Skribblerz Stones V - Skull Island

Level by Aza. 

One Secret.

Lara falls into a lake.

Climb out on the left (W) at the stone slope and stand either left or right on the end and back flip and grab the ledge above. Get the Flares and walk to the left (N) side all the way to the end and into a passage. Around the corner is a lever, roll and go back a bit the way you came. Then go left again onto a roof and at the wall N is a Medipack in a small pit.

Go back to the stone path and down left onto a terrace with plants to get the Flares. Back onto the path and at the burning lamp (you saw when pulling the lever), jump up to the right (W) and hoist up (stand to the left) into a small passage. The gate there is open now. There are small dino’s below and a flying wasp (if you happen to fall down, take care of those and hop into the blue pit in the back to swim back to the canal and go back up as before).

Timed Jumps.

Look up right and spot a jump lever (it is timed), pull it, drop down and immediately jump up to a ledge.

Then a curved running jump to the left, another running jump left to the ledge against the wall. At the end a running jump to the slopes on the right, keep jumping to another ledge at the wall. Take a run jump left onto the ledge with the skeleton.

Watch out because if the emitter under this one is on, Lara will burn. Then run/jump straight to that opening and stop immediately once you inside.

Flip the lever and see a block going down. Now drop to the floor, shooting the small dino’s and go to the S side. Pick up a Medipack and Revolver ammo, jump into the blue pit and swim out and then to the left. Climb out at the stone slope and back flip again to the ledges up. Go to the other side (E) and jump to the wall there. To the left is that block that went down. To the right you can pick up some Flares.

Swimming with Spikes.

Then go in and jump in the water. Swim down and at a crossing you can get some air up at a breathing hole.

-Swim first to the left (E) and avoid the spikes, at the end use the underwater wall lever (#1) and swim back.

-Now swim S, again avoid spikes and immediately after the spikes swim up and use the underwater lever (#2).

-Swim down again, to the left (W) and up (another breathing hole) and use the lever (#3). Now swim back to the crossing, get air and now swim to the W side.

Swim through a couple of gates you just opened and at the crossing take a left (S) (the one straight (W) takes you to the lake again), swim up and through a third gate and down and in the underwater room swim to the opposite (SW) corner and up.

Turn around and climb out. Pick up the Medipack and watch the flyby.

Dark Tunnels, Cave of the T-Rex.

Dive into the river and swim into the opening under the stone slope (on the left (W)).

Lara gets sucked in and falls down a waterfall into a pool. Climb out to the S, kill the small dino’s and the Yeti.

Into the section S are some Flares, jump over the hole and hang from the edge, when the burner is down, drop let go and grab and quickly get in the crawlspace. Drop down at the other side and crawl in another crawlspace. Get onto the ladder and almost at the top, back flip.

Go to the cave and use the binoculars to spot the transparent ledge, a bit to the right.

Take a running jump to grab the ledge, turn right and hop to the wall grabbing a crack. Go right to the ledge with the burner and when it is down get into a corner and from there up onto the balcony. Use the reach-in switch opening a gate in the top of the cave.

Jump over the balcony into the water and swim to the other side of the pool (W). Get into a dark passage and at the corner, turn around and jump towards the ladder and climb up. Follow through and you are on the other side of the cave.

Take a right and get to the opening in the S wall.

Detour for the Secret: in the floor in front of the opened gate is a lower part in the floor, hang down there. Drop and grab the crack below, shimmy left to the Secret, a Medipack. Run jump down into the pool and make your way back up to go into the open gate S.

The Gate Key.

Get through the series of spikes and use the lever. Get back out and use the rope that hangs from the ceiling to swing onto the huge T-Rex head and collect the Gate Key.

The Inca Stone.

Jump in the pool and climb out at the NW corner and use the Gate Key to lower the wall. Get in and jump over to a dark ledge. Walk right to the end and take a running jump with a bit of a left curve to end up on a stone pillar just around the corner.

Jump over to a crack (N) and shimmy all the way left around some corners till you can pull up. 

(If you by accident fall down on the ground floor, you can climb back up at the S wall where you came into this cave and get on the dark ledge on the right (W)).

Take a running jump over the waterhole and grab the end of the ledge. Slide down backwards, drop onto a flat ledge and turn around. Take a running jump to the ledge opposite (W). Turn to the right and again a running jump to the grey, slanted ledge NE. From there jump into the passage next to it and use the lever.

Drop down; kill the raptor and two small dino’s and go into the open Face doors and on the left is a wooden gate, stepping on the tile in front of it opens it. When you go in, two raptors and a flying stinging insect attack Lara. On the pedestal is an Inca Stone.

Go out and left at the end on the right you can use that Inca Stone. Turn around and see that a part of the wall is lowered. Go in and up the slope and at the end look through the binoculars and spot a jump lever. Take a running jump onto a slope, jump immediately again and grab the jump lever.

The Revolver.

Back on the ground floor go out and see that the wooden gate straight and a bit to the left is open now. Kill the yeti and grab the Revolver from the pedestal. Spikes near the N wall go down, get there and climb the wall almost to the top and back flip/roll to grab another ladder. Climb up to the ledge, go to the right and grab a crack, shimmy left around a corner and pull up into a steep passage.


Slide down, jump in the water and stay high or the current will take you, look for a tunnel W and swim left of that tunnel into the corner first (SW). In the end is a lever, use that to open a gate where we go next. Swim back and left around corners into the tunnel (W) and wade out of the water. To the left is some Revolver ammo in an alcove where you just opened the gate.

Then slide down and get your Revolver out, as the minute you touch the ground floor a T-Rex will start chasing Lara. Kill it with a belly shot from close by.

Afterwards go back to the slide and on the N side you can jump up into an indentation in the rocks and find a Gate Key that you can use at the gate (W). There’s also some Revolver ammo on the floor at the gate.

The Tower, 4 Block Puzzle.

Get in and drop down into the Tower Cave.

-Go left and find a push block in the corner (SE), pull it out and then move it N and into the Tower onto the marked tile.

-Turn around, spot the swing pole (E) and take a running jump from the rock left of it to the pole, swing and jump off, jump/roll and grab the ladder to climb up.

Get into the hidden passage on the right and follow to the end, watch out for the burner, turn left and avoid being burned when you stand up left at the push block.

Then push the block with the skulls twice so it drops down, then turn right and jump over to the ledge and crawl in for a small medipack.

-Go out onto the ledge and hang from the side to drop onto the ledge with the Torches (W). Grab a Torch and jump down to the statue left (S wall) to ignite the Torch. Go left of the statue to ignite the other wall torch and the statue explodes. Throw the Torch somewhere out of the way and pull out the block where the statue was. Move it left onto the marked tile left (E) and another block lowers (NW). Now move this block onto the tile in the Tower.

Do not forget to also place the block you pushed down to the ground floor (N wall) into its place.

-Last block NW, move it onto the last tile in the Tower and the block in the middle goes up.

Up the Tower, the Skribblerz Stone.

Climb on top of that block. Back flip onto the steep slope, jump and grab the ladder, turn and jump to the other side (S). Do that again and when you are on the N side, turn and climb out backwards and shimmy to the left around a corner and climb up the ladder. If you have a problem with Lara climbing onto the ladder, just let go and grab immediately and then she will grab it.

Climb off to the left and walk to the end (SW). A running jump gets you over to the next ledge N and climb up the ladder around the corner. Get to the statue and grab the Skribblerz Stone, which will end this adventure.

G&D- July 6-2014.