Level by Michal Mulartz

Walkthrough by Dutchy

You can get to places in several different ways, this is how I did it.

Waterfall Canyon.

Go forward and shoot the Ninja on the R at that big rock Pillar in the middle of the Canyon. Climb the ladder (cracked rock) on the NE side of the Pillar and go up a block in front of a tunnel through that pillar, turn NE and runjmp to a ledge next to some Ammo, get the Ammo and go back around the corner, go N into a gap between the rocks and climb up L, go L and look for the ladder on the pillar to climb to the top of it, so jmp/grab over and follow the path. In the next corner on a low block to the r is the Shotgun, pick it up and jmp to the sloped rock-ridge along W wall, shimmy R in the direction of the waterfall and drop in the end, look in the corner for the tunnel headed E and crossing under the waterfall. Crawl through and climb up the R side, quickly pull the Shotgun and blow the Ninja before he will nick the Ĺ MP and Ammo.

The Caves

Look for the shaft down in the rocks in the NE corner and drop in, down into the water and go R at crossings to come out into a dark cave. Climb out N and go L past the hanging rocks, shoot the Ninja coming from the L, before he gets the Ammo and Uzis in the corner there. Go climb the ledges in the E and go through a pit to the tunnel with the MS over the Lava, in the next cave is a MS that will bring you to that green ledge in the centre and runjmp from there to the Ammo seen in the E, turn L and grab up to the MS, go R around the corner into the next cave, get the Ammo on the N side jmp over (or run through the Lava) and pick up the a Ĺ MP on the gravel path when you go to the exit S. Follow the path to a CS and go to the small cave with the lever, throw it to open a gate in the tunnels you are going to now.

Go back over the MS to the cave with the green ledge and go S into the passage, follow the tunnels to that open gate in front of a small pool, run-dive in fast so to avoid the Ninja and swim going R at crossings to a ladder, go up to a cave with pillars in the lava, runjmp to the L hand pillar and then to the one on E wall, noticed the waterhole below? Go in that hole first and swim to a ladder, go up, run through the pool to a ladder, go up the R side and backflip/roll/grab from next to the opening L, shimmy R a bit and backflip/roll to land in that opening, look on the R for a lever to open a gate at the lava room and a Ĺ MP in the opposite corner. Get that first and throw the lever, turn around to shoot the Ninja and go up the ladder in the opposite side of the cave, stay on the R side of the next cave (see why?) and climb down the ladder at the end of that passage. Jmp over the pillars in the lava room to go around to the other side and follow the tunnel to a slide, watch out in the next sloped section as Boulders are waiting for you.

Run sharp around the L corner and walk up the L side till you see a Boulder come down from the centre of the slope, go R to that centre and now you can go straight up, grab some Ammo and climb into the CS to the R, pick up the MP and go out to the Canyon.

The Canyon.

Grab up to the MS and go over to the block on the other side, climb further up on the ladder and shoot the Ninja, go to the SE corner and into the CS there to throw a lever that will open a gate at the end of the MS from the Pillar (later). Go out and back in the direction of the ladder you came up from and look in the N wall for the passage, go in to get the 1st Eye Piece. Back out and along the ledges to the red rock W, drop/hang from the side and go L a bit, drop down to the ledge you picked up Ammo from before and runjmp to the ledge in front of the passage through the Pillar, grab the MS in the end to go over to the W rock face and go into that gate you opened to the L, follow the path along the rocks, over another closed gate and over a gap, up the ladder and just around the L corner a Ninja will attack, shoot him and get the Revolver from the ledge to the L.

Go on to the E and then up the brown rocks, get some Ammo there and go jmp around to the MP in the N, climb down the S side of that rock and drop in front of another passage in the rocks, follow, shooting a Ninja on the way, to a wide canyon with a lake. Go L and follow the path along the top to a pair of Binocís, go on to the SE corner and climb the rocks to the top, go W and go over the top ledges to jmp a gap to the SW corner. Look below for a ledge with a MP and run off the ledge to land on that lower ledge, pick up Lasersight and MP and go do a running swan dive into the lake below.

Swim to the SW corner and into the tunnel to another cave, go swim R into the next and a bit further turn R to climb out at a pillar near the N side, jmp to the path in the N wall and hop on the block to the R before the Ninja does, get the Ammo and shoot the Bloke. Follow the path to the S cave, a grey wall to the L, go R and out to a destroyed bridge in a wide canyon. Go to the end and dive down into the lake, swim to the SW corner and climb out, look straight ahead to spot a single red pillar, go over there and jmp between the pillar and the L hand wall, climb up the ladder and turn around on the ledge, look L and see some Goodies, runjmp over the gap and grab the edge, shimmy L and go up for a Secret, a lot of Goodies and the Hand of Orion. Go to the end of this ledge and dive down in the pool, go to the NW corner and climb out, to the L at the grey bridge pillar is some Ammo and a Ninja will show up. Then go to the Buildings in the N.

The Temples.

Go to the SE one and look in the E side for a CS, go in and follow the ladders up to the Ba Cartouche. (from here you can take a little round-trip to use the Hand of Orion, go forward from picking up the cartouche and slide to the lower part of the roof, runjmp to the next roof and from there to a ledge on the rocks, a bit to the R, then to the large roof of the N building and to the gate in the N wall, inside you can only see a picture of Michal Mulartz (I think). Nothing else to do here, I even shot the picture but even that didnít cause a reaction. Then return to the rocks from where you jmped to the big roof and go shimmy around to the other side from where you can drop onto a sloped rock-face that will let you get back to the ground unharmed.)

If you donít want to follow that path, just go back down the ladders and to the N building, open it with the Cartouche and go in to the Container area, L and shoot a Ninja when you go to the ramp in the NW, go up, shoot the Ninja and on the top floor go R into the next room to throw the lever (to open an UW gate in a nearby lake) On the other end of the top floor Container room is a closed gate which I didnít get to open, maybe Secret 2 ?? and a Ninja. Go down and outside and L, shoot a Ninja and go E to a lake, look under the Big Desert Dam N for the tunnel and swim to a room with the 2nd Eye Piece. Swim to the N side of E shore and climb out, find the climbable pillar on the E wall and go up, the path is rather obvious, A MS, jmp/grab over a gap to another pillar jmp/grab to the E ledge on top, jmp to the ledge on the centre pillar and use a MS over the burners and youíll end up shooting the last Ninja in a passage beck to the waterfall canyon, go R and to the end of the Canyon where the Big Door is. Combine the 2 Eye pieces and open the door with it, slide down and out of the levelÖ