Skribblerz Stones V - Temple LaRochelle

Level by George Maciver

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 Secret.

In the right (NE) corner of this first room is a Medipack (red flower), go through to the next hall and just left around the corner is a small medipack (green herb). Go up into the alcove on the left (W) and shoot the two Green Hags after you picked up the Revolver left around the corner (you have to be quick). In the other corner (NE) is a lever opening the next door in the hall, go through.


In this hall you have to jump onto or over the spike ledges to activate the 4 triggers (no need to touch the tile) opening the doors N. SE is the Shotgun and NW some Ammo for it. Go up the steep sloped passage and shoot the two Green Hags. 

Teleport Pool. 

Take a dive down into the pool below and find a Medipack E, climb out and go to one of the light spheres in the corner of the room.

Yellow: Youíll end up on a balcony in the top of the room, use the lever (#1). Do a nice dive down.

Green: Youíll end up on another balcony in the top of the room; use the lever (#2). Do a nice dive down.

Red: Youíll end up on a balcony a few rooms back; use the lever (#3). Hop over the fence and make your way N.

Blue is a red herringÖ

An underwater door opened NE in the pool, swim through to a jungle room and grab the Revolver ammo next to the water. Then go through the opening E.

Grab a Medipack there and shoot two Green Hags when you proceed into the next room. To the S is Revolver ammo, then go into a passage NE, shoot more Green Hags and throw a lever (#1) in the back. Go to that Wall torch SW and to the right into another passage (NW) with a lever (#2), more Hags might appear and a door will open in the SW corner of the room.

You can lure the Green Hags back to the room where you climbed out of the pool before, they wonít pass the threshold of the opening there.

A Fire Stone.

In the next room youíll bump into some steps, go around them and get a Gold Skull from an alcove behind some plants (W wall). Go out and loop around to the right and between some rubble is a small medipack. Now go right around the corner again and find a receptacle for a Gem. Grab up to a crack on the right (N), go right around the corner and pull up in the alcove to throw the lever there lowering a block at the fire pit SE, go there and jump to the ledge without getting burnt. Grab the Fire Stone and return to the SW corner with the receptacle.

The Gold Skull #2 and Bone Skull.

The Gem will lower a block where we go now, up the steps W and into the crawlspace, next to the ledge in the next passage is a whole series of traps on stairs below. You can choose to go down through the traps OR safety drop down to a safe tile below from near the crawlspace. Check the health and safety drop down; go get Gold Skull #2. Going back up youíll have to time all the traps, when you climb up left at the end you are in the corner where that block lowered when you used the Stone. Go get the Bone Skull there.

1 More Gold Skull.

Go back through the crawlspace to the Hall. Go up a ramp at the wall opposite (E) and place the Bone Skull in the NE corner, a block goes up. Down the ramp and the block is in the S side of the hall, straight from the ramp. Hop on and jump into the alcove N, grab up N to the floor above and get Gold Skull #3.

For the Secret: Go to the small balcony SE where a flame went down under a lever and side flip over the balustrade to use the lever, a block goes down.

Jungle Valley.

Get down to the alcove and place the 3 Skulls under the alcove; a wall goes down behind Lara (S).

For the Secret: Go back NW to the room with the pool where you came in. In the corner on the right (SW) of the room is a hole in the floor where the block lowered. Climb down, up a ladder in the next room and get Secret #1, a Secret Dragon. Get back to the room with the Gold Skulls where you left off and go through the opening S.

Go up the passage, mind that pit and climb up at the end, slide down into a jungle area. Take a right and go up into a passage NW (in the same N wall) and in a room with a burner find a hole in the floor, drop down to the room below.

In this section and on a block with a green column NE is a lever flooding the place. Swim a bit to the S and then left into the next section and up through the hole in the ceiling, go into the passage and the block will lower. You see big doors sliding open. Slide down to the Jungle and head through the doors S.

Halls of LaRochelle.

It is possible to do this in a different order and along different routes, but this is how I think it was planned. There are some easier routes, but I didnít want to spoil the fun of you finding them..


A Laser Sight and a Jungle Thistle.

A flyby will show some enormous Halls, watch closely to spot the balls you have to shoot. Walking into the hall you can see a Laser Sight on a pedestal in front of you. Before you jump there, take a jump to the right and get the Revolver ammo from a pedestal, which will re-appear when youíre out of ammo later.

Now jump back to the entrance ledge and to the pedestal to get the Laser Sight, because we need that. Now turn around and check the health, run out holding forward to land on a block way down. Turn around and jump into the alcove to get a Jungle Thistle #1. Jump back to the block and shoot some Green Hags that might have shown up (one was having fun in the nearby pool).

Jungle Thistle #2.

From Thistle 1, get down on the ground and go to the left (E) loop around that wall towards the N wall. Keep following the wall and find a Gem receptacle on a pillar. Facing E you can climb up a staircase, drop into the water in the middle of the staircase and get Jungle Thistle #2. Use the lever on the S wall and swim out through the lowered block.

A Useful Block and Jungle Thistle #3.

Swim SE and get out at some steps, go up and find a dark tile (block lowered), jump to the ledge on the structure W. From there jump into a lower alcove NW with Ctrl and jump to the left (S) into a passage in the structure. Run jump out and grab a slanted pillar, pull up over, slide and jump from the end to a ledge S, use the lever, something shakes and itís that block going up at the steps E for later.

Turn right and grab the crack (W) and go right around corners into an alcove, turn around and jump to grab another crack, go right around and you can jump into the water under the grate to get Jungle Thistle #3.

The Revolver and a Fire Stone.

Swim out to the steps E and go up left, the raising block is up now. From the block you can grab up into the E section and get the Revolver and Fire Stone from a Pedestal at the wall.

Jungle Thistle #4.

Go to the SW corner and jump to a Medipack. Jump back to the ledge E and go left towards the N wall, jump W, back down to the ledge W and from there jump down into the lower alcove NW again. Go to the W end and jump SW, turn around and make another jump NW and pull up. Now climb up on the right to the ledge with the spikes. Stand close to the spikes and jump into the opening (S) and grab Jungle Thistle #4. Thatís all of them.

Turn and jump back to the left of the spikes (no Ctrl) go left and get onto the floor there. It is the corner with the receptacle for the Fire Stone, so use it and a platform will activate on the pillar to the right of you.

Shooting Targets to Kill the Flames.

Now we need to find and shoot 4 Target balls to get rid of the burners at the Thistle receptacles. 3 are located in this lower section and one in the top of the room. Letís do that one first because you might be out of Revolver ammo like me.

Step on the platform facing E and go up; run off at the upper floor. Go to the W and opposite the burning receptacles at is where you entered this place, on the pedestal a bit further you can get more Revolver ammo if you need it.

First Target Ball.

Then go all the way to the E side of this place and find the First Target ball behind the two green columns, shoot it.

Three More.

Get back to that elevator platform and down to the ground floor. From the platform go W and at the wall look up left for Target ball #2, go S and right around corners and come to the block where you landed on at the start, go left (W) a bit and look up left in a structure with 4 pillars. Thatís Target ball #3, go straight S to the S side poolroom and look left to spot Target ball #4 in a block on the ceiling in the E part of that S pool room.

Place the Thistles, the Skribblerz Stone.

Go N from that last ball, then right at the N wall and take the platform back up. Go place the Thistles along the S wall near the door and turn around to go to that fancy pedestal opposite the door. Grab the Skribblerz Stone and the door will open, go through.

Special thanks to Gary LaRochelle, our TRLE teacherÖ.

The level ends at the end of the passage.

G&D, Jan. 11-2014.