Pachamama Walkthrough


Level by: Ram16

Walkthrough by: Nina Croft


Terms and abbreviations used: Run jump (RJ): Jump made from running (press Forward + Jump). Lara covers three blocks by this jump. Stand jump (SJ): Jump made from standing (press Jump + Forward). Lara will cover two blocks by this jump. Both running and standing jumps can be combined with Action, to make Lara grab the ledge instead landing onto it. Jumping up (with grab): jump made from standing (press Jump + Action) to grab the monkey swing or crevice or ledge directly above her. UW = underwater. JS = jump switch. CS = crawlspace.


NOTE: Lara has some new moves in this level. When she is hanging on the monkey swing, press Down to make her grab the ladder above the monkey bars (Action is pressed the entire time). If you want to grab the monkey swing when hanging on the ladder, press Up to perform this move.


SECRETS: 6 (4 + 2)



LEVEL ONE: Pachamama


LAKESIDE: Slide down the chute into the lake. As soon as you drop into water, swim to the right and climb out of the water on the natural ledge in the corner. Go to the tree and walk between the tree trunk on your left and the stone ledge on your right. You can climb onto the stone ledge here. Walk as you follow the ledge to the right, to avoid sliding down to the lower ground. When you're on the triangular flat part of the ledge, walk to the farthest edge staying close to the wall on the left and run jump (no Action) to land on another flat triangular ledge ahead. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS here and return back to the place where you climbed from the lower ground.


This time, when you pull up, turn around and run jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing around and jump to grab the second pole, then the third pole, and finally, land on a rocky pillar ahead. Walk to the outer (left) edge of this pillar and run jump a bit to the left. When Lara is in mid-air, steer her to the right so that she can land onto a corner ledge ahead (the ceiling is a bit too low on the right, therefore this banana jump). If you light a flare, you'll notice that one block in the corner is darker. It means that you have to lower it somehow. Go left and jump up to grab the crevice in the rock above. Shimmy all the way to the left and pull up onto a flat block at the end. Run jump onto the next pillar to the left.


Here, jump up to grab the bars above Lara and monkey-swing to the end, where you have to drop onto the rock below. Run jump onto the next flat block, then on another, and pick up another box of SHOTGUN SHELLS. Use run jumps to return to the block below the monkey bars. Jump up to grab the bars again and monkey swing to the outer edge of the bars. When Lara is hanging on the very edge of the bars, face the lake ahead and press Down to make her grab the ladder above. Climb up to the high ledges above the lake.


Drop down from the block on the left and follow the path on that side. Walk carefully among plants, and drop to hang from the edge, when Lara cannot go through the plants. Shimmy below the plants and pull up after shimmying around the corner. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS along the way. In the NE corner you'll see a rock which prevents you from using the switch. Keep going to the left, walking among the plants or shimmying below them. Pick up the SHOTGUN from the ground. You'll see the rock moving aside. Return to the NE corner and use the switch to lower a block in the lake below. Carefully aim your running jump to land into a deeper water and swim to the passage you just revealed.


At the T-intersection, swim to the left, then keep swimming to the right on the next fork. At the end of this UW passage you'll find an UW ceiling lever which looks a bit different than usual. Pull it to lower that block you saw earlier in the corner after three horizontal poles. On your way back to the lake, visit the first UW passage on Lara's right to find some FLARES, and return to the lake. Use three horizontal poles again to get to the corner where the block lowered and go through the passage. Go through the triangular opening on the right and enter the dark building.


INSIDE THE RUINS: The strange noise you hear at this point is a nasty giant spider you'll meet soon. For now, light a flare and locate a pushblock to the left of the entrance (when facing it) and pull it out of the alcove. Push / pool that block onto a slightly lighter floor tile to open the big door nearby. Kill two tribesmen here, taking care not to fall off the bridge into the pit below. When they're dead, pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS near another closed gate. Now save your game and safety drop from the bridge into the pit below. Use the shotgun to kill that spider (it can kill Lara instantly if you get too close or you are low on energy). Once the beast is dead, use the wall switch in the corner behind the spider web to open the gate above. Climb onto the slanted block near the wall and bounce off backwards to land back onto the bridge. Go through the newly opened gate.


As soon as you enter the cave, go left and around the corner and locate a JS high in the wall on the left. Use it to lower a block in the lake below. A fire wraith will start chasing Lara, so quickly jump into the lake and go into the alcove behind the lowered block to pick up the REVOLVER. Climb out of the water on the left (when swimming out of the alcove) and jump across the slanted blocks onto a flat triangular ledge just below the stone bridge (which is broken, of course). Go to the edge of the bridge and save.


Run jump to land on a slanted block ahead and bounce off to grab the flat block on the right. Run jump to land on the next slanted block, keep Jump pressed as you bounce off and lands on next three slanted blocks. When Lara lands on the last slanted block, let her slide all the way to the very edge facing downhills, and jump to grab the crevice in the wall ahead (it might be tricky, keep trying). Once you grab the crevice, shimmy to the left and pull up into the alcove in the corner. Pick up the LASER SIGHT here.


Make a diagonal standing jump from the alcove to grab the ladder and shimmy to the left (be careful, Lara can lose her grab if you do not follow the ladder bars precisely). At the end, drop onto the ledge below and notice a differently shaded block in the wall. Use Revolver with Laser Sight to locate a pendulum in the ceiling, approximately at the centre of the cave. Shoot to break it and the block will extend from the wall. Now, when Lara is on a higher ground, run jump to the left (when facing the wall with the ladder) to grab a tree branch (horizontal pole). Swing around and jump to grab the edge of the crawlspace.


Follow this low tunnel to a path where dramatic music will warn you of immediate danger. Do not go any further from the entrance. First save your game, then take a careful look around (take just a couple of steps from the entrance). You see the skull symbols on the tiles with plants? These tiles contain deadly spikes, so make sure to avoid them. Now, start running down the path. A boulder will drop when Lara goes near the first deadly tile on her right and start chasing Lara. Be careful, you have to jump when running onto a slanted block on Lara's right, just after the second deadly tile with the plant on Lara's left. Keep the Jump button pressed to make Lara bounce off left and right until the boulder passes away and lands into a pit at the end of the path.


TORCH QUEST: The next part is a bit tricky, so save your game whenever you make a successful jump. After escaping the boulder, you'll be near the second deadly tile with the plant on the left-hand side of the path. Make a few steps along the path. When you clear the higher brownish block on Lara's right, turn right and jump across the slanted block onto the flat ledge above. You'll see some torches here. Before you pick up one torch, push the moveable block into the wall as far as it goes. Use the lever on the left to ignite the wall torch nearby. Now, pull the pushblock once back, so it stands where the wall lever is. Climb onto the block and drop on the other side. In the CS behind the block you will find SECRET #1. Climb over the block back to the wall torch. Pick up one torch from the ground and ignite it here. Slide down to the path.


You have to ignite three torches in order to open the gate at the end of the path. As already said, this part is tricky, so save your game after each successful jump. First go to the left, towards the entrance. There is a double deadly tile with plants on Lara's right. Stand jump onto the flat triangular block to the left of these two deadly tiles. Turn diagonally to the left and jump onto a higher block. Walk to the outer edge of this block facing the entrance and run jump to clear the slanted block. You'll land in an alcove with the first torch to ignite. Jump backwards to land back on the path near the entrance.


Go down the path and carefully jump onto a triangular flat ledge just to the right of the second deadly tile on the left-hand side of the path. Stand jump to land on a higher block behind the plant and ignite the second torch. Go back to the path and follow it to the end. If you accidentally fall into the water pit with the boulder, you don't have to lose your torch. Just face the higher ground and jump up. When in mid-air, press number 1 or 2 on your alphanumerical (left) side of keyboard. Lara will throw the torch and it will land on the higher ground. Then you can climb up and pick the torch back up.  From the edge of the water pit, stand jump diagonally onto the block on the right. Walk up towards the deadly tile. At the edge of the tile with concealed spikes, turn right (the gate is on Lara's right now). Save your game here. Hop back and run jump (no Action) to land into a higher alcove on the other side of the path (a bit diagonally to the left). If you cannot make this jump, keep Up cursor key pressed during the jump. Ignite the third torch here to open the gate. NOTE: The entire sequence with the boulder and torch (minus the secret) can be seen here:


You can now drop your torch into the water pit below the gate. Stand jump to land onto the block on the right, just as you did the first time. Now stand jump with Action to land into the doorway. Watch the flyby which gives you some hints about the puzzles awaiting to be solved. Remember the shaft with ladders just above some monkey bars, and an alcove which only seems to be empty.


SPIDER NEST: When you enter, kill the spider as quickly and effectively as you can. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS from the corner. In that very corner (opposite the entrance) there is a well concealed pushblock. Push it to reveal a switch. Use the switch to open the gate high above at the top of the room. As soon as you exit the alcove where you found the block and ammo, turn right and jump up to grab the edge of the pillar. Pull up. You can hear another spider at this point. Run jump to land on a flat ledge between two sloped blocks. You can kill the spider guarding the opposite ledge from here, with no damages at all. Run jump onto the ledge with the spider and pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS. Do not jump onto the slanted block below the ladder, as another spider will appear and most probably kill Lara instantly. Also, you cannot grab the ladder from here, so don't waste time.


Find a pushblock in the NE corner of the room and pull it out of the alcove twice. Climb across this block to drop on the other side and enter the alcove. Use the JS here to raise a block on the other side of the room. Then climb onto the pushblock and walk towards the edge facing the ladder. Make one step back from the edge and stand jump to grab the branch above (horizontal pole). Swing around, jump and grab the second branch. Swing around, jump and grab the ladder ahead. The spider will appear below, but it won't be able to hurt Lara. Follow the ladder carefully to the left, bearing in mind that Lara can lose her grab if you miss the ladder. When on the left-most side of the ladder, back flip to land onto the raised block. Sometimes it happens that the spider jumps here as well. If that happens, drop to the lower floor and kill it quickly. Repeat the climbing process until you return to the raised block. Or, if you are fast enough, you can stand jump to grab the ladder before the spider gets Lara and before she drops down from the raised pillar.


Walk to the edge of the block, not sliding down the slanted pillars. Stand jump to grab the ladder ahead, climb up and keep Up cursor key pressed to make Lara grab the monkey bars above. Swing to the left to land on the stone bridge below and kill one tribesman (he can protect himself with his blades, so holster your weapon to make him lower his guard and make himself vulnerable again). When he's dead, jump to the large ledge on the right and find an alcove in the NE corner hidden behind the spider web. Pick up SECRET #2 and SHOTGUN SHELLS. Another tribesman will attack, so kill him and jump back to the stone bridge.


Go left towards the ladder where you climbed here. Stand jump diagonally to grab the ladder and once again, go up to climb the monkey bars above. This time monkey swing in the other direction (away from the ladder) and press Down at the end of the bars to make Lara grab the ladder in the shaft above. Back flip onto the ledge behind. Hopefully, you have already opened the gate here and you'll be able to enter the new area.


REED VALLEY: As soon as you enter, go left and behind the tree. Here you can climb onto the flat rock above. Go right, jump over the slanted rock and land into a shallow pit where you'll find SECRET #3. Jump out and slide down to the ground. On the other side of the valley you'll see a small pool and closed gate behind the falls. Go to the opposite (NE) corner of the valley. Make a running jump to land onto the flat triangular ledge in the NE corner. Stand jump to land on the brick-made ledge next to it. Jump over the steep block and when on top of the ledge, locate a pushblock on the left and push it once into the alcove. Use the lever here to lower the block in the passage behind the waterfall.


Do not slide down to the ground. You have to open the gate in the passage behind the waterfall. So, when you exit the alcove with the pushblock, walk to the left and outer edge of the ledge. Turn a bit to the right (the ceiling is low on the left) and run jump over the steep blocks, steering Lara to the left a bit. She'll land on the ledge beyond the steep blocks. Walk forwards onto the triangular ledge ahead and run jump to clear the steep blocks and land onto the flat ledge beyond (you have to steer Lara a bit to the left while in mid-air). Once here, save your game. The next jump is so far the trickiest. Walk to the outer (right-hand) ledge and face just a tiny bit to the right. Hop back twice, run, jump when you're near the steep rocks ahead, and steer hard to the left to make Lara land into the alcove behind the steep rocks. Use the lever in the corner of this alcove to open the gate behind the waterfalls.


Jump out of the alcove and slide down to the ground. Run through the reed to the lake and drop onto the lowest step near the water. You have to perform another (relatively) tricky jump from here to clear the edge on Lara's right and to grab the edge of the passage. Turn so that the passage is on Lara's right. Walk to the edge of the step, and to the right as far as it goes. Turn to face the opening (ignore the edge of the rock on Lara's right for now). Hop back. From here, pivot Lara just a bit to the left, so that she can clear the edge of the rock ahead. Run, jump and steer Lara to the right when in mid-air. Finally, press Action near the end of the jump to grab the opening and pull inside. Walk forwards to trigger a flyby. NOTE: This entire sequence in the Reed Valley is shown in this video:


SPIRAL RAMP: Swan dive into the water below and climb onto the bottom of the spiral ramp. Notice a keyhole to your left. As you go up the ramp, you'll have to kill two tribesmen. During the fight, you'll probably run off the ledge at least once. Make sure to run off the ledge on the outer side, because you will safely drop into water below. If you run off the ledge through the opening in the middle of the ramp, you can land on the spike tile below. When the first two tribesmen are dead, keep going up the ramp to meet the third tribesman and get rid of him as well. Now you have to locate two hidden openings in this room.


The first opening concealed with some greenery is located near the top of the ramp, on the N wall. You have to face it, to side step a bit to the left, and to run jump a bit diagonally to the right (with Action pressed) in order to successfully land inside the opening. Once inside, follow the  passage to the end where you can find an SM and 4 x SHOTGUN SHELLS. Before you leave, look up and locate a JS. Use it to raise a block in the pool. Return there, dive in and climb out of the water onto the block you have just raised. Use the lever here to open a trapdoor high above Lara. Now, go up the ramp for one last time.


The second opening concealed with greenery is located at the very top of the ramp, on the E wall. There are two sets of greenery here. Use the binocular to locate a CS beneath the left-hand greenery set. Run jump to grab it and drop on the other side. You'll see the open trapdoor above. Locate a pushblock in the NE corner and push / pull it under the trapdoor, and use it to climb into the room above.


TIMED RUN THROUGH BLADE: First notice an irregular-shaped block near the entrance, and the closed trapdoor above. This trapdoor is timed, so make a mental note of the shortest route to get up there. A blade will swing when Lara steps through the door, and one of the possibilities is simply to sprint through the doorway. You cannot kill the skeletons, so don't waste time and ammo. Avoid them as best as you can. Upon entering, go left and notice a high wall switch you cannot reach (no, it's not the JS, don't try to reach it from jumping). There is a silhouette of the extendable block in the wall below. Locate the JS at the entrance to this room, just to the left of the swinging blade (when facing it). Carefully walk between the pillar and switch and use it to extend the block out of the wall. Go there and climb on it.


Notice an hour glass above the switch and save. You have to perform a perfect timed run, and these skeletons and the blade won't be helpful along the way. Use the switch, press Camera to bring Lara's perspective back, roll and start running / sprinting. Steer to the right to go through the door and pray for safe run through the doorway. Sprint down the stairs, release Sprint button near the end of the stairs and run jump onto the irregular block, onto its right-hand side, as near the right-hand edge as you can. Turn right if you have to if you have to align Lara with the opening above, and jump up to grab the opening. Climb up and pick up the GOLD KEY to that spiral ramp keyhole. All you have to do now is return there and use the key.


UW PASSAGES: A block down in the pool will lower, so, once you use the key, roll, run off the ledge and swim to the left (N) towards the opening. Make sure to save your game before entering the UW tunnel ahead. Once you reach the first fork, swim into the higher opening (the lower opening is empty), then up and to the next fork. There are two passages leading downwards and one leading upwards here. Swim into the nearer lower tunnel and then to the left. Use the UW switch on the ceiling to open a gate nearby. Swim back to the nearest fork, ignore the tunnel on Lara's right and swim further ahead, then up. In this tunnel you'll see an opening above, where you can surface and climb out of the water.


ROOM WITH TWO SHAFT KEY RECEPTACLES: Go through the gate you have just opened and enter the next room. The gate will close behind you. First explore this room and notice the following: there are two Shaft Key receptacles on the left. Next to them, there are two closed gates (lower and higher). At the end of this room, there is another closed gate for which you need a key. Now, light up a flare and find two darker blocks in the corners next to the entrance. When facing the entrance, the block on the right has to be lowered, whereas the block on the left is pushable.


Push this block into the alcove behind. Use the wall lever which is now on Lara's left. It will lower a block in the passage nearby. Find the SHOTGUN SHELLS on the floor. From here, push the block into the passage behind it, as far as it goes to reveal the ladder on Lara's right. Go up the ladder and follow the passage which is blocked with broken pillars at the end. Here, near the end, look up (light up a flare if you have to) and locate a JS above. Use it to lower a block in the corner of the big room. You have to kill a giant spider as you go back through the passage. Go down the ladder and back to the main room. The lower gate near two receptacles is now open. But before you go in, pick up the secret. Go into the corner to the right of the opened gate, where a block has just lowered, and pick up SECRET #4.


Return to two receptacles and go into the corner to the left of them. Jump over a steep rook here and pick up the CROWBAR from the shelf in the corner. Finally, slide down the steep rocks and go through the opened gate to the right of receptacles. There are five wall levers here, and you have to use only two of them in order to open the gate above. Take a look at the floor tiles: two levers which have "plain" floor tiles are to be used (second and fifth from the left). Use them, go out and up the stairs opposite two openings with opened gates. At the top of the stairs, turn left to face the higher opening, and run jump to grab it. Pull up and enter. Kill a giant spider and locate a JS high above the entrance (when facing it from the passage). It will open the gate on the other end of the passage. Go through into a new area.


PUSH BOULDERS: As you enter, notice some interesting things here: directly opposite the entrance there are two alcoves with ramps. There are two higher ledges above, with boulders. Also, there are two higher openings on the left-hand side of the room, with closed gates. The goal here is to bring two boulders from high ledges onto the ground and to push them inside two alcoves with ramps. So, the first stage of the puzzle is a short and easy timed run.


Go left from the entrance and locate a wall switch in the SE corner, with the hour glass above (timed). Use it to raise a block in the opposite corner, and don't wait for the camera shot to end. During the camera shot of the raising block, pivot Lara to the right and start running / sprinting. Once the camera shot is over, keep running / sprinting diagonally across the room into the corner where the block raised. Jump on it from running and roll. Stand jump from there to grab the edge of the ledge above and pull up. This shouldn't be so hard. Once up, push the boulder towards the edge. Carefully push it once more over the edge and drop down. Carefully push the boulder into the nearest alcove with ramp. Once you pushed the boulder for the last time, pivot Lara to the left.


Run across the room and to the right, towards the broken staircase. Climb up, and onto the ledge with another boulder. You'll notice a closed gate on Lara's left as you go. Push carefully the boulder off the ledge and drop down. By no means try to jump over deadly tiles into the opening between two ledges. Carefully push the boulders into the alcoves with ramps. This will open the gate you have just seen. So go there and climb into the opening. You'll emerge in that room between two boulder ledges. Swim through the short UW tunnel into a room with another closed gate. Kill the tribesman keeping guard here, taking care not to get near the spike tile. Once he's dead, the spikes will deactivate. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS from one corner and use the lever on the spike tile to open the gate and go through the opening.


UW MAZE: Save before you dive in, in case you get disoriented in the following maze. Swim down to the first fork and swim to the right. At the end of this passage you'll find FLARES. Swim back to the fork and this time turn right. Swim through to the next fork ignore the empty alcove on the right. However, turn right into the next opening and swim to the right on the next fork. In the small alcove on the right, you'll find a UW switch on the ceiling behind the plant. Use it to lower a block in another corner of the maze.


Swim out of the alcove and to the right until the next fork. Be careful here. The passage to the right leads directly to the corner where you lowered the block. Just to the left of that passage, above the plant, there is an air pocket, so use it to get air and save. From there, swim to the opening with lowered block, and into the passage to the left. Just follow this passage to the end, and follow the wall on the right, to find another UW lever on the ceiling at the end of the passage. This will open the gate in the corner with the lowered block. So, swim back there (following the wall on Lara's left and up through the passage in the corner, to emerge in a dark room.


LIGHT BEAM CAVE: Watch the flyby giving you many hints about the following puzzles. At the end of the flyby you'll see your goal: the Shaft Key. When it is finished, go left and to the other side of the room. On the wall above you'll see a big ring, too bad Lara does not have her grapple gun in this adventure. Just below that ring, in the NE corner, you'll find a perfectly blended pushblock (use a flare to locate it if you're not sure). Push it once to reveal a wall lever on the left. Use it to extend the ledge with that ring above Lara. Also, a block will raise nearby, and a burner on that block will activate. Naturally, you have to use that block to get to the extended ring ledge.


Go out and around the raised burner block. Jump over the steep block and side-step to the right to the outer corner of the burner. Grab the edge of the burner and use the Camera button to observe the flame cycle above. One or two seconds before the flame goes off, start pulling up. Immediately run and jump onto the ledge ahead. Carefully aim the running jump to grab the vertical pole from here. Slide down the pole, then around, so that you can jump off the pole and into the higher cave opening you saw in the flyby.


First get rid of a bat that takes 20 bullets or more to kill. There is another high opening here you cannot reach, above the steep blocks. In order to reach the opening, you have to activate the light beam from the face below the gratings on the floor of the cave. Find a JS behind some roots in the SE corner and use it to activate the beam. Stand in the middle of the grating and jump up to grab the monkey swing (not visible, but never mind). Go into the last high cave and kill another heavily armoured bat. Pry out the NORTHERN SHAFT KEY from the block and the gate on the left will open. Before you leave, pick up a key first. Find a pushblock in NE corner behind a plant and push it twice inside to reveal an opening. Pick up the GOLD KEY from the alcove on the left. Finally, follow the passage through the opened gate and safety drop into the room with push boulders. Return to the cave with two receptacles.


MIRROR ROOM: Unlock the gate at the end of the cave and follow the passage to the greenery hanging from the ceiling. Once you go through the greenery, walk, so that you don't run off into the deadly pool. There are some blocks above the pool, but they contain invisible deadly burners. In order to locate the safe path and hidden objects in this room, use the mirror on Lara's left. From the entrance, go left to the mirror.


You'll see a ladder on the wall on Lara's left (if she's looking herself in the mirror). Climb up and keep Up pressed to make Lara grab the monkey bars on the ceiling. Swing to the other side and drop to grab the ladder on the pillar above the deadly pool. Keep as close to the ceiling as possible. Shimmy to the right, and around the corner. The ledge below Lara is deadly, so don't drop there. Shimmy further to the right, to hang on the arc next to the pillar. Once here, jump backwards from the ladder to land on the safe block. The mirror will tell you that the next safe ledge is the low ledge next to the mirror, below the arc. The next safe block is the second block from there, you have to run jump to grab it. When you pull up, turn right and run jump onto the next safe block. When you land, turn diagonally to the left and stand jump onto the last block. From here, you can run jump to land on the ledge on the other side of the room.


Go left here, to the mirror and locate the second NORTHERN SHAFT KEY. Pry it from the wall and use the same safe blocks to return to the block where you drop from the ladder. Once there, stand jump diagonally to grab the ladder on the pillar, shimmy left around the corner and back flip to land on the ledge near the entrance. If this jump is tricky for you, then use the monkey swing above to get there. Return through the tunnel into the main cave and use two Shaft Keys in the receptacles to lower that one remaining block in the corner to the right of the entrance (behind the supporting pillar). Follow the twisted passage to an opening in the floor and wait for the falling ledge to collapse. Lara will drop into a dark passage where the second level will load.



LEVEL TWO: Pachamama2


When the level loads, hop back onto the higher ground and locate a crafty hidden JS above Lara. Use it to open a gate straight ahead along the path. Before you go through it, notice a raised block behind the plant on the left. Your main goal in this area is to lower it. Go through the opened gate and watch the flyby showing you some important spots in the big valley you are entering.


WATERFALL VALLEY: Just follow the hints from the flyby and from the entrance, go straight to the waterfalls on the left. Drop into the pool and locate a wall lever on the wall behind the falls. Use it to raise a block on the other side of the valley. Go there and climb onto the raised block from a higher ground. Once there, jump to grab the stone bridge above Lara. Walk to the left, jump over the steep stone and face SW. On the left you'll see an alcove in the hill slope, and if you use the Binoculars, you'll see a wall lever on the ledge beyond that alcove. Carefully aim the next RJ to land in the alcove with another raised block, and save. If you miss the next jump, better to reload than to climb back here over again. You have to stand jump from the alcove onto the triangular ledge just outside the alcove (on the right when facing the valley from the alcove). Walk to the other side and stand jump diagonally to the right to land on the next flat block with the switch. Use it to lower a block behind the waterfalls and slide to the ground.


SHAFT UP THE WATERFALLS: Run to the waterfalls and run jump to grab the opening. Pull up and enter a dark tall room where you'll find FLARES on the ground. Approach the sloped pillar in the SE corner, climb on top of it and back flip with Roll to grab the pillar behind Lara. Shimmy all the way to the right-hand corner and pull up. Roll and run jump to land on the high pillar. Jump up to grab the monkey swing, shimmy to the edge and press Down to grab the ladder above. Kill a bat which has left his armour at home and save. When you climb from the ladder, run diagonally to the left, jump and steer Lara to the right in mid-air. Press Action near the end of the jump to grab the crevice on the wall. Shimmy all the way to the left until you can pull into a dark opening.


BURNERS AND JUMP SWITCHES: Quickly kill one giant spider and pick up 2 X SHOTGUN SHELLS in the corner. Follow the dark passage. Open the gate with the wall lever on the right and proceed to the room with burners and two jump switches on the wall. First kill two tribesmen. Face two burners and jump switches. Climb onto the very right-hand corner of the left-hand burner and wait for the flame to go off. Stand jump diagonally to grab the nearest JS. Repeat the same procedure with the other JS, and the gate on the left will open.


Start running through the open gate and do not hesitate. Run directly through the middle of the opening, to avoid the swinging blade at the entrance to the next room. Shoot to break four urns, and pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS hidden inside one of them. Finally, pick up the LITTLE WHEEL from the central block. Look around and locate a short ladder above Lara. Run jump from the central block to grab it and climb up. Use the wall lever here to open a trapdoor in the UW tunnel. Drop down and into the opening with water. Follow the short UW passage and climb through the open trapdoor onto the top of the waterfall, high above the valley.


WATERFALLS: You will see that Lara keeps looking to her left, as you walk the ledge with the waterfall. Walk there and carefully stand jump onto the natural flat ledge below. Follow that ledge to the other side, jump to clear the steep rook ahead, and land on the flat ledge behind it. Pick up SECRET #5 and jump back to the previous ledge. Do not slide down into the valley, as you will be stuck and not able to proceed. Follow the long ledge back to the other end, and RJ across the steep block to land on the stone formation next to the waterfalls. Face North - NW and run jump to land on the diamond-shape patch of the ground with brick texture. From there, jump up onto the flat block in the corner. Climb onto the block above, walk to the left and RJ diagonally to the right to land on the flat ledge with another wall switch. Use it to lower that block in the alcove on the other side of the valley. Slide down to the ground.


BOULDER TRAP: Use the raised pillar to climb onto the stone bridge again. Just like the previous time, RJ to land into the alcove where the block lowered now. Follow the dark passage to a room beyond. Locate a pushblock on the right, as you enter (use a flare if you cannot find it). Pull it out from the alcove twice and use the lever behind it to open a trapdoor in this room. Now push this block under the trapdoor, so that you can climb through it. However, before you climb through the opening, pick up REVOLVER BULLETS and FLARES from the alcove on the left-hand side of the room. Notice that this alcove has a ramp. A boulder could be pushed into it, couldn't it? Before you climb through the opening above, locate a pendulum to the right (when facing the opening above) and shoot it using the Revolver with Laser Sight. This will open a gate in the room above.


Climb into the room and save before you go through the open gate. Enter the passage beyond the gate by hopping backwards. When you hear the boulder thundering behind Lara, run forward and to the left, to get out of its way. When it drops through the opening, you drop down too. Push this boulder carefully into that alcove with the ramp, where you found the goodies. This will lower a block on the right. Go there and find SECRET #6. Climb back up into the room above, and this time, go up the boulder ramp. Climb the ladder into the next room.


This time walk carefully as you approach the entrance to another room. Wait for the swinging blade to activate and run through the doorway when it swings away to the other side. Pick up REVOLVER BULLETS from the ground and avoid two openings on the right and straight ahead (W and S) from the entrance, because they are trapped with spikes. Slide through the left-hand (E) opening into the passage below, and save.


BLOCKS FALLING ABOVE LAVA: You have to perform a jump sequence which is rather tricky, so make a good save whenever you can, always on a new slot. First RJ to grab the right-most edge of the first falling block. Pull up onto its corner near the wall, and run, steering hard to the left. Jump from the edge, steering to the right if necessary, so that Lara lands on the right-most edge of the next block. Quickly pivot Lara to the left and start running. Steer hard to left and jump to land on the left-most edge of the next block. Once here, steer to the right, run and keep steering hard to the right, and jump to land on the next falling block. From this block, stand jump to land on the next one, run across it and jump to land on the last block, and from here, quickly climb into the opening above before the block collapses beneath Lara. There is a YouTube video showing two different ways to do this jump sequence, so take a look at it if you have problems with this part:


The gate in the passage is closed, so face the lava pool and use the Revolver with Sight to locate another pendulum in the ceiling above lava. It is not easy to find, and it is located a bit to the left. Shoot to break it and open the gate in the passage above. Go through the gate. Shoot to break the urn in the small room beyond and pick up the second LITTLE WHEEL hidden inside. Another passage will open for you, so use it to return to the Valley. Make sure to pick up an LM before you slide down the hill into the Valley. In the meantime, you'll see a camera shot showing you the block near the beginning of the level lowering. Slide backwards through the opening and grab the edge of the hill side. Drop from here to the ground safely. Run across the valley and go through the entrance gate. On the right, you'll find the opening behind the plant. Enter the next room.


Kill two angry tribesmen here and break three urns. Two of them will award you with 2 X SHOTGUN SHELLS. Place two Wheels on their receptacles among the cogs on the wall to open the gate in the corner. Go up the stairs and through the open gate. Avoid the dark floor tiles with pillars, as they are deadly. Enter another big room with a pool and watch the flyby giving you important hints about the puzzle awaiting for you. The main hint here is an urn placed at the bottom of the pool.


FLOODED ROOM: As you enter, take a look to the left and notice a big opening in the wall. Make sure to notice a vertical pole hanging from the ceiling exactly in front of this opening. For now, jump into water and swim to the island. Climb onto the island and pick up REVOLVER BULLETS. As already usual for this game, this indicates that you have to break something here, using the Revolver. If you remember the flyby, you'll know that the item to break is the urn placed under water. You cannot break it now, but you can assess the situation at this point. When facing away from the entrance, straight ahead you'll see a dark, large opening. To the right, there is another opening in the wall. The urn to be shattered is located in the left corner at the bottom of the pool below. From the island, swim towards the opening ahead and climb into it near the left-hand edge of the opening.


The gate at the entrance to the cave is closed, but you can climb into the dark alcove to the right. Use the wall lever here to drop a trapdoor back in that first opening near the entrance. Swim back across the pool to the entrance, climb onto the ledge and walk towards the pillar which is the closest to that opening and horizontal pole in front of it. Walk around the pillar which should be on Lara's right, and run jump from the corner to grab the horizontal pole. Climb up a bit, and turn Lara's back towards the opening in the wall. Back flip into the opening and notice a keyhole here. Finally, climb into the dark corner and through the open trapdoor into the hallway above. At the end of this passage, you'll find a lever which lowers the level of the pool outside. Return to the lower room and run jump (swan dive) from the opening into the pool below.


Swim diagonally to the left, to the second opening in the right-hand wall. You can climb out of the water here. When standing below this opening, you can easily shoot and break that urn in the opposite corner, using the Revolver with the Laser Sight. Jump into water and swim to the place where the urn used to stay. You'll find a KEY at that spot. Pick it up and swim back to the ledge at the entrance. Use the vertical pole again to return to that left-hand opening with the trapdoor, and use the Key in the keyhole to lower a block in the lake. Return back to the lake and swim towards the second (right-hand) opening. Beneath this opening, in the central underwater stone structure, you'll find an opening behind the greenery, where the block lowered. Swim into this opening and find a GOLD KEY on the bottom of it. Return back to the surface.


Now you have to climb into the right-hand opening. Climb out of the water and jump across the steep rocks until you reach the top flat ledge below this opening. From here, you can climb into the cave above. There is a keyhole in the far left corner, but if you use your key there, the spikes will kill Lara (you'll know about this beforehand, if you look at the ceiling which has a dark texture with a skull). Instead, push the block next to this keyhole, to reveal an opening on the left. There is another keyhole there, so use the key here to open the gate to that dark cave in the third opening. The water level will also raise again, so you will be able to swim to that opening and climb into it as the first time around.


LAVA CAVE: Enter the dark cave with lava below. Be careful, there are dangerous tiles here. The natural stone is safe, whereas the grey plain tiles are deadly. Follow the golden-brick path and kill a tribesman along the way. Go through the first spider web and make a turn to the right. Do not go through the second web. Stand on the third tile from that web and turn right when facing the second web. Hop back from the edge and run off onto the ledge below, just next to the lava. Be careful here, Lara can easily slide into lava even if you press Walk. Pivot her to the left and spot a key at the edge with lava. Stand jump carefully to land on the safe triangular edge. Stand so that both Lara's feet are at the edge of the triangular ledge. Pick up the GOLD KEY from that position, otherwise Lara can pick up the key and then die in lava.


To return upstairs, you have to follow the tiles made of natural stone. For a start, carefully stand jump back to the previous ledge and then onto the ledge straight ahead. Walk along this ledge to the other side and look up. You can jump up from here to grab the ledge above. Climb up and go right, and out to the protruded triangular edge. Run jump back to the golden path and go right. This time follow it to the end, killing another tribesman along the way. Pick up SHOTGUN SHELLS near the gate and kill a giant spider sneaking on Lara from behind. Stand jump left into the alcove with the keyhole and unlock the gate. Stand jump back on the path and enter the opening on the left. Save before going through the opening and time the swinging blade coming from the right.


FINAL ROOM: Kill three tribesmen as you enter the last room. Along the way you'll probably destroy two urns and obtain 2 X SHOTGUN SHELLS hidden inside. When you pick up the artefact from the pedestal, a gate on the left from pedestal will open. Go there and use the wall lever to end he level.


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