Adventures of Lara Croft


Level by 911


Walkthrough by manarch2



Watch the initial cutscene, then approach the double doors so that they open. Pass through into the next room. Go behind the W pillar, use the lever and kill a dog. Climb the E block and to the upper platforms, jump into the N passage and drop into the next room. Pick up a Small Medipack at the end, return and use the lever on the left pillar. Use the slope to get up to the pillar's top, then stand jump to the middle of either walkway, climb up. Jump to the crevice, shimmy right, around the corners and drop on the safe ledge. Use the next lever and see a door in the first courtyard being opened. Slide down the slope, pick up the Uzis in the next room. Enter the S passage, head straight through to a pool room and use the W lever. Pick up the Crowbar between the N pillars, then return into the last passage, head left at the first junction and use the lever in the tunnel. Return to the pool room and enter the open door S. Drop down and use the lever in the next room. A door opens; kill a jackal coming out, then head through the passage avoiding some door traps and use the lever.


Back through the traps enter the next open door, pick up the Uzi Ammo and use the lever. Kill a giant scorpion, head back through (avoiding a door trap) and enter the next room. Use the lever, shoot the two jackals. Back in the hub room enter the next open door which takes you back to the starting area. Head in the open door to the left and enter a new courtyard. Kill two crocodiles and two jackals. Enter the crawlspace SE and drop into the room. Approach the door at the bottom of the stairs to open it, in the next room time the fires and grab the Shotgun, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo in the N holes, then use the reach-in switch SE to open the gates. Climb the ladder, backflip and use the monkeyswing to get to the other side. Pick up the Seth Key and return all the way to the outside area. Dive into the hole in one of the pools, swim to the end and climb out. Use the lever, dive back into the water and take the first right to enter the just opened door.


Climb out and watch the cutscene, afterwards use the S lever (all others kill Lara), then shoot the jackal in the NW corner. From exactly this tile jump up to grab an upper ledge, jump to the E ledge and climb up to a higher platform. Jump to the S platform, get through the open door and kill a jackal waking up behind you. Pull out the block, climb behind it and pick up the Small Medipack. Push and pull the block next to the central platform, climb on it and jump to the upper ledge. Pick up the Seth Key and take a run-jump to grab the E door. Follow the passage, sprint below the rolling ball and drop down into a well-known pool. Follow the N passage back to the outside area and climb out. Use the two Seth Keys to open the door, kill a giant scorpion and climb the ladder next to the entrance, backflip and spot the cat statue for Secret #1. Drop down, head up the stairs and enter the next room. Jump to the E ledge, head downstairs and grab the edge at the end, shimmy left and climb up, use the lever.


Run down, use the shimmy method to get to the next lever and now drop on the ledge near the W door which just opened. Head through and the next door opens itself. Sprint through the passage with a boulder behind you, jump on the slope, backflip and jump onto the ledge with the Horseman's Gem. Jump over the gap to the walkway to the lever, use it and enter the open door. Drop down in a familiar passage, then make your way back up to the top of this room. Jump to the W ledge and use the Horseman's Gem. Enter, ignore the crawlspace to the right and in the next room use all the levers to open the far door, sprinting over the spikes. Ignore the Uzi Ammo; in the next room kill two crocodiles in the pool, then dive in, swim into the SW passage and use the lever. Return, climb out N and enter the open door. Pick up the Hathor Effigy and head through the tunnel. Push the block in once, watch the cutscene. The goal is to move the pushable next to the door at the very end of the maze.


Use the various crawlspaces and side passages therefore, it's not very hard; you'll find Shotgun Ammo, a Small Medipack and Uzi Ammo along the way. When you moved it onto the tile the door opens; first climb on it and into the upper passage to find the next cat statue for Secret #2. Follow the newly opened passage and in the next room slide down onto the middle tile, from here take a run-jump to the tile behind the rightmost fence. Climb up to the other side and follow the passage, pick up the Ornate Handle and use the lever to open the door at the end of the passage. Get through the crawlspace back to the high room you've already explored. Jump to the N ledge and combine the Ornate Handle with the Hathor Effigy to the Portal Guardian, then place it on the receptacle to open the door. Drop down and follow the rooms to an area where you can pick up the Pyramid Key on the stairs. Pull out the NW block and pass through the hole it has hidden. Head outside and make a few steps to finish this level.