Walkthrough for SONNE by Angea


Walkthrough by Nina Croft


LEGEND: green (supplies), blue (key items), red (enemies), purple (traps), orange (interactive items)

ABBREVIATIONS: JS (jump switch), CS (crawlspace), MS(monkey swing), LM (Large Medipack), SM (Small Medipack)


Okay, so don't be disappointed with the starting area, the game will become much eye-pleasing later.


THE CASTLE: For now, take a look in your starting inventory to see how the medipacks look like. In one pool you'll find one LM looking like three red hearts. Also, you'll find an UW lever in this pool. Pulling it opens a gate in the other pool. Go there and retrieve another LM in front of the open gate. Swim through and retrieve a GEM. While exploring the first room, you'll also notice two receptacles for these gems and a ladder leading to a closed gate. Opposite these receptacles there is a door you can open with a button nearby.


Enter the second room and notice a central building in the pool. There is something interesting behind those greenery, you can pick it up now or later on your way back. As you enter, go around to face the building and West. RJ to grab the ladder on the right-hand pillar and climb around the corners to the left to pull up behind hanging greenery. Pick up KEY 1 from the pedestal, jump in water and swim to the wall opposite the entrance.


There is a gate N you have to open with a button on the wall opposite the entrance. So enter the third area, and locate a key on a pedestal in the SW corner. You can take it now and face the powerful enemy with your dual pistols, or you can take a more powerful weapon first.


Approach the central structure facing S and jump up in the middle of the structure, to grab the lowest part of the edge above. Find a ladder, go up and obtain some Revolver AMMO. You can throw a nice glance at the neighbourhood from here. Hang from the far left edge from the ladder and drop to grab the opening below. Pull up and take the REVOLVER.


Now we can go and face the first and mighty enemy. Go into the SW corner and pick up KEY 2 from the pedestal. A female guardian of the key will appear from the side room and there is no running away from her. You have to kill the horse first and then the maleficent. That is the only way for you to get the second GEM from the dead enemy. The best tactic that worked for me was to jump around and avoid the horse, trying to approach the horse from the side. It seems that the horse is more vulnerable from that angle. Once the horse is down, grab your revolver and kill the rider frontally. Bake sure to pick up LM from the area behind the gate where the horsemen came from. Now you can return to the starting area.


On your way back, make sure to have both keys and both gems. In the second room go right and through the gate into the first room. Use two Gems in receptacles near the ladder to open two gates above. Straight ahead there is a pedestal protected with a shield and you need two colourful items to retrieve the object from the pedestal. There are two keyholes on left and right and it is at your convenience where to go first. We are going to the left first because the left is a bit easier. Unlock the door with your Key and enter the room painted in all rainbow colours. Proceed to the next room and watch the flyby.


Three small pools are safe, so don't be afraid to fall into. In the blue pool you'll find an LM. In the purple and in green pool you will find 2 X Revolver AMMO. The rays behind the gate opposite the entrance, are not a teleporter, just an item you need. But it is nonetheless your goal here. There are three floor levers in the room, and using them properly opens two gates in near corners. It is also upon you to decide what side to pick first. Middle, left-hand, right-hand lever combination opens the right-hand gate. Middle, right-hand, left-hand combination opens the left-hand gate. So use both buttons behind these gates to open the central gate opposite the entrance. Enter and take the first MANDALA from pedestal.


Return to the previous area and take the second keyhole and gate (on the right from the entrance). Just around both left and right near corners, you'll find urns you can shoot to break and find 2 x SM. Enter the next room.


MIRROR ROOM: There is nothing of interest in the pool, so take a look around and notice a keyhole straight ahead. On the left there are three closed gates, and there is a mirror on the right-hand wall. Nice, so go and examine the plants in alcoves with mirrors, and in the far right corner from the entrance you'll find the LITTLE KEY to that keyhole you saw. Use it to open three gates and notice that the middle gate leads to another closed gate. In order to open it, you can once again choose where to go first. You need to go both left and right, but the order is up to you.


LEFT-HAND PASSAGE: This one is easier, so let us go there first. Enter the room with the pulley you cannot use, as it is protected with a barrier. Around on the other side, there is a receptacle for an artefact. Ahead in the passage you can see a swinging greenery crate, and correct, when there is a trap in the passage, that is the right way to go. You can easily time this crate: when it swings away to other side, just roll through to the other side, and go cautiously toward the pool ahead. Some flames will activate, so be careful. Walk to the water, release Walk and just touch Up once to make Lara finish in the water unharmed by flames. Go through the water to the other side, pick up some Revolver AMMO and climb out.


AQUARIUMS: As you enter the room with aquariums, take a look to the right and notice an object at the bottom of the aquarium on that side. Now carefully observe the left-hand aquarium and notice a UW lever on the wall behind some greenery. Remember both these things and keep going farther, to a new and colourful area.


FOUR ORBS ROOM: Okay, so here we have an artefact we cannot pick up yet (straight ahead from the entrance), we have four floor levers, two on each side of the room, also unable to use at the moment, and we also have four orbs we can push around. It is easy, you have to place these four black orbs to stand in the centre of four crosses formed by grass on the central lawn. The tricky part: each time you place an orb correctly, you'll have to fight an enemy: two times you'll fight a harpy-type Jinglebell, and two times you will confront bunches of wolves (or dogs or small dragons or whatever they actually are). When you placed all four orbs in their proper places, four cages protecting four levers will lower. So, use these four levers to gain access to the central pedestal. Retrieve the ARCHANSIA from the pedestal and leave the room.


Now, returning over the pool with burners might be tricky. There are two possible ways to do it, so choose the one that works best for you. Cautiously drop into the pool and go to the other side. There is a burner on Lara's left which is very nastily placed. One way to get out of the pool safely is to climb out of the pool in the very right-hand corner. However, it did not work for me, so there is a second way to get out of here safely. You have to stand directly in the middle between two burners (use Camera button). Pull out of the pool on the right-hand side, just in the middle between burners. If you managed this without setting Lara on fire, then walk forwards to the wall, turn left, run along the wall to clear the second burner and carefully go through the corridor with swinging crate. Once you're through, use the artefact in the receptacle ahead to lower the cage protecting the pulley. Use the pulley to get a camera of a trapdoor in the passage behind the middle gate. Finally, return to the Mirror Room and take the other road.


RIGHT-HAND PASSAGE: Now, brace yourselves. There is another caged pulley and a receptacle beneath it just as you enter the passage. There is also a swinging greenery crate ahead, the same you encountered in the other passage. So, time your rung to the other side and save in front of the next swinging crate. First, stand near the right-hand wall, walk towards the lava pool ahead (between the crate and the wall) and take a look to the right around the corner. Yes, you will have to jump into those alcoves with swinging crates, and it is as tricky as it seems, so save whenever you make a good jump.


For the time being, jump across lave to land in the first alcove directly ahead. There is an empty alcove on the left, but it won't be of any use for you. Now, as you stand between the crate and the wall, walk to the edge of the pool and look to the left. You have to banana RJ diagonally into the next alcove on the other side. So, hop back when the crate is away, wait for the crate to swing away, run and jump a bit to the left, not directly towards the next alcove. When you clear the corner of the wall on Lara's left, press Right cursor key to make her land inside the next alcove. Again, save. You have to do the same thing again, but first of all, side flip or stand jump into the alcove on the other side of the pool, it is easy. Now, repeat the same diagonal running banana jump into the next alcove as you did the first time, and once you're there jump diagonally to the right to clear the pool and land inside the room.


Kill one badass Jinglebell and proceed through a room with a rainbow pool. Lara can walk on the water here, so there is something to be done here, in order to make this water "swimmable". As you enter, a horseman lady attacks, but luckily, this time she is on foot and you can easily kill her with two or three Revolver bullets. Notice a big yellow flower at the gate opposite the entrance for now. There are two side-rooms open for you, so again, pick up the side you want to do first.


RAINBOW POOL: Go right, kill another horseman lady without her horse and enter the side-room here. As you enter, you'll notice the ladder and two jump switches on both sides of the entrance. Climb up the ladder, keep Up cursor key pressed and Lara will grab the MS above. Time the spikes carefully and drop to grab the JS below. Use the second JS as well. Enter the second side-room, where you have to operate two wall switches protected with burners. Time the flames carefully and use both of them. Side flip after you have used them, to escape the flames more quickly.


Now return to the Rainbow Pool room, and go left. There is a CS hidden behind some greenery in the corner, so go through and use the switch to be teleported inside the aquarium. Pick up a PIECE OF FLOWER from the bottom of the first aquarium and use the UW lever nearby to be teleported to the second aquarium. If you paid attention earlier, you'll know that there is a UW lever hidden behind the greenery here. So use it to be teleported back into the Rainbow Pool room. Use the artefact you found in the aquarium in the yellow flower N to make the water swimmable. Inside the water shaft, you'll find SOULCALIA.


Luckily, you don't have to return via the alcoves with swinging crates. Once you climb out of the water shaft, the gate N will open for you, so enter, to be teleported back near the pulley and receptacle for your newest artefact. Use it to lower the pulley cage and use the pulley to finally open the trap door in the middle passage. Return to the Mirror Room, go through the middle gate and up the ladder, through the finally opened trapdoor, and retrieve the second MANDALA from the pedestal.


Return to the room with the pedestal inside the cage, and use two Mandalas here to lower that cage. You'll obtain the precious CROWN OF SUN from the pedestal, and you'll hear the trapdoor behind you open. Drop down through the trapdoor into the passage where you can read the Credits and end the level.



In Hamburg, 11 September 2014