One Room Challenge – Search for the Lost Scepter


Level by tombraiderxii


Walkthrough by manarch2



Jumping Exercises


Slide down the slope and head to the N lever in the room. This one raises the pillar behind you for a short time, so roll and head to the W side of the pillar, stand one square away from it and face exactly the middle. Jump towards the pillar, keep pressing the Jump key and at the wall press the Down key so that Lara does a wall jump to the high jumpswitch. Pull it and you drop down; the SW door is open now. Head through and drop into the next room. Jump over the slopes into the very NE corner, go to the W side and face E. Look up to see the fire above you; when it goes out use the wall jump trick you used before to jump to the W crevice. Shimmy to the right, around the corner, and climb up the slope. Slide down and at the end jump to the wall and use the wall jump to jump to the rear ladder. Shimmy to the right and drop down. Notice a keyhole for much later in this level and slide into the next room.


Knight Puzzle


There are two knight statues in the left and middle alcoves but the right one is empty – here you have to move another knight statue in, which is your next goal. Head W and use the wall jump to get up to the SW alcove. Head forwards, stand one square away from the high block ahead and jump forwards, then hold the Forwards button and Lara jumps up. Grab the ledge, climb up and spot the missing knight statue to the left. Go around it and push it onto the (raised) block. Now drop down the SW ledge, use the lever to change the position of quite a few raising blocks. Turn around and drop down the ledge, push the knight forwards. Now use the lever again, push the knight forwards, use the lever again, push the knight forwards (into the passage with the alcoves) and get up to use the lever once more. Return to the knight statue, push it onto the lowered block, pull the lever another time, return to the passage and jump up the block with the second wall jump. Finally push the knight into the alcove and a door opens in the (blocked off) E part of the corridor. This does not hinder a giant spider to attack you from there, kill it and now use the lever again to lower the block and open up the path to the E passage.


Pole Jumps for the Lasersight


Enter the room and head to the N wall. Use the wall jump (maybe not from the one-square distance, walk towards the wall once) to get to the pole, swing, turn with the Roll button and again jump to the N wall, use the wall jump to get to the high pole, swing and jump to the next pole and from here into the alcove. Look down W and when the fire goes out drop down and quickly use the lever, then duck and move to either left or right to avoid the fire. As soon as it goes out again, backflip onto the slope, jump forwards to the pole, swing and turn, then immediately jump to the wall and use the wall jump up to get to the higher ledge. Drop down to the opened passage SW and crawl through the tunnel. Pick up Revolver Ammo and the Lasersight here. The Revolver is already in your inventory. Head back through the narrow tunnel, jump up to the upper ledge and drop down, exit this room W (you'll be back later).


Hydra Slaughter


Shoot the single hydra which appeared in the passage (best is to shoot when you see fire). Climb up again to the famous lever, but you don't have to use it again. Simply slide down into the previous chamber. Combine the Revolver and the Lasersight and shatter the box in the middle of the ceiling to release a rope. Three hydras appear and make life hard for you. Head to the E side of the sloped rocks, a few tiles N of the lower hydra, here you are (most likely) safe of the two upper hydras and you can deal with the lower. Now go a bit S and kill the second hydra (the third one shouldn't pose much of a danger here either), then the last one. Use the wall jump on the middle pillar to get to the rope, swing and jump to the SW part of the rocks. Pick up the Winding Key. Slide down and get back up to the rope, swing to the NE side and get into the alcove with the lever (if you have problems, face exactly the NE corner, then turn very slightly to the right, then try the jump). Use the lever to lower a block in the starting room. Drop down, exit this room SE and pick up the Door Key in the just created depression. Return through the SW opening and head SW to use the wall jump which will get you up to the ledge with the door.


Underwater Levers


Use the Door Key and enter. Jump to the SW ledge and run onto the green tile which will restore your health (something to remember for later). Now dive into the pool and swim to the crossing. There are a total of four levers in the left and right passages that lower and raise blocks in the passage in front of you. Swim into the S passage and use the underwater lever ahead, then swim back to the crossing and here into the N passage, use both underwater levers. Return to the crossing, swim E and up for air. Dive down again, swim E to another crossing (here are the raising blocks) and S (right). Use the lever at the end of the passage, turn and swim back to the crossing, then N (ahead) and through the just revealed passage to a second lever. Use it and a door opens E at the last crossing. Go up for air again, then swim into the E passage. In the next room is another air hole in the middle of the N ceiling, if you want you can go there but you can also directly swim into the NW passage leading to a larger flooded area. Swim up W and at the blue tile in front of the spike passage (don't swim in there now) you can restore the air bar. Use the lever S to open a door in another part of the area.


More Underwater Activities


Swim NW, follow the tunnel and when you arrive in a larger hall, swim NE and spot the open door. Pick up the Door Key and return all the way to the blue tile for air. Now return all the way to the crossing where you can swim up to the air hole. Climb out N and jump back and forth curving to the right until you stand on safe floor. Head into the NW corner and use the wall jump to get up the N ledge, then turn and jump to the far S ledge. Head E and jump to the crevice, shimmy all the way left and drop on the ledge. Use the Door Key to open the door, kill the knight and pick up the Mechanical Scarab he leaves. Drop back down and dive into the pool. Swim back to the blue tile you should know by now, then swim into the SE passage, here you can find a passage leading up and at the end you can use another underwater lever. Dive back to the larger area, get air and then into the E passage. Swim into the high SE alcove, use the underwater lever, then into the open passage N. Go up for air, then dive down again and note down the position of the red and green tiles on the E wall. Spot a triangular opening N, swim in it and pick up the White Key. Swim out and get out of the deep water SW and climb the E ledge.


Spike Passage and Portal Stone Puzzle


Run-jump to the N side, get up and to the E side of the ledge. Jump to the middle of the SE slope, backflip on the higher one, then jump and use the wall-jump to get to the jumpswitch. Use it, drop into the water and get back up to the S ledge. Jump to the slope with a midair turn and from here jump to grab the rope. Swing and jump SW to the ledge with the keyhole and use the White Key to open an (optional) door in the W wall. Jump up the SE slope into the right S alcove (you can also use the rope again) and from here jump to the S ledge (the side doesn't matter here). Combine the Mechanical Scarab and the Winding Key to the Mechanical Scarab with Key, then use it on the blue tile to activate the spikes in the passage with the blue tile. You can go and pick the Scarab up again but there's no need for it (still, better do that to avoid possible bugs). Drop down and climb up the N alcove, Dive into the water, swim all the way back to the blue tile and when the spikes just pop up swim forwards (you have to lose a bit of health to know you can get to the end) and through the spike passage before the spikes hit you again. The blue tile at the end of the passage provides you with air so stay there for a moment. In the next room are four underwater levers, if you remember the position of the green (safe) and red (deadly) tiles you can use the two correct ones (lower left one, upper right one) to open the door in the middle of the N wall. Swim through and pick up the Portal Stone. Quickly swim back to the blue tile and just as before swim back through the spike passage.


The Scepter of Duvall


Now swim back through the NW passage and into the larger hall to pick up the Explosive Crystal. Swim back to the blue tile for air, then through the S tunnel and now swim to that air hole in the middle of the N wall of this chamber. Climb up the slope and backflip to reach the upper room. Head to the W side of the high pillar, backflip onto the slope and jump forwards, then use the wall jump up to reach the ledge of the pillar, but don't climb up as there's a deadly tile on top. Shimmy around two either left or right corners and use the jumpswitch. Drop down and go to the W side of the pillar again, backflip on the slope as before, jump to the pillar, then use the other wall jump to reach the high W ledge where you can place the Explosive Crystal. A camera shows another item where you found the crystal. Dive into the water and swim all the way back there. Pick up the desparately searched Scepter of Duvall and a block lowers E. Use the underwater lever, swim back to the SW passage and to the blue tile. Now swim into the opened passage nearby (N of the tile) and pick up the Checker Key.


Activating the Portal


Swim out of this room S, then spot another passage in the SW and follow it to find the Secret Rune which is the only Secret of this level. Swim back far W and climb out of the water N (in the room with the green health-restoring tile), then backflip on the safe ledge. Make your way up to the N alcove and drop down in one of the earlier rooms again. Go into the NE corner and make your way up to the slope again, the path to the knight passage should be clear. Here you can use the Checker Key; slide down and head back all the way to the lever which you have to use again. Return to the knight passage and use the wall jump up to get to the raised block. Head into the opened up S passage, pull the block out once. Now make your way up to the keyhole for the last key, jump to the E side and push the block once (now it stands on the raised block). Return to the lever a very last time, use it and the block lowers. Get back there and push it into the E room, then move it below the left E slope. Jump up to use the Portal Stone, then slide down, pull the block below the right E slope. An expert challenge is to get to the receptacle and the room with the portal without using the block, which is really possible. Jump up and the portal that was inactive before is now activated. You can, if you want, kill the four hydras in the familiar E room (the door opened by using the White Key), anyway, if you step on the portal the level ends.