Level by IvanTRFan.


Walkthrough by José.


Twenty secrets to find.




Slide down the ramp, approach the junction, shoot a ninja and pick up the revolver ammo he drops. Go left (S) to pick up SECRET #1 (All secrets are golden Ankhs). Go N, shoot another ninja and pick up his uzi clips; jump over the first spiked pit avoiding the swinging blades. From this central ledge take a running jump to the N opening and go inside the crawlspace for SECRET #2. Jump the next pit and continue W until the floor breaks under your feet; pick up SECRET #3 near the corner and swim to a pool room with several vases; quickly climb a ledge and shoot the crocs.



Dive and explore the lower parts of the ledges near the walls to find three underwater ceiling levers and SECRET #4 in the floor too. Pulling all three levers will lower a block near the W wall, exposing a couple of switches. The vases in the NW and SW corners are moveable. Your goal here is to move these vases all the way to the E side where the other (non-moveable) vases are and place them on the same rectangular tiles forming a row. Each switch lowers and raises some blocks, not only in its corresponding wall side, but in the other wall too. So pull the switches to know what blocks are triggered in the N and S walls and proceed to move the vases all the way to the E side and place them in the corresponding floor marked tiles. Also you can get SECRET #5 in the S side when lowering a block. When all vases are placed, the high door in the W wall opens.



Time the fires in the corridor (crawl under the last one) and use the monkeyswing to cross the fire pit. When in the dark corner, light a flare, turn around and use the jumpswitch. A bit further there's a crawlspace to your left to get access to the mummy room. After the cutscene, use the wall switch if you want to open the closed door and continue through the NE passage. Only the darker tiles are dangerous, so time the spikes to reach the...



Don't try to drop into the pit, but take a running jump to the right hand of the statue, from here another running jump to the N crawlspace and continue to the high side of the room to grab the monkeyswing and use the jumpswitch over the entrance. Cross the room again and continue E. Again only the darker tiles are dangerous, so time the spikes to reach the next area (sprint over the last row of spikes).



In this room shoot a bunch of ninjas and pick up all the goodies they drop. One of them will drop the UZIs. Also you can pick up SECRET #6 and SECRET #7 here. Move the E and W vases over the obvious tiles in the corners to lower blocks near the N golden statue. Go through the crawlspace there and move the vases onto the marked tiles to raise the floor in the center of the room and lower some blocks in a wall, exposing three switches. You must pull all three, but only in a certain order (I think you know what's the first one). This raises one more block in the center of the room so you can reach the hole in the ceiling. Continue to the top of the treasure room.



Grab the monkeyswing and cross to the other side; slide down the ramp, kill the ninja in the corridor and pick up uzi clips. Locate the jumpswitch at the bottom of the ramp and pull it to open the exit door (if you get problems, grab the edge, hoist up, drop and grab the jumpswitch). Kill the ninja in the next room and pick up all the goodies. In the E room there is another ninja to shoot too, more goodies to pick up and SECRET #8 attached to one of the dog statues. Pull the switches in the corners to open the next door. Pick up the REVOLVER and some uzi ammo near the entrance and continue to a very large room.



Near the entrance, turn right and pick up SECRET #9. Continue E and pull the switch in the far side of the room to raise a block somewhere; also a big pit appears behind Lara, so climb the block to her right and follow the path through the crawlspace, take a running jump to grab the crack and shimmy left; continue doing a lot of gymnastics along the path until you finally reach the entrance door of this huge room (sometimes you'll have to slide backwards, drop and grab a crack below). Also at about midway, you'll find a dark corner before a slope you can slide forward; light a flare in that dark corner and look up to find a crawlspace and get SECRET #10.



In the next room the doors will close and you'll have to deal with some dogs. Use the blocks to reach the upper ledges and pull the floor lever there. Monkeyswing to the grated area, pull another floor lever, pick up a large medipack and safety drop to the room below. Run down the stairs and shoot more dogs. Back to the corridor which leads to the treasure room and a door is open there.



In this room pick up the large medipack and time the rolling balls to cross to the other side where two dogs await you. In the next room some skeletons wake up and they will disturb you while you look through the transparent floor at the four trigger tiles you have to step on in the previous room with the rolling balls to open the grated door. Notice that each time you step on a trigger tile a fire appears in a wall sconce. Once all four tiles are triggered, pull the floor lever and go back to the previous room with the raised block, shooting some dogs on your way.



Climb the block and jump to the crawlspace. In this maze not all the tiles with the covers are deadly, but only the darker ones. Follow the only possible path, avoiding the darker tiles, and don't forget SECRET #11 in the SW corner and a large medipack too.



Time the first fire and jump to the ledge to your right and to the niche in NE corner to get SECRET #12. This is perhaps the most difficult room in the game. Now you need to step over all 6 tiles to open the door at the other side of the room. The two nearby are not hard; for the remaining ones I jumped, timing the fires and drop/grabbed the edges in the corners, saving when hanging; when you see the fire is over your head, hoist up and do a sidejump to the adjacent ledge, drop/grab/shimmy... And so on... Near the open door pick up SECRET #13 and advance to the room with the gazebo.



Use all the ammo you have in your backpack to deal with the bosses, and when all is calm you can pick up 2 x large medipack they drop and SECRETS #14-15-16 in the corners of the room. Continue through the E open door.



In the room with the high pedestal watch the animation to see how Lara gets the Golden Skull. Here you can also pick up SECRETS #17-18 too.



Continue to the room with swinging blades and spike pits; jump avoiding the first and look down in the second pit to get SECRET #19. The second jump is a bit tricky; situate Lara in the left side and start the running jump when the first blade is in the left side to finally grab the center of the far edge.



Your goal in this room is to move the vases onto the marked tiles in the opposite corners. There are four switches to pull and each switch lowers and/or raises several blocks in the room. First, pull all four switches and move the N vase. Also get SECRET #20 where the vase was. Now pull only the W switch near the entrance and move the second vase to lower a block in the E wall and clear the exit. Run up the ramp to finish the level.


February – 28 – 2014