Level by MBog

Walkthrough by manarch2

Take the Small Medipack from the table, then exit this room through the SE passage. Go around the walkway to the far SE, enter a room and climb the table to get a Key and use a lever. Move a pushable from the S onto the marked tile nearby. Head back out to the walkway and then W, enter the door and get down the ramp, then through another door to the lower stage. Place the Key S to open the door. Drop down in the next room (the lasers won't vulnerate you this way) and climb the ladder into the laboratory. Kill a robot (the woman is friendly and helps you in the fights), jump over the pipes and before using the button climb the boxes to the upper walkway where you can find the Shotgun, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Now get down and use the button. Four zombies attack, so kill them. There is no finish trigger, so quit this level manually.