Skribblerz Stones V - Dhama's Rest

Level by Dhama/George Maciver.

2 Secrets.

After watching the opening flyby, best turn right. Walk to the sloped floor and look up left where you can see a Beast trying to get into a gate, find a good spot to take care of him as we have to get onto that ledge soon.

Now head straight to the far away right hand corner (NW) and find a block you can climb on. Turn right and take two running jumps plus grab to get to a lever.

Pull it to open that gate on the ledge and safety-drop down. Go E and find a ladder on the back of the pillar opposite the ledge. Climb up to the third bar from the top and backflip with a roll to grab the edge of a ledge, go in and use the floor lever. Grab the Flares that are next to the lever. Get back to the ground floor and find the grate on the floor. A trapdoor has opened next to it. There is nothing else to do here at the moment, so drop into the water, way down below.

Water Hall.

To the W is a ceiling hatch we have to open first. So swim E and take a left (N); follow through a passage and swim up at the end where you can climb out. There are a small medipack and Flares on the floor there.

In the other end of the passage are some doors that open automatically and you’ll arrive at a poolroom.

Big Pool Room, open the Hatch.

Go to the far left corner (NE) and climb the ladder on the back of the pillar. There are two openings in the N wall and also two in the S wall. Go to one of the N openings and jump in, follow through. At the deadly pool find Flares, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the right hand side balcony.

Go to the NW corner and find a crack in the N wall, jump from the raised balcony to the crack and jump up the cracks 2 times. Shimmy right and jump up once more. Shimmy right again to the end then let go and grab a crack under Lara, do this twice in total. Again shimmy right and around the corner and then jump up, shimmy and up again. Shimmy then get down twice. Shimmy and up twice as well till you can drop onto a ledge.

Turn around and take a running jump (no grab) while timing the spikes and use the lever on the wall.

You’ll see a screenshot of the ceiling hatch, but a wraith is set loose also. So run down to the right onto the balcony, roll and get out (S). Take a left or right and jump out onto the roof and run into one of the openings of the roof to drop into the pool.

Go out at the W side and into the waterhole again. Swim out and then to the right. At the end is that ceiling hatch next to the pillar. Once out of the water climb up at the S side, use the lever and get in.

The Jungle Thistle.

Down some steps is a pool with a little maze in it.

Swim W and then make a U-turn left around the fence, swim into the corner SE and left (second opening), to the end watch out for the popping up spikes and take a sharp left at the spikes (W). Swim to the end and to the right around the corner to get Secret #1, a Jade Dragon at the end of that stretch. 

Best swim back to get some air.

From the air pocket go W and left, into the same corner again and (second) left, this time loop right around the corner at the spikes and follow through (SW).

In the next huge room take a left and swim all the way to the end (up over those ghost flames is an air pocket). Pick up the Jungle Thistle and swim back, get some air before you swim back to the labyrinth.

The Shotgun.

Once you swim through the opening to the labyrinth, take a left and in the end is the Shotgun with some Shotgun ammo. Roll, left around corners and loop left around the fence through the spikes, right around corner before the next spikes to the air pocket. Climb out and get back to the room with the red and green gate. Go out N and over the waterhole. Now jump up at the other side (the door closes).

Notice the wooden gate and go to the right fast –left is a trap- (E) around the corner and shoot the 2 Beasts and when you follow through to the green light where the gate opens up. Don’t go out, but roll and go back to the wooden gate that just opened. (In case you went out the green gate and it closed behind you; you are back near the lever. Just use the lever again, jump down N to get back through the gate N and now the wooden gate is open).

Jumping through the Water Hall, Jungle Thistle #2.

Follow through and at the end jump out to a ledge on the right (SW), then turn around and jump up the next one.

Hey… I like the look of this… To get to those really high places sometimes I'll need to climb and tap backwards. Let’s try that now…

Then turn right and face the wall (S), jump to that crack and start shimmying to the left. At the end, pull up. Turn to the wall opposite and jump to the crack, shimmy all the way to the end and there jump backwards (arrow down) to a ledge that leads into a passage.

Crack Gauntlet.

Run through to the end of the passage. Jump to the crack in front of you and jump two times higher and climb up. Turn around and safety drop down twice to the last crack and then jump backwards to get another crack. Drop down to the last crack near the deadly water and crawl in. Turn around, crawl out backwards and hang, then jump up twice, another backwards jump to a ledge where the fire has been extinguished.

Take a running jump to the next crack (the one under the fire) and drop down to the bottom, crawl in and get out backwards. Jump up to the top where the fire is now gone and now look up.

Jump to grab the slope ahead, pull up and back flip and then take a running jump to the ledge W. Again lower yourself on the other side and drop to grab the crack, back-jump with grab to get to a passage and run through this passage to the end.

Turn right and take a running jump with grab and one without to get to the next ledges.

Stand in the middle and take one step back then take a hop to a slope, jump immediately and jump again, grab the grassy slope and shimmy to the right. Back-flip or back jump to the next slope and again take a jump to end up a safe ledge.

Jump over (NE) to claim the Jungle Thistle #2.

Use the Thistles.

Just jump in the water below and swim into the passage (N). Go to the right to the pool and to the back pillar on the left (NE) and climb up onto the roof again.

Go to the S wall and use one of the openings there. Make your way to that island in the deadly pool and use the Thistles to open Gates.

Go back to the roof and jump through one of the holes, climb out of the pool and enter the open Gates E.

Hall with the Fountains of Blood.

Go in and watch the flyby, then go left and climb onto the last pillar base and turn around to jump into the opening of the wall (N). Use the lever and safety drop down. Turn right (E), go to the bluish pillar and pick up a small medipack from the block.

Jump around the corner and climb up the block you raised, hoist up to the blue pillar and shimmy to the corner before doing so, so you can use the lever properly. 

Turn around and take a running jump to the next block you raised (E) and grab up to the opening of the wall on the left. Use the crack, shimmy right and jump up, turn around and jump onto the first pillar.

Jump to the one straight ahead and grab the edge. DO NOT pull up but shimmy to the right around the corner and then a back jump to grab the small walkway. Use the floor lever to disable another set of spikes, then jump into the passage in the W wall.

In the next room spot a crack on the right and use it to get one higher, shimmy left to the end and back jump, curve hard right landing on a ledge next to a slope. Grab the Shotgun ammo. (Or grab the slope, slide over and jump to grab another crack. Back jump to the same slope and grab it to shimmy left to get to the ledge with the ammo). Use the cracks in the wall (W) to get up and then again a back jump to a slope, jump to the crack, back jump back to the slope and shimmy to the right where you can pick up a small medipack.

Then jump over the slope to the lever S and use it. More spikes are disabled. Use the ledges where the pickups were to get safely back to the floor.

Over the safe Pillars.

Then go back to the walkway, to the left (N) end and hang down from the opening in the fence, safety drop onto the block below. Turn right and use the block and crack in the N wall again to get back onto the first pillar. Turn left and jump to the pillar near the E wall, turn to the right and jump along the pillars to the end there. Go into the opening straight ahead (S) and use the cracks there to get through.

First go down to the bottom and crawl through then jump up the cracks again.

Back jump, go up the cracks again, crawl through and turn around to use the cracks to get down again. Then back jump and grab the edge of the tile with the fire. Time the fire and hoist up, do not step forwards but just hop and you land on a safe ledge.

Time the emitter to jump to the next opening. You’ll see spikes popping up, jump to that ledge but hang on the edge and when the spikes are up back jump and grab the crack. Go up the cracks to a slope.

Then take a couple of back jumps (this is easier) until you can stand on an even ledge, from there a running jump over the slope to a ledge behind it.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Use the next cracks to get down, crawl through and on the other side go up again but not the upper one. Take a back jump and crawl through. Hang on the other side and take a back jump. Now a running jump and slide down the slope; jump with Ctrl to get into the opening.

Pull out the Shotgun and use it on the Beastie, go to the end of the passage and jump over to the statues and go the obvious one that has a greenish colour and get the Skribblerz Stone.

The gates down on the ground floor open up.   

Face N and look with binoculars or light a flare to spot two transparent ledges, take a running leap of faith and from another one till you reach the small ledge at the N wall for Secret #2, a Gold Dragon. Jump back or just jump into the fountain below and get out to go through the doors E and keep on running through the magic room till you hit water then swim a bit and the level ends…

G&D, April 28-2014.