: Once outside, go to the right and around the corner, until you come to a gate. Open this gate by the crowbar, enter the small garden and press the button in the near right corner to open the door to the storage. When you enter the storage, use the switch on the left wall to lower the central platform and raise the block near the opposite wall. Find a pushable barrel in the near right corner from the entrance and push/pull it onto the lowered platform. Use the switch again to raise the platform with the barrel on it. Climb the ladder to reach the higher ledge, and push/pull the barrel along this ledge all the way to the gap with the lowered block. You'll pick up Revolver BULLETS along the way. Drop down and use the switch again, climb to the higher ledge again and push/pull the barrel across the raised block. Once you cannot push any more, as a crate is standing in the way, jump diagonally to the perpendicular ledge and pull the crate away from the wall, so that it no more stands in the way of the barrel. Push the barrel two more times, so that it drops from the ledge into the other part of the storage (behind the fence). Drop there yourself and push/pull the barrel around the wooden crate in the middle of the room, so that it stands below the slightly different ceiling tile. This will lower the block nearby. Climb the crates in the corner, picking up FLASHLIGHTS along the way. Jump with Action onto the ledge where the block lowered and pick up DOUGH hidden there. Climb on the wooden crate, jump up onto the higher ledge, drop to the other side and return all the way back to the entrance to Beth's house, but don't enter.


You can pick up the first GOLDEN CROSS now or later, you'll be through this door for many times again. It is hidden in the CS just above the entrance to the house, to the right, if you look from outside through the entrance door. To get there, you need to climb onto the entrance to the house, from its left side, where the ground is a bit higher. Just run jump from the highest tile to grab CS and pick up the prize. Drop down and return to many other tasks ahead.


BASEMENT KEY: Instead, climb the diamond-shape ladder to the broken window of the guest bedroom. Make a note of the cassette player on the window when you enter the room through the window. On the desk ahead you will find JOHNA's NOTEBOOK. You will also get a camera of Beth's boyfriend Johna in the  dining room below. Use the button to open the door and return via the gallery to the lower level. Enter the dining room S and pick up BASEMENT KEY from Johna (face him one or two steps away and press Action). Since you are already here in dining room, pick up the BATTERY from the cabinet and CUP from the small table SE. Return to the living room and immediately go left, between the stairs and wall to the left. Unlock the door and enter the flooded basement. Another level will load.




Level two: CRYPT OF TREASURES (first visit)


SMALL BIN: This is your first visit, only to pick up some required items, since you'll need to return here when you find the object that opens the big golden door you see while this level loads. As soon as you enter, squeeze between the wall and table to the right and pick up SMALL BIN. Passage ahead is not interesting for you now, but you can also pick the first ROPE from the high crate in the SW corner of the flooded room.


BOILER ROOM: Enter the passage N leading to boiler room. The ramp on the left is blocked, so use the button to the right. A big boulder will fall through the trapdoor you lowered thereby.  Make a save, and walk to the ball. Don't release Walk button and press Action to push the boulder once towards the ramp. Wait for the boulder to be perfectly still and push it two more times in the same way, until it rolls down the ramp and break the wall for you. Run down the ramp into the basement with a boiler. Save before you use the wheel on the wall to the left. Don't waste your time when you use this wheel. Press Roll repeatedly during the camera shot until you see Lara rolls. Immediately run forward steering sharp to the right and up the ramp. Now sprint up the ramp and save Lara from the explosion. <download savegame> You can now enter the boiler room again. You'll notice that the back wall of this room has been blown away and you can now access a switch. Avoid fires in order to get there, and use it to open the door back in the basement.


REVOLVER: Return to the basement and go through the opened gate straight ahead. There are three switches to the left, and some burners to the right. I myself don't know the hint (maybe the ceiling?), but I know the correct sequence of these switches. Every switch turns different burners on/off. Simply use the first and the third switch to turn all burners off and crawl through the passage into the storage where you can pick up REVORLVER, BULLETS and FLASHLIGHTS. Return to the basement. Ignore the third area you overlooked now, as that is a dead-end for now. Return to the first level.




Level one: BETH'S HOUSE


PIZZA DOUGH: Now properly armed, you may want to blast a few things around, as typical for Lara when visiting her friends, right? First enter the dining room again, and this time, open the door to the right with the button. When you enter the kitchen, pick up an SM from the window left, then, go right and use the toaster to open the door of the storage and go there. Pick up FLASHLIGHTS from the table to the right, crouch and shoot to break the crate to the left and pick up PAN hidden inside. Also make sure to pick up BULLETS just nearby and return to the kitchen. Approach the cooker which is now on Lara's left and enter your Inventory. Combine Dough with the Pan and so obtained DOUGH TO BAKE and place it into the oven. Make sure to pick up PIZZA DOUGH from the floor once the baking is finished. Return to the living room, jump over the sofa and shoot to break the grating behind the Christmas tree. Blast one grating more and drop into the room with piano. From the window straight ahead you'll pick up BULLETS. Blast away the pink painting on the wall opposite the entrance CS. Press the button inside the alcove hidden behind the painting, to open the garage door. Go through.


GARDEN KEY: Near the passenger's door of the car you'll find FLASHLIGHTS. On the table in the far right corner you will find INGREDIENTS for the pizza you intend to bake soon. Press the switch in the far left corner to open the rolling door and enter the backyard of Beth's house. Go left and open the door of the small storage. Shoot to brake the crate on the right and pick up BATHROOM KEY hidden inside. Once back in the backyard, you can go all around the house and open the gate leading back to the courtyard, near the red keyhole. Just open that gate using the button on the pillar to the right, but do not go through. Return to the piano room through the garage instead. You don't have to use the CS through which you entered. Instead, go past the piano and enter the passage to the right. Press the button to open the door, and you are back to the living room. Go right and up the stairs, go to the S side of the gallery and unlock the door with the golden keyhole. Using the mirror in the bathroom, find the invisible GARDEN KEY on the floor and return back to the ground floor. Again, exit the house, go left and near the corner of the house, make sure to pick up the second ROPE hidden in the bush. At the end of the courtyard you will find the red keyhole. Unlock the garden door and enter the backyard of Cindy's house.


CINDY'S HOUSE: As soon as you enter, a flyby will start, so watch it carefully. It will point out to a swarm of fireflies. That is also an important hint that will be of great use later when you find the Church key. For now, just go around the house to the right, and use the letter in the yellow post box near the entrance door. You opened the door to Cindy's house. Now push the grey wastebin away to reveal a button. Press it to open the inner door to Cindy's living room. In Cindy's kitchen you will find CHEESE on the cabinet to the left. In the SW corner you will find a shelf where you can place the Glass. On a small table near the entrance there is a coffee machine. Combine Cup with Small bin in your inventory to obtain COFFEE CUP and approach the coffee machine from the front (Lara has literally to stay INSIDE the table). Finally, combine Pizza Dough with Ingredients in your Inventory to obtain PIZZA and bake it in the cooker in the far right corner. These three actions will open the outer door of Cindy's living room.


CINDY'S LIVING ROOM: There are more things to do in this room that you can see at the first glance. For now, say hello to Cindy, and go to the dog. To the left of the dog there are some MINES on the floor. If you go near two shelves near the dog, you will notice Lara looking at something on the diagonally placed shelf. Approach these shelves and press Action and Lara will find the third (and last) ROPE on them. Notice two keyholes on the right-hand side of the room from the entrance and finally, notice three lamps hanging on the N wall. These lamps are jump switches, so use them all to open the toilet door. Inside Cindy's toilet you will find LASER SIGHT in the pot with flowers. Now when you obtained this important item, you can go and search for keys required in Cindy's house. You have to go back to Beth's house, for a start.


On your way back you can collect the secret. When you exit the kitchen, go right and around the corner. You'll see a small snowman near the E wall. To the right of this snowman there is a CS hidden behind a bush. You will find the GOLDEN CROSS inside.


TORCH: Return to Beth's hose and go up the stairs. Approach the ladder in the corner along the S wall and stand below the trapdoor above. Use the revolver with laser sight and shoot to break the lock of the trapdoor. Go up the ladder into the attic. Now, shoot to break the chest on the big crate N to find the GRENADE LAUNCHER and go further into the attic (to the right or to the E). In the other part of the attic you will find a doll where you have to place the Battery in order to open a door nearby. Return to the middle of the room (along the N wall) where the crates are stored. Find a pushable crate near the wall and pull it out from the corner. Push/pull it somewhere where it won't be in way. Return to the crates and find another pushable crate just behind the place where the first crate initially stood. Pull this crate out as well, to reveal a passage where you've just opened the door. Inside the small room there is a button, cleverly hidden behind the chair in the corner. This will lower the block in the other corner, so pick up the TORCH. In my opinion, the nearest flame can be found in the Boiler room, on Crypt of Treasures level (you already visited that room). So ignite your torch there and return to Beth's living room.


CODE CARD, POOL KEY, BEDROOM KEY: Ignite the fireplace with your torch to open the door to the right of it. Throw your torch somewhere where you can find it and enter the room. Straight ahead, in the window opposite the entrance, you will find some BULLETS. In the corner NE there is a cabinet with greenish curtain at the base. Crawl through this curtain to obtain BEDROOM KEY. Return to the living room and approach that vase Lara mentions at the beginning of the level. Blast it away with your grenade launcher to find the POOL KEY hidden inside. Go upstairs and unlock the only remaining locked door at the gallery. Enter Beth's bedroom and go through the wooden door on the opposite wall (open them using Action). In the small toilet you'll find CODE CARD on the shelves to the right. Don't forget to pick up the LM from the window of the bedroom.


If you want to pick up a secret here, push/pull the wooden crate in the near right corner of the bedroom (from the entrance) so that it stands in front of the bed, below the monkey swing on the ceiling. Climb on the crate, then jump up to grab the monkey bars and swing forwards. Drop to land on the roof of the bed and crawl into a dark CS where you will find the GOLDEN CROSS. Crawl backwards and drop onto the floor of the bedroom.


Also, return to the torch below and go for another secret. Exit the house through the entrance door and go right and around the corner. Go through the gate you opened earlier with the crowbar. Approach the small red fondue lying on the ground to the right. Ignite this fondue to open a pit in the corner near the entrance to the storage. Pick up another GOLDEN CROSS in this pit and return to the living room of Beth's house.


MOUSE: Return to the living room and enter the piano room. Approach the glass bottle near the corner of the big desk, facing N. Press Action to place Cheese on the floor. Enter the passage leading back to the living room, to trigger a camera: a mouse comes out from his hole to steal a piece of cheese. Return to the cheese and take the MOUSE with you. Finally, enter the Garage and use the Card in the card reader to open the gate to the left.


CASETTE AND LITTLE STONE: Enter the dark passage and go over the crate to enter the small storage. Blast away the wooden barrel standing in the way (with a grenade) and pull the small crate from the left corner once to the middle. Now pull that crate towards the entrance, so that it stands between the second such crate and the switch. Pull the second crate across the first and place it below the switch. Use the switch to open one gate back at the attic. Return through the garage to the living room, up the stairs once again and up the ladder to return to the attic. If Lara refuses to climb the ladder, simply save your game here, reload and try again. Find the opened gate in the far right corner and open the cabinet (take one step away from the cabinet and press Action). You will find the CASSETTE inside. Remember that cassette player you saw in Johna's bedroom? Return down the stairs to the gallery and enter the second door on the right. Use the cassette in the cassette player and trigger a flyby. Watch it, pointing out to a swarm of fireflies outside Beth's house, showing you a pit that opened outside. Climb through the window and down the ladder back into the garden and drop inside the pit on the right, to find LITTLE STONE hidden inside. Take it and return to the Beth's house.




Level two: CRYPT OF TREASURES (second visit)


ATTIC KEY: Now you have an important item and you can open that big golden circular door you can see each time this level loads. This time go through the flooded basement and enter the passage straight ahead. Crawl under the low ceiling and through the triangular opening in the far left corner (keep as close to the left wall as possible). Follow the low passage until you emerge at the big circular door. Before you open it and go through, make sure to pick up a sneakily hidden key nearby. Crouch and crawl into NE corner of the room, where the ceiling is very low. Press Action to pick up the ATTIC KEY almost completely buried in the dirt. Finally, place the Little Stone in the receptacle to open the big circular portal.


GHOST: Follow the big round passage to the first pit with switching ledges. Stand jump onto the first as soon as it appears, count to two, jump onto the next when it appears, count to two, jump to the third ledge and quickly jump to the other side of the pit. Enter the big hall with the ghost who actually made all those noise... The dialogue between the ghost and Lara can be read in author's Readme included in the download package. In short, this ghost (Ghost of Christmas Present) visits the house every Christmas eve in order to meet the Ghost of Past Christmas and the Ghost of Future Christmas who lost some time ago. One is in the Cemetery and the other somewhere in the garden and Lara would need a ghostbuster in order to catch them. The Ghost also says that Lara should enter the Spectral Realm hidden below the Church. According to the Ghost, the portal to Spectral Realm can be opened by playing a Christmas song.


WATERSKIN: So, that is now your next item of interest. It is hidden nearby, so back to work. You can first go to obtain the Waterskin if you want. After the dialogue with the Ghost is finished, go to the right and open the gate there by using two switches located at the back side of two pillars. Enter the room with the pool and pull the crate from the corner on the right twice towards the opposite corner. Jump into the pool, swim along the left-hand wall and find an UW lever. Use it to open the gate in the opposite corner of the pool and swim through there and climb into the shaft. Approach the wall with flowers (ladder) and press Up + Action to grab the ladder. Climb exactly eight times up and press Jump + Roll + Action to make Lara jump off the ladder and grab the ladder behind her. Climb up into the Attic. Unlock the door using the key you found earlier.


Now, run to the right and find a GOLDEN CROSS hidden between big wooden crate and roof corner.


It is now time for Lara to make a good use of those three ropes she found along the way. So, if you look at the ceiling of the attic, you will notice that some tiles are textured differently (as wooden window shutters). This is supposed to be a hint for you to place the ropes onto these tiles. So, stand under the first such tile directly in the middle of that tile facing North and press Action. If Lara does not want to place the rope there, just pivot a bit to the left or right, until you find the correct angle. Place all three ropes in this way (all facing N) and return through the UW passage back to the big pool and climb up to the entrance. Run jump from the wooden crate to grab the first rope. Carefully turn Lara to face the second rope squarely. Swing and jump off to grab it, then do the same with the third rope. Finally, jump off the third rope onto the other side of the pit and pick up the WATERSKIN from the rock in the corner. Return to the room with the Ghost.


CHRISTMAS SONG: Now approach the big closed gate opposite the entrance and behind the Ghost. To the right of this gate there is a pedestal with bluish crystal. Use the Laser sight to target at it and shoot to break it. Approach the pedestal and use the Look button to read the note on the pedestal (from above). Memorize four coordinates written on the paper: I = C4, II = B2, III = A3, IV = D1. Enter the left-hand doorway that opened during the dialogue with the ghost. There are four lyres placed on chess tables across the room. Each lyre has its number 1 to 4. Each lyre has to be placed on its proper coordinate by referring to that note you found in the main hall. So, the lyre with number 4 (IV in Roman numbers) has to be placed onto D1 field. Each time one lyre is placed correctly, a blue lightning will ignite. Once all four lyres are placed onto their associated tile, the middle of the room will be lightened with rainbow beams and an LP will appear. Pick the CHRISTMAS SONG up and return to the hall with the Ghost. If you have already obtained the Waterskin, you can return to Beth's house. Once you're back to the pool with switching ledges, drop into the shallow water and fill the Watersking with water.


Make sure to collect the GOLDEN CROSS hidden beneath the steps on which you have to climb up.


Return through the CS back to the basement and finally, back to the first level.




Level one: BETH'S HOUSE


CHURCH KEY: So, leave the Beth's house and head back to Cindy's house. Make sure you have the Pool Key, Mouse and Waterskin filled with water in your inventory. Once back in Cindy's living room, go right and unlock the room with the pool. Stand on the right-hand side of the pool and face the big window with flower pots and water scales. Use the Laser Sight to target the grating under the water in the pool and shoot to break it. Go to the other side of the pool and approach the water scale. Pour the water from the Waterskin (use it from the Inventory) to open the UW gate below. Swim down the passage and through the gate to obtain the BEDROOM KEY. Return to the living room and unlock the bedroom just to the right. Enter and find the cat in the far right corner. Stand on the tile adjacent to the tile with the cat and face the Christmas tree. Enter the Inventory and select the Mouse. Place it onto that tile and wait for the cat to start chasing the mouse. You can now take the CHURCH KEY on which the cat was sitting all the time.


If you want to take a secret at this point, use the lever on the right-hand wall (from the entrance) that is shaped as a wall lamp. This lever will raise a block outside Cindy's house. Exit and go left and around the corner. Climb onto the raised block against the house wall and climb onto the roof from there. Find a GOLDEN CROSS in a small alcove on the roof and drop down into the courtyard.


Return outside and go left and around the corner. Along the W wall, you will see a closed double gate. Take a look at the tree to the right of this gate and locate the swarm of fireflies in the vicinity. They point out a CS hidden in the leaves of the fence. Jump up to grab the edge of the CS and crawl in. Use the button inside to open the double gate outside and return there. Follow the passage between the double gate to enter another level. NOTE: If Lara burns to her death inside this concealed CS, the only solution I could find for this bug is: if this happens in your game, before you climb into the CS, go to the Cemetery level, just to load it. Then return back here and climb into the CS without any other problems.






When you enter the big church courtyard, go right and follow the path to a small building with a keyhole. In the second bush to the right of this building you will find a GOLDEN CROSS. Use the key in the lock to open both gates and push/pull two statues of knights standing nearby through these two gates and onto the marked tile. This will ignite the fire between these two statues. Now you need to find a torch. So, go right again, towards the frozen lake and find a small triangular opening in the snow just to the left of this lake. Follow the short passage into the lake below the ice, and pick up one TORCH there. Return with the torch to two knight statues and ignite it in the fire there. Bring the torch towards the (diagonally) opposite corner of the courtyard, where you can see a horse statue surrounded by four angels. Ignite the angels to open the entrance door to the church. Bring the torch along and go to the other side of the church, where the entrance is.


In the church you have to ignite five candles in the windows in order to lower a trapdoor near the entrance. Return to the entrance, drop the torch, climb up the ladder on the pillar on the right and through the lowered trapdoor. On the gallery above, go left and save before using the switch on another supporting pillar. It will raise some ledges around the church, but only temporarily. So, press Camera button immediately to force finish the camera flyby (and save some time), flip to the left and run. Jump from the edge to land on the ledge ahead. Keep running, jump from the edge and grab the next ledge. Quickly pull up, run and steer to the right. Jump to land on the nearer edge of the metal ledge. Run to the right, jump to land on the middle metal ledge, and stand jump from there to land on the last metal ledge. Run and steer to the right, and jump from the edge, steering to the right even more, in order to grab the edge of the rock ledge above the window. Now you don't need to rush any more. Run jump to grab the edge of another stone ledge and walk to the other end of it. Run jump diagonally to the right, steering to the right and press Action to make Lara grab the small stone ledge above the entrance. From here, jump over the fence into a small alcove with a switch. Use it to lower a trapdoor outside in the garden. Jump back onto the stone ledge and safety drop onto the floor of the church. Pick up your torch and leave the church.


Go right around the corner and approach the smaller building with the sundial in front of it (the building where you've just opened the trapdoor). Approach the sundial and observe the Roman numbers written on it (IV, VI, IX, III, VI, VIII). When you add them up, you get 48 as a result. Remember it, then drop into the pit with the torch. When you reach the closed gate, ignite two burners with your torch and drop it somewhere. If you crawl through the green curtain to the left, you will find another GOLDEN CROSS. Now, you have to blow up two crosses in the corner (use grenades if bullets won't work) to open the gate. Go into the room with five switches.


So, now you have to use the hint from the sundial. Observe the numbers above the alcoves with the switches. Roman numbers are written as follows: left-hand wall, from left to right: alcove 1 (VII - VI), alcove 2 (IV - VI), alcove 3 (IX, III, XII). On the right-hand wall there are two alcoves, from left to right: alcove 4 (VIX - I), alcove 5 (VIII - VI). So, you need to sum up the numbers above the alcove. Only the switches in three alcoves whose numbers sum up to 48 are the correct switches. So, press the switches in alcoves 2, 3 and 5 to open the gate ahead (IV + VI + IX + III + XII + VIII + VI = 48). In the next room, place the Christmas Song onto the gramophone to be teleported through the portal into the Spectral Realm.






Now, brace yourself. This level is particularly hard, even if you don't seek to collect all secrets. It involves many difficult jumps and a lot of nerves, so arm yourself with patience and save before attempting anything, as well as after every successful jumps. There are many routes through this level, and this is one with least backtracking imo. You have to collect three crystals first, performing super-human acrobatics to find a way to retrieve them. It does not matter which route you take, it will be difficult anyway ;) The best recommendation for this level is: use your Binoculars and whenever you have a good look at any large floating building, use it to take a look from afar. Sometimes you can discover many important hints and smart ideas how to get somewhere in this level.


You begin the level on a middle-sized island among many smaller and some larger. First take a good look around: NW there are a big building with moveable orbs on the left and alley with gates, currently blocked off by a block. Between them, a bit below and between, there is a cross floating in mid-air. You can nicely see it with your Binoculars if you use Action during the binoculars view. When you go a bit more further to the right, you will see many small rocks floating in mid-air, leading to all these buildings you can see around Lara. The only floating rock near enough is located NW - N  near the starting island. Run jump without Action to land there and go for the secret first if you want.


Walk around this floating rock towards and turn SW to face the floating cross you saw through your binoculars. You need to take a hop back and perform the running jump to land on the invisible ledge with the cross. But the crystal on the floating edge is standing in the way, so save your game before attempting to jump onto the invisible ledge. Once there, walk and pick up the GOLDEN CROSS. Run jump to grab the floating rock from which you landed here and climb up.


PURPLE CRYSTAL: Turn N and run jump onto the next ledge. There turn right (E) and run jump to land on the next rock. Finally, run jump to land on the neighboring island. Walk there around counter clockwise until you reach the S edge of the island. Run jump to grab the left (lower) side of floating stone in that direction and pull up. Run jump SW to land on the next rock and jump on the next. From there, shoot to break the blue seahorse just above the gate you see ahead (use laser sight) and the gate will open. Run jump with Action and pull up. Stand jump onto the small rock S and turn right. Stand jump onto the next rock, run jump to the last one, and run jump again into the building. Notice four big vases on the other side and go right. Run jump to land on the island with a fire. Notice this fire as well.


On this island, go left (W) and before you jump onto the rock there, look a bit to the left, on the big blue floating rock with crystals. If you use Zoom and Action functions of the binoculars, you can locate the cross easily. It is annoyingly hard to get there and take it, but you also are not forced to go and take it. The mission to find the torch is already enough hard ;) So, run jump to land on the rock ahead (W) and run jump to land on the next one. There is one crystal on all these rocks, on the left side, so you have to land onto the right part of these rocks and to walk around the crystals (sometimes to shimmy below them). Run jump to land on the next rock and stand jump onto the ledge of the big blue rock formation floating in mid-air. Save here, as the following climb for the torch is legendary hard.


To the right of Lara there are two triangular slippery ledges and it is not easy to land onto them. Stand jump diagonally to land on the first, then a small stand banana jump to land on the next one (see this screenshot for reference).




From there you have to jump onto the ledge to the right and around the corner. From there you have a nice view of the building with large blue crystal in the middle. However, you have to climb further. Turn to face the blue rock you're standing on, and look up and to the right. Shimmy into the nearer outer corner of the ledge you are standing on, and stand jump to grab the edge of the alcove with the crystal. Shimmy  to the right and pull up. Climb one step further onto the rock to the right and pick up the TORCH. All you need to do now is return to that island with the fireplace. It is not easy. With your torch in the hand, standing directly on other torches, turn to face N and stand jump onto the slanted blocks ahead. With a bit of luck, you will land on the ledge with a crystal below. From there, you have to stand jump three times across two triangular ledges until you reach the next ledge with a crystal. Now you have to run jump across three floating ledges until you reach the island with fireplace (watch out to land on the part of the rock which is free from the crystal). Once back there, ignite the torch and run jump back into the building with four big vases. Ignite them to lower a trapdoor and also, to drop a pushable object down to the lower level. Now move this object and place it under all three tiles on which the small friendly ghosts are standing. Each time you find the correct position, the blue lightning will let you know about it. Once you did that, the fire on that island will stop burning and you'll see a camera shot of it. Run jump to land near the fire and explore it: you will obtain your first crystal: PURPLE CRYSTAL, the first of three you need.


If you want to do some more acrobatics on that big floating rock with torches, in order to get the secret, be my guest. So, jump again from the island with no-more-burning fireplace and across three floating rocks until you reach the big blue rock. Jump around across two triangular ledges as the first time, and onto the square ledge with a crystal around the corner. Jump to grab the alcove as you did the first time, and climb onto the rock above, but do not climb further from there onto the ledge with torches. Instead, face N and drop on the very left edge near the crystal below. Walk around the crystal counter clockwise and go onto the triangular ledge to the right. Stand on the right-most edge of this triangular rock and jump up to grab the crevice in the big blue rock. Shimmy to the right until you can drop down onto the rock with the GOLDEN CROSS. Pick it up, follow the crevice back to the ledge with crystal, and from there, you have to make a hard running banana jump around the corner of the big rock, to grab the square ledge near two triangular ledges. Once there, return to the island with the fireplace and run jump into the building to the right.


BLUE CRYSTAL: Once you obtained the crystal, you can return via the floating rocks and through the seahorse gate back to the next floating island. Once there, walk around the circle of fire counter clockwise and run jump onto the first floating rock N. Repeat the same run jump until you reach the last floating rock, where the camera angle changes. Jump up to grab the monkey swing ceiling above and traverse along the ledge until you can drop onto the next floating rock below. From there run jump S to land on the left side of the next rock (because the crystal is placed on the right side of it), and turn right. Stand jump from the corner onto the next rock, then turn W and walk around the crystal to where you can take a standing jump to grab the next rock. Pull up and run and jump onto the block diagonally on the right. Walk carefully around the crystal here and run jump to land on the last floating rock. Jump onto the platform with the switch and save. Use the lever to disable the burning floor temporarily, run around the ledge and sprint along the disabled burning floor W. Quickly pick up the BLUE CRYSTAL and sprint back to the safe part of the platform. NOTE: If you cannot manage this timed run, there is a useful glitch you can use to return back to the safe part of the platform: pick up the crystal and grab the edge of the platform. Shimmy back to the safe side of the platform and pull up.


Now you have to return to the crossroads of the floating rocks. First stand jump onto the nearest rock, stand jump with grab onto the next one, go around the crystal and jump onto the next rock. Stand jump or stand jump with Grab across all other floating rocks until you come to the monkey swing. Traverse back to the floating rock there, run jump onto the next rock, stand jump to grab onto the other, and run jump to land on the last floating rock. Finally, run jump to land on the island and walk to the right towards the floating rock on the W edge of the island. Pick up BULLETS if you had not done it the first time. Run jump to land onto the first rock, then run jump to grab the left (lower) edge of the next stone. Walk to the highest edge of this rock and run jump to grab the next one. Run jump to land on the last floating rock and finally run jump to land on the island with sarcophagus. Straight ahead there are three gates with receptacles for the crystals, but the entrance is blocked by a huge grey pillar. You have to lower this pillar and find the third crystal, before you return here near the end of the level.


OPENING THE EXIT: Run jump to land on the island S, with a big structure and four moveable orbs. You will see a switch on the supporting pillar, but don' use it as yet. Climb onto one ledge above and jump to land on the ledge with the orb and raised block. Push/pull the orb onto this raised block, drop down and use the switch to lower that block with the orb on top of it, and to raise another block. Pull the orb on the lowered block back once to place it onto the marked tile. Climb to the upper ledge again and now move the second orb onto the raised block. Use the switch below again to lower this second block with the orb. Place the orb on its nearest marked tile, and move two other orbs on their corresponding marked tiles. The blue lightning will indicate each time you place the orb on its correct spot. Doing this will lower the big block at the island with three gates (N). Once you have all crystals, you can run jump there and use the crystals in their receptacles.


If you want a secret on this island, go to the S side of the island. Near the edge S there is a bluish crystal "growing up" from the ground. Stand on the same tile as this crystal and blast the crystal with a grenade. The GOLDEN CROSS will appear, but only if you stand at the same tile when you blow the crystal up.


ORANGE CRYSTAL: Now, go to the W side of the island with four orbs. Run jump to land onto the floating rock there. Run jump to grab the next block, then again the next. Pull up and run jump to grab the block with the burner. Do not pull up but shimmy into the left corner. There you can pull up and be safe from the flame. When the burner goes off, run and jump to grab the next burner. While hanging, shimmy to the left and just around the corner there. When the flame goes off, pull up and run jump to land on the safe and bit larger ledge. There is a building on the S side, but you need to open its gate first, so keep going N. Stand jump to grab the burning ledge, pull up into the corner and wait for the burner to go off. Run and jump onto the safe ledge ahead. Save your game here. From there, stand jump to grab the higher ledge with the crevice. Shimmy along the crevice to the other side and drop to grab the JS below. Quickly press Camera button to cut the camera flyby and return back to Lara's perspective. From the JS you will land onto the slanted block. So press Jump and land onto the next slanted block. Slide to the edge and jump without Action to land on the very edge of the burning ledge. Wait for the burner to subside, then run and steer to the right. Jump and grab the higher ledge there. Pull up, run jump onto the burning ledge when the burner goes off and quickly stand jump from the edge to grab the safe and longer ledge ahead. Keep jumping across the floating ledges leading S to the big building where you have just opened the gate. Inside the building you can see a huge blue crystal floating in the middle.


From the entrance, jump diagonally to the right to land on the window there. Now, walk to the S end of this ledge and face the big blue crystal. You have to run jump onto the crystal and bounce off of it backwards in order to land inside the second window on this side of the building. So, make a running jump facing the same direction as Lara on this screenshot and land inside the second window, or perform a very hard running banana jump around the supporting pillar in order to get there - depending on what you find easier to do.




Once in that window, run jump diagonally to land inside the next window around the corner. In this window, take a look outside to the ledges and run jump to get to the nearest. From there run jump to land on the next ledge and jump up to climb onto the ledge above. Stand jump to land on the burner ledge when the flame goes off and walk to the W edge. When the burner is off, run jump to grab the ledge W. Walk around the crystal and perform a running jump to land on the next ledge W around the corner to the right (a bit steering to the right in mid-air is necessary). From there, run jump with Action to land in the window of the building. Jump to land exactly on the corner of the burning ledge inside the building and walk/shimmy along the edge into the NE corner, from where you have to run jump to land on the ledge ahead. Run jump from there to land on the ledge E, and finally, stand jump to land on the ledge SE, outside the building.


Run jump from there to land on the burner ledge when the flame is off and turn right there. Jump up to grab the edge of the building roof and pull up. Run jump diagonally to land on the roof ledge on the N side, and turn towards the blue crystal (S). From here you can see a crystal lying on the big blue crystal in the middle. Run jump to land on that triangular ledge and pick up ORANGE CRYSTAL. The easiest way to return to the entrance is to run jump back onto the ledge N. From there you can drop onto the small ledge below, from where you can jump with action to land into the window with the raised gate below. From there, you have to run jump onto the floating rocks, until you land on the corner of the burning ledge. From there, run jump with grab to the right, towards the next burning ledge. A couple of more running jumps with grab and you will land back on the island with four orbs. From there you can run jump to land on the island with three gates (N). Use three crystals to open three gates and enter the room with another portal. You have to stand on the step in front of the portal, facing portal. Press Action to pick up the GHOSTBUSTER that is invisible and is supposed to be found by intuition. The portal will open and you will be able to return to Beth's house.




Level one: BETH'S HOME


Just approach the gate ahead and it will open for you. Crawl through the passage and climb out into Cindy's courtyard. From there, go directly towards the NW corner of the courtyard, where you will find a passage with trees, leading to the Cemetery level.




Level five: THE CEMETERY


When you enter the courtyard of the cemetery chapel, go right around the chapel and locate a triangular opening in the rocks behind the chapel. Jump in with Action and use the switch there to open a trapdoor inside the chapel. Return to the chapel entrance, open it with the crowbar and go through the passage to the tomb. There are three closed gates here, with two movable knight statues. Push/pull the two statues so that they can stand to the left and right of the gate E. The gate S will open for you so enter the big hall there. In the big hall, you have to push four knight statues toward the centre of the room as far as they will go. Once you do it, crawl into the opening near the candle in the passage E, and climb the ladder almost to the top. Back flip with Roll and Action to grab the JS behind Lara and open the gate above. Climb the ladder again almost to the top and back flip with Roll and Action to grab the edge of the opening and pull up. Enter a small room with opened trapdoor and statue. Push this statue from the back side into the opening ahead and drop down through the trapdoor. The door S has opened by dropping the big statue down, so use the switch there to trigger an amazing flyby: four knight statues energize the main statue and open the gate back near the entrance to the chapel. NOTE: You have FIRST to open the trapdoor by pressing that button outside, and then to push the statue through the opening. If you first push the statue onto the trapdoor and then open the trapdoor by pressing the button outside, the door S will remain closed.


Before you leave the small room with the switch, remember three wall tiles on the wall with the switch. You can see a tree, a star and a horse on these tiles. Run across the chamber to N, go through the N gate that opened at the entrance and enter the room with five switches. In order to open the gate E, you have to press three correct switches. So, use the hint you got at the first switch and press the switch behind which you can see a tile with a tree, a star and a horse. The gate opposite the chapel entrance will open, so return there and go through. Climb the ladder to the closed gate and flip backwards to land in the alcove with a switch. Use the switch to open the gate and jump across the shaft to enter the graveyard.


Run straight ahead towards the W all the way up to the fence. The second tree from the left along the W fence is climbable. So climb it until Lara is standing above the top of the tree, then jump backwards to land on the roof and pull up. You will find the GOLDEN CROSS here. Take it and drop down to the ground.


Go towards the building in the SE corner of the cemetery. If you look through the closed gate, you can see some torches there. Go around this building to the right and find a JS on the wall, directly behind a tree. Use it to open the gate to the building, return there and pick up a TORCH. In a camera shot you will see another swarm of fireflies near the grave directly ahead. Go there (stand on the tile where the swarm of fireflies stands). Look to the right and locate another swarm of fireflies behind the big tree. Go there and stand between the fireflies. In order to locate where the third swarm of fireflies appears, look towards the E and go there. Notice a ghost inside the fenced corner to the left. Take a look to the right (S) and spot another swarm of fireflies (directly in front of the fireplace). Go there. If you followed the fireflies correctly, the fire on the fireplace will ignite and you will be able to lit your torch. Once you do that, find five golden burners around the cemetery and ignite them to open the gate to the third building in the cemetery.


Go to NW and climb down the ladder inside the building there. Use the floor lever to open the gate to the ghost in NE corner. Climb up again and run into the area with the ghost, where you've just opened the gate. Approach the ghost and press Action to pick up the GHOST OF PAST CHRISTMASS with you. NOTE: You can find the ghost here only if you previously visited the Spectral Realm level and found the Ghostbuster. Now you can return to Beth's house, by climbing down the ladder in the building in SW corner, and via the chapel at the beginning of the level.




Level one: BETH'S HOUSE


As soon as you return to Cindy's courtyard, go around the house and back into the Beth's courtyard. Turn left there and go all around the Beth's house near that gate you first opened by the crowbar. Take a careful look around, near the fence and locate the white, almost invisible female ghost. Approach it and press Action to take the GHOST OF FUTURE CHRISTMASS. Now you need to return to the level Crypt of Treasures, to that hall where you met the ghost. Enter Beth's house and go through the small door below the staircase.




Level two: CRYPT OF TREASURES (third visit)


Return to the hall where you talked to the ghost (via the switching ledges pool). Approach the big gate and find two brown floor tiles to the left and right of your friend ghost. Remain facing W. You have to stand a step or two in front of the brown square in order to make this puzzle work. If you positioned Lara correctly, she will place one ghost on the brown tile. Repeat the same with another ghost and floor tile to open the big gate ahead and finish the game. Watch two flybys and screen with your statistics.




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