Closed Timelike Curves


Levelset by Greywolf


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 – Atlantic Ocean


Secrets: 0


You start this level underwater with no air hole, but two sharks in sight. Swim to the S side of the pyramid, spot the opening and follow a very long water passage (you can get air in one of the rooms) until you can climb out. Head into the right tunnel and find Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Flares and a Large Medipack. Return to the junction and head right, pick up the Flares, the Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipack, then follow the corridor. Sprint through the arrow traps, then at the ramp stand-jump over more arrows, dash down and jump over the spike gap before the boulder catches you. Use the just raised trapdoor to jump over the spikes, then sprint to the end before the other trapdoors drop down. Kill the Atlantean mutant, then pick up a Small Medipack and 2x Shotgun Ammo in the passage and enter the crawlspace. Drop down into the water, get out at the larger hole and shoot the shark from safety. On the ledges are Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack; use the floor lever and dive into the pool. In the water pick up Wideshot Shotgun  Ammo, Flares, a Large Medipack, then climb out SW opposite where you came from, pick up the Shotgun Ammo and use the jumpswitch above. Jump to the ladder, climb up to the top, let go of Action and drop down a bit, then backflip with a midair turn and grab the opposite crawlspace. Enter the next chamber and use the floor lever, then return through the crawlspace, drop down into the water and get back up to the ladder. This time climb through the crawlspace where you came from, head left and follow the passage to a just opened chamber and two Atlantean mutants to fight. Enter the next doorway and kill another Atlantean mutant, then pick up the Pharos Pillar on the pedestal to finish this level.



Level 2 – Top-Secret Military Laboratory


Secrets: 0


Pick up the Pharos Pillar in front of you, meet Von Croy and go up the stairs around the central structure to place the artifact. Watch the cutscene and the level already changes again.



Level 3 – Lara's Home


Secrets: 2


Kill two little dinosaurs and run down the stairs. Shoot another five little dinosaurs and head into the main hall. Kill two little dinosaurs and run to the attic door that opens itself (takes some time), head into the attic, shoot three raptors and pick up Revolver Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo, the Crossbow, Flares and a Small Medipack. Use the jumpswitch in the NW corner, then head back to the main hall, go around the upper walkway and a door opens, kill a raptor and head along the ledge to find Uzi ammo at the end. Now enter Lara's bedroom and pick up the Small Medipack on the bed. Approach the self-opening door to the balcony and pick up Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack; kill an attacking pterodactyl. Now head back in and use the jumpswitch left of the weapon chamber door to enter and pick up the Shotgun, 2x Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Revolver Ammo, the Lasersight, Flares, a Large Medipack and a Small Medipack. Use the floor lever and head out; in the bathroom is a Large Medipack. Return to the main hall, run downstairs, kill two raptors and pick up Shotgun Ammo on the SE windowsill. Enter the NW hall and shoot five raptors, then pick up Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo on the windowsills. Run into the pool room, kill two raptors and look behind the statues in the side alcoves for a Large Medipack and Uzi Ammo; in the pool are Shotgun Ammo and Flares. Now go to the cellar door (opened by the floor lever in the weapon chamber), go down and kill two little dinosaurs. Find Revolver Ammo and drop into the open trapdoor, follow the passage and find Secret #1, the Grenadegun, a Small Medipack and Flares. Climb back out and head up into the main hall. Enter the kitchen, kill a raptor and two little dinosaurs and head to the blue doors SW that open themselves. Kill two pterodactyls and if you roam around a bit also two T-Rexes (with a shot in their belly, as usual). Mount the bike and drive to the entrance gates which open themselves, then over four raptors. When you arrive at a pit dismount and climb down the ladder on the W side of the pit to the ground. Spot a SW hole, drop down and follow the passage to Secret #2, Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo, Grenades, Flares and a Large Medipack. Return all the way to the bike, drive around the pit, over two raptors, then down into the depression in front of you to finish this level.



Level 4 – Laboratory Assault


Secrets: 1


Drive over the soldier, then dismount and search the area for the Uzis, 2x Uzi Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Revolver and a Small Medipack. Now mount the bike again, smash through the NE wall. Drive through the area, over three soldiers, avoiding several sentryguns. Head to the door opposite the entrance, open it and kill a soldier inside; search the building for a Large Medipack, Explosive Crossbow Ammo and the important Revolver with which you can take out the sentryguns (combined with the Lasersight). Head to the W building, this sentrygun can't be taken off yet, open the door and kill two soldiers. Search the beds for 2x Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Revolver Ammo, 2x Uzi Ammo, Flares, a Small Medipack. Head to the self-opening doors at the E building, kill four soldiers and pick up Flares, Shotgun Ammo, Grenades and a Small Medipack around the room. Use the floor lever NW and the jumpswitch on the N side of the NE pillar. Climb the ladder and through the open trapdoor, then quickly jump to the W roof, kill the soldier to the right and turn around. Use the Revolver to shoot the red barrel next to the helicopter and not only it, but also all sentryguns around the area explode. Jump back to the E building and find Secret #3, the Grenadegun, Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo and a Large Medipack. Now drop down to the floor and head to the door on the N building. Enter, kill a soldier who leaves Uzi Ammo, also search for a Large Medipack, Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Run downstairs and open the door, kill a soldier coming from the right. Go left, straight, kill a soldier and pick Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Go right at the next junction to enter a control room. Kill three soldiers, pick up 2x Uzi Ammo and use the floor lever in the S chamber. Get out of the room, then right, left, right, kill a soldier and pick up the Uzi Ammo he leaves. Follow the long passage and at the end jump to the jumpswitch, pull it down and drop into the hole. Run downstairs, kill a soldier, head through the left passage, pick up a Small Medipack, head on, left at the junction, kill a soldier and pick up a Large Medipack, Shotgun Ammo and Revolver Ammo. Use the two floor levers, head out, left, right and use the jumpswitch on the pillar (N side). Kill a soldier, head out S, right, 2x straight, left and jump over the open trapdoor. Use the two floor levers, then drop down, dash through the passage (you'll catch fire eventually), jump into the pool to get rid of the flames and approach the shore on the other side to conclude this levelset.