Tomb Raider – The Crystal Skulls – Part 2


Levels by Matie and Tombraider95


Walkthrough by manarch2



- For faster shimmying, just press the Sprint button.

- You can use Alt + Forward for the out-of-crawlspace roll.

- To get out of the boat, press Del + Left/Right.


Level 1 – Vanuatu – Shore (1st visit)


Author: Matie

Secrets: 2


Filling up your Inventory


After the starting cutscene you find yourself in a large underwater cave (I'll call this place the start from now on). The Vanuatu Key from your last adventure is already in your backpack, but it is for much later. Turn SW and swim through the foliage-covered opening in the wall to pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, a Small Medipack and the Silver Secret for Secret #1. Swim back out and follow the cave N – you might want to get air first –, pick up a package of Flares and then enter the N passage. Use an underwater lever to your left at the end which opens a door somewhere on the shore. Now return to the starting point and swim up to get air. You'll return later in this underwater cave. For another item, you can swim N and take the first right path. Swim into the spikes which magically disappear, revealing a Large Medipack. Return to where you came from and now head S around the block. Spot a triangular passage and pick up Shotgun Ammo and the Bronze Secret for Secret #2. Swim back out (best is to align Lara with the middle of the gap to manage it) and now take the E route. Climb out on the shore and kill a parrot. Head SE, shoot a vase and take the Shotgun Ammo with you, then get further E, pick up Crossbow Ammo and then work your way clockwise around the water and NW. Get a Small Medipack.


First Coin


Now head forwards and jump on the small triangular tile which is safe. Head forwards as far as you can and run-jump into the SW cave. Pass through the crawlspace, ignore the passage to your left and run up the ramp ahead of you, on top stand-jump over the slope and down into a room which can be seen from the waterside too, where the first of four important items in this level is hidden. Use the lever to the left of the ladder, kill two bats and climb up the ladder again. Head into the previously ignored passage, avoid the traps and jump up the ramp. Duck and kill a cobra around the corner (in the vase are Flares), then crawl through the narrow tunnel, climb several blocks at the end and when you slide down another slope, jump forwards to avoid the hole because a boulder is on your toes. Head forwards, use the jumpswitch and the ledge below you breaks, leading you back into the room with the first Coin which you can pick up now. If you want to safe health you can backflip after the jumpswitch and safety-drop down in the cave.


Lara: “I'll need to get three more of these.“


The door in front of you opens, head through and dive into the water. In the N you can find a Small Medipack.


Second Coin


Swim all the way back to the start and dive down in the underwater cavern. A gate has opened E so swim through and use the underwater lever to open the N door. Swim through, find an air hole and use a nearby underwater lever, then head further in the tunnel. Pick up more Flares and follow the linear path into a larger cave. Before doing anything else you can get air high up NW. Now swim down S, take two Small Medipacks with you and search for an underwater lever on the S side of that building. A gate opens in the N; swim in and use another underwater lever. This opens the lower door into that building (E side), get air first and then swim in. Use the lever left of the entrance first (indicated by the blue lights), then the other one. Turn around, take the second Coin from the pedestal (notice the door opening on the shore) and swim out where more spikes lowered. After another trip for air you can swim straight down in the roof of the building; use another underwater lever to open another door somewhere on the shore. You now can swim up through the S shaft and return outside again; return all the way to the beach and climb out of the water.


Into the Cage Room


Head S and spot the first opened door, head in and step on the crumbly tile, stand roughly in the middle, then backflip onto the slope, jump up and grab a jumpswitch. After sliding down quickly sideflip left to avoid a boulder. Drop in the gap where the boulder fell down after breaking that tile, jump over the boulder and take Crossbow Ammo with you. Climb back out, ignore the crawlspace and backflip again on the slope, this time jump to grab a higher ledge. Hoist up, pick up a Small Medipack and turn around. Stand-jump to the ledge ahead, turn again and jump up to the high ledge from the SE corner of the ledge. Crawl in the tunnel and follow it around the corner. Drop in the gap and immediately grab the ledge again to avoid the blade trap. Now get in the other tunnel, safety-drop down at the end and you arrive in a room with a cage. Kill an attacking snake and use the jumpswitch on the NE pillar.


Lara: “I need to get what's inside that cage. It might help me with better aiming.“


Get into the W crawlspace and at the crossing drop down into the S gap. Make sure that you slide down forwards though...


The Scope


When the camera changes prepare for a jump towards that pole, as soon as you grab it you have to swing forwards and jump so that the boulder will miss you. The danger isn't over yet – behind a corner another boulder awaits you. Slide down and when Lara drops onto a flat tile quickly head into the low right passage. You're not quite safe yet though; a raptor attacks so kill him before you can take a rest. Head NW and jump up the rocks here, then up to the S ledge above the entrance. Kill a cobra and use the lever to open a door in the cage room. Two bats attack; after killing them turn E and run-jump to the jumpswitch on the far wall. This does not only open a door in a pole room somewhere else, but also the NW exit door. Head in the passage and enter the teleporter to get beamed back into the cage room. Again make your way into the W crawlspace, this time head left at the crossing and climb up the ledge. Use the monkeyswing to get to the E side, backflip onto the slope and jump to grab the ledge. Hoist up in the next room, carefully climb the ledge ahead and when the fire emitter just vanishes quickly take the Cage Key from the pedestal. Drop down all the way into the cage room (to get to the floor either monkeyswing/crawl back or take a curved run-jump over the spikes). Use the Cage Key SE behind the spikes to lower the block behind you. Pull the rope to finally lift the cage; you can jump back over the spikes and pick up the Scope now. A block lowers in the NW crawlspace; crawl through the passage and find yourself back in the room with the boulder and the breaktile. Drop into the gap and climb out on the other side.


Into the Pole Cave


Back outside you now have to head all the way N, passing the building with the receptacles on the right and enter the cave at the end. Oh, and did you notice the dry gap along the way? You have to remember it for later. Get through the door opened ages ago and climb the pole at the end. Backflip on the S ledge and from here run-jump into the N doorway; you can use the left and right ledges to your advantage here. Slide down the slope and hang Lara off the ledge at the end. When you can see the boulder passing you rolling to your right, drop Lara and roll. Wait for the boulder to come back, then sideflip left and quickly stand-jump up to the ledge ahead, climb up and use the lever to open a trapdoor where the boulder can take a rest. After using the lever there is no danger anymore (don't get irritated – the spikes are not vulnerable anymore even if you can see them still). It's also possible to directly jump in the cave without using the lever, after the sideflip quickly run up the ramp and when the spikes are gone you can jump up. To use the lever, then, you can jump in the alcove from the slope with the spikes.


Third Coin


Either way, watch the flyby showing you the large cave with many fires and poles. In the middle of the S wall is a passage; enter, kill two bats and get through the trap. Use the timed lever at the end which lets two more poles appear in the previous room. Quickly head back to the cave, to the NW corner and run-jump with a midair turn on the slope, jump up to grab the first pole, directly jump to the second and from there to the safe S ledge. When the SE fire goes out stand-jump to the lower pole and quickly to the E ledge. Stand-jump to the N pole, wait for the fire on the next pole to vanish and jump to said pole and directly to the far N ledge. Kill a cobra and run-jump to a safe tile on the far W ledge. Use the lever in the corner to lower the cage, then run-jump onto the upper bridge. Head up N and jump up a W slope to use the lever; the fire emitter only works in intervals now. Head back (killing another two bats) and you now can take the third Coin from the pedestal. Make your way down to the floor again, exit through the E passage and climb back up in the upper passage where you once came from. Jump up the slope, drop down in the chamber with the pole and exit.


The Crossbow and the First Blue Gem


Outside the rain has started, do you remember the dry gap to the W of the buildings where you can place the Coins? It's filled with water now. Head back there, kill a parrot, dive in and swim through a very narrow space. Climb out at the end of the tunnel and in this cave you first have to shoot three little dinos. Search the room for a Small Medipack, Crossbow Ammo (on a NW pedestal) and a skeleton you can push away to get the Crossbow in the SW corner. Three raptors attack so kill them and enter the newly revealed N room. Take a Large Medipack and climb in the right passage where you have to shoot two bats. Climb in the crawlspace ahead and in the next room kill a raptor and two little dinos. Use the NE lever to open a door somewhere in the water outside. Return through the crawlspace and drop out. Before leaving this area though, climb the ladder opposite the crawlspace and grab the Blue Gem. Quickly sideflip as the blades start to go up. Shatter the vases for Flares and Shotgun Ammo, then get down the ladder again and head back out of the tunnel, into the cave (saying hello to another raptor) and then back in the S water hole. Swim and climb back outside. I'd recommend not to use the Coins right now but when you return from the second level. Get into the water again; make your way all the way W in the far cave (further W of the area with the first item) and spot the water hole shown in a previous cutscene. Swim down and follow the passage until you'll be taken to the next level.



Level 2 – Vanuatu – Caves (1st visit)


Author: Matie

Secrets: 1


Second Blue Gem


The stream takes you down a waterfall. Head forwards to realize you've landed in a large, half-flooded cave. Jump to the NE ledge and place the Blue Gem on the receptacle (can be done later), but you'll need another one to lower the central cage. Dive into the water and swim down in the central shaft below the cage platform to use an underwater lever. This one opens a door in the upper parts of the cave; the one to your right stays closed until the end of the level. You can get out of the water by climbing out on the E side, then take a run-jump N. Climb the N rock structures and spot the open door in a NW crawlspace. Follow it and arrive in a room with two closed doors and a boulder being arrested behind one of them. Pass the ramps and use the lever to open the door to the boulder. When the boulder moves away from the door run up the ramp and quickly into the right, triangular, passage. Turn around at the end and use the jumpswitch to open a door in the previous crawlspace. Return all the way there, avoiding the boulder again, and crawl in. Pick up the second Blue Gem – but the door closes behind you, while two trapdoors to the left and right open. The right path is always deadly so take the left one, don't jump until the very end (to avoid another boulder) and only above the hole the boulder fell in.


Fourth Coin


Kill a raptor and notice the item below the fire emitter. Jump on the lower part of the block, then run on the highest part and stand-jump up to grab the edge of the slope. Climb up, backflip with a midair turn and grab the edge after sliding down. Shimmy right and drop to grab the jumpswitch. This deactivates the fire emitter above the item so jump up there and pick up the Gate Key. Now make your way up like the first time (up the block, grab the slope, backflip with midair turn, grab the ledge, shimmy right), but this time climb up to the standable ledge SW. Stand in the SE corner, face exactly N and jump up to the slope, then immediately to the high pole from where you can get into the E opening. Crawl further until you can climb up again, follow the passage and pass all the blade traps. At the end you arrive at the top of the large cave. If you found the Gate Key, jump to the central ledge with the burners going around and then (carefully) to the far alcove. Place the Gate Key and enter the next room to find a Small Medipack, Shotgun Ammo, Crossbow Ammo and the Gold Secret for Secret #1 (3). Return outside again and drop into the water. Make your way back on the N rocks again, climb them up halfway and then jump to the SW ledge where you can place the second Blue Gem. A cutscene shows the central cage lowering. Run-jump to the N ledge of the central platform, hoist up and get the fourth and last Coin from the pedestal. The underwater door below opens, so hop down into the water, dive in the tunnel which will take you back into the previous level.



Level 1 – Vanuatu – Shore (2nd visit)


Placing the Coins


Swim through the passage and get up in the well-known outside area. Since you now have all four Coins, you can go and place them now. Swim back all the way E to the beach and climb out of the water. Head N and place the first two Coins in the E building. Now head to the N side of this building. There is a triangular tile you can stand on, and right of it is a slope. Stand on the highest (NW) part of that tile, turn S and sideflip left on the slope, then jump aiming slightly to the right to grab the pole overhead. Swing and jump (holding Forwards all the way) to reach the top of the building. Use the Look key to get rid of the fixed camera, then jump to the SE slope, slide down and grab the ledge. Shimmy right all the way and around the corner, climb up and place the third Coin. The last receptacle is not accessible yet; since you have the Crossbow and the Scope though, you can combine them and shoot at the ball on top of that far SW waterfall. Two poles appear so you can use them to get to the other side, and place the final Coin. The large wooden door E opens so drop down and slide down the slope; the level changes shortly afterwards.



Level 3 – Vanuatu – Catacombs


Author: Tombraider95

Secrets: 3


Preparing the Way to the First Mask


Watch the starting cutscene showing you yet another large and half-flooded cave. After regaining control over Lara first head left and kill the tribesman who wasn't quite aware of your presence until now. Afterwards head N along the path and search for a pushable part of the E wall. Push it in once, get through the crawlspace and find Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and the Bronze Secret for Secret #1 (4). Return out and head further N along the shore, jump to the NW ledge and then further N. Climb the E rocks and enter the alcove. Inside you can shatter the vases for Shotgun Ammo. Return to the entrance of the alcove, jump up to grab a monkeyswing. Get to the other side (be careful not to fall down into the water; best is to align Lara at the start) and enter the passage to use a floor lever. A trapdoor opens in the water; head outside and dive in the water, swim down in the passage and follow it to an underwater door you have to open yourself. Use the underwater lever in the tunnel behind to open up a trapdoor on top of a ladder in the large cave.


First Tribal Mask


Swim back all the way and up, then towards the rock formation with the ladder. Pick up Flares to the left, then swim to the formation's W side and climb it up. Use the ladder to get to the higher cave. Pick up more Flares on the floor and from the pedestal the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo. A tribesman appears so kill him and follow through the S cave until you can drop down several blocks. From the safe higher ledge you can kill three tribesmen on the floor level of this area. Head over the SE ledges and run-jump onto the roof of the building. Drop in the gap and push a button to open the door into the building; to get there, climb out of the hole, run onto the slope and you'll get carried to the front of it. Inside jump over the small pool and grab the first Tribal Mask (of two) which has rested on the pedestal, but quickly hop back to avoid a falling boulder. Kill a tribesman who comes jumping over the pool, then return out of this building and spot the open door to your left. Head out there and you'll soon arrive back in the large cavern from the start. Don't forget the Small Medipack along the way.


Second Tribal Mask


Back in the cave head a bit W and jump up the uneven rocks here as you can see a crawlspace up here, crawl through the passage and in the next room kill a bat and a cobra. Since you cannot place an item in the keyhole yet, simply dive into the water and swim down to the bottom. Head S and then W, use the underwater lever to drain the pool and afterwards return, pass the ladder and head NW. Pull the corpse of a dead soldier away, pick up the Skull Key from the soldier's original position and climb up the ladder to the top. Use the Skull Key on the previously seen receptacle to open a door a few metres down the shaft. You can access this one via the ladder. Head further until you can climb up to the right. Kill three bats, climb the pole and backflip into a higher room on top. Head W and before jumping down in the lower room jump over the gap and enter the W opening to find a Large Medipack. Now drop down into the next room and go N, jump over the spikes and take the second Tribal Mask with you, which activates a short earthquake. Afterwards head back all the way into the large cave, using the poles, the ladder and getting through the crawlspace. Thereon slide down, head W and pick up Shotgun Ammo along the way. In the NW you can place the two Tribal Masks to open the door to the next part of the level.


Platforming Intermezzo


In here you'll be greeted by a raptor, greet back and take the Shotgun Ammo from the NW corner with you. Head up the SW stairs and run-jump N to the ledge. Climb the NW corner block, jump to the E pole and get to the NE corner, from here to the S platform. Jump to the SW slope, safety-drop down and climb up the ladder to your left. Turn around and jump to the NW rope, on the far NW platform, then to the SW ledge. Run upstairs, turn around and spot the ladder. Climb it up and run over the bridge leading S, taking care of some breakable tiles. Don't worry, if you want you can still take a run-jump over all missing tiles. At the end turn right and jump to the W ledge, climb up another ledge and use the lever to open the (currently invisible) door to the right of you. Make your way back to the bridge and now jump E at the S end, climb up and follow the passage and kill a cobra along the way. Head to the end of the ledge, hop back once and take a run-jump to the first pole, jump to the second and from here to the W ledge. Jump over the sloped path to the S doors and enter the man-made hallway. Shoot the two raptors and carefully head up the stairs avoiding several arrow traps along the way.


The Crystal Skull and its Consequences


Enter the next room as the doors close behind you, take the Large Medipack from the central ledge and the N doors open. Kill two tribesmen and head in the passage where they came from, but you don't have to go upstairs since the only thing of interest is a timed button placed on the left pillar right at the bottom of the stairs. Push it in and sprint into the W room before the door closes again. Run up the steps and you can finally place the Vanuatu Key from the first adventure in the keylock to open the door. Enter the room.


Lara: “Well there's the skull! But first I 'll have to lift that cage.”


Nothing easier than that – head S and pull the rope to do just that. Kill a bat, head on the central ledge and pick up the Crystal Skull from the pedestal as a cutscene kicks in.


Zip: “There it is, the Crystal Skull. This is the real one, right?”

Lara: “Yes, this is definitely it.” (heads forward)

Zip: “Hey, watch out!” (Lara falls through a trapdoor)

Lara: “Great! Now I have to get out of here.”


After this cutscene head W and pick up the Shovel Piece 1 from the floor, you can hear a door opening. Get into the N crawlspace, through the just opened door and find Flares along the way. When you finally can stand up again, kill a bat and run down the ramp, drop one stage lower and kill another bat. During the next path the trick is to stay in the middle of the room. Run-jump over the gap between the blade traps, you can safely watch two boulders to both left and right. Jump down over a spike pit and head further around the larger lava gap. Spot a ladder on the N side, climb down and left into the alcove. Push the button to open a door further along the way, then climb back up the ladder to the top. Head N and jump over the next gap avoiding the blade pendulum.


First Catacomb Disc


Now head into the next room with many waterfalls. Dive in the water and swim E, below the E end of the central structure is a passage where you can use an underwater lever. This one opens the door E in this room, climb out there and enter. Jump in the water, swim W and pick up a Small Medipack, then get out of the water again, jump on the E ledge and then on the right of the water passage. Kill a cobra and climb the SE ladder to the top, get around the left corner and drop onto the high platform. Use the first of four levers on the upper levels, then jump to the NW pole, to the second (try to reach the right part to prepare for the next jump), then jump with a right curve into the NE alcove. Use the second lever, jump to the W pole and from here to the far W ledge where you can use the third lever. Head to the S part and jump up to grab a monkeyswing, get around the pillar and drop onto the SW ledge to pull the fourth and last lever. Drop down to the floor again. Four rooms have opened below the levers.


SW room: skeleton, Shotgun Ammo, jumpswitch (useless)

Lara: “Well that didn't seem to do anything useful.”

SE room: lever (important)

NW room: bat, button (important)

NE room: floor lever (triggers a skeleton, better don't use it at all)


You can shoot the skeletons in the water if you desire; after using the two important levers the E door in the hub room has opened, head in there, dive into the water and swim W to find the first Catacomb Disc. Climb back out and head all the way W into the room with the waterfalls.


Second Catacomb Disc


In the NW of it you can find Shotgun Ammo. Climb the ladder S and your next task is to work around the flatter ledges to the SE jumpswitch; you can shoot altogether three bats along the way. The path is rather obvious; if not, use the Binoculars. Afterwards the W door on floor level opens, also releasing a wraith you will have on your toes for quite some time, so better do the next tasks quick. Jump down (best in the water), enter the W door and run down the ramp. The door opens itself leading you into a room with a gravestone, but to that later. Head S and stand in front of the half-broken wall, then press Action to kick open the path. Get through the crawlspace and quickly head W to jump to the first of two ropes. You can get a secret now: Swing and jump in the middle N alcove to get a Small Medipack and the Silver Secret for Secret #2 (5), but that can be done later, when the wraith doesn't pose a danger anymore. If you do now, you can run-jump to the second rope. If not, jump from the first to the second rope and from here to the far W ledge. Push the floor lever to open a door in the E of the room, use the ropes to return there and enter the next chamber.


Lara: “Perhaps if I crouch by that gravestone, the spirit will leave me alone.”


Pick up the Shovel Piece 2 from the floor, which you can combine with the other piece to – you guessed it – a Shovel. Head back out.


Lara: “I can now make use of this shovel in the previous crypt.”


Get back through the crawlspace and into the first gravestone chamber. Spot a large “X” on the ceiling, head on the tile below (it's directly S of the gravestone) and face exactly in the direction of that stone. You might notice a strange collision when you spot the correct square. Press Action and Lara will start digging, after the cutscene drop into the hole and pick up the second Catacomb Disc from the middle. Climb back out, exit E and return up the ramp to the waterfall room. Place the two Discs to the left and right of the N door which opens as a result.


Path to the Boss Fight


Head down the watery slope and from above you might be able to kill any of the two snakes down in the water. Spot an impossible to reach crawlspace in the NW corner... it looks suspicious, so take out the binoculars and spot an invisible tile ahead. Run-jump to it, climb up and jump to that elusive crawlspace. Crawl in and find a Large Medipack, Crossbow Ammo and the Gold Secret for Secret #3 (6). Head back out and drop into the water, if you didn't shoot the inhabitants before you have to avoid them now best as possible. Climb out of the water E and up that block (here is a good place to use the Pistols) and jump to the N ledge. Push the timed button, quickly backflip into the water (best with a midair turn), swim S, climb up the raised block and turn N, jump up to grab and thereon climb the ladder before the block lowers again. Backflip with another midair turn and grab the ledge of the wooden platform, climb up and use the lever to raise two more blocks in the pool, those aren't timed though. Climb back to the E ledge, from here onto the first block, to the second, and finally to the NW rocks. Get through the crawlspace, kill a tribesman in the next room and pick up the Rusty Key he leaves. Spot a pushable block in the W wall and push/pull it below the N hole in the ceiling. Climb up into the higher room, pull the rope S of the hole where you came from and the starting fires indicate another normally invisible platform in the N part of the room. Jump there (the fires don't pose any danger) and then to the other side. Open the next door with the Rusty Key, enter the passage and slide down the slope into another large hall.


The Boss Fight


As soon as you step into this hall a cutscene shows you the boss appearing on the other side, starting to throw rays at you which have to be avoided. Head to the N part of “your” platform”, jump to another fire-indicated invisible tile N and from here to the far ledge to use a floor lever. Make your way back to the starting platform where a high block has risen. It serves you in two aspects; first it provides a hideout from the rays, second, if you climb on it from the S side, you can reach a monkeyswing on the ceiling. Do that and use it to get to the far SW passage, the rays won't pose a danger here. Follow it around a corner, drop on the walkway and at its end climb down the ladder to your left. Turn, run-jump to the pole and this way you can get into the N alcove. Pull a rope (a trapdoor behind you opens and a block raises out of the lava. Jump to the ladder behind you, climb and backflip onto the starting platform. Head N, drop down on the raising block and first jump N to find a Small Medipack. Return and jump to the S ledge below the platform, push the button to raise another block. Jump there and from here to the W ledge, push the button to see the boss exploding.


Final Dangers


Hop back on the previous block, turn around and jump to the SW crevice, shimmy left around the corner and drop down. Take a Large Medipack, backflip onto the slope and jump up to grab the ledge where you can climb up to the platform where the boss has recently vanished. Pick up the Guardian's Globe and place it W on the hand receptacle to open the exit door. As you approach the stairs an earthquake starts; head upstairs avoiding some arrows and on top pull the block in the left corner once, climb on it and from there in the higher room. Shoot another tribesman, avoid several falling rocks and carefully make your way up the stairs. Get through the crawlspace and pass the first moving wall. Next, stand at the right side, when the wall just moves to the left start running, jump over the blade and keep running forward to avoid another movable wall. Now run (don't jump) past the next (and last) wall. Kill a bat, head upstairs taking care of more falling debris and kill a tribesman. Head further, jump over the gap when the pendulum blade moves away and get on, be careful with the last debris at the corner – afterwards the earthquake stops for good. Run up the last part of the stairway and the level ends.



Level 2 – Vanuatu – Caves (2nd visit)


Back Outside


Lara:   “Looks like they didn't manage to get inside.”

Zip:     “So what do you think killed them?” 

Lara:    “Must have been the natives protecting the catacombs.” (inspects the namecard) “Huh...these are Kane's men!”

Zip:     “That guy has to learn that you don't need any support.”

Lara:     “I don't think they were here for support. I have a feeling they were here to collect the skull and leave me behind. If you know what I mean.”

Zip:     “Well he definitely can't be trusted.”

Lara:   “I know. Oh look! There's an address here for Kane's apartment. Located in Venice.”

Zip:     “And since he's in Mexico, it's probably empty, too!”                                                 

Lara:   “Perfect. It's about time I visited him anyway to see what he's up to. Distant relationships are always impractical.”


You now have the Namecard in your inventory. Head E and pick up Crossbow Ammo, then go S and dive into the pond. Swim to the SW corner where you can wade through the water. Follow the cave passage until you can spot a pole, before climbing it head left and pick up Crossbow Ammo. Now get up the pole and backflip to the ledge with the lever, use it and a door in the outside area opens. Make your way back there, dive down and swim through the open door in the S fence.


Boat Session


Spot and climb in the boat and jump down the S waterfall with it. Get out of the boat, head N and take a run-jump to grab the right hand ladder. Climb up and into the right alcove. From here run-jump W to the platform with the lever, use it (two bats attack) and the door below opens so you can get back in your boat and drive further through the passage and fall down to the lower floor. Again, climb out, head N and stand-jump to grab the ladder. This time, when you're high enough, backflip with a midair turn and grab the ledge sticking out of the wall, and from here jump into the S passage, opposite of the one you came from. Shoot a bat, wade through the water until you reach a larger room and kill a last raptor. Search the grass for Shotgun Ammo, then pull the dead soldier away to reveal the Gate Key. Return all the way through the narrow waters, jump back to the last platform and from here to the NE corner ledge where you can place the Gate Key. Pick up Crossbow Ammo and get into the boat again. Drive through the newly opened gate and into the open sea to conclude this great adventure.