BtB 2014 - Submersion of Angkor.

Level by Tombraider95

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets

Cambodia 2014.

Go straight (E) through the tunnel and crawl through to a Palace at a lake. To the right youíll see a small gate weíll be back to soon. Go left to the corner of the lake, face SW and side flip onto the slanted rock around the corner, grab and shimmy right around to the West caves. Shoot the tiger and head right (N), keep to the left and follow through till you come to a cave with a lake and a campsite, picking up some Mushrooms on the way.

Camp Site, Ancient Key.

Slide down, swim to the narrow part (near some lilies) where you can climb up right. Go straight up the mound and quickly shoot the soldier, grab his MP5 Gun. Shoot the crate and get MP5 ammo on another crate is a Medipack. Spot a trapdoor in the Northern cave there.

Go to the other side of the tent and quickly shoot a second soldier. On the crate in front of the tent is the Ancient Key, a crate W has more MP5 ammo, behind it (W) is a crawlspace, get in and go to the right. Quickly run left into the alcove before the boulder gets you. Jump to grab the ladder over the slope and go left, up a bit and then back flip. Shoot a bat and proceed to another boulder trap, slide down on the right, then stand jump and run right into the alcove. Go down to a cave with a snake and use the jump lever on the back wall to open that trapdoor.

Go back as you came and through the crawlspace to the campsite, from the tent walk through the waterfall on the right of the tent (S). Jump and grab up to a ledge up over the water and go up and right to the end where you can jump into an opening behind some plants, get Secret #1, Flares and MP5 ammo around the corner.

Get back to the tent and go into the cave with the open trapdoor (N) and drop in, crawl through and jump up on the right to a small pool. Go straight through it and on a block is a pulley wheel, use it and turn to the right and go through the open gate down to the cave floor. Take a left (S) back through the caves to the lake at the Palace.

Use the Ancient Key, a Serpent Gem.

Jump into the lake then swim right and to the right hand corner pillar of the Palace; behind this pillar you can find some Mushrooms. Turn and swim to the S side and you can climb back up the grassy field in that corner (takes a bit of precision). Now you can open that small gate you saw before (on the left), go up the ladder and back flip to a balcony with a First Serpent Gem.

The Golden Buddha.

Get back down to the lake, shoot a tiger and jump into the lake. Swim in between the bridge pillars and pick up Uzi ammo from the bottom. To the left is a chain, pull it and see a gate open up. Swim out and to the right, straight and a bit left into that open gate N. Open the underwater door E and swim in, in front of you are two gates. Surface and go to the lever, save and pull, turn a bit to the right, backflip twice and get into the water, into one of the timed gates and open an underwater door there to get the Golden Buddha inside. Swim out of the timed gates and keep going to the left to get Flares from the bottom. Swim out (W), follow through to get to the lake and go right around the corners to climb up the right hand ledge (N).

Use the Buddha, Lower the Bridge.

Shoot another snake and go left around the corner and look up you see a platform. Go between the two sloped rocks and face the left one (S). Pull up; back flip roll and grab the rock behind you, shimmy left and jump straight up to grab the platform.

Face the rocks SW and jump/slide and grab the edge, shimmy to the left till you are on the other side. One block away from the corner there, pull up and jump/roll and grab a ledge. Jump again to the SW and shimmy to the left, around the corner and when you are above the opening of a cave, let go and grab, then climb in. Slide down and shoot a bat. Loop around left and grab some Flares. Go to the N wall and use the wheel. You see a block rising. Turn to the right and leave this cave through the opening there. Go back to the E side and climb the block, turn right and jump to the crack in the S wall. Shimmy around the corner and almost at the end jump up and shimmy to the left and pull up at a corner. Jump over to the balcony. Go place the Buddha next to the other one and a gate opens up in the S. Go in and pull the chain to lower the bridge. Through the rubble E you can just see the Bow, you canít access it from here, it is a secret and youíll have to come back for a crowbar door (next paragraph) after you got the Jungle Sword.

Over the Bridge.

Go back out, jump to over the balustrade to the rocks you came from (SW) and just drop down through the crack down to the ground floor. Go back to the lake; jump over to the right (W) and go straight to the trapdoor that is hanging over the water. Stand left and line up straight to jump and grab that rock, go over the bridge to the receptacles for the Gems.

Timed Gate, the Second Serpent Gem.

As you are missing one Gem, just before the pillars, face left and jump around the pillar to a ledge, from there, jump to the floor NE where youíll find a timed lever. Check out the possible 2 routes first.

1: Jump a bit right onto the slanted ledge against the bridge pillar, then to the bridge and straight to the other pillar. Go left around it to a similar ledge and then to the floor at the gate.

2: jump straight over the low fence to grab the pole and swing the poles to the opposite floor and get to the gate.

Go up the ladder and go straight, use the balcony left between the bridge pillars to get to the opposite floor and go into the open gate on the right. In the back up left is a Bell, face it, back flip onto the slope firing pistols and jump to shoot the Bell.

Go out and notice a crowbar door on the right, this is a secret, so you have to get back here later. The gate on the other floor (S and left) opens up, so jump back there and enter.

Get through the spikes and shoot the statue, then shoot the Stone Monkey Warrior to get the Second Serpent Gem. Make your way back down to the bridge (I jumped from the middle of the balcony to the bridge) and place the Two Gems to open the gate.

Submerged Angkor.

Run jump in without Ctrl and follow through, roll under the darts and go down the steps into the water, if you go left around youíll find a closed gate. In the pool itself is a ledge where you can shoot a croc (if he shows his face).

Go to the SE corner and into the opening and around the corner down the stairs into the flooded area. Through a small opening and to the right where another croc shows up, take him back to the stairs and on top turn around. Start shooting and walking back as best as you can (the croc is faster) and then go down into the water again.

Open the Gate.

Swim through the small opening and right, in the end left you have to pull the chain (1/2). Swim back up the stairs, and go to the room with the closed gate in the pool. Dive into the deep part, swim into the N side and right around the corner for another chain (2/2) and that gate upstairs opens. Grab the Uzi ammo from the corner before you swim back. Climb out at the N side and go into the gate (NE). Follow through and upstairs where you look out over the flooded room, a tiger is running around here.

Raise the Block, the Uziís.

Look for a push block nearby, push it once to the S and then push it to the edge of the floor, climb up and jump up to grab the vegetation, go forward over to the grated floor and left to a jump lever. Use it and a block goes up on that ledge in the room below. Go back up (N) and up the stairs and from standing next to the push block a run jump around the low ceiling onto that raised block. Grab up to the crack and go left to the balcony, turning left you can see two keyholes. Go onto the balcony and crawl through a low part on the right to get Uziís and Uzi ammo there, crawl back.

The Lion Key.

Go back and dive into the water below, swim into the corridor opposite the big doors (W) and left at the crossing. Up in the end and climb out, go to the next room, run jump over the trigger tile to stop the flames and do running jumps to grab the sloped block in front. Pull up left and jump left, then just keep jumping till you are on the flat pillar. Jump to the floor and first shoot the barrel on the right to get MP5 ammo and the one on the left has Flares. Then get the Lion Key, a wraith appears. Hop into the pool, swim to the opposite left side and wade out onto the steps, shoot the croc. Jump back over the pillars to the second alcove in the right hand wall to get Secret #2, Uzi ammo. Now you can leave the room and go back down into the flooded corridors.

Swim straight at the crossing, around the corner to the right and right again, in the end is another chain and this one is timed. It will open the gates behind you. Swim through and up.

Upper Section, Gate to the Quad.

Up the stairs and left is a gate, thatís where the Quad is for later. Go right and jump along the left side over the pool with the waterfall, look in the left wall and spot a crack, jump to grab it and go right to pull up in the alcove, turn around and jump/grab the one across the corridor and then turn left to jump across to another crack.

Shimmy to the left and pull up near a ladder, Climb up and shift left and spot a Bell there. Back flip with roll and curve a bit left so you can grab the edge of the ridge as you slide off. Go right to the flat part and you can shoot the bell from here.

Jump as far as possible to the SW onto the opposite ridge. Shimmy left to the end, pull up and back flip with roll to grab again, shimmy all the way to the right. Back flip, jump back with roll and then jump hard left to grab the last ridge. Shimmy to the left, back flip and jump back with a hard left curve. Grab the Magnum. The door to the quad should open now.

Stand jump into the pool below and grab the Medipack in between the grass, where you land. Climb out using the ladder and turn left in the window, run jump S to the floor (notice the bridge being down, we need to raise that for the Quad later)

The Torch.

Go in and left, along the right hand wall and run jump up right into the window, out to the other side of the pool and shoot a snake. Up left are Torches, grab one and make a note of the old wall S.

The Wooden Cog Switch.

Jump back into the window over the pool and out to the other side of the pool go straight over the ridge (W) and at the statue take a right and into a large hall, shoot the croc and ignite your Torch to the right. Then ignite the two Torches across the room and a gate opens left (SW); go down the stairs with the Torch and follow through to a room with a Tiger. Shoot it and grab the Wooden Cog from the pedestal at the W wall. With the torch investigate the wall N, next to that alcove is a block, pull it out to cause a cave-in of the room above. Leave the Torch.

Up the Dirt, the Wooden Hub, Wooden Cog Switch.

Go back up the stairs to the large room and to the back of the room, jump up the dirt mound. Turn around and jump to the crack in the pillar. Shimmy to the right and just at the corner you can jump up another crack, go around the corner and pull up, backflip roll and grab another crack. Shimmy to the right till you can pull up at a trapdoor. Jump over to that dirt mound (W) and a running jump (no Ctrl) into the alcove at the wall. Get the Wooden Hub. Combine the two parts to get a Wooden Cog Switch.

Get down and go left around the mound to the exit (SE), left over the ridge and left to the corridor where the lowered bridge is. To the immediate right is where you can use the Wooden Cog Switch. The bridge goes up.

Get the Quad.

Take a running jump to the pole on the right of the bridge to swing across and then go left around the corner at the Bell pit. Jump left up into the window at the waterfall pit and out the other end. Go into the open gate W and get ready to rumble as two guards are watching over the Quad, one of them drops MP5 ammo the other Magnum ammo. Shoot a crate in the NE corner for more MP5 ammo. SE are Flares, duck to get them.

Through the Wall, the Elephant Key.

Take the Quad out with some speed along the left side over the pit, donít hit the brakes but go right around the corner at the Bell pit and keep up the speed going up the ramp ahead to make the jump to the short bridge. Go in and left keeping up the speed to jump the next pit through the middle.

Right around the corner through the Old wall and run over the soldier. Stop and grab his Arrows, have a look at the next jump. Go back a bit and make speed for this one, leave the Quad there, as you canít take it any further. Go jump up the ridge along the left side and up the stairs to the left is the Elephant Key, a wraith shows up and the only way to get rid off it is to go to the now open door and left over the balustrade into the flooded room.

Use the Keys, Open the Big Doors.

Go into the gate (N) again and up the stairs, from the side at the push block jump down onto the raised block in the water and grab the crack, go left onto the balcony and turn left to jump to the balcony with the keyholes. Use the keys and the Big Doors below open up

The Holy Statue Hall, the Jungle Sword.

Swim in and right at the end to get to the Holy Statue Hall.


Swim straight to the back then swim left over the balustrade and immediately to the right. Climb out in the room with a pushable object. Move it onto the dark tile in the back (raising block).

Ground Floor-Up.

Back into the water, swim left to the statue and straight into the opposite side (W), immediately left again and onto the sand hill (SW) in that room. Grab the edge of the floor and shimmy right to an alcove, turn around and run jump with a left curve into the next opening left (N wall), pull the skeleton away from the Jungle Sword.

Detour for a Secret: This is the Bow you might have seen before. Youíll have to back track out of the Temple to the first floor at the front of the Temple.

Standing on the bridge in front of the Temple, jump to the timed lever NE. Use it again to get into the gate with the ladder on the opposite side like you did before.

Go up the ladder and go straight, use the balcony left between the bridge pillars to get to the opposite floor and go into the open gate on the right. Open the crowbar door left and follow through to Secret #3, the Bow and Arrows. Make your way back to the skeleton where you found the Sword.


Go to that swinging log block and jump across to grab the other side. There is MP5 ammo under the barrel, then so line up for a run through the spikes and a jump to the pole to swing and jump (hold forward key) to land on the spike trap when it is just down, immediately run off. You can also grab to the other side at the spike trap. Only move when the spikes are down and shimmy right as far as possible. Pull up when the spikes just went up and stand jump forward with a right curve. Shoot the barrel here to get Arrows. Right around the corner another jump past a swinging log block and then you can operate the lever with the Sword. The hatch over the ladder opens straight ahead, But first look to the left (E) there is an opening to a side room, jump around the corner (right) to a pedestal to get Flares, youíll need them, jump back.

First Floor, a Green Orb.

Go up that ladder on the left to the first floor, back flip and go left (S) of the ladder into the back, get through the blade traps and come to a room with a statue on fire, go left around the corner to a lever and that will bring up the other statue you moved onto the raising block before (see ĒPreparationsĒ).

You have to move the statue to the left so it is standing next to the gate. Be careful of the flames on the other statue and immediately back flip when the gate opens because this statue will also start to burn.

Get into the open gate, jump on that three headed statue and shoot the giant Tiger. Get the Green Orb and go back out through the blade traps to the balcony with the ladder.

Use the Orb, drain the Hall.

To the left is a bridge, cross it to the other side and go right where you can place the Orb on the pedestal (someone already placed the one across the room). A flyby shows the Hall below being partially drained. Make your way back over the bridge to the ladder, get down and then drop down at the swinging log, go to the double doors in the opposite corner of the Hall (NW). Inside is the Lasersight. A Skeleton wakes up from the grave and as I had no other choice, I lured it to the steps into the water (N side of the Hall) shot it into the water and then quickly shot it in the head with Magnum and Sight. In the room behind the double doors in the other corner (NE) has Magnum ammo and another skeleton. If you swim down into the now open trapdoor next to the big statue you can get Flares.

Shoot the Bell, Open the Gate.

Go to the side room W, thereís a jump pad in the floor and high up E an alcove, shoot the Bell and a gate opens in the top of the Hall (N).

Top Floor.

Go out and left and to the other side (E) and into the opening there. Climb the dirt mounts to get into the alcove on the right (S), jump over in the opening on the left and climb the ladder left (S). Get on the bridge, jump to the rope and swing into that open gate N. Inside look up right and shoot the Bell, the floor goes up. Pick up Magnum ammo (N) and go through to the top of the Hall. In the alcoves are 4 coffins; you have to push them further into the alcoves. The gate opens up so you can proceed to the sloped passage. Slide down and at the end of the first slope jump up and get Secret #4, Medipack and the Bazooka.

Slide down backwards (face E and hop back) so you can grab the edge, shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up in an alcove for Secret #5, Bazooka ammo.

Three Shivaís, Open the Hatch.

Drop down and shoot the Shivaís one by one and use the pulley wheels behind the left and right Shivaís. Behind the last one is a receptacle. Grab the Uzi- and MP ammo from the pedestals and find open gates both left and right when looking back where you came from. Go up both sides to get the two Puzzle pieces you can combine into the Symbol Puzzle, go down to the room and place that where the third Shiva was.

The Gong Hammer.

The hatch opens at the ladder (NE), go up and right into the passage, dive down and swim through to get the Gong Hammer, a screen shows a gate in the Shiva room. Go back, up the ladder and down the other ladder, roll and go into the gate S, upstairs and through the gate that opened there to the Gong on the balcony. Use the Gong Hammer and see a gate open up where the Hammer was, get back there (via the ladder) and into that gate.

Escape with the Artefact.

Swim through the tunnels and up in the room with the Reliquary Candle Artefact. Pick it up and donít move (as rubble falls down) and go through the gate that opened ahead. Wade again and go over the corner of the spikes into the left alcove, over the corner to the next trap and into the right alcove and then up to the stairs, go right and find a lever, it opens the gate behind that molded floor, but you canít get there.

Hop on the first part of the floor and hop back, light a flare, drop down, slide and immediately around the corner hop over a spike trap.

Follow through to a place with a Bell push able in the left corner, pull it out of the corner and get the Yin Yang Symbol there. Jump up the sand hill in the corner (NW) and jump to grab the platform where the bell was, jump around to the opposite corner and then up left into an opening (W). Turn around and grab the monkey climb to go to the receptacle E, place the Symbol and a secret passage opens below. Drop down and step through, you are under a waterfall. Go into the mouth of the big head and drop down into a pool, get out and go to the SUV to leave the place.

G&D June 12-2014. (rev august 27)