Levels by SrDanielPonces and Xopax


Walkthrough by Ceamonks890





After watching that nostalgic FMV, you'll find yourself sliding down into all-too familiar territory. Deal with the tiger in the only way you know how (while having the camera looking up to see the helicopter pass by shortly afterwards), but before you start heading up the landscape as you usually would, go left and climb up the steep plant-covered terrain near your starting position to discover a crawlspace.


Climb into it and continue moving through, until you find the first secret: Silver Dragon, automatic pistol clips, uzi clips and a large medipack. Head back out of the crawlspace and now properly begin your ascent. Jump into the pool and swim towards the ledge on the far left. Climb up and walk to the end of the next ledge.


You'll now notice that another tiger has spawned in at the bottom, but it isn't really compulsory to kill it, unless you have a personal vendetta against animals. So do a standing jump across onto the freestanding block and continue climbing up until you reach the raised block. Perform a running jump and then head right to discover a monkey swing.


Jump up onto the bars and move along on them until you reach a ledge with a gem on it. Pick up the Dragon's Gem and then head back. Climb all the way up to the watchtower and draw your pistols to kill two spiders, before placing the dragon's gem into its appropraite slot and having the trapdoor open beneath your feet into the lower partially flooded depths of the watchtower below.


Swim out of the pool and walk to the top of the stairs, ready to perform another running jump for a wall lever. Pull it to unlock the door and then head outside to be welcomed by a decent landscape camera shot and some pestering vultures and spiders that desire nothing more than having a tasty British archaeologist for lunch.


Shoot them and then slide down the crumbled rock wall, into another pool. Swim forward and then stop at the entrance to the new corridor. Swim straight up and you'll notice an underwater lever behind the cavern foliage. Pull it and you'll unlock the trapdoor to the new room above.


Get out of the water and begin climbing up the pole until a certain point. When you press the jump key to get off the pole, Lara will turn around herself(instead of doing a backflip), and jump off onto the ledge that was formally to Lara's back for some wideshot shotgun ammo and flares. Turn around and get ready to jump towards the slope. Slide down and grab the tip of the slope with the action key. Now, while still holding the action key(and in the correct position), press down. And Lara will turn around and jump off, grabbing the jumpswitch above and opening another trapdoor in the process.


Get back on the pole and climb up as high as you possibly can with it, to find the trapdoor that you just unlocked. Jump off the pole and have your back to the upcoming slope. Perform a backflip, press the jump button shortly after that and quickly press the action key to grab the ledge. Move along on it until there's enough room to climb up into the crawlspace and retrieve the old key we desire, in order to access the next watchtower.


Head back and climb out of the pool, killing the tigers and vulture that were foolish enough to confront you and climb back up the wall to the locked door. Use the old key and proceed forward towards the ladder. Climb up to kill some more spiders and another vulture, before retrieving another old key to unlock the next door.


Draw your pistols and shoot down three more spiders in the next room, picking up a large medipack and some normal shotgun ammo from a long-dead adventurer and pushing a heavy block out of the way, in order to proceed.


Slide down into the next room and you'll find that instead of the flying blades from the original game, we find ourselves having to deal with a deadly saw, axes and sharp slicing wall blades as traps to bypass instead.


But first, jump into the pool below and swim underneath the surface for some more normal shotgun ammo, before climbing back up and timing your jump just right to grab the ledge on the other side. Traverse across until you're at the end of the first ledge. Let go and quickly grab the next one, continuing to move until you're at the end of the second ledge. Then while holding down the action key, press the jump button and Lara will jump up to the next ledge, where you can move along until you reach a ladder that leads to a crawlspace below. Climb in and continue to crawl until you reach the end. Back out of the crawlspace and hold onto the crack, moving along a little, before pressing the down key again and having Lara grab the ledge above, finally concluding our time with this specific trap-filled room.


Avoiding the constantly moving axes and sharp wall blades, head onward to the next room. Move across the unstable floor tiles and quickly run as fast as you can from the incoming boulders rolling your way, jumping over the impending spikes and sliding down to the next room.


Don't pat yourself on the back just yet however, as we've still got some spiked walls heading our way. So jump up to the next ledge and go through the corridor of slicing blades, avoiding some spiked walls along the way.  Before moving onto the last few rows of spiked wall traps, stop at the tail end of the unstable floor tiles after the first set of new spiked wall traps. This will reveal some spare automatic pistol clips underneath an inactive series of spikes. Get out and don't stop running until you've reached the end of the corridor and slide down into the next trap room.


Quickly pull a wall lever to open a door and avoid being impaled by another spiked wall, leading to the second secret: Jade Dragon and some uzi clips.


Now, head out and utilize another wall lever to get out of here and access the final series of traps involving a pair of rolling blades. Pick up a small medipack and then get past the aforementioned traps, to be welcomed by a surprisingly high fall and some more pesky spiders and a tiger to deal with.


Kill them and then decide whether you're going to pursue the final secret of the level or just use the zipline to properly conclude the current area you're in. So if you are one of those who doesn't care about secrets in the slightest, skip ahead a bit. As we are going to be getting the final secret now...


Grab the tip of the ledge, let go, grab another one, traverse along and repeat ad nauseam until you finally reach the bottom caverns below. Pick up some more normal shotgun ammo and proceed towards the darker cave for the third and final secret of this specific level: Gold Dragon, 2x grenades and a Grenade Launcher.


And just in time too, as we find ourselves confronted by a familiar foe: the T-Rex himself. So do your best to stay alive and continually shoot at him, until he's officially down and out. Once that's done, begin your ascent back up and prepare to use the zipline to access the final area of the level.


Use the zipline to get across to the other side and immediately begin shooting at two more tigers, before running towards the Temple of Xian door and properly concluding the level with one of the most well-known cutscenes from TR2:




Lara approaches the elaborately decorated wooden door, only to be ambushed by an armed thug. She manages to dodge his gunfire and throw him off, sending his weapon clattering to one side.

"Pardon me, if that was just your way of trying the doors for me," Lara quips, training her pistols on the man.

"With the tommy gun on my key-ring," he jokes.

"Though not anymore," Lara points out. "So, after you." She indicates the door with a nod of her head.

"Somehow you don't behave like you've got a monk's blood," the thug replies.

"I understand that somehow is in my favor," she says. "So indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life."

"These doors are waiting for the right one, the right time to arrive, and then the dagger's blade will honor the hearts of those who believe." As he speaks, the thug withdraws a flask from an inner pocket and uncorks it. "So unless you pledge your loyalty as well...."

"And which one is that?" Lara asks.

"To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli!" he exclaims, drinking a toast. Apparently the liquid is poison, which causes him to choke and die.

"Perhaps not just yet, then," Lara says dryly as she holsters he guns and turns away.

She then accesses the thug's laptop. On its screen, we see the same symbol inlaid in the door, then a fancy Italian villa. "Aha!" Lara says. "Gianni Bartoli...Via Caravelli, Venice."


Level 2: VENICE


Walkthrough of 2014 release proofed and updated by Ceamonks890



After sliding down backwards into an alley, turn around and head toward a fountain area. No compass, so I'll give directions as best I can. You're met near the end of the alley by a dog, and a baddie fires at you from high up in the balcony behind you. You can't shoot him from here, so run through the connecting alley. As you seek safety around the corner you're beset upon by a dog and a thug (who drops a small medipack).


You're at the canal, but before exploring the water head into the nearby building. You'll find flares on the block in the corner. Push the wall button to open the trap door above the ladder. Climb up and back flip into the upper story. Push another wall button to close the first trap door and open a higher one. Climb up onto the roof, note the closed door in the wall of the next building and shoot the window next to the ladder. Vault up, note the closed door to your left, shoot the far window and hop in to take out the baddie that was firing at you earlier from over the fountain. You can see that he's dropped a key, but how to get to it?


Jump across the red awning and then land on the balcony to pick up the GOLDEN KEY. Jump over the railing into the fountain below and return to the canal. Swim to your right to a small corner pier and pull out. Climb the ladder and shift left to drop down onto a sloped terra cotta roof. Shoot the windows on this side and enter the dark building. Shoot a bat, light a flare, turn around and jump up to grab a ledge. While hanging, do a ledge jump three times until you can pull up into an area with an exposed fuse box. Pull down the switch and get back down with a series of safety drops. Jump into the water and pick up a GOLDEN BALL that you see underwater near the corner pier.


Swim back and turn right into an opening beneath a closed wooden door into the dock where the motorboat is stored. Ignore the key receptacle for now, shoot a rat and push the wall button to open a door elsewhere. Exit the dock, swim across to the first pier and climb up to the roof using the ladder and buttons you used earlier, killing three more rats along the way. Take a running jump and land on the platform leading to the open doorway. Pull down the wall switch at the end of the short passage and jump back to the roof, gunning down a pesky bat. Vault into the window and find that the door on the left is now open.


Kill a dog in the next room and push the harp onto the obvious trigger position to unlock a door, but before you go over the enclosed bridge, shoot the breakable window and jump across the red awnings to find another unlocked door to the left of you, poorly concealed by a potted plant, containing the second GOLDEN BALL we need.  Now, head back and go over the enclosed bridge. Open the door on the other side, kill the dog and baddie inside and place the Golden Balls in the two corner receptacles (screen of a door that opens outside). Go back over the enclosed bridge, loop around to the right and vault up into the sill, performing a running jump across the canal to grab the red awning. Pull up, and jump left to the next two awnings, in order to get over to the opened doorway you saw in the cut scene. Pull down the wall switch to open a gate in the water.


Now it's time to use that key. Jump down into the canal, swim inside the motorboat docking area and insert the Golden Key in the lock to lift the wooden gate. Get in the motorboat, drive out right, kill another baddie for his revolver and through the opened gate. Get out briefly (delete and left or right arrow keys) and pull up into the alcove on your right for some flares, killing off another unsuspecting rat as well. Note the opening on the other side with a ladder leading down to some more flares. Get back to the motorboat and ride forward through the canal. Turn right and drop down to a lower area. Dismount once more and look on the floor near the far wall for an indistinct GOLD DRAGON and some uzi ammo, which rewards you with SECRET #1.


Drive the motorboat through the side passage and bear left. Stop near a ladder, park as close as you can to the closed wooden door ahead and dismount. Get up on the ledge and shoot the window. Go inside and shoot a thug and three more rats. Pick up the shotgun ammo (you're already carrying the shotgun, by the way) and pull down the wall switch. The room shakes briefly as the water level outside rises and a gate shuts you off from the motorboat. Note the closed door around the corner and exit this room. Climb the ladder outside and jump down into the canal. Locate and pull the underwater lever to open the gate to your right that leads back outside. Get into the motorboat and drive out into the sunshine.


Turn left, round the corner and shatter the first gondola. Dismount onto the pier, climb up onto the block, jump to the red awning and use the swingpole to get on the bridge. Turn right and shoot the baddie, thug, rats and dog. Pick up the SILVER KEY dropped by one of the enemies and use it to open the door in the veranda ahead. Go in and drop down the hole in the corner and pull down the wall switch to open a gate in the canal. Get back up, return to the veranda and from there to the motorboat.  Ram the second gondola, then jump out of the motorboat, pull a underwater lever close by and then climb back to the area where you got the silver key beforehand. But instead, go left and you'll find an unlocked room containing a SILVER DRAGON and SECRET #2.


Get back into the motorboat, drive back the way you came and continue straight at the crossing and go around the corner to dismount onto a pier. Shoot the waiting baddie and pick up the small medipack he drops. Back in the motorboat, enter the side passage and ram three gondolas. Continue past a pier and drive over a small ramp just past a closed door. Through the tunnel and onward around the corner, past an open doorway on your right and around another corner. Save your game before driving up the wooden ramp to your left. When you near the top, hit the delete and left arrow keys to exit while the boat continues forward and rams through the window. Go inside and take the JADE DRAGON and 2x automatic pistol ammo from the platform for SECRET #3. Hang from the other side, shimmy left and drop down onto the pier. Open the doors, shoot the thug and bats and light a flare to locate the wall switch inside. Pull it down to open that door you drove by earlier.


Retrieve your runaway motorboat and drive it counterclockwise around the block (note the closed gate on the way). When you reach that small ramp, dismount and go through the nearby open doorway. Hop down into a flooded room as the door closes behind you. Pick up the IRON KEY about halfway along the left wall. The walls are climbable, so climb up in the far right corner and back flip to an upper room, after you've dealt with two more bats. Shoot the baddie and thug and pull down the wall switch to open the large wooden doors, giving you a short cut back to the canal.


Jump in the water, get in the motorboat and drive it over the small wooden ramp and counterclockwise around the block. You have to drive up the long wooden ramp again to reach the other side. Drive past the closed gate, straight at the crossing and turn right.  Straight to the end, turn right and smash that gondola in your way. You'll come to a stepped pier on your left with a waiting baddie. Drive past him into the channel. You need to sacrifice your motorboat by dismounting at high speed so that it continues forward and blows itself up on the mines near the closed gate. (If you're too close to the mines and get blown up as well, your game will crash.) Swim back toward the pier (after picking up the GOLDEN BALL left behind in the aftermath) and climb out to kill the baddie and use the Iron Key to open the door and go inside. Shoot another thug and pull down the wall switch to open that gate in the canal that you've passed by several times already. Pause for the small medipack lying on the floor and go outside to the motorboat docking area close by.


Dive into the water and swim underneath the doors to the other side. Climb out and pull the exposed fuse box switch to unlock the next door and head upstairs to be greeted with an extravagant-looking room with a staircase and another thug with his pet dog. Kill them and then use the GOLDEN BALL in its respective receptacle to open another door. Head upstairs and then take a detour left, for a large medipack and a button that activates another door back outside.


Go right and head down a corridor via an unlocked door, until you've reached a dead end. Look up and you'll see that you can climb up onto the roof. Do just that while preparing to draw your preferred weapon of choice to deal with another dog. Continue moving along the balcony, until you reach a trash bin. Go backwards and grab the tip of the ledge to discover a ladder. Drop down to the next balcony below and perform a running job towards a swingpole, where you can reach another wall switch and use it to access a newly-opened area somewhere close by. Retrace your steps back to the extragavant-looking room from earlier and you'll find that a new path is available to you.


Vault onto the Fiamma Nera-symboled box and find a good position to prepare for a jump to kick-off a series of swingpoles that will lead you towards the door you opened up earlier.


In the next room, you'll encounter another dog and a thug respectively. Kill them and then pull the wall switch in the left corner to open a door to some steps leading down. In the small park below go to the far left corner and jump up to grab a crack in the wall. Do a ledge jump to reach an alcove. Pull down the wall switch at the end, get down and locate the open door at the far wall, encountering two more thugs and a baddie along the way. Pull out the pushblock and move it all the way around the gray channel to the foot of the stairs to raise a nearby platform. Use the block to get on the platform, then push the wall button to open a door. Turn around and take a running jump from the left side of the platform, curving right to land inside an alcove. Pull down the wall switch there and drop down to the ground.


Pull the block back once so you can gain access to the stairs. Return to the canal, jump into the water and swim toward the stepped pier. To your left, you can see that you now have access to the spare motorboat you passed by earlier. Get in and make a U-turn left to drive through the narrow alley. Turn right when you reach the open canal, then left, and follow a familiar route over the small wooden ramp to that open doorway on the right that you haven't yet explored. Drive in, dismount onto the far pier and kill the waiting baddies. Make sure the front of the motorboat is pointed at the ramp leading to open water, then light a flare and locate the wall button. Push it to initiate a timed run. Reverse roll, hop into the motorboat and gun it straight ahead, over the long wooden ramp and straight through the opened gate. Turn right at the end and head for the timed gates to end the level.