Level by MBog

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara slides down into a moat. Swim NW, pull up onto a slope and back flip onto a veranda. Jump over the slope in front of the closed gate and push the pot onto the marked tile. The gate opens, so pull up, slide down and enter the temple. Two slow boulders roll down toward you, the first from the left and the second from the right. They're easy to elude. (The level is called "A Speed Raiding," but I saw no reason to hurry along.)

Continue up the ramp to a room with lava and flame blowers. Climb up onto either of the blocks to your right or left, wait for the flames to subside, then hop down and run forward to the block ahead. Pull up, step down to the lower block ahead and take a tricky running jump (keep the up arrow depressed) either N or S, as the case may be, and land on a ledge against the wall. Take a running jump and grab the higher block W, pull up and jump to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing toward the center of the room, then turn W toward the wide crawl space. Release, grab the edge and pull up into a new room with two pots and four corner pits partially filled with water.

Go up the left side of the W ramp until you trigger a boulder, then run back down and to the side to avoid it. Go back up the left side of the ramp to trigger a second boulder much higher up. Reverse roll, but instead of running back down veer sharply to your left. You'll trigger a skeleton spike fence, but there are plenty more of the same along the right side of the ramp. Therefore, go back to the left side and continue to the top.

Look forward to see three lava traps and a spiked ceiling. Hop down to your left and sprint across the room. Jump up onto the W ledge to escape the lowering spikes. Go to the skeleton on your right and try to grab it by the skull. Lara goes into "see no evil" mode while the skeleton slides back all by itself. Step forward and pick up the BA CARTOUCHE that looks suspiciously like a gem. Hop down, run across the room and run down the right side of the ramp this time (to avoid triggering the remaining skeleton spike fences).

In the room below, if you do the logical thing and move the pots onto the marked tiles near the center of the room, you'll be set aflame. Maybe that's why the water pits are there. Pull back the left pot only (that's the only one you need) and move it onto its corresponding tile to raise a block in the W alcove. Run to the nearest water pit to douse the flames, use a medipack to restore your health, and climb up onto the raised block. Pull up into an outdoor area with a closed gate in the W wall. However, your gem fits nicely in the snake head receptacle to the right of the gate.

Slide down the slope past the opened gate to alert a quartet of raptors in the clearing down below. Poisonous raptors, at that. You'll surely need a medipack or two if you survive this ordeal. Pick up a SKELETON KEY near the N wall and use it to open the W gate. Hop down and run forward into the darkness to end the level.