Levels by Adriel Silva


Walkthrough for Croft Manor by manarch2, for all other levels by José





At the start of the level you are in front of the manor; behind you are the gates needed to open to finish this level. Before going in head N and into the maze. It hasn't changed architecturally, so head to the well-known gap in the floor (near the NW corner) where you can find an underground passage. Climb into the next room after opening the trapdoor and pick up the Wardrobe Key, then return into the maze and get out. If you want you can go W and do the assault course, but you can also go past it and only open the door at the very end with a nearby lever, there's nothing else to do inside the building. (There will be the usual shortcut from the kitchen, so passing by the course is not even needed.)


Now head to the front doors and open one of them with the button. Inside, open the door to the kitchen (S) with the button and pick up a Small Medipack. Go SW and open the door leading outside by running in front of it (shortcut for later). Return to the main hall, run up the right stairs, head N into the piano room and pick up a Small Medipack. Go through the W opening up a slight ramp. On the W windowsill you can find Secret #1, the Bronze Emblem. Head out to the second story landing, open the door to your left with the button and climb the ornate block in the bathroom for a Small Medipack.


Now head out and go S on the upper stage into Lara's bedroom. Open the door with the Wardrobe Key (to the right of the bed as you face it) and inside find the Pistols, Binoculars, Flares and a Large Medipack. Head into the bathroom and shatter the shower stall glass for Secret #2, the Silver Emblem. Back to the landing head downstairs, shatter the painting S below the stairs and push the timed button to open a door NW. Dash into the room and shatter an E window to climb up onto the ledge with the Attic Key. Head back to the main hall, upstairs and NW you can use the Attic Key. Head up into the attic and shatter the two S windows to drop onto a balcony. Pick up the Aquarium Room Key, then jump into the nearby pool, climb out N and head back through the kitchen or main doors to the main hall.


In the NW passage you can use the Aquarium Room Key, head down and when you arrive in a larger room shatter the painting in front of your nose. Jump into the structure to find Secret #3, the Golden Emblem. Head out and around the structure and climb into the E passage, don't drop into the other part but jump up to open a trapdoor. Climb up N and drop into the water on the other side, pick up a Small Medipack on a flat block, then swim around the aquarium to find the Warehouse Key

on the SW block.


Now return all the way into the main hall, use the kitchen door shortcut to exit the house and go to the building at the SE end of the assault course. Inside you can use the Warehouse Key S. Head right and shatter some windows, then find the Manor Key to the left. Run out of the building, through the kitchen door shortcut and back to the large manor gates outside where you started the level, and use the Manor Key. Run out and the first level loads.





The Crowbar and a Secret


After the flyby turn left (SE) and jump into the lake behind the house; swim directly to the E wall and go out of the water and inside the cave to get the CROWBAR. Back into the lake turn right (N) and dive through the nearby UW opening; swim left from the entrance into a small triangular opening W to get SECRET #4: the Bronze Idol. Go back for air and dive again through the same opening, this time go past the secret area until you run into a N wall (with the passage continuing forward to your left).  Take a right here to find an UW lever on an ornate block; pull it to lower some blocks in the passage you came from.  Take a shortcut into the passage to the right of the ornate block; follow S and locate the opening in the floor near the skeleton, swim down into the opening and follow to jump to...




First Cog


Go up and next to the closed door E and the popping spikes, stand against the N wall and time the spikes to jump back and forward to grab the edge of the upper ledge with the switch, pull it to open the nearby trapdoor and slide down the ramp to a watery area. Turn right and swim E, behind the sloped pillar you'll find the first COG lying on the sand.


Second Cog


Now go back and up the N ledges near the wooden wheel, go around the pillar to the ledge with the big plant over the water, turn around and jump up to grab the upper ledge with the gong, hoist up and shoot the gong to open a door somewhere, now run past the gong, turn left and run to the W end to find the second COG.


Third Cog


Jump into the water and swim under the N ledges, in NW corner there is the UW door you opened with the gong; follow the path to the very N end (watch out for the spears) and turn around to find and pull an UW lever to raise the trapdoors in the main room. Go back there, up to the ledge with the gong and use the raised trapdoors to reach the S rocky wall; you can stand up, advance/jump to the E (shimmy left as necessary) and reach a flat ledge in the SW corner; hop over into a water channel. Run N and past the cascade climb the green ledge to your left and look for a triangular crawlspace overlooking the main room (the one you may have seen and tried vainly to reach with a jump from the other side) to get the third COG.


Water Channel


Continue to the very E end of the water channel, it seems to be a dead end but turn around and look up: you'll see some ropes attached in the W ledge. Walk W to the border of the tile near the corner and jump up to grab that rope, hoist up, jump back and forward to grab another climbable wall with ropes; climb as high as you can and jump back to a dark cave. Following the path you'll find a couple of rolling balls ready to kill you, but you can use the opening to your left to avoid them (or just run past them) and reach an opening leading to a new room.


The Medallion


Don't touch the white tile with the green plant under the entrance, or a timed sequence starts (thank you, vimmers). You can do it by going forward for the gem first (there is enough time, no sprint is needed, only running jumps) directly to the ledge with the gem, and when you're a distance of three tiles, take a last running jump trying to land exactly on the gem to save time; pick it up, roll and run like a fool back to the entrance and right to the switch in the NW corridor; pull it, roll and quickly run to the entrance opening, trying to jump onto the entrance ledge, and fast outside (the opening ledge is spike-timed too). You can do it also by running first to the switch in the corridor to open the entrance door and later run to pick up the MEDALLION.


Spiders Cave


Now go all the way back (use the shortcut to avoid the still-rolling boulders) to the main room with the raised trapdoors (it's easiest to safety drop from the rope ledge into the water), jump into the water and climb the N lower ledges again, turn right and use the Medallion in the receptacle next to the water wheel to open the door. Follow the obvious path and soon you'll hear cool music. In this area there are about 5 giant spiders to trigger and kill; try to lure them to the building with the closed white door and dispose of them from the high ledges. Once the calm is restored, look for a couple of switches to pull and open that white door, one of them through the dark NE corner and up a rocky ramp and find the other one going to the S wall and to your right into a dark SW hole. Back to the now open E door and to a new room.


Poles Room


Climb the pole in the NE corner and jump (forward) W-NW to the ledge with the arch; from here take a running jump S to the broken bridge and another one to the W ledges. Pull the switch there (upper ledge to the right, no camera to know what it triggers) turn around and to the lower ledge and take a running jump to the SE pole (hard to see because it's so dark), from here to the E ledge, another jump to the N pole and jump again to the NE suspended wooden platform. Now climb the middle portion of the E ladders almost to the top and jump back with twist and grab to land in an opening in front of the ladders. Don't drop onto the brown ledges below (which are phantom), but jump to the white ones in front of you (W). Take a running jump to the N white ledge and another running jump to the NW safe ledges. Go W to find a switch to open the E door and climb the ladder.


You're now at the top of the room. Near the entrance, if you turn to your left you'll see something on a ledge attached to the E wall; take a running jump SE up there to get SECRET #5: the Sapphire Artifact. Jump back NW to the previous ledge and walk to the W end. Now take a curved running jump around the left side of the W broken pillar to the entrance of a new cave (in the right side there is an illegal slope).


Traps Path


Rolling balls alert! I would light a flare if I were you.  Run along the path down the right side and sprint to the end with the rolling ball on your knees and jump at the last moment over the spiked pit. Time the next two spike traps and continue to the spiders' nest (this is really the top of the spiders' cave). Lara looks at something ahead. Continue left or right around to the E opening, turn right and time the swinging axes, take running jumps to the niches to surpass the next spiked pit and more running jumps to save the next ones. When you find a tree it seems to be a dead end, but the left wall is climbable (the part jutting out), so face W, jump back to the slope and forward to grab the rocky wall and climb to the top. Note from Moderator: I was able to face E, stand beneath the wall and jump up to grab it.


Blue Deadly Water Room with Moving Ledges


Run forward into the next area. Turn right and jump to the first static ledge. The camera angle changes and you can't restore the camera with the "Look" key, so if you want to restore it, save the game and reload. Now take a running jump to grab the next moveable ledge, hoist up (the fixed camera does some crazy things here) and turn left to take another running jump to the central grassy island. Now comes a tricky standing jump to the next moving ledge to the W; try to situate Lara in the vertex of the floor and jump when the ledge is going up. Hoist up and jump to grab the monkeyswing; turn around and go to the next E ledge.  Release, grab, pull up, turn right and jump to the S ledge and finally jump SE to the sloped wall. Slide down, grab the edge and shimmy left around two corners.  Pull up, backflip and jump off with a hard right curve to reach the final ledge. Go forward and hop NE over the gap.


Press the button in the room with the tree (Lara looks at it if she goes around the tree to the right) to see the gate opening in the water channel area. Time to go all the long way back there: begin through the N dark passage jumping from niche to niche, crawling, etc. to slide down to the entrance of the room; down the climbable wall W, jumping the spiked trenches, timing the swinging axes and when you reach the room with the big hole with cobwebs, go to the lower side and safety drop to the spiders cave, losing some health. From here it's easy to go back to the starting room S and proceed the same way you did before to the water channel.


Fourth Cog


Go in S, climb the ledge with the wheels where you must place the cogs but notice that you need one more. Take a running jump to the S rocky ledge, climb the left one, turn left and take a running jump to the stone ledge near the closed grated door in the central structure. Turn left and take a long running jump to the green sloped ledge with the trees and shimmy right until you can hoist up and get the fourth COG.


To the Top of the Room


Place the cogs to open the door at your back and go there to pull the switch. Watch the cut scene and go up to the place the camera showed. Only the two crates you saw in the flyby are climbable (the ones with the chains) so climb the NW solid ledge, turn around and take a running jump SE (no grab) to land onto the lower crate; from here a standing jump to the higher one and a running jump to the N rocky ledge; go through the triangular crawlspace to find a wooden bridge.


A Detour for a Secret


Once on the bridge turn right and spot a rocky sloped ledge attached to the gray pillar; take a running jump with grab to land there and another running jump E to the lower ledge with the big plants; now walk to the very N side and take a last running jump NW to the gray ledge and get SECRET #6: the Golden Idol. Jump back to the green ledge and safety drop to the water channel; go all the way up to the wooden bridge as you did before.


The First Ancient Stone Tablet


Cross the wooden bridge and press the button in the other side of it (on the dark right wall) to open the exit door. Continue and pick up the first ANCIENT STONE TABLET you probably saw when starting this level. No more to do here so jump into the W water hole behind the spikes and return to...





The Second Ancient Stone Tablet


Now it's time to use that crowbar we got at the very beginning. Swim out of the UW cave and to the NW corner of the house (swim all the way S, W and N all around the peninsula where the house is). Locate the tile with the small medipack at the bottom of the sea; near this tile there is a nearby UW cave entrance covered with plants; take a deep breath and swim there to the very end and pull the UW lever to move a crate somewhere; go back for air and swim right and around the corner to get up to ground floor. In the W side of the house there's a crowbar door; open it and once inside use the floor lever in the corner (here is the crate you moved with the UW lever) to open the NW trapdoor; climb the ladder and once in the terrace drag the skeleton to get the second ANCIENT STONE TABLET. Don't bother going again inside the house; climb the W roof, slide and jump into the sea again.


The Third Ancient Stone Tablet


This time swim all the way to the NW; at the left side of that tall rocky island with grassy ledges (the large one, to the right of the smaller ones) there is an UW rock you can stand on (SW corner of the island, the near one on the left as you approach). Climb the ledges and follow the obvious path until you find an opening to your right; go through and take a running jump to the E island, drop through the hole and drag the skeleton to get the third ANCIENT STONE TABLET. Go out S from here and slide down the cascade to the sea again, turn left (E) and you can see the block with the receptacles for the tablets and also a closed door; but you still need one more tablet, so dive directly through the UW opening just below the closed door to...





Four Switches Puzzle


Swim N into a large area.  Nothing to do in this first water room with the crate and the chain, so continue swimming through the N opening, turn right and look for an air hole in the ceiling where you can pull out of the water. Use the slope to jump back and forward to climb the upper ledge, turn around and jump and climb the ladder to the diving line, back flip to the higher ledge and climb the next ladder to the top and continue climbing until you reach a ledge with a blue keyhole. There is a blue ball hanging in the corner, so draw your guns and shoot it while jumping to open the trapdoor. Climb to the very top of the tower and you'll find four switches. Your goal here is to get all four doors opened, so pull only the two central switches (that face each other) in the W ledge. Now go down the ladders to the opening you saw when going up, to the left of this ladder.  Pull up inside.


The Caves


Continue to a cave with several trees and a stone structure in its center. Climb this stone structure from its left side (N) and go S to find a pointy ledge. Face slightly NW and from this ledge take a running jump (no grab) to the ledge above the entrance (you can't see it 'cause the tree is in your way, but Lara can trespass the tree leaves). Press the N button to open a door somewhere. Drop down and continue further E into the caves to finally find all the doors you've opened. Explore the gardens to find 3 X shotgun shells and go through the E opening in the white building.


Globe Puzzle


Jump from the edge of the opening to the suspended platform and drop from its W side to a stone structure below; from here go to the N edge and jump with grab to land into the NW opening; turn right (E) and climb the block at the end of the passage. In the next room there is a moveable globe; look through the grated floor and see the white patterned tile in the room below, so move the globe a couple of tiles to the N to open the E door.


Opening Two Doors


In this new room, jump onto the N ledge behind the moveable crate and push it S out of the ledge. Pull/push it S onto the blue tile to see a door opening somewhere. Return to the globe room W, and almost directly in front of the exit, look left (NW) to see a jumpswitch in the opposite wall above the gap. Pull it to open the next door. Continue left (S) and right (W) to that open door. Use the slope to jump back and forward and grab the edge of the high white ledge; pull the switch there to open a second door in the same passage. Now go out of this room and drop to the ground floor; look for the open doors in the S wall.


The Blue Crystal Key


Run forward, hop down, jump into the water and pull the UW lever N to raise a structure in the main room and open the S door. Climb there and pull the switch to see a door opening high up in the main room. This switch also opens the nearby E door so go there, climb the ladder, press the W button near the grated doors and go outside. Now climb the block in the NW corner and jump to the N ledge, from here to the gray arch, jump and climb to the suspended platform and jump to the open door and pick up the Blue Crystal Key.


Wooden Spiked Ledges


Now it's time to go all the way back W through the garden and caves to the top of the tower where that blue keyhole was (read the section “Four Switches Puzzle”). Once there, open the door with the Blue Crystal Key and follow the path (crawling down through an opening) to a pit with wooden ledges and spikes. If you fall into the pit you can climb back from the very right side (facing E). The spikes are not very deadly this time so make your way to time them and jump onto the wooden ledges, even losing some health, jumping and cross to the other side.


The Fourth Ancient Stone Tablet


Safety drop and continue W and N and E to a hole in the floor; drop down there and find yourself in the first room of this level (with the suspended crate with the chain). Pull the switch to raise the crate and dive through that hole in the bottom underneath the crate; locate the UW lever SE, pull it and continue past the opened W door to a room where you can take a breath (watch out for the spinning buzz saw blades along the way). Wade up N and jump to the flatter ledges on the left side (NW) and climb the wooden block in this corner to get SECRET #7: the Amber Artifact. Drop down to the flatter ledges and spot a big crack in the W wall. Situate Lara in the very corner of the block with the secret (down, of course, not on the block) and facing SW take a long running jump (no grab) to land inside the crack. Pick up the fourth ANCIENT STONE TABLET and go all the way back to the room with the suspended crate (when you get past the buzz saw blades into the underwater cave, loop around left and swim up) and through the SW UW opening to...





Swim forward and up, turn around and pull up onto the beach, and you're facing the receptacle for the tablets.  Place the four tablets to open the nearby E gate and get access to a new tropical area.


Going Up


I think this is the intended way:


In the N side there is a wooden ledge attached in the rocky wall; you can jump and grab the edge to climb it and take a running jump NE to grab the edge of the high ledge in the inner room, hoist up and go to the S opening, take a running jump SE to the next wooden ledge below(***), turn left and take a standing jump to the next one and from here a running jump to the E grassy ledge in the wall.


(***)(A shortcut: from this wooden ledge you can take a running jump SE around the corner with a right curve to a flat ledge in the central structure).


Fast route:


From the entrance, go to the back side of the central stone structure, climb the rocky ledge to the right of the palm tree and take a running jump N-NE to the grassy ledge in the wall.


Either way, run S a bit, turn right and take a running jump to the wooden ledge attached to the central structure, jump NW (***), making sure you don't walk too far N and slide down into the water, jump up to grab the next wooden ledge and crawl to the end. Climb to the top of the structure and take a long running jump (no grab) to the E area.


The Yellow Crystal Key


There's a passage with a circular blade, but it's moving. To go through, simply wait for the blade going against Lara and take a running jump to the left or right sides of the blade; Lara will crouch, but you'll have enough time to stand up and escape with no damage. In the next room climb the brown wall to your left and from here to the wooden bridge; continue to pick up the YELLOW CRYSTAL KEY. Make your way all the way back to the beach.


Exiting the Level


From the bock where you placed the tablets, run in a SE direction to find the keyhole for your key. In this new area turn left and go through the opening in NW corner; beware the rolling ball (you can go back to the entrance or use the niche in the left wall, crawling). Crawl E to the end of the boulder passage, turn around and pull up W. It seems that there's nothing to do at the end of the passage, but look out S to see the upper part of a rope hanging from the wooden branch. Take a running jump to grab it and swing directly S to the next branch you can't see (do not swing too far); now turn left and grab the monkeyswing, swing to the end and drop/grab the climbable wall (don't stay too close to the wall or Lara will not grab it), shimmy right around two corners and jump back to land onto the wooden ledge; continue through two openings to...





Soldiers Area


Advance SE to the next room and continue SE to an opening near the E wall you can climb; drop into the hole there to get the SHOTGUN. In the next area near the cataract you'll find some soldiers patrolling, but if you don't disturb them, they will not attack you. Climb the ledges in SE corner and take a standing jump W to grab the edge of the upper ledge, hoist up and take a running jump to the W branch, Take a running jump and grab the N ledge, pull up and go right over the next branch to the E and into the next area.


The Torch


Climb into the E opening and slide down the ramp, continue through the narrow passage and around the corner.  At the middle way look up and to your right to see an opening in the W wall. Climb there and continue to the end to find some torches. Pick up a TORCH and take it back to light it in the corridor to your right (you may have to toss it a couple of times and follow after it in the cramped quarters), and make your way to take it back to the narrow passage outside (crawl, throw it, pick it up again, etc.). Continue S to find an opening blocked with plants; use the torch there to clear the way and get access to the next area.


Hut Area


First go to the left side of the hut and pick up two stashes of shotgun shells.  Jump into the water and dive under the hut to find an UW lever behind one of the wooden pillars. Swim outside and the door of the hut is now open. Inside, look for two jumpswitches (E and W) to open the trapdoor in the floor. Jump into the water and pull the UW lever at the end to open the trapdoors in the ceiling of the hut. Place the moveable block under the trapdoors so you can climb to the roof, using the N ladder. Go to the NW corner and take a running jump with grab to land inside the high opening in the W wall, continue to a room with a deep pit.


Ship Area


Drop into the pit and swim W to a very huge outside area. Turn left (S) and swim to the very end; loop around left to locate a small UW niche with SECRET #8: the Silver Idol. Now swim all the way back to the N and climb the rocky ledges there, climb the right side of the cataract (NW) and watch the impressive flyby to finish the first part of this amazing adventure.


June - 14 - 2015