Level by Mateusz Krawczyk

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Move the 4 structures in the corners. Get 12 wideshot and 12 normal shells from under them.

Use the invisible ladder to descend to the pit on the S. Pull the lever and enter the following corridor to find a crawlspace at its end. Get a shotgun and 2 packs of flares from there. Return to the upper section.

Approach the newly open portal and see some skeletons rise from beneath the floor. Lure them towards the pit you've just visited, jump over them and shoot them off the ledge. Now exit the room, pass the corridor and STOP on the first square behind the place where the floor texture changes. Roll twice to trigger and avoid the boulders. Now slide down the slope, jump over the gap and grab the ledge of the following block. Pull up.

Perform a series of running jumps to get on the top of the farthest pillar on the NW. On its N side, find a ladder leading down and use it to descend to the floor. Go around the pillar, avoiding some mummies and find the pool. Jump into the water.

Swim into the corridor. Pick up a large medipack on your way to the labyrinth. Now follow the left wall to find the Horseman's Gem. Backtrack to the pool, get out and use the ladder that led you down here to get back to the top of the pillar. Do the last jump to get across the pit and throw a switch to open the door on the S.

Behind the door, enter the crawlspace and pass it, keeping to the right side. This way a boulder falling down behind the crawlspace will not crush you. Do the same thing again. Stand up, time the spikes and exit through the next portal to climb the ladder behind it. Pull up.

Slide down the slope and jump out of it to grab the ladder.
Descend into the pit below you to collect the Pharos Pillar. On your right, much more higher than you are, there is a hole in the wall. Grab the ladder and get there for some normal and poison arrows. This is SECRET#1.

Continue up the ladder and get to the large room.
Place the Horseman's Gem in the slot by the door in the far wall. It opens, so go through it to find yourself back in the first room. Place the Pharos Pillar in the receptacle on the E wall and enter the new passage. Go right on the first junction, follow the passage to the very end and grab the Pharos Knot from among the mummies. Escape from the skeleton and get rid of him using the same pit you have used for the previous skellys.

Get through the Pharos Pillar portal once more. Now go ahead on the junction and enter the maze. Keep close to the left wall again, and you will find the switch. Pull it. Back on the first junction, go ahead. On the following junctions go: left, right, R, R, L, ahead, A, L, A, R, L, R, L, A, R, A.

After all, enter the last passage and slide down the slope to crash the game back to your desktop. Finito.