NOTE: I will only mention the important pickups in this level and no secrets unless an important pickup is located in the secret. So, it is up to you the player to do some exploring to find the rest of the pickups and secrets.

You start this level off standing in front of a pyramid, there is an opening you can see in the pyramid and a hole in the ground to your left. Jump down the hole and go down the ramp there, continue down til you reach the bottom and come to a crawlspace. Go through the crawlspace til you come to an intersection, to the left is nothing but a scorpion waiting to attack. So, let's go right and get the lasersight. Once you pick up the lasersight, go back to the intersection in the crawlspace and turn right. Crawl til you can stand and go up the ramp, at the top of the ramp turn around and jump up on the climbable wall and climb up.

Once you have reached the top you notice a wooden slat on the ground before you and a spiked ball further up the ramp ahead of you. As you approach the wooden slat on the floor the spiked ball somes down at you, so take a step back and watch the ball roll down into a small pit. Now head up the ramp the spiked ball came from and when you reach the top turn around and jump up and grab the ledge and pull yourself up.

You are now in a brown marble corridor. Follow the corridor til you come to a room with some large closed doors ahead of you. To your left and right up some short steps are floor levers. As you approach each of the floor levers mummyies will come out to play with Lara, so deal with them and use the floor levers. Next, go through the big door that opens behind you, then sprint up the hill as fast as you can, turn right and through the gate before it closes. Once you are safely through the gate and it closes behind you, run through the darts that are shooting across the room, while heading to the northwest corner of the room and shoot the vase, then the mummy in the southwest corner. Now follow the passage that the vase was hiding til you come to some steps going down. Head down the steps til you come to the next room. After the flyby of this room, turn, face the opening to this room, then jump/grab/hang on the edge of the platform you are standing on. Next let go and grab the opening to the crawlspace, then go in and crawl til you can stand. Once you are able to stand head through this passage til you come to a room with half of a cartouche piece on a pedestal, take the cartouche piece off the pedestal and watch a cut scene of an underwater tunnel.

Now head back up the passage, go through the crawlspace and drop into the water below. Once you are in the water turn east and go through the opening to the tunnel you saw in the cut scene. Swim through the tunnel then swim up, turn to your right, then left, then left again, then up, surface and exit the water to your right. Now head up the ramp, til you come to a brown rock wall, climb the wall, then backflip/twist/grab/pullup to the ledge behind you. Now head over to the pole, climb up to the next room and get the second cartouche piece off the pedestal and see a cut scene of where to place the complete ba cartouche. Now head to the opening behind the pedestal and slide down til you rach the bottom, then walk through the opening and find you are on the ledge across form the platform you were at when you entered this area. Run/jump/grab/pullup, then head back to the dart room room, deal with the ninja and place the completed ba cartouche in its receptacle.

Next, head to the open gate next to the gate you used to enter this room by. In the passage beyond the gate you just opened, fall down into a small pit, then go through the crawlspace til you can stand and head down the sloping passage. Now after going through a shallow pool, avoiding a spike pit trap, you arrive at an "A" framed room with a statue of anibus lying on a coffin. In the southeast corner is a small passage that leads to a floor lever, so go there and use it, then head to the anibus statue on the coffin. In the northwest corner is a closed gate and one in the northeast corner as well, with a crawlspace directly across for it. Go through the crawlspace til you can stand, then continue on through this passage til you come to a monkeyswing and a passage leading off to the left. Use the monkeyswing to cross the pit, once at the other side, then drop down and go through the crawlspace. When you are able to stand, look to your left and see the gates across form the crawlspace you used to get to this area. Now go to your right, take the next right, then slide down the sloping passage to end the level.