Cave Village
By TrueRaider
Walkthrough written and provided by the author himself.

Walk forward into the first main chamber. You will see a pool to the left and a few pillars. After exiting the passage,
immediately turn right along the wall, light a flare and you can see you can climb up onto a ledge and then onto the top of the
pillar nearest to you. Once on the pillar, look up, you will see a climbable wall.
Do a standing jump forward and grab.

Climb up onto the top through the fog into a dark room. Smash the vase to your right to get a revolver. There are two ditches with a
walkway in between. Do a standing jump to the middle and go to the far right edge, walk forward and take a step back and do a
running jump into the gap ahead of you. Make sure you are as far to the right of the walkway as possible, in order to not fall
back into the flames below. Once in the gap you will see a crawlspace to your left, crawl through and pick up the fabulous
canopic jar! However, oh no, there's an earthquake.

Crawl back out into the opening. Stand as far back to the wall as you can, and do a standing jump to land on the edge, do another standing jump and then jump back over to the other side. Climb down to the bottom of the ladder and drop down, losing a bit of health. The room has been changed by the earthquake. This has enabled 2 new paths to be opened.

Walk up to the far wall and you can see a gap in the wall that you can shimmy along. Grap onto this and shimmy all the way to the right until you can climb up. Then drop down through the passage to a huge cavern with a stream. If you drop in the water, its deadly current will take you away down a waterfall to your death. From the edge, do a standing jump forward and monkey swing to the other side. Once here, go right down the slope. On the wall will be a crawlspace, try lighting a flare. Go through here to get Secret #1! Some flares and something else.

Go back out the way you came. At the top of the slope go through the passage into a small chamber. A fly-by will show you 2 pictures, take memory of these. In between is a button, which when you push will come in handy later. Push it, remember the two pictures (mountains, and a flame) and go back over the monkey swing. At the end of the monkey swing simply let go and immediately grab to grab hold of the ledge below. Go back through into the main room.

On the left hand wall from where you started, there will be a crawlspace not previously open. Go through to a room with 8 buttons. Remember the pictures? Press the corresponding buttons to open the door. The button you pressed earlier also is part of the puzzle. So with all 3 pressed, the door will open. Go through, the passage gets smaller and you may need to crawl. At the other side is a bridge. Go across, trying not to fall down through right to the other side.

On the right hand wall at the side is a crawlspace. Do a standing jump to grab and crawl through and drop down to the second half of the level. For now, ignore the two openings to your left, but take note. Go through to the next room for a fly-by. On the left is a door, and up near the ceiling on the right is another door, with a jumping passage up to it, but flames blocking your way, ignore this for now. Go back into the little room and go into the first booth.

This will open the lower door on a timer. It
doesnít give long so sprint through into the passage.
Once through, you have a tricky jumping section. Jump forward, slide down and grab, shimmy left for 2 or 3 segments, climb up and jump back quickly since you will slide into the water. If you do, avoid the croc and swim back to the start. After you have jumped back, turn 90 degrees to the left and jump forward. Then turn right and jump forward, slide down and grab, and shimmy along the edge to the other side of the little platform.

Climb up and turn around. Look to your left to see a platform, jump across. Donít climb to the top of the pillar, instead turn right to see a sloped block, but not too sloped. Run jump over here. Then run jump to the other side where there is a little space. Turn around and jump back into the middle and down into the water. Swim through past a gate and out into another room.

Simply walk through to the end at the right side and there is another switch, push this to turn off the flames in the other room. Kill the scorpion and walk back through and swim through the now open gate, back into the pool room, and climb out where you started, run through into the main room.

Now you can tackle the door at the top! Go to the other "booth" with another timed segment, this time for the upper door. This isn't too tricky, as long as you don't dawdle. Sprint through to the main room and climb the block on your left, facing the entrance jump over the blocks, running jumping and grabbing in some places, it's not too tricky to see how to progress. You go round the room in an anti-clockwise direction. (counter-clockwise to you americans ;-). At the end there is a monkey swing over the room to the other side with the door, if you make it on time you can drop and grab and climb up and through the passage.

Through here is another quick timed sequence. Go through the open door to your right and go onto the pressure pad. quickly turn round and sprint back through to the other side and the other door and stand on the pressure pad. This triggers a flip-map and you can climb onto the block. Climb up, and into the top room. On the wall somewhere is another crawlspace you can go through to end the level.