Level by MBog


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Drop down into a shallow pond.  Wade forward and shoot a bat.  Lara will target something off to her left, so approach to alert a snakeNote that the save feature does not work in this game, so be on alert at all times and preserve your ammunition.  Approach the skeleton in the dark N area and pick up the CROSSBOW.  Go to the S wall and pull up into the opening.


Slide down into waist-deep water, wade forward and swim to a room where you can wade forward and pull up into an opening to your left.  Crawl under the obstruction and walk forward to the wall.  Turn left and climb over the block down to a ladder.  Climb the ladder and shift left to drop down into a higher passage overlooking a lava room.  Take a standing jump forward and grab the slope.  Pull up, slide and jump twice to land on a level surface.  Turn and jump to another block for explosive crossbow arrows.  Jump to the block at the N entrance, pull up and hop down in front of a slope.


You can't see what's beyond, so take a leap of faith and jump over the slope to slide down into an outdoor area.  Three strange-looking wolves attack, as well as two baddies (one of whom is raining grenades down upon you from above).  Climb the block in the S wall and jump E toward the opening where the second baddy stood.  Pull up inside and pick up the PHAROS KNOT he dropped.


Get back down to the ground and insert the Pharos Knot in the receptacle to lift the E gate.  Hop inside and slide down the slope to end the level.