The English Countryside

Level by BigFoot

Walkthrough by manarch2

Search for a Small Medipack NE under some books, then head N and into the bathroom. In the shower in the NE corner you can find the Lasersight. Back in the starting room search for a pushable to the S of the bed. Push it as far as possible, turn right and push the second pushable as far as you can. Pick up the Blue Gem and head in the other direction of the newly created crossing to find a lever. Use it to open a door in another room, head back in the bedroom and then E to the pool room. Enter the open door, head left at the junction and enter another pool room. Dive in the water, swim through the passage and climb out at the end. In the SW corner find and use a lever behind the plant, which opens the E door. Enter and climb in the NE crawlspace, follow the tunnel to where you can use a jumpswitch. Return to the previous room, before exiting through the just opened door head SE into the bathroom and take the Revolver from the pool with you. Now enter the open door, climb down the ladder and then climb up another one.

In the larger library hall enter the E passage, climb the ladder, backflip at the top and look to the middle of the N wall to spot a lion's mouth. Shoot the diamond in it with the Revolver and the Lasersight (opens a door near the start) then enter the S passage and climb the ladder. Backflip and dive into the pool. Ignore the passage in here for now, only get the Artifact in the NW corner. Now climb out, get back down to the floor level and return all the way to the passage with the very first door you've opened, near the start. Enter the newly opened door in the other branch of the passage, head up the ramp and enter the kitchen to the right. Pick up a Large Medipack and Revolver Ammo from the shelves to each side of the TV, then head back out and place the Artifact to open the door. Head into the garden, kill a boar, then pick up Flares NW and head SE in the corner. Pick up a Small Medipack and search for the fake wall which is actually a two-click crawlspace at the raised level block at the S wall. Enter and pick up a Crowbar at the end, then head back out and into the building. Don't care for the outside receptacles yet, but backtrack all the way into the library.

Climb the ladders to the top and dive into the pool, swim into the E passage and climb out. Pry the first Golden Star off the wall, then dive into the water, climb out N and enter the N fireplace. Push the block in until a right passage is revealed. Pick up a Blue Gem, then push the block behind it to the end, then finally pry the second Golden Star off the wall. With those items you can backtrack all the way into the garden area. Place the two Blue Gems in the W receptacles, enter the new courtyard and kill another two boars. Mount the bike and drive through the NW passage. When you drive over another boar, climb off the bike and enter the hidden passage in the N wall at the left turn. Pry a third Golden Star off, then head back, open the closed door with the lever and drive the bike in the pool room, afterwards get off again. Inside place two Golden Stars on the N receptacles to open the door. Mount the bike, drive up the ramp and get off in the next room. Get the Holy Grail (there's nothing in the vases), then head into the N passage, open the next door with the last Golden Star. Slide down the ramp to the street and approach the horse to finish this level.