The Lost Pyramid


Level by Greywolf


Walkthrough by manarch2



To the Main Crossing


After sliding down search the first area for Shotgun Ammo, a Small Medipack and Flares. Now enter the E tunnel and use the reach-in switch to open a trapdoor behind you, this is only to return for later. Jump over it and enter the W tunnel, use the reach-in switch and you'll drop down onto a slope that carries you into the underground. Grab the last edge and safety-drop down into the chamber. Spot a W crawlspace to climb in, get out on the other side and kill two jackals. Further in the room avoid the mummy and use the floor lever. Enter the N crawlspace and drop down on the other side. Head E and stay on the right wall the next three times to arrive in an area with a crossing and many doors that open only with the help of a bull. Head S and use the floor lever in the next room, head further S, then W in the just opened passage. Use the reach-in switch to open the door – you are back in the first underground room. That can be useful as a shortcut later.


First Timeless Sands


Return E, pick up a Small Medipack and enter the S gate (opened by the first floor lever). Run downstairs, dive into the pool and swim to the other side, but BEFORE climbing out swim into the SE passage and up at the end to pull a rope – this opens the door in the pool room. Return, climb out E and pick up a Small Medipack and the Timeless Sands – the water changes into lava, if you hadn't pulled the rope earlier you would be stuck now. Climb the ladder and get into the alcove, pick up Flares and use the ropes above the lava to get back to the other side. Return all the way to the crossing.


First Eye Piece and Guardian Key


Now head E. Ignore the stairs leading up to the right and head forwards to a very long stairway leading down. At the end kill four jackals, head left at the junction and you pass a self-opening door; pick up a Large Medipack inside. Head N now and follow the long passage to a junction; head right and pick up a Small Medipack, Flares and the Shotgun. Return to the junction and head W, killing another three jackals. Follow the passage and ignore the stairs leading up, arriving in another lava room. The first tile triggers several blocks for a short time so quickly use them to get to the other side. Spot a hole in the floor, drop down the ladder and grab the Eye Piece. Climb up and pick up the Guardian Key in front of the door, but in fact it's only a window so return over the blocks. Back into the tunnel head left and up the stairs to the very end (don't exit earlier).


Second Timeless Sands


Head on, straight at the junction and in a larger area pick up a Large Medipack, Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, a Small Medipack and Flares. Exit through the other passage and arrive at three reach-in switches. Use the middle, then the left and finally the right one; kill an attacking jackal. Follow the passage further and on the three junctions head 3x straight, then left around the corner you can find a self-opening door. In the room avoid two mummies, pick up the Timeless Sands and use the floor lever. Head out, right, around the corner left, right, left and right through the open door. Pick up a Small Medipack and look into the pit to find an artifact which is currently blocked by flames. Get out, exit S, go left, right, 2x left, straight, right, straight, down the stairs and left to arrive back at the main crossing.


Third Timeless Sands and Second Eye Piece


Run N this time, place the Guardian Key to open the door and enter. Meet the guardian bull and jump on the ledge behind him first to pick up the Timeless Sands and an Eye Piece. Now lure the bull out of the room and get back to the crossing. Head W and position Lara on the right hand door. Wait for the bull to run against the door and sideflip to avoid a great health loss. Inside the room climb the left ledge, pick up the Large Medipack and use the floor lever. Head out of the room, then W and into the N passage. Let the bull open the door at the end and enter.


The Ba and Ra Cartouches


Slide down and jump left to avoid the moving knife trap. Now sprint through the blade corridor and at the end quickly jump to the rope. Use it to jump in the left passage. Grab the Cartouche Piece (but not facing S as the spikes will get you from behind). Now sprint through the spike passage, head left and climb up the ladder. The door behind you opens but it's not needed to get through. Head down the ramp and pick up the Ra Cartouche from the pedestal, then jump through the inactive blade trap and head either left or right. Now jump back up the ramp where you came from and head up, then left and to the self-opening door. Head straight, left around some corners, at the stairs head up (ignore the open doorway, it only leads to a room with another swarm of beetles). Follow the passage until you can find an open door to the right. Here you can find a mummy and two floor levers, use them both and avoid the mummy. Now head downstairs and return to the main crossing. and approach the S door which opens itself, without the help of the bull. Pick up a Large Medipack and use the floor lever to open the trapdoor. Drop down the ladder but don't pick up the item on the middle pedestal yet as a swarm of beetles would appear, making life very hard for you. Search the pedestals in the corners for another Cartouche Piece, a Small Medipack, Flares and Shotgun Ammo.


Fourth Timeless Sands


Pull all statues out once to be able to get behind them. Behind the S one climb the ladder in the alcove to the top. Follow the passage to find Secret #1, a Large Medipack, Flares and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Return and drop down. Pick up the Timeless Sands from the pedestal, triggering the beetles, and exit this room E (when you go W and left you arrive in a dead end with only five jackals to shoot). Sprint through the passage (the beetles disappear at some place), eventually use the reach-in switch on the left (this one triggers the trigger for the next door). Head on and in front of the door sprint through, jump to the other side and roll to get through the other door. That's the unintended way, though – if you don't manage that you can use the floor lever on the left ledge you have to jump to (pick up the Small Medipack first) and quickly enter the open door. If you miss here too, you're stuck though and have to reload an earlier savegame.


Last three Timeless Sands


Follow the passage and you arrive back in a previously visited passage. Enter the last doorway to the right (opened by one of the levers) and pick up the Crossbow which is Secret #2. Return out, left and left and run upstairs. Return to the main crossing. You now need to return all the way into the upper area to the pit with the Timeless Sands in flames, those are deactivated now so you can pick them up, then return all the way back to the main crossing. Head W, left and left. Combine the two Cartouche Pieces to the Ba Cartouche and place it in the near receptacle. Enter the room and pick up the Timeless Sands; head out and try to avoid the swarm of beetles. Now place the Ra Cartouche further N and the door opens. Pick up a Small Medipack and the Timeless Sands and another swarm of beetles appears. Get out (soon the beetles are away).


Detour for Two Secrets


Head in the W passage and into the crawlspace up to the left. Get through and in the next room you can find another open door. Follow into a larger hall. Kill four jackals, pick up a Large Medipack and Flares and head SE. Climb into the dark passage above your head and follow into the next room for Secret #3. Pick up another Shotgun, Explosive Crossbow Ammo and a Large Medipack. Return out to the larger hall and head W. There are several possibilities to use the slopes here to reach the NW alcove with the rope you can pull. Drop down, head up the ramp and get into the E crawlspace. Head E through the shortcut passage and N back to the main hall. Head W and go into the right chamber, once opened by the bull. Another door has opened here so enter and find Secret #4, Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack.


Placing the Timeless Sands, The Finale


Return to the main junction and go E, at the stairs head up and run straight, left, straight, 2x right, left, 2x straight, right and run over the statue bridge. Climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel and place the seven Timeless Sands artifacts on the statues in the following order: SW – NW – middle N – SE – E – NE – middle S. This is one of maybe several possible solutions. If you place the first five ones differently the first door might not open. Enter the new passage, combine the two Eye Pieces to the Eye of Horus (kill or ignore the two jackals that wake up when you approach the receptacle). Place it on the door to open it and watch the final cutscene.