The Journey


Level by Sabatu


Walkthrough by manarch2



The Valley


Watch the starting flyby and after getting control over Lara, head outside into the valley. Climb into the SW opening, kill a bat and jump over the gap to find Shotgun Ammo. Return outside and head E. Shoot the two eagles and run further to a large pit. Dive into the pool at its bottom, but before exploring the underwater tunnels, climb out NW and pick up the Flares in the dark. Now you can jump back into the wet and follow into a W cave. At the W end you can find Crossbow Ammo; climb out through the hole in the cave ceiling. Jump up the left blocks, get through the short crawlspace and then climb up E. Kill two scorpions and grab the Hand of Orion from the pedestal. Slide down the NE slope's left side so that you land on a safe ledge, then hop over to the NE and enter the next cave.


In the Caves


Slide down all the way to the bottom, kill two scorpions and take the Small Medipack they've busily guarded with you. Jump up the slopes again and now approach the pillar to the W of the gap. Climb it from its S side and from here jump to the N balcony. This is Secret #1, Flares and Uzi Ammo. Safety drop down and now make your way through the N opening on the lower floor. Enter the chamber, kill two jackals and shatter the left and right vases for Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo. Place the Hand of Sirius to open the next door and enter the cave. Shoot the crocodile in the water from safety and before getting further enter the dark passage to the left to find Secret #2, a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo, at the end. Now run through the small lake and enter the left one of the two NW openings. Notice a closed door to the left, then head further, take the Revolver Ammo with you and run N, then follow the W tunnel, shooting three scorpions along the way.


First Cartouche Piece


You'll eventually reach a large courtyard where a flyby kicks in, showing you the area you're about to explore. Head further and kill three jackals. In the NE part of the area is Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Now head to the W of the pool and pick up the Shotgun in the small depression. Climb the ledges to the S of the pool for Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack. Drop down and head to the NW of the area, to the temple entrance with two star receptacles. Pick up Shotgun Ammo, then spot a lever behind the NW pillar which opens the door back in the caves where you came from. Return all the way there, kill a jackal and grab the first Cartouche Piece from the pedestal. Now backtrack to the large outside area.


Second Cartouche Piece


Approach the SW corner, climb the ledge into the next cave. Follow to a large gap where you can spot a rope in its middle. Jump to said rope and from here to the high ledge up to the left. Use the lever in the passage to open the door, head through and pick up a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo to the left and right. Climb the E block and jump to the ledge with the lever, use it. The S door opens; kill a demigod and take the second Cartouche Piece he left with you. Now place the combined Ba Cartouche in the passage where the demigod came from. This drains the pool in the outside area, so get out, climb the W block and jump to the upper block, use the floor lever twice to reopen the exit door and head all the way back through the rope area and the caves to the exterior section.


The Hand of Orion


Safety drop in the empty pool and head through the S passage, arriving in another large cave. Dive in the water and search the SE and SW corners for Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Climb out of the water E, jump to the left of the two central pillars and climb up. Work your way around the pillars counter-clockwise to the NW corner. Jump to the far NW ledge, climb the blocks into the opening and follow into a room full of boulders. Quickly run to the SW corner and the blocks should pose only little harm. Climb the SW ladder, backflip and follow the passage. In the next chamber use the lever to flood the lower section and also open the trapdoor nearby. Drop down in the water and before climbing out search the far SW corner of the room for Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Now climb out S and enter the next room. Kill a demigod attacking from a S passage, he leaves the Hand of Orion so be sure to take it with you. Use the floor lever in that passage and in the corners of this dark room you can find Flares, a Large Medipack, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Return to the flooded chamber, dive in the water and climb out far NW. Enter the room with the boulders again and enter the newly opened NW door. Drop down in a familiar passage and return to the outside area.


Several Secrets


Notice the door in the far N wall has opened too. Enter the passage, drop in the next room and kill another demigod. Head up the sandy hill and spot a crawlspace in the  NE corner. Get in to claim Secret #3, the Uzis and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, then get out of the crawlspace and down the hill again. Jump to and climb down the SW ladder, backflip into a dark room. Head NW and spot a high alcove in the N wall; climb up for Secret #4, Crossbow Ammo and Poisonous Crossbow Ammo. Exit this room SE. You've reached another cave system; head further until you arrive in an area with several wall torches. Pick up the Revolver in the gap in the centre. Run to the W wall, spot another high opening and climb up there to find Secret #5, a Large Medipack, Revolver Ammo and Uzi Ammo, then return downstairs. Head NW and jump on the ledge to find the Crossbow. Return to the centre and head down the SE ramp.


The Torch and Raising Blocks


Kill a lonesome jackal, jump into the opening and monkeyswing over the spikes into the next room. Shoot four jackals and enter the NW passage. Drop down the ladder, then climb the block to the left in the fire room and then jump over the various safe ledges and finally, with holding Action, into the far W passage. Head further, then turn around and climb the ladder to an upper chamber. Kill a demigod and pick up Revolver Ammo, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo in the corners. Then take the Torch from the E block, light it on any of the lit wall torches, throw it down the W hole and drop down afterwards. Retrieve the Torch and jump on the various blocks in the fire room (to reach one of those, either jump up directly or take a far run-jump on the slopes, then bounce to and fro while curving towards the nearest block). Light all five wall torches in this room, the door in the W passage opens. Leave the Torch as you don't need it anymore and enter the just opened door. Use the lever to raise several blocks in the previous hall, then return there by jumping over the blocks and climbing back up the ladder. Head S, climb the E side of the slope and backflip on the first raising block as you start to slide down. Make your way across the raising blocks to the NW ledge where Secret #6 is hidden. Pick up a Small Medipack and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Now jump over the blocks to the NE ledge, use the lever and drop down. Head through the N passage, use the monkeyswing to get back in the caves, then run to the torch-lit centre.


The Hand of Sirius


Get down the NE ramp, kill a jackal and two scorpions, then slide down onto a ledge with Revolver Ammo. Drop down and follow the tunnel to another hall. Shoot the crocodile in the pool, dive in the water and find Revolver Ammo on the N ledge. Back out of the water, push and pull the two columns onto the marked tiles to open the S door. Before entering, head to the SE corner of the room, onto the elevated part of the square, and jump up to grab the upper walkway. Climb up for Secret #7, a Small Medipack, Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo. Drop down and enter the open door. Kill two demigods of which the right one leaves the Hand of Sirius for you. In the rear corners you can find Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Now you can return all the way through the pool area into the caves. Climb the ledge where the ammo was placed, then up to the triangular tile to the left, then you can get back to the cave centre. After killing a scorpion, head up the NW ledge, return into the dark room, climb the ladder and backflip into the room with the sandy hill. Get back to the outside area.


The Finale


Kill two eagles and head NW to the temple entrance. Place the two Hands in their receptacles to open the gates. Slide down into the battle arena with two demigods and a hammergod – kill them all and take the Ba Cartouche from the hammergod with you. Place it in the left receptale and the door opens. Approach the artifact in the middle of the room; the level ends before you can get it.