BtB 2014- Above the Khmer Islands.

Level by Lara Croft (Nerkan)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

4 Secrets

The Quad.

Go around the crates behind the tent and pick up 3x MP5 ammo. And behind the boxes on the other side get the Flares, Medipack and Mushrooms (small medipack).

Get onto the bike and drive around some corners and up a steep hill. On the other side avoid the popping up spikes. Once down get off the bike and walk to the edge of the pit (S). Stand to the left and jump over the slope to land onto a block. Drop down and stand in the NW corner and hoist into the opening. Climb up on the right for Secret #1, Mushrooms and 3x Uzi ammo. Get out and climb the ladder (N wall).

Get on the bike, go back a bit to gather speed and jump over the pit, through the wall and up a steep slope on the right. Lara ends up a wooden bridge and falls down. Leave the bike and climb out this pit using the block. Watch the flyby.

A Gong Hammer.

Go straight (W) into the building and first take a right (to get some goodies). Shoot all the boxes for 2x Uzi ammo and Flares. Near the cell where the guide is behind a closed door (W) under another box on the left you can find 2x MP5 ammo. Then turn back, around go around the corner and avoid the popping up spikes in the passage S. On the left wall is a Timed lever. Pull it, roll hop over the pit and take running jumps into the door at the other side.

When you pick up the Gong Hammer, the door opens again. The lever is for when you want to come back here. Shoot the bats and go back by either jumping over or lowering yourself down and picking up some MP5 ammo and some Mushrooms on the left. Climb up the ladder and then the block so you can monkey swing back over the spikes.

Use the Gong, Down the Pit.

Go out the building and take a left and go around the corner. There are some very angry Elephants here; maybe you already met one. Use the Gong Hammer on the Gong near the giant statue and watch what happens. Near the laptop on the crates is some MP5 ammo in the grass.

For a Secret: If you want another secret you have to shoot the monkeys around here (probably the one near the buildings entrance) as one of them carries a Gold Key.

Drop down into the pit and go down the slope, shoot the barrels on the left for some Mushrooms, turn and follow through.

Go around the corner on the left where the swinging wooden logs are and use the Gold key there. Go back and see a door has opened (SW). Slide down and use the jump lever on the right wall and then climb up the ladder. Almost at the top back flip and get Secret #2, Flares, a Medipack, the Uzis, Uzi ammo and 2x MP5 ammo. Jump down E and now pass the swinging wooden logs. Go down a slope and watch another flyby.

The Islands, the Wooden Cog Switch.

Take the left passage in front and get transported to the floating islands. Shoot the two tigers and go to the small structure N.

There are 4 levers here but one has a green colour under it, flip that one and drop down the ladder. A lot of bats in here; shoot the barrel and get the Wooden Cog. Climb back out and go to the SW and jump over to another island. Then jump to a crack at the next island on the left (E). Shimmy to the right then around a corner and jump up. Go straight and jump to yet another island, then jump to the Gazebo on the right.

Shoot the Siamese twin snakes and under the barrel in the SE corner youíll find the Wooden Hub. Combine it with the Wooden Cog and get Wooden Cog Switch. Get the Ornate Lion Key from the pedestal in the opposite corner (NE).

Use the Cog Switch, a Bridge.

Jump from the NW corner to the floating block there and drop to the ground. Then go NE and place the Wooden Cog Switch on that stone block there.

The Jungle Sword.

Go to that wooden bridge and shoot the two-faced tiger (stay on the bridge is safe (as well as he might fall down into the darkness below).

Go over the next bridge and on that island (second one) walk to the E side and hop over to the very end and down to the right. Drop down backwards and hang, let go and grab then pull up for Secret #3, Flares, MP5 ammo and Mushrooms. Hang again from that ledge and jump up, best is to hop right around the lower edge of the island towards the bridge and get back up the island from there.

Then go the next bridge (W) and next to the skeleton there, is the Jungle Sword. Then take the next bridge (N) and collect the Gaja-Simha Key on the right on a pedestal. Avoid the skeletons by running back to the bridge, and make your way back all the way to the start island via the bridges. Step on the transporter tile to get back to the basement and loop around left to the other transporter tile.

6 Levers, Preparing the Way and Dried Lilies.  

Use the two keys you have at the gate. Go in and only flip the 4 green levers to raise a block for later. Then go to the SE corner and jump towards the pool area. In the water near the lilies in the middle you can pick up the Dried Lilies. Drop down at the W side to the island where you got the Sword and then make your way back over the bridges to the transporter tile.

Free Nung, the Guide.

Go straight, and at a certain point you see a jeep driving, that can only mean one thing: trouble.

Go through the swinging logs, out of the hole and back to the entrance of the building (SE) and shoot the two soldiers. One leaves the MP 5 and the other one MP5 ammo.

Get into the building, go to the right and shoot two more soldiers. Pick up the MP5 ammo they leave and now go to the door in the end (W) to free Nung, the Guide.

The Courtyard. 

Walk with the Guide and after she goes through the gap the doors to the Courtyard will open up. The Guide will wait at the Gold Buddha receptacle in the middle. To the right as you face the entrance is a jump lever, this will raise a block in the other end of the Courtyard. Go to the Guide waiting at the block and she will push a button. The second doors open. Get inside and shoot the barrels for some Mushrooms.

Down the Dark Temple, Naga Puzzle.

Go down the steps all the way to the ground floor. At the first pool are 4 statues and three of them have to be moved so that they are facing the middle of the grated floor. Youíll see a door opening up.

The Bridge.

Go to the second pool (N) and dive into that opening in the N wall. Swim through the crooked tunnel until you can climb out and use the chain. A bridge unrolls. Swim back and climb out of the pool and climb up the two flights of stairs you came down from before (SW). The bridge is on the right there.

Once over go to the left then take a right and a left again and pull those two Coffins each once for Secret #4, 4x MP5 ammo. Either push them back or jump to the walkway going E, through the door you opened with the statue puzzle. Run over the bridges and use the floor lever you see some wooden bars going down in a pool, thatís under the statue puzzle.

Lever Puzzle, the Buddha Offering.

Before going there let us finish this room first. Drop down from the bridge and there is an underwater maze and you have to clear the way so you can swim through and up the underwater wall on the S wall.

Face W and start with the left lever, push it, then take the third. The barriers in the water opposite the levers go down. Then go to the other 3 levers. From left to right, take the second one and the third one. 

Itís a long swim, dive in the hole at the end and swim through and pick up the Buddha Offering at the end. Swim back and get out. Go to that sloped tile at the W wall and hoist up the ledge above. Go straight and then a left and jump into the first pool (at the Naga puzzle). Grab the Golden Buddha and get out of the pool.

Use the Buddha, the Khmer Key.

First go back up the 3 flights of stairs to the Courtyard outside and place the Golden Buddha at that stone structure in the middle.

The doors close and you have a fight on your hands, as a Shiva and two stone Monkey Warriors come to life. One Monkey warrior leaves the Khmer Key, the other one the Incense Sticks. One of them might be reluctant to show, just run to the NE corner of this square and use the Khmer Key on the pillar there. You might have to run in to where the Guide is to get the second Warrior to show. On both sides the Courtyard doors open up again. First we go inside again (W). 

Go down the first flight of stairs and over the wooden bridge on the left. Go left and then right. Run straight to some moving trapdoors. Walk onto the first as it goes up and take a running jump grab to the next when you see it starts to move up, pull up.

Place the Incense Sticks on the right and the Buddha Offering at the other one. The spikes under the Green Orb are disabled so get it. Safety drop down, the two guards here carry nothing, so just get to the stairs fast and go back up the stairs and over the Courtyard to the outside.

Here you meet two guards and one of them carries a Medipack.

Use the Orb, The Escape.

Go out to the jungle and take a left, down the hole to the transporter tiles. Take the right hand one.

Go straight to the block you raised and climb up at the side and jump even higher. Go W and place the Orb (go behind it and face W). The Spikes disable and Naga appears.

Go back (E) and jump from where the spikes were over to the islands, taking running jumps. Near the end go jump left to a tiny patch of rock close to two sloped blocks. A simple stand jump onto the sloped block and slide/jump twice, and curve hard left to land on the ledge. A running jump to the last island. Look at the ground in the bright green part for a small round object. Stand facing S or W to place the Dried Lilies.

Watch the flyby of Naga exploding and then turn to the left (SE) and jump back over the islands to the building W. When you pick up that Wheel of the Law Artefact the level ends.    


G&D, July 8-2014