Skribblerz Stones V - Trials of Amojan.

Level by Leonvdn

Walkthrough G&D Productions

When you ignite a flare it burns a long, long time, so do pick it up again for extra light if you dropped it for some reason.

A wall goes up behind Lara, shoot the right hand wooden box for Uzi ammo. Go to the other corner and use the lever to open a door in the pit.

Then look down and spot the opening on the right hand side of the pit (N wall). Line up for a run-jump down into that opening: stand against and facing the wall and hop back 3 times, turn left to face the opening and hop back from the edge then take a running jump with Ctrl. Slide down almost to the bottom and jump up (over or grab) the next slope. Pull up, slide down and walk to the edge.

Take a running jump to the elevator when it goes up and again one to the opening on the right (S).

Shoot the box for more Uzi ammo then jump onto the elevator when it goes up and take a running jump at the top to grab the opening ahead.

Shoot the Target.

Follow through and shoot the scorpion, go right to a box with spikes on top and pull it once. Turn around and go around the spikes, take the small medipack (Mushroom) and run through the popping spikes. Get the Revolver with Revolver ammo, go to where the block was before to get the Laser Sight, the block will explode.

Turn around and look up into that sloped shaft in the wall (N). Use the Revolver and sight to shoot that ball way up high.

Back to the Pit.

The popping spikes are gone, so you can now use the lever there. You’ll see a door opening in the pit at the start of the level. Go back to the elevator and see that the wall straight ahead (W) lowered as well. Hop down and shoot the knight. The door you need to get in is at the S wall of the pit, so do the same when you jumped to the opposite opening before.

Once you are in there, turn around and take a curved running jump to that ledge you see on the right (E) in between the blue crystal. Crawl in to the right, climb down and take a step back to grab the Uzis there. Follow up the stairs and to the left, slide down and climb up the block and watch the fly by.

Along Rooftops.

At the edge, turn a bit to the right and take a running jump to the small roof you see down (NE). Grab the edge, shimmy to the right and hoist up, back flip and jump back with a right curve to get onto the higher roof. Then shimmy to the right, timing the flame and when you come to the next flame, back flip to a safe ledge. Pick up the Revolver ammo, look up to the far left (NW) and shoot that ball there.

The flame dies out, now jump to the crack and shimmy round the corner, wait at the next and when the flame is gone shimmy around the second corner, let go so you can slide and jump left to get to a wider crack on the other side. Shimmy left and pull up into the alcove at the end.

You can turn around and face SE, do a back flip onto the roof, jump and grab the crack, then shimmy left and crawl in.

“Press M any time during the game to view the Special moves guide”.

Hang at the end, use the ‘down arrow’ key to jump back and Lara lands safe between the spikes.

Room with the Mask Door.

In the next area there are two knights you have to kill. Straight across the room is a door we have to open with 2 Masks. At the E wall is an Uzi (that counts as ammo if you already found the Uzi). In the NW corner under a box is a small medipack

Fire Room, First Golem Mask.

Go to the other corner (NE), shoot a scorpion and behind the plant you can find a lever. This shuts down the flame. Now you can jump from that corner to grab the high ledge on the left (E). Turn right and jump to grab the rope, turn right and swing into the opening to the right (N).

Go in and go a bit up the slope and take a running jump around the burning pole for a Medipack behind it. Jump back, face E and climb the pole in the corner pretty high (Lara’s head has to be just under the band on the wall) and use ALT to jump to the next pole.

Have Lara’s feet above the line in the wall and use ALT again to jump to the next pole. Be sure to have Lara’s head somewhere in the middle of the stone texture and jump to grab the ledge in the alcove there, pull up and just slide down.

To the right is a small medipack, you can get it by crawling under the hammers. To the left is a crawlspace, get in there and shoot a scorpion. Under the wooden box you can find Uzi ammo.

Jump up the slope, timing the spikes for Golum Mask #1.

Crawl back to the hammer and then avoiding them get back down on the left. Walk out onto the high ledge, hang from the side and shimmy right past the door.

Water Room, Second Golem Mask and an Eye of Amojan.

Jump to the platform sticking out of the wall straight ahead (S), then to the one on the right, the one with the emitter. Avoid being burned and a running jump to the high ledge straight ahead and a bit on the right (W wall) and a block goes up as a shortcut.

Go in and shoot the box for Revolver ammo. There is some Uzi ammo to the left of the pillar. Turn to the S wall and use the cracks to get up twice.

Then take a back jump timing the spikes, immediately jump and grab the crack, shimmy to the left almost to the flame. Stop close to the flame, quickly go left and jump up one crack, shimmy left again avoiding another emitter. Just around the next corner you are up near the roof, grab the roof and shimmy to the right and get into a crawlspace.

Get down into a room and shoot the knight. Grab the Golem Mask from the pedestal and the Eye of Amojan from the other. Some blocks went up so you can escape from this room, hang from the crawlspace and just drop into the water below.

Get out, jump down to the ground floor (watch out for spikes) and place both Masks at the door N. Get in and pick up Flares. Go down and avoid the darts (stand jumps over the darts). Shoot the scorpion and use the lever at the wall straight ahead.

Down the Fiery Elevator, the Caves.

Wow, after the elevator stops go into the opening on the left (E) and down. Take a side jump onto the slope (E), sliding backwards so you can grab the edge and shimmy to the left and hoist up. Jump to the other side (N) and then to the corner with the pedestal (SE). Get the Eye of Amojan #2 and see a door opening up..

Hop onto the block NE and up once more, run jump W straight in the direction of that door, landing on the ledge right of the gap. Turn right and go up to the top of this rock from where you can do a running jump along the wall to the ledge at the door.

Using the Eyes of Amojan.

Avoid the flames by just running straight inside when the flames are down.

Jump into the water and find Uzi ammo near the skeleton and the Eye of Amojan #3 on the other ledge, then climb up the block in the opposite corner and use the Revolver and Sight to shoot a small cat figure in the water (SE corner) to get rid of the spikes on the blocks. Then take a running jump grab (E) to the left corner of the floor with the small medipack.

From that pickup you can jump on top of the nearby block where the emitters are and place one Eye there. Then take a slightly curved running jump to grab the next straight on and the next to place the rest of the Eyes.

You can run down from this last block with Ctrl to land inside the opened door below (W). Or jump into the water and back on dry land, over the low block and then a running jump standing as far as to the right as possible into the opening straight ahead (W).

Spikes and Demi Gods.

Jump straight curving a bit to the right and grab the floor. There are two passages on the right with popping spikes. First stand at the left passage and run-jump over the spikes and get the Uzi- and Revolver ammo. Then jump back, now take the other passage, and just run in and around the corner to the right. On the wall ahead is a lever use it. Go back out, shoot the two demi-gods and watch the fly by.

4 Levers to get Up the Tower.

Jump into the opening W, stand to the right, hop over and slide and jump again curving to the right. Go to the right and in the NE corner you can jump to the crack (E) and shimmy around left, back jump (down key) and face the wall W. Jump up and use the crack to shimmy left around.

Time the moving block (after 4 times it has a little break) and run jump to the opposite side. Use lever #1, a sphere activates on the central platform. Jump back down to the platform. Go to the N side and turn around, grab the edge and let go to grab the crawlspace, get in and use lever #2.

Get out and jump up to get back to the platform. Now go to the W side, safety drop behind the spikes (left side if the roof), use lever #3. Time the spikes and jump two slopes and grab the ladder to climb back up.

Go to the NW corner and look for a pole in the far corner of the room. Jump to grab the pole, go down and face the falling block. Lara’s feet should be a bit above the ledge the block pounds on. When it is about to go up, jump so you’ll land on the sloped surface and slide/jump to the last lever # 4.

Turn right and jump slopes till you hit a safe block. Jump back to the ladder via the next slope and climb up. Climb up the central grated tower.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Stand on the edge of the first step up to the pedestals S and in the middle of the traps. Wait for the moment where you can run behind the turning flames to get to the pedestals. To the left is a Medipack. Grab the Skribblerz Stone, you’ll see a door opening, that is on the left (NW) side. Best get back to the N along the W side of the floor and get to the door that opened.

Shoot a knight or just run around him and the level ends when you reach the end of the passage.

G&D, May 10-2014