Level by Talos


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with the help of Mark TRLE's video walk)



Begin under a moonlit sky on the deck of an ocean liner.  No compass.  Jump into the pool and enter the passage.  Swim up and pull out right.  Follow the passage to a raised tile.  Turn right at that point and pull up into a dark passage.  Light a flare and run forward for the A DECK KEY.


Get back down to the lower passage and continue to a closed door.  Open it and turn left in the passage to climb down a ladder to the indoor pool, where someone has either drowned or is treading water.  Go to the other side of the pool and push the candelabra once toward the dark alcove.  A cut scene shows a door opening.  Go back around and climb the ladder up to the passage.  Turn right into the earlier passage and turn right again.  Follow past the pipe, pull up and hop down to your right.  Squeeze past another pipe and climb down another ladder to a lower deck.  You can see the indoor pool through a glass door. 


Locate the high opening in the wall and pull up onto a balcony overlooking the lobby.  Run all the way around to the opposite balcony and locate the high jumpswitch at the far end.  Activate it to open a door somewhere.  Go down the ramp to the lobby and exit just past the Christmas tree.  Turn right and follow the passage past the C Deck sign.  Turn left at the wall and find a blue door you can kick in.  Enter the small storage room and turn left to pass through the phantom red curtain.  In the next room turn right and push the button in the corner to open a door leading outside to the deck.


Leave these rooms, return to the passage and turn right.  When you come to the next closed door, open it and enter a music room.  Push the piano forward two times (amazing that you can do that) to open a door in the lobby area.  Return to the passage, turn left and go all the way back to the lobby.  Run up the ramp, turn left and find the open doorway.  Enter the passage and take the first right.  Open the door, run to the end of the passage and open the next door.  Go through the opened door beyond to the outside deck and search the nearby lifeboat for a FIRE EXTINGUISHER.


Continue along the deck (with the full moon on your right) and jump over the low railing to the deck below.  Run to the far wall and turn left to activate a jumpswitch in the dark alcove.  A door opens elsewhere.  To get back out of here, return to the lower desk, locate a glass table you can push two times (away from the jumpswitch).  Hop up onto it and stand jump forward to grab the raised scaffolding.  Pull up and jump up to grab the ceiling trap door.  Climb out onto the upper deck and go back the way you came, back to the lobby area.  When you get there, turn right at the balcony and follow to the opened doorway.


Drop down and run across the room.  Those dark green walls are climbable, so turn left (facing the indoor pool that you can see through the glass door) and jump up to grab that section.  Climb up into a familiar passage, pull up right at the end and hop down into a lower passage.  Turn right at the wall and follow to the water hole.  Jump in and swim back to the pool where you began this level.  Pull out facing a sign advertising a New Year's Eve dance and angle forward to your right.  Locate the red life preserver hanging from a hook between two poles and push it as you would a button.  (Now wasn't that intuitive?) 


Enter the ship through the open doorway opposite from the pool and turn right.  Squeeze past the chair and place your nose against the curtain.  Jump up to grab it and take a rolling back flip to land on top of the chandelier.  Jump forward to the next chandelier and stoop to pick up the LIGHT BULB.  Drop to the floor and open the glass door on the right.  Turn right and follow the passage to a pair of pillars that partially block your way.  The second pillar hides a jump switch, so position yourself in front of the second pillar so you can jump up and activate it.


Continue forward and enter the lounge (near the elevator sign).  Locate a closed glass door and use the A Deck Key in the nearby receptacle to open it.  Climb up into a room strewn with Christmas presents.  Go on through and open the door.  Go up one step and turn left to go down into a lighted area.  Turn right through the opened doorway into the dining room and note the blazing fireplace to your left.  Save your game and stand in front of the flames as close as you can get.  Use your Fire Extinguisher to put out the flames and step forward to pick up the HEART OF THE OCEAN


Leave this room, turn right and angle left into what appears to be a parlor.  Loop around left and shoot the plant stand in the corner.  Pick up the MUSIC SCROLL and exit the parlor.  Turn right, go up the steps into the dark passage and turn right at the pipe near the wall.  Go down through the room with the Christmas presents, down to the lounge and left through the doorway to the passageway.  Turn right and take the first left.  Locate another plant stand to shoot.  Pick up the PIECE OF PAPER, which reveals the order of the day.


Exit to the main passage, turn left and follow around past a door you can open (for later) and turn right through the opened doorway near the Reception C Deck sign.  Go outside and jump into the pool.  Swim through the passage and pull out right.  Follow the passage, turn left at the Crew Only sign and hop up past the pipe.  Hop down right into the lower passage and climb down the ladder at the end.  Climb up through the high opening in the wall and find yourself back in the lobby area.  Go down the ramp into the lobby, face the lass standing next to the burly fellow and offer her the Heart of the Ocean.  Take three steps back and pick up the WHEELHOUSE KEY


Turn right, go up the ramp and face the young lady standing beneath the Happy New Year trimmings.  Offer her the Music Scroll to trigger an operatic explosion.  Turn right, enter the opened alcove for a bottle of BRUT WINE, and run back across to the far balcony.  Turn left and go to the far end.  Hop down into a room you visited earlier and climb the same green wall (facing the indoor pool) into the upper passage.  Run forward, pull up right, hop down into the lower passage and turn right at the wall.  Run to the water hole, jump in and swim to the pool where you began this level.  Pull out, enter the ship, veer left through the open doorway, turn right and follow the passage to the lounge, through the door you opened with the key, up the steps into the dark passage, and this time continue forward.


At the top of the steps use the Wheelhouse Key to open the door.  Enter the bridge and find that the captain pays no attention to you.  Go around the small chest in the corner and place the Brut Wine on it.  Pick up the nearby artifact on the floor to trigger a closing flyby to the strains of Strauss.