Level by MBog


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


The compass points correctly, but only because you see it as a mirror image.  You get only three flares, but you need many more than that, so use them wisely or manufacture an extra supply.  



Lara begins in a dark room with a brain-numbing earthquake.  Not a good start.  However, all you do is turn around and walk S to open the exit door and stop the earthquake.


As the enter the dark, blood-stained hallway, the door closes behind you.  A nervous alien does not seem to detect your presence.  Go right and around the corner.  Climb the block at the end of the hallway and pull up into the crawl space.  At the intersection pick up assorted 3 X ammo and a CROSSBOW that seems to shoot bullets.  Loop around to the right for the SHOTGUN and a box of shells.  Go back the other way and get the UZIS and 2 x uzi ammo.  Drop down through the opening onto the block below.


Run along the hallway to the NE branch.  Pull down the switch in the S wall to open the door to your left.  Safety drop down the shaft into shallow water occupied by a swimming alien.  Quickly swim to the E end and pull up onto either the NE or SE block to raise the water level.  Swim up to the top, climb out and deal with the alien.  Wade up the ramp and pull up onto a walkway.  Go around to the W end and pull up through a break to a higher walkway.  Go to the NW corner, where a door opens upon your approach.


Enter a well-lit control room where two more nervous aliens are running about.  They'll soon occupy themselves with a wall or a column and leave you alone.  Head into the N passage and drop into the water shaft.  Swim down and follow the duct to a dark room where you'll find the Queen Mother and one of her kiddies.  Run quickly E and hop onto the block near the wall.  Pull down the wall switch to open a gate against the S wall.  Run there, climb up onto the lighter block on the right and pull up into the crawl space.  Crawl forward to make your escape and end the level.