Merveillous Mix

Level by Quentin

Walkthrough by manarch2

Don't use the jumpswitch behind you yet, first get the Revolver behind the N pillars, then climb the E block, jump to the W structure and get 11x Revolver Ammo. Drop down and use the W jumpswitch, kill two harpies and head through the open door to the S. In the next room take the Shotgun from the central platform, this alerts four skeletons you can only avoid. Follow the S passage until you arrive in a room with deadly tiles; use the two jumpswitches, head N and kill a demigod. In the next room you can shoot the skeletons into the pit; get on the SW structure, take the Shotgun and 6x Shotgun Ammo from the pit and head N into the room. Kill a demigod and two harpies, then enter the N room and head through it to finish this level.