Dark Passages – Skedar Mystery


Level by Dwight


Walkthrough by manarch2



NOTE: Eiko's new moves: Jump forward on a wall (Eiko must be facing straight) and Eiko will hug the wall; press jump+down arrow and Eiko will jump back and up to the next wall before her. Press jump+down arrow again and Eiko will jump backwards and up again, to the wall before her, then press jump+forward arrow and Eiko will jump upwards to the ledge above her.



To the Obelisk Room


After the cutscene you have to reach all four corners of this room to use a button each there, try to keep close to the walls to reach them.. This opens the door in the passage in the middle of the S wall, get in and receive a message:


„I need the PLS Joanna was talking about. She said it's somewhere east from the outside... Passed a... teeth wall? And to the east again. Next to a medpack?“


The Quest for the PLS


Head into the new area and run down the slopes. Go W and to that opening, time the large teeth door and go left afterwards.  Push the first button on the left.


„8th... head... 2nd... body... 7th... perish... 5th... death...“


Use this first code (8275) on the right hand keypad. Each time you've used the correct code a fixed camera will appear. Turn around and spot the next button.


„6 maians sent to war...2 survived... 5 bombarded the... 8 still to run...“


So go left use that next code (6258) on the keypad. Head to the last left button and press it.


„There were... points on the artifact. The artifact has three points, and six faces... 2 skedars protect it. Three skedar kings... One leader...“


For the correct code you have to had three and six. Enter the correct code (9231) in the keypad. Head to the last button far right.


„3 suns burn the ruins... 1 skedar king... 6 new born skedars... 7 ruthless armies...?“


Enter the correct code (3167) in the right keypad and when all four codes are used correctly, the N gate opens. Get in the newly opened chamber.


„The medpack's gotta be somewhere around here.“


Indeed, you can find a Small Medipack in the NW corner. But, according to the very first text hint, you'll have to find something else in this room. Stay in this corner corner and use the new moves (explained in the note above) to get up (first facing E). On top get into the crawlspace and pick up the PLS – finally you have enough light to see what's going on around you. Drop down on the other side and head back to the hub room, past the teeth door.


First Obelisk, In the Underground


Before doing anything else, head back NE, get up the ramp and head to the E wall of the upper NE corner. Push a totally invisible button to see a door opening up for later. Now get down again. In the NE corner of the lower area, search for another button floating in midair. Press it.


„The three obelisks must face in following direction: West, South, and East. In the direction of the compass. Stand in the High Center. Face towards the first deadly trap. Look at the compass... You see the letters: N, S, E, W. Obelisks have more than one way. To your left, … it west. To your right ….. it south. In front of you... There are symbols obelisks must face. A star.“


Enter the E room by climbing on the blocks. Approach the two coffins near the minefield.


„If I get the wind generator back online I'll get power to the lower basement.“


To your left a skeleton has been awaked. Run to the statue with the frozen flame and get teleported into another chamber. Go to the pedestal and get the Dual Swords and 2x Sword Strength. Also pick up the Binoculars nearby.


„You can use the binoculars to view the orientation of the obelisk.“


Move the stick so that it faces W and the obelisk E. Now take the Torch with you and light it nearby, then step back into the teleporter. You can now shoot the skeleton with the Swords. Leave the Torch on a place where you can find it later, head to the S part of the room, open the chest for Sword Strength and use the close by floating button.  Return to the now moved away coffins, wait for the platform to come up and then run onto it, get carried down and approach the door opened by the invisible button.


„That smell... oil... I smelled that in the other hangers...“


Enter the cellar and when you can spot a passage up the right slopes and jump up there.


Carrington: „Get out! The levels are too high!“

Eiko: „Understood...“

(TIP: Quickly get in, find something and get out!)


There is too much carbon monoxid in here so your time here is limited. Sprint down the passage and pick up the Clockwork Key at the end, then turn and a bit further to the right is the Mine Detonator Body. Sprint back up and slide down to raise the bar again. Now jump back up here and use the jumpswitch. This is the start of a timed run. Head back out of the CO2 area (you can use a health pack to get rid of the vertigo), dropping down the slopes, and sprint to the right. You can see an open trapdoor to the left, jump up and grab the W ledge and enter the tunnel. Pick up the Mine Positioning Data at the end. Drop down again and follow the tunnels to an axe trap, pick up the Small Pouch in front and get through. Use the new moves to get up to the higher ledge. Climb up to the top, get through the passage and pry the Hook and Pole off the wall. A door opens somewhere, don't forget to pick up the Fire Stone Key to the right of the closed door. Now make your way down the blocks and through the long passage. Get up the elevator back into the mine room.


Over the Minefield


Head back out to the main hall, go SW and run up the ramp, on top light the ropes to drop a boulder. This opens the S door. Leave the Torch for now and enter the area, pick up a Small Medipack E and head to the SW corner. Use the new moves to get up into the crawlspace . Pick up the Rosetta Stone Key and return all the way to the hub room, ignoring the other side of the crawlspace for now, and take the Torch with you. Return to the mine area E and when the elevator comes up run onto it. When you are two or so squares from the highest point, open your inventory, combine the Mine Detonator Body with the Mine Positioning Data to gain the Mine Detonator and use it. You'll stand in midair on the animation but if you time it well the elevator will catch you up when you're done. Get up and the mine field is deactivated. Retrieve your Torch and jump over the S side ledges, hop over the fence and enter the right hand passage. Use the two jumpswitches with the new moves (by jumping against the wall and then directly up). The blocks lower, enter the next room and use the new moves to get up to the left crawlspace. Pick up the Clockwork Beetle here and drop down. Jump to the left ladder in the pit, the spikes go down so you can drop back on the edge, get your Torch and jump over to the platform. When the fires go out run and jump to the other side.


The Scale and Sequence Button Puzzles


In the far W there is another high crawlspace; with the new moves you can get up there and pick up the Large Pouch, then drop down. Get your Torch and enter the S passage.


“Something around here's using a lot of power...”


Jump to the ledge with the gate and it opens (only if you've got the Torch in your hand). Be careful of the arrows and combine the Clockwork Key with the Clockwork Beetle to get the Clockwork Beetle w/ Key. Use it on the marked tile to disable the spikes, head through the now safe passage, not forgetting the Torch. In the next room you have to solve a scale puzzle, and exactly four litres have to be used in the scale. Fill the small waterskin, put the water in the large one, fill the small waterskin again and put it in the large one too. Now empty the large one, fill the remaining water from the small waterskin in the large one, refill the small one and put the water in the large one again. You can now pour the water in the left part of the scale. The door a bit back and to the left opens, head through, jump over the spike gap at the right end and avoid the blade traps.


“The power's more constant in this area, the inner sanctum can't be far away...”


Push the three sequence buttons from left to right (1,2,3) to open the door. Get through, head on quickly because of a spike trap coming from above, and near the closed doors climb the ladder. On top backflip into the alcove and use the lever with the Hook and Pole. Drop down and follow the passage to its end, climb into the crawlspace with the new moves and pick up Secret #1, the Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Get down on the other side and approach the sequence buttons again. Push them in the order 3,1,2 and the gate S in the scale room opens.


Four Black Beetles


Pass through and both an ice wraith and a fire wraith attack you. Pick up a Torch off the E stack, then light it on either fire and throw it onto the wooden floor in the middle of the room. After some time the floor breaks and you can drop down.


“Watch out for the poison ivy!”


In the NE corner is a pool where the wraiths disappear, follow the tunnel here. Swimming close to the ceiling you can avoid the bushes. Use the underwater lever at the end and behind the doors you can find a Small Medipack and a Large Medipack. Climb out of the water through the gate and pry the Hook and Pole off the wall (better do it even if you found the first). You might also want to shoot a diver in this water from here. Now drop back into the water, swim all the way back to the start and climb out of the water and then the gap. Pick up another Torch and light it, then get to the SW corner and to the right of the passage pry a  Black Beetle off the wall. Get into the passage and at the right wall is another Black Beetle. Enter the right passage, take a right at the junction and then left to pry the next Black Beetle off the wall. In the NW corner of this perimeter is a Large Medipack. Head to the E part of the perimeter and look for a hole in the ceiling. Use the new moves to get up in the alcove and pry the last Black Beetle off the wall, then drop down again. Now go and retrieve your Torch, enter the SW teleporter in the inner perimeter and you'll arrive in the room where you found the PLS. Leave the Torch for a while and place the four Black Beetles on the pyramid, then you can get the Scedar Spear in the centre.


Second Obelisk


You now have to retrace all the steps to the area where you found the Black Beetles, over the minefield, the trap passage and the scale room. Jump over to the sequence buttons and go right, a door is open here so you can teleport into that area. Jump through the traps and head W to place the Scedar Spear. Follow the passage and step into the teleporter to reach the next obelisk. Move the stick so that it faces E, and the obelisk faces S. Return into the teleporter and follow the passage.


“The air's heavy recycled around here...”


Head right and in one of the right alcoves you can find the Ice Stone Key. Head on and spot a floor lever you have to use. Now return all the way back to the pyramid hall, the way should be known until now.


Fight Arena, Third Obelisk


Retrieve the Torch and head W, the door opens if you've got the Torch in your hands. Leave it now and use the beetle to deactivate the spike field. Get through the passage and enter the W tunnel, avoid a teeth door and some spikes and a cutscene kicks in.


“Well... at least I'll know if I'm not doing anything wrong.”


Afterwards get through the thumpers and in the next room you have to fight against two skeletons, a yeti and a mounted horseman. Also notice Lara as guide here. The horseman leaves the Magic Orb after his death, not that with it in your hands the health bar raises. Near the S wall is the Skedar Scroll you have to pick up. Head to the NW corner, kill a wolf and enter the teleporter.


“This machine contains the skedar star maps.”


Shatter the box for Toxic Ammo, then use the Skedar Scroll on the pedestal. The nearby gates lift, head up the ramp and kill two sea hags. Enter the teleporter in a S niche and you'll get up in the room above. Get to the NE corner and use the new moves to get into the upper crawlspace. Pick up the Dragon, 2x Rapid Fire Normal Ammo and Burst Fire Ammo for Secret #2. Drop out and head back W. Step into the NW teleporter (the other one leads back down in the huge hall) and you'll arrive at the second obelisk. Move the stick so that it faces E and the obelisk N, then step back in the active teleporter, then into the one close by. Back in the room where you fought several enemies (and where Lara is waiting for you). Enter the S passage, kill another wolf and at the end shoot two bats, then use the new moves to get to the upper pillars. Drop down and kill two boars. Follow the S passage.




So head all the way back N to the very end, then right into the familiar spike passage and soon you'll arrive in the main room.


Destroying the Pyramid


In here go to the E side and climb the blocks to the bird statue. When all three obelisks have been correctly placed, you can turn the statue and a cutscene shows you the pyramid in the centre of the room vanishes. Jump over there, climb on the block and get the Ring Key and the Axe Handle. Now that you have all four Keys (Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Rosetta Stone, Ring), you can place them W and E to the left and right of each opening. After placing the Ice Stone Key a cutscene shows you where to go next, but before you might want to go for a secret.


A Secret Detour


It's recommended to do this detour after placing the Ice Stone Key, because you might lose a lot of health in the alcove because of a trap underneath.


Get back of the room and climb on the W blocks. At the N wall in the passage is a jumpswitch, get up there using the new moves. This marks the start of a timed run, drop down the W blocks and sprint all the way into the SW corner of the lower area, then drop through the trapdoor which closes shortly after. You'll land in a pool; open the underwater door. In the next room use the underwater ceiling lever to open up the next passage; navigate through the axe traps. After swimming through some spikes, search the E corners of the room for 4 second Wild Explosion and a Large Medipack which is Secret #3. Search for a water hole on the NW ceiling, then head SE where you found the ammo, get in the upper passage and use the underwater lever TWICE to reopen the trapdoor at the start of the maze. Return all the way back there (if you want get back for air first), climb out.


The Boss Fight in the Inner Sanctum


Afterwards, head back up the S ramp, drop down in the lower room and get into the SW crawlspace again where you found the Rosetta Key. This time drop down on the other side, head S and spot the open door. A cutscene shows you what to expect in the next room.


“OH NO! The skedar army, suspended animation!”


Wait for Seth to arrive in your area. Remember each time you hold the Magic in your hand your health gets raised, so you can use it to your advantage here. After a few shots with the Shotgun he won't be any danger, then you can finish him off with the Magic. Thereon work your way around the room killing five hydras. On some occasions you have to run-jump over the lion doors, or taking constant jumps at an angle to the opening to get through (though if you don't manage this there are several doors in the whole level that are open too). After all enemies are finished, head to the SE corner and to the right of the last keypad you have to pry yet another Hook and Pole off the wall. Now go into the left corner where a door has opened, head in.


“The teleportal is now open, Skedar Ruins is beyond there. The code is: 4836. You can now open the .CHINAS file with notepad. The .CHINAS file is located in the DATA folder. To be continued.”


Note by walkthrough writer: Open the .CHINAS file with a text program.


Jump over or through the W door, head through the passages where you found the Black Beetles and pass the trap. Head right, through the door opened with the Skedar Spear and run down the passage, running towards the strange flower. This is the last teleport, as when you head forwards in this room the level ends.