Level by Lara_Fox_Croft (Anthony Fauquant)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the builder's assistance (particularly in locating the secrets) and with the incomparable aid of lesandwichpants' video walkthrough.



Lara is in the bathtub as the doorbell rings and a letter addressed to her now-deceased father is delivered amidst crackling thunder by a red-haired ruffian.  Enjoy the introductory FMV before Lara slides down into a dark area to begin her adventure.  Unfortunately, a compass is not provided, so I'll give directions as best I can.  Tap the look key and watch Lara disappear.  This affliction follows Lara throughout the game, and it's something I've never before encountered in a custom level.


Walk forward and loop around the iron fence to the left.  Pull up onto the blue-tinted block, shimmy around to the other side and drop down.  Reverse roll and walk forward.  Note the text on your screen and remember not to save your game at any time now or hereafter until the text has disappeared.  Crawl into the space to your left for a green medicinal herb and a red medicinal herb (make sure you pick up both).  Combine them for an herbal mixture, which is the equivalent of a small medipack.


Shimmy back to the other side of the blue-tinted block and locate the hole.  Safety drop to a lower level and go down the stairs.  The nearby chest can be shot, but it's empty.  Drop down still lower and locate the stairs bordered by a wooden railing.  Go down still further and head for the near wall.  Jump onto the rock mound with an iron fence on top and face away from the fence toward the roof.  Jump to grab the roof and shimmy right to a flat triangular ledge.  Drop down, hop back to grab the roof's edge and shimmy left all the way to the corner and pull up near a lava pool.


Turn around and jump diagonally to land in an opening in the roof below.   Climb the ladder to near the top and back flip onto a flat portion of the roof.  Reverse roll and follow the passage underneath a wooden walkway.  When you reach the end, simply run forward and drop down onto a sloped roof.  Allow Lara to slide down into a fenced area.  Push the nearby crate once into the near corner and enter the revealed alcove for a green, a red and a yellow medicinal herb, which when combined is the equivalent of a large medipack.  


Climb up onto the crate, jump up to grab the roof line and shimmy left to the other side (to avoid the lava pool).  Pull up and back flip over the fence.  Reverse roll and run past a closed door (noting the cut scene along the way) and climb the ladder in the wall ahead of you.  Pull up onto the roof and run forward to an open doorway on your left.  Enter the room, climb over the table and shoot the empty chests to give yourself some maneuvering room. 


Pull the crate once toward the fireplace.  A passage is revealed, so go around the crate and enter to find another crate.  Push it once to reveal another passage to your left.  When you reach a closed opening, turn right at the barrels and go through the crawl space to a dungeon-like area.  Turn right, run past the stacked wood and turn left into the opening.  In the next room note the crowbar lever in the corner to your right and go through the opening to your left into a small room with a floor lever.  Push it to open a door elsewhere.


Retrace your steps, go back through the crawl space and through the room with the fireplace to the outside area.  Get between the columns, turn around and hop back to slide down the roof.  Grab and safety drop to the floor, noting the cross receptacles flanking the closed door in front of you.  Reverse roll and run diagonally to your left between two feeding chickens at the haystacks.  Locate the open doorway and enter.  Push the crate once, turn left and shoot the chest.  Follow the passage around to another crate.  Pull this one back once, then go around and push the first crate forward to reveal a button to your left.  Push it to open a door in a graveyard.


Exit this room and once outside, run diagonally to your left past the church receptacles toward the lava pool.  Loop around to the right and climb the ladder once more.  Run past the open door this time and vault up onto the fenced ledge.  Pull up left, step forward and jump down so that you slide backwards down the roof ahead.  Grab the edge and safety drop to the graveyard below.  Draw your pistols to shoot a baby spider and locate the nearby yellow medicinal herb.  Walk between the head stones and turn right at the complete skeleton to find a button in the wall.  First, locate two neaby red medicinal herbs.  Now push the button to attract a hook-handed witch.  Angle to your right, run along the side of the building and turn into the opening on your left, then make an immediate turn right to exit the graveyard.  Turn right outside and follow the alley to approach the large raised cross in the middle of the square.  Wait there until the witch following you implodes against the cross and shoot the baby spider that approaches.


Return to the graveyard and find the button you pushed earlier.  Turn around and locate the open doorway.  Enter with pistols drawn and flush out a giant spider.  Once it's dead, open the sarcophagus from the other side (note the nearby crowbar lever) for the SWORD HILT.  Exit to the graveyard and leave through the opening you used earlier to return to the square. 


Continue past the closed gate with the cross receptacles to the lava pool.  Run along the right side of the lava pool to find a moveable crate.  Pull it back once, get to the other side and push it against the wall.  Get around to its right side and push it two times into the corner.  Now maneuver it past the opening into the opposite corner.  Get up onto it and push the button in the wall.  A door opens in the square.


Get down, run past the the lava pool and continue past the large cross in the square.  The open door is at the top of some stairs straight ahead (just to the right of the ladder).  Enter and go to the far right corner past the barrels for a red medicinal herb.  Hop onto the table and pick up the CLOVER KEY.  Exit this room and return to the lava pool.  This time run along its left side into an alley.  Turn left at the opening in the wall and face some winding stairs past the doorway.  Pause for a green medicinal herb in the corner near the barrels and proceed up the stairs.  Pull up left at the top and face a ladder.  Climb the ladder and back flip near the top onto a familiar roof.


Turn around and run to the far left corner of the ramparts from which you dropped down earlier.  This time look down into the lava pool and locate the pillar below.  Hop back two times, save your game and take a long running jump to land near the right corner of the pillar (if you hit the left portion you'll probably slide off), sustaining some unavoidable loss of health in the process.  Pick up the DIAMOND KEY and jump down to the cobblestone floor away from the lava pool.  Run foward to the closed door and use the Diamond Key to open it.


The builder's intended way for you to get the Diamond Key was to use the crate described three paragraphs up to gain access to the roof of this structure, and to take two easy jumps from there to the pillar with the Diamond Key.


Enter the small building and shoot some baby spiders.  Pick up the HEART KEY in the dark corner next to the cot and exit this room.  Return to the lava pool and run along its left side as you did earlier.  This time run all the way to the back and locate the keyholes.  Insert the Clover Key and the Heart Key to lift the gates.  Locate the winding stairs at the rear and go up to a second level.  Find a jump switch in the central column and take a running jump over the rail to activate it and open a door outside.  Note the nearby ladder just around the corner (the chest in the far corner is empty), but it's blocked at the top by a gate.     


Exit this area and run past the lava pool once more.  Angle to your left and run between the buildings to the square.  Turn to your right and enter a dark area between two iron fences.  Pick up the nearby red medicinal herb and continue past the large boulder to find a ladder in the wall to your left.  Climb up and go through the doorway you opened earlier.  Hop down into the next room and go up some stairs into the adjoining room.  Shoot the empty chest in the corner and push the button to open a gate behind you and release some baby spiders.  Reverse roll while drawing your pistols and kill them.


Go past the opened gate and find a bridge spanning a large room.  Get set for an exhaustive exercise in raising and lowering crates.  Run diagonally to your right and find two floor levers facing in opposite directions.  Push the one nearest you (toward the wall) to raise several blocks, including the one that fills the gap in the bridge.  Also push the next lever (toward the bridge), which lowers that same block but also raises some others.  Locate the nearby wooden stairs and follow them down to the next lower level.  Find a moveable crate next to a firewood rack.  Push the crate once away from the rack, then get around it so you can pull it along the lower bridge as far as you can.  Don't push it all the way into the corner, but instead go to the opposite side of the room and find two more floor levers that are also facing in opposite directions (I'll call these the second pair of floor levers).


Push both levers, then return to the moveable crate and move it in the direction of the second pair of floor levers in a zig-zag fashion and into the opening in the higher bridge.  Return to the first pair of floor levers and push the nearer one (toward the bridge), raising the moveable crate.  Go to it and pull it toward the entrance to this room and onto the marked tile (cut scene of a closed gate).


Go to the second set of floor levers and push the far one (toward the bridge).  Now go across to the other side to the first set of floor levers, and push the far one (away from the bridge).  Return to the area of the second set of floor levers, and hop over the railing onto the green-topped crate that's filled with jugs, and which is also moveable.  Pull/push it twice, then get around it and pull it toward the entrance one time.   Return to the second set of floor levers (you have to jump up the slope behind you and go around) and push the near lever (away from the bridge).  Go back to the first set of floor levers and push the far one (toward the bridge).  Yes, I know this is tedious.


Jump forward over the railing and over the higher bridge and find the moveable crate with the jugs inside.  Push it two times (away from the entrance), reverse roll and jump up the slope.  Return to the first set of floor levers and push both of them (away from the bridge).  Now return to the crate with the jugs and pull/push it two times (away from the entrance).  Return to the second set of floor levers and push the far one (away from the bridge).  Return to the crate with the jugs and pull it one time (away from the entrance).  Get around to the other side and push it two times onto the dark block.  Jump to the left side and push it onto the dark block next to the bridge.


Reverse roll, go back to the second set of floor levers and push the one closest to the entrance toward the bridge.  Go to the first set of floor levers and push the far one toward the bridge.  Go back to the crate with the jugs and pull/push it toward the entrance four times.  Get around it and pull it to fill the gap in the bridge. 


Go to the first set of floor levers and push the near one (toward the bridge).  Return to the crate with the jugs and push it away from the entrance four times onto a green tile (cut scene of a gate opening).  Go to the first set of floor levers, light a flare and locate the opening in the wall behind the first lever.  Crawl inside, drop down the other side and follow the passage to a button.  Push it to open a gate where you can get a key.  Exit this room through the crawl space and go over the crates along the bridge, between the two flames, and through the gate you just opened.  Take the green medicinal herb and the SPIKE KEY, and get out quickly as the spiked ceiling descends.


Get back over the crates along the bridge and exit this area through the long passage.  Turn left in the next room and trigger a cut scene of the area where you obviously need to use your key.  Continue forward and climb down the ladder.  Return to the square, run past the closed gate flanked by the cross receptacles and enter the alley leading to the grave yard.  Run past the grave yard (which is on your left) and enter an alley where you see three barrels.  Turn right at the intersection and shoot a baby spider scuttling toward you from behind (which didn't appear upon a replay).  Continue into the next area and look for some steps ahead and to your left that lead to the closed door and keyhole you saw in the cut scene.


Insert the Spike Key to open the door and enter the building.  Turn left, go through the red curtains and pick up a green medicinal herb.  Exit, find the next curtains where the camera angle changes and turn right.  Push the button in the corner to extend a bridge somewhere.  Exit this building, go back down the alley the way you came (the area to your left as you exit has a crowbar lever, but you don't yet have the crowbar).  Turn left at the intersection, run past the three barrels and return to the square.


Continue right past the central cross and loop around right to the lava lake.  Run along the left side of the lava lake, turn left at the opening you visited earlier and run up the winding stairs.  Pull up left at the top, climb the ladder and back flip to the roof.  Turn around and run along the passage with the railing and jump to the bridge you just extended.  Jump forward and push the button to open a door in the area where you began the level.  Jump back to the bridge, turn right and walk forward as the camera angle changes.


At the end of the bridge, jump up to grab the monkey bars.  Monkey swing forward, timing your way past a flame blower.  Turn the corner to the right and approach a dangling rope.  Save your game in front of the rope.  Release and grab the rope.  It may take several tries, which is why I suggested you save first.  What worked for me was to get Lara as close as possible to the rope, facing it directly, and hitting the up arrow and control keys together as she dropped from the monkey bars.  Save your game again when you successfully accomplish this.


Line up with the second rope, swing forward and jump to grab it.  Turn all the way around to face the direction you came from.  Swing forward and jump off to grab a gap.  Shimmy left around two corners and drop down next to a gate.  Pick up a SMALL GOLDEN ELEPHANT for SECRET #1, then pick up a red medicinal herb and a green medicinal herb.  Push the nearby button to raise a timed trap door, then shimmy quickly back around, drop down onto the trap door, reverse roll and jump back to the rope. 


Turn slightly right, swing forward and jump off onto the flat part of the sloped roof (being careful not to land on the spiked fence beyond).  When you land, turn right and jump two times across the gaps to get to the far end.  From here you can jump up left onto a block and get to a higher area of the roof.  Go slightly right under the boulder bridge and lower Lara down into a lower room where you see a passage blocked by a flame blower.  Push the button in the corner to turn off the flames briefly (you may have to time them), then run quickly through the passage into the next room and push the block in the far right corner before the descending spiked ceiling kills you.


Run through the next room and the opening, and drop down into a lower room filled with rubble.  Enter the crawl space and pick up the BROKEN BLADE.  Combine it with the Sword Hilt to form the SWORD (also known as the crowbar).  Step forward and open the gate with your Sword.  Enter the next room quickly before the gate falls on you.  Push the button in the near right corner to cause a block to move and reveal an opening.  Go into the next room through the connecting passage and push the button behind a chest to open the trap door behind you.


Climb down the ladder and drop into the room below.  Find the revealed opening in the wall and pull up inside to find the SMALL GOLDEN ELEPHANT for SECRET #2.  Exit to the previous room, use the opposite open window to climb down the ladder, turn around, run forward and loop around left to return to the lava lake.  Run along the right wall, stop in front of the boulder and pick up a green medicinal herb.  Reverse roll and loop around the lava lake to the right, running past it on the left side and turning into the familiar opening to your left.  Go up the winding stairs, pull up left and climb the ladder to the roof.  This time take a standing jump angled to your right to land on the flat corner of the adjacent roof. 


Jump over the sloped portion toward the railing to land on a veranda.  Turn right and run past the giant candle and two small tables, turn left into the opening and loop around up the stairs to the top where there's a railing on either side.  Vault up, loop around left and go through the open doorway.  Push the button to drop the trap door in a familiar area near the lava lake.  Go back the way you came, jump to the flat corner of the roof and from there across to the other roof.  Climb down the ladder and get down to floor level.  Exit this area, turn left outside and go through the gates you opened earlier with the two keys.  Climb the winding staircase to the top and locate the ladder in the central column.  Climb up through the opened trap door and back flip into an upper room.


Move the crate the long way (counterclockwise) around the room (the barrels prevent you from doing it the short way) to access an object imbedded in the wall.  Get up on the crate and pry the CHURCH CROSS off the wall.  Get down to floor level, exit this building and run straight forward through the opening and past the lava lake.  You will recall those crowbar levers you saw earlier, and it's time to go back and use them.


Return to the square and find the two chickens feeding at the bales of hay (diagonally to your left).  Go past them and the open doorway you used earlier and look for a nearby closed gate next to some barrels.  The sword will open it, but it's so rickety that it will fall off its hinges after a few seconds.  Enter the building, go up the stairs and push the floor lever to move a block aside elsewhere (for later).  Now exit this building and loop around right to return to the graveyard.  Go across and enter the small room where you obtained the Sword Hilt earlier.  Use the sword in the crowbar lever to raise a crate in this room.  Get up on it and pull up into an upper room where you'll find another crowbar lever.  Using this one moves aside a block near the feeding chickens.


Turn around and take a running jump with grab to land in front of the open window.  Hop down into a small courtyard and pick up the green medicinal herb.  Pull the crate back once so you can get back up.  Hop down to the floor below and return to the square through the graveyard.  Locate the new opening near the chickens and enter it.  Push the block to reveal a button.  Push the button to open a door at the top of a ladder.  Go into the passage for a green medicinal herb.  There's a moveable block nearby, but you can do nothing with it from this side.


Exit this area and locate the nearby ladder.  Climb it to the top and go through the opened doorway.  Run down the stairs and pry the second CHURCH CROSS off the wall near the cot.  Exit, run across the square to the closed gate and insert the two Church Crosses in the receptacles to lift it.  Enter the chapel and clear the area of two baby spiders.  There's nothing more to do here at the moment, so exit and loop around right toward the lava lake.  Turn right when you reach it and climb the ladder.


Pull up at the top, run forward and angle left into the open doorway you explored earlier.  Go to the crawl space at the back and crawl through.  There's another crawl space ahead in the next room, so crawl through it as well and grab the green medicinal herb.  Crawl backwards to the previous room and locate the open doorway in the corner.  Go inside to find a crowbar lever.  Insert the sword to lower a block in the previous room.  Go there and find the triangular opening in the far corner.  Drop down and push the button to lower a block nearby.  Reverse roll, climb out and run forward to find the lowered block.  Hop down and push the button to open a door nearby.


Climb out left and see the ceiling hole in the corner of this room.  Pull up into an upper room and find the opened doorway.  Go through and see the crowbar gate on your left.  Open it (it also falls off its hinges) and enter.  Shoot the chest and pick up a TORCH.  A cut scene shows you where to use it.  Return to the corridor and turn left.  Follow to the next room and light the torch in the fireplace by carefully stepping down into a corner (facing the wall and not the fire). 


Go back the way you came, hop down through the hole into the room with the crowbar lever and return to the crawl space.  Throw the torch into the opening and crawl through after it.  Go to the smoldering fireplace and light it with your torch to extinguish the flames where you originally lit it.  Go back up there (you don't need to take the torch with you, which seems to have vanished in any event) and enter the fireplace.  Push the button to raise something somewhere and return to the nearby crowbar gate room. 


You'll find a moveable crate inside.  Pull it back two times and get to the other side to push it against the opposite wall.  Now push it into the alcove, get up on it and climb to an upper room.  Run past the closed door on your right and follow the corridor past another closed door (on your left) to enter a small dining room.  Loop around right at the far end and activate a jump switch between two crossed battle axes that opens the door in the corridor.  Go back, enter to your right and push the button (the chest is empty).  The first door you passed is now open, so go back there and enter.


Pick up the PIECE OF CANVAS, which alerts one of those hook-handed witches.  Exit this room, turn left and drop down onto the crate.  Hop down further, exit this room and turn right.  Turn right again and hop down into the hole in the crowbar lever room.  Run to the fireplace room and exit to the ramparts through the doorway on the right.  Drop down to the square and approach the lifted cross.  Wait for the witch to implode against it. 


There's yet another crowbar lever to exploit.  Run toward the feeding chickens and turn left where the camera angle changes.  Follow to the barrels and turn right to enter the alley.  Continue to the intersection and turn right.  Follow to an area strewn with boulders and locate the crowbar lever near the barrels.  Insert the sword to open a gate elsewhere.  Go up the nearby stairs to the building you opened earlier with the Spike Key. 


Instead of entering, jump up at the keyhole and grab the roof line.  Shimmy right around the corner and continue until you reach a ladder.  Climb up and pull up in front of the opened doorway.  Hop down into the room below and locate the moveable crate.  Pull/push it to the opposite corner and get up on it.  Take a running jump to the ladder in the facing wall, climb up and shift left.  Drop down onto the wooden floor and pull up into the nearest window sill.  Turn around and take a running jump and grab to pull up to a still higher wooden floor. 


Jump around the crate and shoot the chest so you can push the crate into the corner formerly occupied by the chest.  Move the crate past the window sill to the opposite corner.  Go out the other window, which is open, and see the jump switch on the other side of the brick column in the remote camera angle as you come outside.  Save your game, back flip over the railing at an angle and jump off the slope to activate the jump switch (a trap door is raised elsewhere).  You'll slide down onto a triangular ledge overlooking a familiar area. 


Hop over to the other triangular corner above the keyhole and shimmy right to the ladder as you did earlier. Climb up into the room with the crate.  Use the crate to jump to the ladder and climb up to the higher room.  Drop down, turn left and hop into the window sill.  Reverse roll and jump to grab the wooden flooring.  Pull up to a third level, locate the crate and use it to access a fourth level. 


Pull up into a curtained crawl space and hop out the other side (jump key and up arrow) onto the raised trap door.  Push the button to lower a trap door gate in the previous room.  Crawl back (you can't jump past the curtain, so lower Lara down) and jump to grab the hole in the ceiling where there's no railing to block your way.  Pull up to a room on the fourth level.  Don't go through the open doorway ahead right now.  Instead, loop around past the skeleton and go through the opposite doorway.  Vault up onto the block to trigger a flyby through the area just outside.


Now get down and go through that other doorway.  In the next room a sword-wielding wraith is triggered.  The chest is empty, so quickly pick up the HOLY CROSS and watch it work its divine power.  Return to the room where you triggered the flyby.  Climb out and walk to the iron fence.  Turn left and take a standing jump onto the roof.  Curve left so that Lara slides down backwards.  Grab the roof's edge as the camera angle changes and shimmy right until you can pull up in front of an open doorway.  Run forward onto a wooden platform, note the lava room to your left and hop down to the dark, cramped area on your right. 

Save your game before pushing the button there and hopping back up to the wooden platform.  The button is on a timer and turns off the flame blower in the lava room for a short period of time.


Take a step back from the edge and get onto the tightrope.  Make your way to the other side as quickly as you can, before the flames return.   Shoot the fireproof monster down in the lava, then push the button to lower a rope behind you.  Turn around, jump to the rope and turn slightly to the right.  Don't slide all the way down, or your derriere will catch on fire.  Jump off onto the corner ledge, and from there run off onto the flat triangular slab.  Take a standing jump over the slope to the other side and pick up the red medicinal herb.  Jump back, get onto the ledge and jump to grab the rope.  You can see a ladder ahead of you, but turn farther to the right and jump off to land on the ledge there (again, being careful not to be set aflame).


Take a running jump to grab the ladder, climb up a couple of rungs and back flip onto a wooden bridge.  Turn around and go to the back wall.  Push the button on the rear of the central pillar and watch the flyby that takes you through an area outside.  Turn left and run through the opening in the corner onto an outdoor balcony.  Turn left and jump over the railing to face the area you saw in the flyby.  Run diagonally to your right onto the corner rampart and turn left.  Take a tricky running jump to the next rampart and run into the area to you left for a yellow medicinal herb.  Jump back to the corner rampart and take a running jump to grab the rope.  Turn left to face to crowbar lever and jump over there.  Insert the sword to raise a gate in an indoor curtained area you visited earlier.


Turn around, go past the boulder, slide down backwards and safety drop to an area you'll recognize from earlier.  Safety drop a long distance from there, losing some health in the process, and run along the roof line to the other end.  Jump to the sloped roof down below and safety drop to the ground.   Run past the feeding chickens and between the buildings as the camera angle changes.  Turn right at the barrels and go down the narrow alley to the intersection.  Turn right there, through the next alley and into the building you accessed with the Spike Key.  Follow around to the right and crawl between the curtains.  Jump out, step forward and take another PIECE OF CANVAS from the skull pole.


Crawl back into the building, exit and return all the way back to the square.  Enter the chapel and place the Holy Cross on the altar to open a gate.  Exit the chapel, pausing for a green medicinal herb next to one of the wooden pews.  Be prepared, however, to shoot the fireproof monster that materializes.  Now return to the graveyard, where you haven't been for a while, and locate the gate you opened with the Holy Cross.  Turn around at the opening and hop back until you find the ladder.  Climb down into the inferno, where a temperature gauge warns you that it's very hot down here. 


Drop down still further and come to a long tightrope.  Getting across is time-consuming but not too difficult.  When you get there run diagonally to your right and search the sarcophagus for a red medicinal herb, a green medicinal herb and a SMALL GOLDEN ELEPHANT for SECRET #3.  Go to the far left sarcophagus and search it from the far side for a third PIECE OF CANVAS.  A hammergod materializes, so draw your pistols and shoot at him until he explodes.


Now you have to do the tightrope walk back across again, and you experience a slight earthquake as you approach it.  When you finally get across there's another slight earthquake.  Climb the ladder and meet another hook-handed witch.  Quickly run forward, dogleg to the left and return to the raised cross in the square, where the witch will implode against it.


Enter the nearby chapel one more time and approach the mural behind the altar.  Insert the three Pieces of Canvas in the panels to open the gate to your left.  Go there and enter a new room as mysterious music plays.  Find the red pentagram and pick up a box of rifle ammo, a green medicinal herb, the RIFLE and the accompanying LASERSIGHT.   Combine the rifle and the lasersight now for immediate use.  There are two demon heads mounted on opposite walls.  Shoot the gems in their mouths and pick up the PIECES OF HEART that are deposited on the floor beneath them. 


The nearby chest is empty, so return to the chapel and exit to the square.  Turn left and loop around left to the graveyard.  Run past the grave markers to the open doorway where you found the Sword Hilt in the sarcophagus a long time ago.  Climb up on the crate you raised earlier, pull up to the second story and jump to the window sill.  Drop down into the courtyard and move the crate against the iron spike fence.  Get on the crate and jump to grab the stone pillar to your left.  Pull up and jump to the gap to the stone wall, then down to a wooden flooring.


Draw your pistols and shoot a giant spider scurrying about below.  Safety drop to the floor and wait for a baby spider to show up.  When it's dead, pick up the nearby yellow medicinal herb and light a flare to locate the reflection of a jump switch in a corner of the room.  Activate it and you'll hear the sound of a trap door opening and a boulder falling down.  There's a mounted demon head in here, so shoot the gem in its mouth and pick up a PIECE OF HEART from the floor.


Go to the nearby alcove and pull/push the crate back to the opposite wall.  Get up on it and push the button to drop a nearby trapdoor.  Side step right and pull up to the ramparts.  You can see an oval hole in the green wall ahead, so vault up onto the block opposite it and take a running jump to grab the opening.  Crawl forward and pick up the red medicinal herb and the SMALL GOLDEN ELEPHANT for SECRET #4


Crawl back out and safety drop to the ground.  Draw your pistols and shoot a baby spider, then go around the barrels to draw out a hook-handed witch.  Push the button on the wall to your left to open the gate, then run through and turn right, run down the alley and turn left to return to the square and dispose of the witch on the raised cross.


Go to the lava lake and run along its left side.  Go all the way to the back through the open gateway and run up the winding staircase.  Climb the ladder around the corner and back flip into the upper room.  Locate the lowered wall and step out onto a balcony.  Pick up a PIECE OF HEART to your right and check your inventory.  You should have 2 x Piece of Heart twice.  Combine them both so that you're left with two HEARTS


Get back down and return to the square.  Return to the graveyard and climb the ladder that you see as you enter.  The gate at the top is closed, so shimmy left until you can pull up.  Run forward into the opening and slide down to a block puzzle area.  Locate a passage to a red-tinted room and go there.  Locate receptacles in the far wall for your two Hearts, and place them.  Maggots start oozing from the wall.  They're annoying but not too aggressive, so just evade them as best you can.   Return to the block puzzle area and hop onto the row of blocks.  Pull the jug-filled crate away from the wall, then hop down and locate a button at floor level that raises the crate to your right.  Get back up there and push the crate two times toward the button you just now pushed.


Get down and push the button a second time to lower the crate.  Go around to the right-hand passage leading to the red-tinted room, loop around left and follow the parallel passage back to the lowered crate.  Push it forward once, then get around to its right side and push it all the way to the far wall.  Get up on it and push the button to lift a platform outside.  Get down, take a running jump over the sloped obstruction in the corner to land on the outside ledge, then look left to see the raised platform slightly above you.


Take a standing jump and grab the platform.  Pull up and turn left.  Enter the next room as mysterious music plays. Run forward while drawing your pistols.  In the next room a flying book emerges from the fireplace ahead, so shoot it dead.  Go behind the fireplace and find a ladder above the opening.  Climb up to a higher room and explore a maze-like area.  All the way in the back is an alcove with a red medicinal herb.  Pick it up and retrace your steps.  Nearby in the wall to your right (as you face the entrance) is a timed button that lowers a trap door somewhere close by. 


Reverse roll and make your way to the other side.  You'll see an opening leading outside.  Turn left here and find the lowered trap door.  Pull up left here to access an upper area.  Walk forward to trigger a cut scene and a warning to be very quiet.  Walk, don't run, along the wooden flooring.  Turn left at the corner, take the first left, continue forward as you hear a gate opening (note the den of dormant enemies to your right), turn right just before the alcove and walk forward to find a button.  Push the button, turn around and walk forward, turn left at the wall, walk past the enemy alcove to your left, turn left at the alcove ahead and now run for dear life through the timed gateway.  If one or more of the enemies should make it through before the gate closes, simply clear the area before proceeding.


Crawl through to the next area and loop around right past the ladder to find a button.  Push it to lower a nearby trap door.  Return to the ladder and climb up past the lowered trap door into an upper room.  Go around the central area with the flashing blue lights and pick up 2 x green medicinal herb, 2 x yellow medicinal herb and 2 x red medicinal herb.  Note the nearby crowbar lever enclosed within a crate.  Step up onto the lower raised platform and press the action key to wreak havoc upon the central structure. 


Go around and take the PAINTING OF AN ELEPHANT (MAP) from the skull pole (although I never found a use for it) while the crate surrounding the crowbar lever lowers.  Go there and insert the sword (somehow my sword pieces had become detached, so I had to combine them again) to lower a nearby trap door.  Return to the skull pole and find the opening above.  Locate the ladder and save your game before climbing up to the next room.  Back flip near the top instead of taking the time required to pull up.  Take refuge behind a nearby pillar. A hammergod and three eyeball hydras await you.  Use the pillar as protection from the fireballs hurled by the hydras, so you can concentrate on killing the hammergod first.  Then deal with the hydras one by one.  The best strategy seems to be to stand near the base of a hydra pillar (out of the line of fire of the other hydras, of course), then take a step back and fire continually until the hydra explodes.  When all have been vanquished, find three pillars clustered closely together near the lava's edge.  Jump to a ledge jutting into the lava beyond those pillars, hop to an adjacent short pillar and jump up to grab the monkey bars.  Monkey swing along the track until you reach a jump switch.  Release to activate it.


A section of pillar in the central area explodes, so use the monkey bars to get back there.  Hop down, run toward the opposite side of the safe area and locate the separated pillar.  Hop up and pick up the SMALL GOLDEN ELEPHANT for SECRET #5.  From here, locate the nearby pillar with a square top (formerly occupied by one of the eyeball hydras) and jump to it.  Pick up the DIAMOND KEY and jump to the next similar pillar, which is a little taller.  There's nothing there, so turn and take a running jump to the next similar pillar and pick up the SPIKE KEY.


You can see another key on a similar pillar nearby, so jump to the short pillar in between and use it to access the HEART KEY.  Find and take a running jump over the lava to a series of closed gates.  Use the Spike Key, the Diamond Key and the Heart Key in succession to open the gates.  Run into the passage beyond to end the level.  Enjoy the concluding FMV and the rolling credits.