One Room Challenge – So Many Memories


Level by MBog


Walkthrough by manarch2



You start this level at one end of a long corridor. Head forwards and you'll notice four alcoves which are described from the starting point (no compass). Note that if you enter a certain alcove, don't drop back into the main hall but enter the respective room, do all the tasks to find the artifact and then return, otherwise a serious save problem might occur!




Climb into the near left alcove and drop down. Follow the passage, the door opens itself, and jump over the ramp. Quickly dash into the right passage to avoid the boulder. Climb the ladder and on top pull the block at the end of the passage below the one to the right. Climb over it, use the jumpswitch where the block was and also climb the block to use the jumpswitch above the second block. The pillar at your back explodes and you can pull the upper block back. Climb on it, turn right and jump to the jumpswitch above. Drop down, climb up to the upper block again and drop in the passage behind to spot the open door. Climb in the alcove and pick up the Hand of Orion. Another pillar explodes ahead, giving you access to the main hall again, but first turn around and drop down several blocks. In this passage you can use the Hand of Orion to open the door and find the Artifact. Now climb back up the blocks to where you found the hand, jump over the gaps and get back to the main hall.




Climb into the near right alcove and drop into the room. Your goal is to use five floor levers at the other side of the room that are currently blocked by the boxes, you have to push them away. During the following task a soldier will attack you and you can't kill him. But you can restore your health at the marked tile at a marked tile on the other side of the boxes on floor level. The first box is easy – simply move it away to the left to reveal the lever. The second to fourth boxes are not movable at the moment so you have to move two boxes each in front of them before you can move the respective boxes away and push a switch each. The fifth one is easy again – simply move the box away. After all switches are used the door on top of the staple opens and you can pick the Artifact. Go for health again, then dash to the ladder and climb up to return to the main hall.




Climb into the far left alcove and drop down. Pick up the Large Medipack and jump up the hill in front of you and climb over the blocks. Spot a pushable on floor level and a higher one. Drop into the ice pond to the left and pick up a Large Medipack first, then climb out and move the pushable around the fire trap below the lever (best to start each push when the fire is about to go out). Use the lever and another block appears; pull the block in a row with the two blocks and finally move the upper block onto the first block, climb on it and pick up the Artifact. Jump back over the snowy hill and climb again into the main hall.




Climb into the far right alcove and dive into the water. Search for a Large Medipack which is half-embedded into the floor, get air again and swim into the rear corner where you can find a passage leading into another flooded chamber. Swim to (near) the opposite corner and search the pillars close to the wall for an underwater lever which raises a platform in the previous room. Get back there, climb out and on the ledge pick up the Artifact. No need to climb the ladder since you can stand-jump to the rope, swing and jump to the second one and finally to the exit to the main hall.


Place all four Artifacts in the receptacles in the middle of the hall and the level ends.