The Haunted Mansion

by Matt Emery

Walkthrough by Yoav

I found this old level (from 2001) is missing a few Wads, English.dat and Script.dat that you can find at

Also, I've written and provided a walkthrogh for this level.

Start in a garden outside the mension wall. Go to the other side of the garden; at the closed double door climb onto the slope, jump catch the crack and shimmy right, then fall and pull the jumpswitch. Go through the open door, in front of you is the main mansion with a closed door, take the right path, look for closed gate from the right, pick up flares near the statue and keep going to left of the mansion. At the end of the path pull trapdoor, get in a basement, follow downstairs, avoid the swinging chains, look for dark place from right, light flare and pick up crowbar. Turn back and shoot the small vase, pick up shotgun ammo, climb upstairs, turn right and enter to the Kitchen, push the double door (or maybe go through it, could be a bug), and find yourself in another part of the mansion.

In the corridor from left is a closed double door, take the right way, go and push the double door. In the large room climb onto the black table, look on the ceiling, there are three kinds of chandelier (at least it looks that way), jump catch and pull Lara onto it and from there cilmb into the attic. Go and pick up theMusic Scroll and behind the boxes uzi clips, get back to the room below, get to corridor and enter to a big room with four goblets. First shoot on the small vase that stands onto a block and pick up shotgn ammo, now move and place each goblet onto those different tiles, that will cause electric current to flow and the main mansion doors are open now (you see screenshot when you get out from the room). Make your way over there and after you pass the kitchen the gate you saw before opens too (again screenshot), when you get out from the basement, take care for two horsemen attacks, shoot them and get in the mansion.

In the hall climb onto the two black blocks at the entrance and pick up small medipack and ammo on pedestal. Now take free tour and pick up behind one of the columns uzi clips, keep going around, go and climb onto the high blocks behind the stairs, find secret place #1. Pick up flares, now follow upstairs, leave the double door for a moment, stand face to the entrance hall and look above for a crawlspace. Go to left side, at the end jump and catch the ceiling, do monkyswing over the crawlspace, fall catch the edge and pull Lara into it, crawl inside to secret place #2, pick up uzis. Get back to second floor and push the double door, go in the corridor at the end and look at what the flyby shows. Draw your pistols, as you have to deal with a horseman riding on his horse in a small room, shoot this one and notice he will drop Gem, shoot on a vase then go to other corner and pull trapdoor. Get in a short corridor with shallow water and climb up to small courtyard, look left for a climbable wall up at the balcony, pick up shotgun and use the Gem.

Go through the open gate, two fire ghosts attack from a right room. Turn and run faster to left side, there's a small pool, get rid of them and back to the room, shoot the horseman that stands faraway, go push the double door. Enter to the room, you see all around decorated doors, go over to the pedestal and use the Music Scroll, take care for horseman attacks from back, shoot him and go through the open door. Follow upstairs, go around the balcony and climb up ladder, pull Lara into a room with two big cogs, go to the wall and use the crowbar. Take the Golden Star, turn and go over the exit room and the level ends.