Level by Michael Prager


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, to supplement the outline provided years ago by Monika Pietsch (and which follows this walkthrough).


Begin by sliding down into what at first glance appears to be an arena.  Run forward to the central structure, jump up to grab the crack at its low point and shimmy to your left around a couple of corners until Lara's feet get "set" on a climbing surface.  You could have climbed up directly from the ground here at the beginning.  Take a back flip to the ledge behind you as two wart hogs cavort about down below.  Grab the flares for SECRET #1. 


Take a running jump back to the crack in the central structure, but a bit to the left of the climbing surface, shimmy left and around the corner until you can pull up into an alcove and trigger a flyby showing where the crowbar is located.  Step forward and fall down the shaft into the water.  Swim E until you reach a large hole occupied by a crocodile.  Avoid it while you swim down and pick up the CROWBAR.  Quickly swim up to the surface and pull out E into an outdoor area.  The huge underwater network of tunnels is to be explored later.  In front of you is a block with a gem receptacle.  On the other side of the block is a hole in the ground.    


Safety drop from an edge of the hole onto the top of an underground pillar and climb down to the floor, using the ladder in the E face.  Pull up onto the pillar in the NE corner (facing E and using the action and up arrow keys only) and pick up the ORNATE HANDLE.  Climb back onto the first pillar, face S and take a running jump and grab to the next pillar.  Pull up and grab the crossbow arrows.  Continue in the same fashion as you work your way around the room in a counterclockwise direction (ignoring for now the pillar in the SW corner, which is too far away for you to reach).   When you get to the pillar next to a ladder, pick up the CROSSBOW and climb up into a passage.  Step on a trigger tile to flood the room below, jump into the water and go get the grenade gun ammo on top of that previously inaccessible SW pillar. 


Locate the ceiling hole near the E wall, just above the pillar to the right of the ladder, and swim up into a partially submerged room.  Pull out SW and follow to a spike-trapped path with a slope on either side.  Back flip at an angle onto one of the slopes and work your way to the other end of the room, using the arrow keys as you jump back and forth.  You'll trigger a new set of spikes periodically as you work your way along.  The spikes are high, too, so jump from side to side without sliding.  When you arrive safely, take the large medipack from the face tile. Use the slopes to get past the spike gauntlet again, being sure to jump as high as possible to clear the tops of the tall spikes.  Even at that, you're likely to suffer some cuts and bruises, so restore your health as necessary.


When you get back, you find that the previous area has been drained, so drop down into the lower room and pull up onto the high N ledge.  Use your crowbar to pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall.  Drop back down to the floor and through the hole onto the top of the pillar.  Take a running jump N and grab the pillar beneath the ladder.  Climb the ladder and step on the trigger tile to flood the room below.  Jump into the water and swim to the ceiling hole in the NW corner.  Pull out there and jump into the larger water hole W.  Swim N until you reach a four-way intersection.  Continue N to the left of the wooden post (you're likely by this time to find yourself being chased by several crocodiles) and pull out at the hole you'll find in the far wall.  Note the closed gate with the gem behind it and walk S toward the moat surrounding a large central building.  Stand at the edge facing the E wall and take an angled standing jump to grab the sandy ledge jutting out from the wall.


Pull up and follow the ledge around two corners until you come to the GRENADE GUN for SECRET #2.  From here you can also grab SECRET #3 by jumping into the water and diving down into the bottom NE corner for a large medipack. Then swim back to the island you started this little secret quest from and go back to where you pulled out of the water hole and find a lower opening behind the palm trees. 


Drop down into it and pick up the LASER SIGHT at your feet.  Without moving forward, ready the grenade gun for action (as you have no explosive crossbow arrows).  When you move slightly further into the passage, two skeletons will be awakened.  Back flip to higher and safer ground and take out both skeletons with a single grenade.  Now hop back down and combine the laser sight and the crossbow.  Avoid running onto the slope ahead, lest you prematurely trigger a pair of boulders.  Standing near the edge of the slope, enter the alcove either to your right or left and look up the slope to see a target.  Shoot the target with your crossbow to lower a gate in the main passage, then do the same thing with the second target on the other side.   Run onto the slope now to trigger those boulders, and they'll hit the lowered gates and fall off to the side into conveniently placed holes.


Run all the way up the slope as the gates lift and a door in the far left corner opens.  Insert the Golden Star in the receptacle you'll find in the wall ahead.  On the way back down the slope, turn left and hop over the boulder, pull up onto the slope where the target was and slide down into a little trench where you'll find some grenade gun ammo for SECRET #4.  Hop forward, slide the rest of the way down and exit this area.


Look to your left and you'll see that the E gate is now open.  Go inside and pick up the HORSEMAN'S GEM.  Jump back into the water hole, swim S all the way to the far end and pull out E.  Insert the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle in the block for a flyby showing an underwater trap door opening.  Jump back into the water hole, swim back N to the four-way intersection and past it to the N wall.  Turn right at locate the open trap door at the NE corner.  Pull out there and go to the E alley.  Face the W pillar, back flip onto the slope behind you and jump off to grab the top of the pillar.  Shimmy left, pull up and slide down the other side, jumping off with a curve to the left to land on the next pillar.  Pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY and trigger a brief cut scene.


Drop down to the ground, jump into the water hole and swim all the way back to the first water hole at the SE corner.  Pull out and run N onto that submerged stone bridge leading to the central building.  Jump left into the water, swim NW past the tallest underwater column and pull out onto a flat green surface.  Run forward and you'll hear the sound of trap doors opening ahead of you (providing a short cut to the underwater tunnel network).  Go past the open trap doors and locate the hole in the ground near the W wall.  Climb down the ladder and turn around.  Without stepping onto the slope, draw your crossbow and shoot the nearby target.  A boulder drops practically at your feet and rolls down the W passage.  There are four more targets in side alcoves along the passage, but they must be shot in reverse order, so go all the way down the ramp until you're standing in front of the closed gate.  Face the left wall, sidestep to the left as far as possible, and pull up into the opening above, using only the action and up arrow keys.  Pick up the large medipack next to the target and drop back down.     


Hop E over the lowest trap door and stand on the back corner of the sandy slope.  Shoot the target in the same opening where you picked up the medipack.  A boulder will be released, so quickly turn and run up the slope.  Duck left into the opening before the boulder arrives.  After it passes by, hop down into the passage and locate the next target in the higher NW opening.  After you shoot it, turn to face the S wall, hop back and jump forward into the S opening as the next boulder rumbles by.  The next target to shoot is literally at your feet, and it's the easiest one of all.  Get into the next alcove higher up the ramp in the N wall, where the final target also sits, and shoot the fourth target in absolute safety.  After the boulder has passed by, get out of the opening and stand at the top of the sloped passage to shoot the fifth and final target.  Just in case, hop back as the final boulder drops down.  


The gate at the bottom of the ramp opens, but be careful to hop over all the trap doors, which are also now open, on your way down.  But before going there, turn around at the top of the ramp and face E.  Jump up to grab the ladder, climb up a bit and then shift to your right until you're able to drop down onto a flat surface.  Pick up the large medipack for SECRET #5 and get back down.  Go down to the bottom of the ramp and jump into the open gateway.  Combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle to form the PORTAL GUARDIAN, stand in front of the pole and insert the Portal Guardian for a cut scene showing the place to go next.


Hop back over the open trap doors to the top of the ramp.  Climb up the E ladder at the end and jump into the nearby water hole where the trap doors opened earlier.  Swim to the opening in the middle of the S wall and pull out.  Jump into the moat and swim SE until you can pull out at the place you saw in the cut scene.  Approach the closed trap door and it will open as the other one did.  Locate the nearby hole in the ground and climb down the ladder in the N side. When you near the bottom of the ladder, drop down onto the first of a series of red slopes.  Slide down and grab the edge.  Shimmy all the way to the right, pull up and back flip to the next slope behind you.  Continue jumping from slope to slope, working your way up by using the right arrow key, until you land on a flat surface.  You may want to save your game here to secure your progress.


Face slightly SE and take a long running jump down to the next red-tile square. Look into the hole in front of you to find a ladder there. Climb down and pick up a TOKEN. Then climb out again, pull up E and stand to face the ladder.  Take a running jump N and grab the ladder, shift right and around the corner.  Go past the halfway point to your right before taking a rolling back flip to grab the ladder behind you.  Shift left and around the corner, then take a rolling back flip to land on a long red slope.  Slide down, grab the edge and shimmy all the way to the right.  Pull up, take a rolling back flip and grab the long red slope behind you.  Shimmy left until you're near the corner, then pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the top of a pillar.  Pull up, turn around and take a long running jump to the lower S pillar.  Slide down S and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb to the top, pull up and face a series of slopes to your right.  Take a standing jump to the first one and continue with sliding jumps off six slopes in succession.  You should be sliding backwards on the sixth one.  If so, simply grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the W ledge.  Pull up and run along the path, turning right to run up a ramp until you reach the PHAROS KNOT.  When you pick it up, a cut scene shows another trap door opening in the underwater tunnel network.


Continue N and jump to the same ladder that brought you down to this area.  Shift right, climb up, pull out and jump into the nearby water hole.  Swim W to the intersection, continue to the W wall, turn right and swim N to the next corner.  Pull out of the water there and engage a couple of skeletons.  One of them drops the GATE KEY, so pick it up and use it to open the nearby gate.  Enter and insert the Pharos Knot in the receptacle for a flyby that shows the moat having been drained and ending at a wooden barrier. 


Jump back into the water hole, swim S to the corner and get out of the water. Look towards the central island and you can see that the ‘window’ has opened up, so run across and climb in (and find the windows closing right behind you). Climb across into the center of this island and use the TOKEN to open the trapdoors in the floor. Dive in and swim S in the tunnel and get out at the end, finding yourself back on the first island that you started your journey on. (Yes indeed – you did not need to go into the central island and use the token. You could have just been swimming through the tunnels straight away – but wasn’t it more fun this wayJ )


Go towards the edge of the no longer water filled moat and time a jump from the left corner down to the nearest pillar. From there take a running jump W to the next pillar, and a longer running jump W (no grab) to the next pillar.  From here, two running jumps with grab to the next two pillars, and finally a simple running jump to the pillar against the W wall.  Shoot the wooden barrier and slide down the slope.  Run up the ramp as two coffins ahead pop open and a pair of mummies give you a goofy greeting.  The level ends before you reach them, however.


And now, here is the outline contributed by Monika Pietsch:


Seven Islands
Michael Prager

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.


Walk forward and grab the crevice. Transverse to the left till Lara pulls her legs up.
Backflip and collect Flares and 1. Secret.
Jump back to the crevice and transverse to the left. Climb up and the jump in to the water. Swim and look for the Crowbar. Watch out for Crocodiles.
Get out of the water and jump in to a hole with columns.
Collect 3 x Normal Arrows, the Crossbow, a small medipack, Grenade Ammo and the Ornate Handle. Climb up the ladder and step on the face tile. Now the room is filled with water. Go to the opening on the left.
Now you have to cross a long spikes trap. Get the right angle and jump from side to side and tipping the direction key when jumping forward. Eventually you land at the other side. Pick up a large medipack and the 2. Secret. Now return the way you came.
The water has disappeared and you can now climb up and get the Golden Star.
Get down on to the column again jump over to the next one. Climb up the ladder and step on the face tile. Now the room is filled again with water and you can leave.
Notice the stone with a receptacle for a Blue Stone.
Go to another Island through the underwater tunnel. Jump from the lowest border and just swim forward. Get out. Go to the left side and use a standing jump and pull up.
Walk along and round the corner and you will find the Grenade Gun and the 3. Secret.
Return and enter the brown hole. Pick up the Lasersight and eliminate
2 Skeletons. Then go to either side. Combine the Crossbow with the Lasersight and shoot the target. Repeat this on the other side.
This will stop the rolling stone from coming down all the way. Walk up very carefully
and the stones will drop in on the sides. The door will be open now and you can put in the Golden Star. When going down again, go to the left and jump down the slope to collect Grenade Ammo and the 4. Secret. When you come out on to the green again the door with Blue Stone is open. Pick it up. You can at any time search the different water parts. In one of them you find some goodies.
Go to the first green place and insert the Blue Stone. This will open a trapdoor to another green place. Go there and collect the Hathors Effigy from a block.
This makes it possible to get on the third green place. When you walk there
a trap door over the water tunnels opens. Go by and drop and climb down the ladder.
You have to shoot all the targets. Start with the top one. Go down and begin with the lowest and work your way up and the door will open.
Go in and combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathors Effigy and use them.
Before you leave climb up a ladder and collect a large medipack and the 5. Secret.

Make your way to the fourth green place. Get down the ladder and start to jump from one red roof to the next. Difficult but possible. You have to climb ladders in between.
In the red corridor you find the Pharos Knot. Also you see another trapdoor opening up. Go on and take a running jump to grab the ladder. Climb up and go into the
underwater tunnel looking for that trapdoor. When you get out you meet 2 Skeletons.
On the floor lies the Gate Key. Use it at the door and also insert the Pharos Knot.
That drains the water in the basin with the pillars. Jump to the first one, drop down, go in to the left corner and jump on to a block. Then make your way over to the door marked „danger“. Shoot the door. Enter and slide down. Go up the way.
2 mummies appear and that is the END.